'Mmm,' Penny moaned from the boy's couch as she licked at her chocolate chip ice cream cone, 'so cold, so good.'

Sheldon turned his head, taking in the blonde in tiny pink shorts and a matching tank top lying across his leather sofa, 'could you please keep your moans to yourself? Some of us have important work to do.'

Penny wiped the thin veiling of sweat from her brow with the back of her hand before licking again at her ice cream, 'Sheldon, too hot to be working, it's over an hundred degrees outside. You're just jealous; you don't have some yummy ice cream.'

Sheldon rolled his eyes, closing his laptop in disgust and joining Penny on the sofa, 'I would have ice cream if someone hadn't stolen the last scoops from the carton without asking. There is no need to flaunt the reward from your ill gotten gains.'

Penny sat up making room for Sheldon, 'I'd offer you a taste but we both know how much of a germaphobe you are.'

'Penny, the correct term is misophobic, but you have predicted correctly, I would indeed decline your offer for a taste of your salvia coated ice cream.'

Penny shook the ice cream toward Sheldon, 'well you're the one missing out,' he heard her tease as he watched the white ice cream drip onto her chest and down between the valley of her breasts.

Sheldon blinked as he watched Penny giggle as she mouthed, 'whoops,' and watched the finger of her left hand disappear between her breasts to catch the tiny drip and bring the sticky liquid to her lips before moaning again, 'mmm….'

Sheldon starred at what he had just witnessed his eyes going wide with shock at the display Penny had just showed him.

Penny tilted her head to the right at his bright red cheeks before waving a hand at the ice cream cone, 'if you've changed your mind, Moonpie. You can still have a taste if you want one.'