Ok so I don't know if you know about the green lantern corps series, but if you don't here is and explanation for this story.

Green: Will

Red: Hate

Violet: Love (this one has been shown in the big bang theory, it's the purple one that Sheldon wears and the symbol looks a little like a star)

Light Blue: Hope

Dark Blue: Compassion

Black: Death

Yellow: Fear

Orange: Greed/ want

So I hope that helps you understand what I'm trying to do with this story. =D hehe

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Sheldon lay in his bed with his eyes open and his hair a mess. He hadn't slept all night. He just tossed and turned until his alarm went off in a flurry of beeping and screeching. He moaned and leaned over to hit snooze. He never hit snooze, but he didn't have the motivation to get out of bed this particular day. He didn't have to go to work, he wasn't hungry, and it wasn't yet 8:20. There was nothing he had to do yet, and he was just tired after a night of tossing and turning.

Suddenly he heard the door to the apartment creak open and the soft padding of bare feet on the floor to the kitchen. An image of tank tops and care bears flooded through his mind and he instantly had a reason to get out of bed. He threw off the covers and ran to his dresser grabbing pants, socks, underwear, a red thermal long sleeved shirt, and a superhero Tee. The tee he grabbed was a green lantern corps shirt, and without even noticing it, he had grabbed the light blue one.

Sheldon composed himself and came out into the living room with a normal expression on his face, one Penny had come to know as 'I don't care, don't drag me into this.' She smile when he looked up at her and he walked into the kitchen behind her to the fridge.

"Morning Sheldon," she said quietly but joyfully.

"Good morning," he sounded as if he was in a good mood.

He rummaged through the fridge without ever needing anything from it. Penny leaned over the island wearing short shorts and a thin tank top sipping her coffee. Obviously she was out again. Sheldon could see her rear in the reflection of a jar in the fridge and just stared at the wonderfully curved edges and roundness. Suddenly Penny turned around and looked at him inquisitively.

"What are you looking for in there?" she asked.

He was instantly pulled out of his trance and stood up to look her in the eye.

"I was looking for the milk, but it appears we are out," he said trying to sound calm and composed.

Penny stared at him with her mouth open and her eyebrows quirked.

She slid an arm past him and grabbed the full carton of milk out of the fridge and handed it to him.

He looked from the carton to her and then back at the carton.

"Oh," he said. He really was a terrible liar sometimes.

Penny giggled and returned to her coffee. Sheldon held the milk in his hand and just stared. These feeling were becoming increasingly strong lately and he thought that maybe today was the day he would finally make a move. He had wanted to from the day they met, but had been held back by his lack of knowledge in the area of relationships. Now, after watching Leonard in some of his relationships, he thought he was ready to at least ask her out. Tonight, he thought, I'll ask tonight.

If he didn't know any better, he could have sworn that his Lantern Corps shirt glowed a little. Its meaning was becoming a reality for him.


The guys were over for dinner and a movie that night. Sheldon had invited Penny as well, but she was going to be a little late; her shift got switched. Sheldon knew he could wait, but he was becoming impatient.

The door opened and an exhausted Penny came in and plopped down next to Sheldon. He perked up and said excitedly his hello.

Sheldon was about to ask Penny if they could speak in the hall for a moment when Leonard spoke.

"Penny, can we talk alone for a minute?"

"Sure," Penny sighed, she just wanted to relax.

Sheldon looked confusedly from his friend to Penny. What had happened?


Leonard walked out into the hall followed by Penny. He fidgeted with his hands and his jacket before he found the courage to talk.

"Penny, we're friends right?" he asked nervously.

"Oh, of course Sweetie, why do you ask that?"

"Um, what would you say to , ah, expanding our friendship into a more romantic relationship?" He looked as though he was going to vomit.

Penny stared at him wide-eyed and slack jawed. Part of her wanted to say yes, because she knew that he was a really nice guy who had liked her for a long time. An image of blue eyes and long sleeves flashed through her mind.

"Yes, I will go out with you," the words tasted like vinegar on her tongue and she almost immediately regretted it. But seeing Leonard so overwhelmingly happy made her feel obligated to him. This is right, she thought, this is how it should be. But she couldn't quite convince herself. An image of short brown hair and dry erase markers clouded her thoughts momentarily as she followed a beaming Leonard back into the apartment.

She met Sheldon's eyes for a second and he smiled a little at seeing her. She couldn't help but smile back. She didn't hear what Leonard said to the guys, all she saw was Sheldon's expression turn from happy to devastated and he met her eyes again, but this time all she could see was confusion and sorrow.


He glared at Leonard through the entire movie. He had his arm around Penny and he was whispering to her during some of the quieter parts of the movie. Raj and Howard had gone home and the trio sat on the couch. Sheldon in his spot, Penny next to him, and Leonard next to, but almost on, her. The more Sheldon looked at her, the more he found that she didn't look happy. She looked uncomfortable and regretful and every so often she would look at Sheldon and smile. A real genuine smile. He would smile back, but it didn't stop his hate for Leonard from seething and growing. He had been hopeful, but now his hopes had been crushed, and he'd be damned if Leonard didn't suffer a little for his pain.

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