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Green: Will

Red: Hate

Violet: Love

Light Blue: Hope

Dark Blue: Compassion

Black: Death

Yellow: Fear

Orange: Greed/ want/ desire


Sheldon ran through the halls ignoring the yells from some of the nurses. Had he known he could run this fast, he may have been a track star. His shoes scuffed the floor and made a squeaking sound as he rounded the corners with lightning speed. Several times he almost fell over people in wheel chairs, slipped on a wet spot, or tripped over his own feet, but so far he had yet fallen in his race to the 6 floor.

Of course today was the day they did maintenance on all of the public elevators, he thought with a bitter sting. He trotted up the stairs, his breath becoming labored as he reached the platform of the 6th floor. He took only a second to take a deep breath and then he was off again.

He ran to the nurses' station, waving frantically to get a nurse's attention.

Finally a younger girl with red, curly hair and freckles walked up to him patiently.

"Can I help you?" she asked quietly.

"Yes," he breathed, "I need to know where Penny's room is."

The nurse turned around and grabbed a folder, thumbed through it thoroughly, and put it back again.

"She's in room B613, but visiting hours aren't for another hour or so, but you are welco—"

He cut her off mid-sentence, her words trailing behind him and being forgotten. His mind buzzed, a thickness in the air he hadn't noticed before. A room came into view around the corner, the door open. When had his heart started beating this fast?

He entered with a quick jolt, his heart and mind racing as he pulled back the curtain where Penny's bed was. They had moved her to a better room just that night, and it worried him that they would actually go through with it.

She was pale, paler than he remembered her. Her lips were a dull pink, not nearly as luscious as they had been the last time he had seen her conscious. He wanted to kiss her, make love to her, just talk to her! But he could do almost nothing and that's what really killed him.

He sat on the edge of her bed, careful not to harm any of her tubes or needles. The monitor was a constant beep in the background, slower than he had remembered it.

He gently cupped her face in his palm, her flesh cool to his touch. It had been so long since he'd seen her emerald eyes sparkle, too long since he'd seen her pearly smile. Where had the time gone that they deserved? The time that they never got because of a simple form of crime that harms families every year. Why? Where? Sheldon had so many questions, so many that were destined to be mostly unanswered. Turning to God had helped him, but still he felt the confusion build up inside of him tearing a hole in his heart and his faith. The hope was almost gone now, it'd been too long…

His black shirt absorbed the light from the room, as if to tell it to stand off, to give him a moment in the dark, because that was how he felt. He felt as if he had been kept in the dark, hidden from the answers he was searching for.

He ran his fingers through her golden locks gently, slowly. If this was to be the last time, he wanted to make it last as long as he could. Her skin was soft, but it wasn't the same as before, when her touch would set him aflame, now it chilled him slightly.

"Mr. Cooper?" a small voice from the door called.

"Yes," he mumbled dully.

"It's time. My sincerest apologies for you're loss."

The red haired nurse made her way over to him, a clip board in hand.

"I can leave you for a few more minutes, but after that, you will need to leave." He sympathy was genuine, and for that he was thankful. She walked from the room quietly, leaving only Penny and him again.

He brushed her skin again lightly, leaning down to give her a gentle peck on the lips. He palced the Penny Blossom on her chest, patting it meaningfully before he stood.

"As Kate said to Alex," he mumbled quietly, "I can wait." Sheldon was close to tears, the fear and anger and love bubbling in his stomach.

"I love you, Penny," he whispered as he stood and headed for the door.

He lingered for a moment at the doorway, waiting for any sign of life.

Instead all he heard was a beep.





That was when he lost it. His heart crumpled in his chest, the little hope he had left destroyed in a fire from within him. Tears streamed from his face as the steady sound kept going, a reminder of his pain. He swore he wouldn't turn around, he wouldn't look to see her one last time, not that way.

And… damn… he was turning around.

When he did, his heart jumped to his throat, confusing crushing his mind with such force he nearly fell to his knees. In the bed where she had been not a minute earlier, were nothing but disconnected tubes and catheters. Her sheets were ruffled and falling over the edge of the hospital bed. His brow furrowed with a passion (if such is possible) as he slowly moved his gaze across the room.

Blonde curls mussed from a long sleep, emerald green eyes shining with a fierce power. Her hospital gown hung loose around her shoulders, color rushing to her face quickly, her lips voluptuous and full.

He stared in complete disbelief for only a moment before he ran to enveloped her in a tight embrace, holding her up, for it took all she had to stand after so long in a bed. She had never been more beautiful than in that moment.

Tears streaked down their cheeks, for exuberant joy, not pain or sadness. It had been a long journey, but now it was over, and neither knew who was happier.

"Penny," he choked in between sobs.

"Shel…" she couldn't quite finish, her vocal cords not prepared to speak after several months of lying dormant.

He didn't need her words, he didn't mind. All he needed was her.

"I'm never letting you go, not like that. I can't lose you again."

She hugged him closer, delighting in the feel of his body against hers, just the feeling of strength and comfort.

He took a step back after a few minutes to examine her face once again. She smiled brightly at him through her tears, her smile the most beautiful thing in the world to him. She smiled and he never wanted her to stop.

"I love you, too, ya Lake-House- Watching Whackadoodle…" he voice was dry and hoarse, but it was Penny… Always, completely, Penny

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