Life and Times of the Longs. Chapter 1

"Who do you think will be the one?" Ah-Mah Jasmine Lee asked her pug. Anyone else would hear barking, but she heard: "I think Dennis. That boy got Spunk!." Jasmine rose her eyebrow, and said: "No, I don't think so." Ah-Mah sighed. "Who knows…" She looked at her granddaughters. "I just hope it isn't Ray Ray. For your sake." The pug looked at the 8 year old and said with his Scottish accent: "That makes 2 of us. He's a hyper active monkey with 10 energy drinks and 5 pounds of sugar in him!" Jasmine's eyes followed her granddaughters. For some reason, she know it was going to be one of them. The 2 girls walked next to each other. They didn't have many friends yet, as they just immigrated here from China. They had followed their grandmother; witch didn't come as a surprise to her. Her son, Michael had gotten a job offer in America, with a little help from the magic community. Thou it had taken them about 6 years before her family finally moved, they did it. They were here.

The veil that separated the magic world from the human world, always had a place, generally a city near water and mountains, but sometimes, that place shifted. Jasmine never toughed that while she was a Te Xuan Ze, she would be able to move to a different country. Let alone the other end of the world. She had about 2 months to be moved, before the veil would magically teleport her to its new location. Her family still didn't understand why she moved so suddenly and so hasty. Orchid Bay city. The new place where the veil was the weakest.

"Alright, Let's go Monroe." The elderly lady turned around, and made her way to the door. Haley was looking concerned to her elder sister, as Jasmine opened the door. "Hello Kids! How are you!" Said Jasmine. "Monroe! Who's a good boy, who's a good boy!" Screamed the boy who Monroe the pug referred to as 'hyper active monkey with 10 energy drinks and 5 pounds of sugar'. Monroe started to to scream back at him: "No, NO! stay away from me!" Too bad Ray Ray only heard: "Waf WAF wafwaf!" The eight-year-old smiled and screamed: "I missed you to Monroe!"

"Thank you Jasmine, for taking them on such short notice." Susan, her daughter in law, had some emergency on her new work, and being a new employee, she couldn't say no. Not if she wanted to get fired. So Jasmine would take care of her grandchildren, for the time being. "No problem Susan. The kids are always welcome here. You know that." Jasmine smiled at her, and looked at her granddaughters, Haley and Juniper. "What's wrong sweety?" asked the concerned grandmother. "Juniper's stomach is upset. I think she's coming on with something." Answered her mother. "If anything is wrong, you can call me, on this number." Said Susan. "And this is the number of our doctor, for in case she gets worse. O and this is something for her stomach, she already .." Jasmine interrupted the worried mother. "Don't worry dear, I can take care of children. I'll be sure to call you in the afternoon, to let you know how she is." Susan kissed her children goodbye, and set off to work. Juniper held her hands around her stomach, Dennis had his hands in his pockets, Jake had them crossed over his chest, Ray Ray had them around Monroe, and Haley was holding her hands near her sister's elbows. Ah-Mah set her hands in her hips, and said: "Who would like to help me make some soup?" Ray Ray immiendly jumped up, raising on hand in the sky, (and the other still holding Monroe) "ME ME ME ME ME! O I want to help!" Jake and Dennis rolled their eyes, and Ah-Mah said: "TV's in the den."

The 2 boys took off, towards the TV. The other children followed her to the kitchen. While Ray Ray and Haley were taking out pots and ingredients, Jasmine put her hand on Juniper's shoulder and said: "Don't worry dear, some soup will make that stomach of you feel better!" She walked on the help the twins ("Ray Ray, just put Monroe down, you can't rasp carrots while holding Monroe.") when June flinched, grabbing her stomach harder, as the pain increased. Jasmine growled while her bracelet started to glow, indicating something was wrong with the magical world. It was Stevey again. When is that big wuss going to learn his leason? Ah-Mah rolled her eyes, and said: "Kids, Ah-Mah has to go to the shop, pick up some ... Chicken! Dennis is in charge till then!" She quickly ran out, planning to kick Stevey's ass for this! Leaving her grandchildren for her Te Xuan Ze duty, she's really getting to old for this!


"Nester, you sure its ganna happen now?" The demon looked at his boss. "Yes dim-wit! I've been waiting for this moment for more than 50 years! The new Te Xuan Ze is almost awakened!" Nester, the demon who lead the trio, had attempted to steal the power and break the Te Xuan Ze line for many centuries now. And this was the moment he was waiting for. The new Te Xuan Ze was almost born.. Or rather, receiving her powers. After all, she's 11 years old already. How hard can it be?


Juniper grabbed her stomach, the pain just kept getting worse. It wasn't like anything she ever felt before. Someone knocked on the door, and Haley, the youngest of the twins, said: "I'll get it!" Haley ran to the door, swinging it open, to see no one standing there. "Hey! Who's their!" She yelled.

"I believe she can't she us. Is she the one?" The demon held the item towards, her, but it didn't glow. "No, she isn't the one next in line." The demon swung his hand, lashing out at the little girl, knocking her out of the way. Haley had no idea what was happening. She had ran to the door opening it, seeing no one, and now something hit her really hard, knocking her to the wall, and she could feel something passing by! Haley grabbed her stomach, not knowing what was happening. The noise didn't go unnoticed. Both June and Ray Ray came to see what was going on. "There!" Said one of the demons. "She's the one! The Te Xuan Ze!" He aimed the strange staff on her; a white, strange beam started to form from the staff, and hit the elven-year-old girl. June was raised in the air, and she looked confused, trying to get down. Her eyes started to glow, in a bright light, beautifully white.

Haley didn't understand what was going on. Tears were in her eyes, she screamed: "DENNIS! JAKE!" before running to the den, where her two elder brother where watching TV. Ray Ray wasn't as startled as Haley, and charged to the Invisible Force that was holding June up. He grabbed June's leg, pulled himself up, trying to defend her from the Invisible Force. The demon started at him for a few seconds, wondering why he wasn't running and screaming like his sister. Nester, the demon in charge, said to one of his minions: "Grab the kid, before he disturbers the process." The green-Orange demon walked over to Ray Ray, and grabbed his foot, trying to pull him off Juniper. "HEEEeeeEEYPM!" The scream of the young boy sounded when the Demon grabbed and tossed him aside. "Ray Ray!" June's voice sounded concerned, while she tried to get loose. Nester didn't like her struggeling, so he said: "You, morron, hold her so she doesn't interrupted the process!" The green-orange demon sighed, mumbled something that sounded like: "I have a name.." and grabbed Juniper's throat. June's eyes shot open, as she felt something closing around her throat. She started to struggle even more, and tried to kick the Invisible Force away from her. Her tiny hand held the fingers of her attacker, thou she didn't know that. Yet. Her eyes just kept glowing more brightly within seconds, and while she had trouble breathing, her hair, one lock of her beautiful, raven-black locks, was becoming radiant white. Ray Ray had recovered from being knocked over. He charged right back to the demon, (or the Invisible Force as he called it) and wanting to help his sister, he jumped right at the arm of the demon. He didn't know what it was, but he bit in it. The green orange demon screamed in surprise, letting go of June in the process.

"But I'm telling you, June is in trouble!" Haley started at her brothers, who refused to look away from the TV. Dennis looked away for a second, looking into her eyes, and asked her: "And you are absolutely sure that you didn't fall asleep and you didn't have a nightmare?" He didn't believe her story. Who would? He could see the fear in his sister's eyes was real, but the danger couldn't be real. Despite the noises he heard, he was pretty sure Haley fell asleep, and Ray Ray had just scared her. After all, it wouldn't be the first time Ray Ray scared her. Jake growled and said: "O please, Miss goody-goody, go be miss goody-goody somewhere else!" Haley's eyes filled with tears, but she couldn't say much more. She ran away, crying. Dennis rolled his eyes at Jake, and punched him hard on his arm. "AW!" Said Jake, and he petted his arm, where this brother hit him. Dennis just gave him a mad look, before resuming back to his television program.

June's eyes were no longer visible, completely covered in white glow, and one lock of her hair kept growing in its whiteness. The demon tossed Ray Ray away from him, and let June fall on the ground. Fortunately, Ray Ray hit Nester, who was just about to reserve the Te Xuan Ze powers. The white beam, that had almost connected June with Nester, now made a new connection. Ray Ray and June where connect for a few brief seconds, and Ray Ray's Eyes lit up in the same glowing white light as June's, just before Nester tried to get a hold of the Idol, that made it possible to steal The Te Xuan Ze powers. He almost got ready to suck the power out of them, yet again, when Haley ran in, and she let out a paralyzing scream, when she noticed her twin and her sister laying on the floor. The white light had disappeared out of their eyes, and June now had one white lock in her hairs. Ray Ray and her looked a little confused, but how would you be, when the Invisible Force suddenly turned into a set of 3 ugly demons?

"You ugly boy! You'll pay for that!" Nester was furious that Ray Ray ruined his plans. He grabbed the boy, -despite RayRay's attempt to run way- and lifted him up to punch him. "Let go of my brother!" Screamed June with fury. She hit the demon, and much to her surprise, he flew back, destroying her grandmother's door. Hayley noticed the damage of course, and tried to see what her sister was talking about. She tried very hard, and noticed a vague figure, of a raw, blocked body. The colors were vague, but she could see the demons a little bit. She let out a new scream when she noticed one of the other demons coming her way. June noticed her sibling's scream, and ran right her way, jumping up, making a salto, and hitting the demon on his face with her feet. Ray Ray, Haley and June where all surprised at her new agility. They didn't quite understand what was going on, but Ray Ray grabbed a baseball stick, and hit the other minion demon on his knees. The demon was quite surprised. He could SEE him! And HIT him. Really hard too. Nester ran to the unguarded Haley, and grabbed her; "Hold still Te Xuan Ze! Or your sister .." Nester didn't get any further. Ah-Mah Jasmine got back, and hit Nester on his head, freeing her granddaughter.