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Summary: (I suck at summaries but I'll try) During a mission Hinata enters a misterious place and gets transformed into the most adorable 3 year-old girl, so now everybody has to take care of the girl and make sure she's having fun.

Warnings:Probably you'll wonder why Hinata talks so good well it's because I'm lazy to make her kiddy talk and I don't like making her stutter and there will be ooc in everybody because of Hinata's cuteness.

So there are some changes in the Naruto world, the rookie nine are 15 and team Gai 16 set during the arch, Naruto is still traveling.

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Little Hinata-hime

"Hey Hinata-chan" greeted Kiba when he spotted her outside of the hokage tower.

"Hello Kiba-kun" said Hinata with a little smile "Haven't Kurenai-sensei and Shino arrived?"

"I think Kurenai-sensei will not come and Shino told me that he would be a little late"

"Okay, let's wait for him here"

"Do you think lady hokage will give us a mission?" asked Kiba sitting under a tree

"I think so" she replied sitting beside him

"Man, I hope so, this town is so boring, a good two week-long mission would be great to me!"

"I guess… it would be fun to go out on a mission"

After chatting and waiting for five minutes Shino arrived.

"Sorry I'm late I got lost in the pathway of life" Oh wait, sorry wrong character.

"I got delayed by my father" he explained when he was besides them

After getting up and dusting themselves Hinata, Kiba and Shino started walking towards Tsunade's office, when they arrived they knocked twice, after hearing Tsunade's voice saying them to come in they opened the door and walked in and stood in front of her desk and slightly bowed.

"I need you to go to a c-rank mission to the Iwagakure to retrieve a very important scroll" she said looking at the three of them and continuing "It will be maximum two weeks"

"Hai, Tsunade-sama" replied the three of them.

"In this scroll is the information you need for the mission" she said handing them the scroll "I need you to part immediately"

"Hai, Tsunade-sama"

After exiting the hokage tower they decided that they'll meet at the village gates after gathering their things.

When Hinata arrived her house she was saw her father the garden with Neji, walking fast to pass unnoticed, she rapidly reached her room after packing all her weapons, medicines and clothes she'll need, she headed to the kitchen to grab some food for the mission.

After taking some tea and food to make on the mission she hurried to the front door, when she was about to reach the gates when a voice stopped her.

"Hinata?" turning around she saw her father and Neji on the front door looking at her.

"Yes father?"

"Where are you going?" asked her father with a stoic face

"On a mission" answered Hinata.

"How long it will take?"

"Maximum two weeks"

"Okay then good luck" he said and entered the house.

After her father entered Neji went with her and gave her a small smile "take care Hinata-sama"

"Yes Neji-niisan, please tell Hanabi goodbye for me"

"Of course"

While walking to the gates Hinata started thinking about her family, after the chuunin exams Neji has been kind to her and takes care of her, it seems he finally moved on, she and Hanabi where finally getting along, but the only one she didn't talked to was his father, he wasn't mean or cruel to her but she was still afraid of him and seriously, who wouldn't?

With Hiashi and Neji

"You know uncle, you will never win her back if you don't do anything" said Neji.

"I know" said Hiashi with a tired sigh "It's just it's really hard and I don't know if she'll forgive me"

"I'm sure she will" assured Neji "she forgave me, ME, I'm the one who almost killed her"

"But you were her childhood friend and I was her childhood monster in the closet" he explained " at least you were once nice to her and I have never be nice to her"

Hiashi, after a long time finally realized that her daughter in reality is really strong and wonderful and miss his little girl but he didn't know how to approach her, his damn pride was too big.

"You should hurry uncle, before it's too late" warned Neji, he bowed and left the room.

"I know" whispered Hiashi for himself

With Hinata

Hinata was the first one to arrive at the gates, seeing that they haven't arrived she went to talk to Izumo and Kotetsu.

"Izumo, Kotetsu" she greeted with a smile

"Hey, Hinata-chan" greeted Izumo

"What's up" said Kotetsu

"How have you been?" asked Hinata

"Fine but bored this job is so boring, they just have us delivering papers and sitting here watching" Kotetsu said

"Kotetsu don't talk like that, this job is for the well being of the village and I, as you also should, am honored of serving and protecting the village" Izumo said.

"I guess so" Kotetsu said


Looking around she saw Kiba approaching on top of Akamaru with Shino at his side.

"Well I think it's time to go" said Hinata "Goodbye Izumo, Kotetsu" she said while waving

"Bye Hinata-chan good luck" both of them replied also waving

"Kiba-kun, Shino-kun" she greeted them when she was at their side

"Hi Hinata-chan" Kiba saluted while Shino nodded "Ready to go?"

Hinata just nodded and she, Shino, Kiba and Akamaru started walking.

-One week three days later-

So far the mission has been easy and uneventful; they arrived to Iwagakure in four days with only minor fights with some bandits, but they have to wait 'till the deliverer arrives also, which he did after three days of waiting.

So now they are heading back towards Konoha they had been travelling for three days resting at the nights tomorrow they will arrive to Konoha.

Hinata glanced around after traveling all day right now they were on a clearing on the forest setting the tents and starting fire to eat something.

After eating and talking they decided to go to sleep, the three of them entered their tents.

Hinata laid down trying to sleep but failing, she was feeling a little uneasy and uncomfortable rolling on the tent's floor, sighing she got up, remembering there was a waterfall she decided to go swimming and training.

Getting out of the tent and checking Kiba, Akamaru and Shino were asleep, she hurried towards the waterfall.

Arriving she first stood there watching all, it was beautiful, the waterfall was not huge, it was 10 ft tall, the water acted like a curtain to the cave that was hidden behind it, the lake was big and looked like a mirror, the full moon shone beautifully in it all around the lake was some plants and flowers and a beautiful sakura tree with blossoms all over it.

Sighing she got naked and discarded her clothes leaving it on the ground and made her way towards the water, she gathered chakra at her feet and positioned herself on the center of the lake and started practicing, she looked like she was dancing with little sparkling water droplets of water around her, controlling the water to circle her.

After practicing for a long time, feeling tired, Hinata stopped the chakra flow to her feet and fell in the cold water, but she didn't mind the water relaxed her, swimming under the water for a long time, she broke to the surface and took large breaths to calm down.

She relaxed in the water just floating in it, when she saw a light coming from the cave behind the waterfall, she stared at the light and decided to go check, so she started swimming towards it, reaching the waterfall, she stood on the rock and passed the water curtain.

She looked around looking for the source of the light and saw that it was coming from the back of the cave, she tried to activate her byakugan but she couldn't do it "that's odd, why I can't activate it?" she thought.

She continued walking towards the back and saw that the light was coming from an underground lake, it was beautiful, the water was an almost sky blue color that shone like a diamond, the cave walls were covered by the dancing light.

Hinata was absorbed by the beauty of it, she got the overwhelming of swimming in that beautiful lake, so she gathered chakra on her feet and walked to the center of it, immediately a ray of light fell on her while she fell on the water and all went black to Hinata.

"Shino, shouldn't Hinata be already awake?" answered Kiba on the morning, they were seating drinking water with Akamaru on Kiba's side.

"Yes, she's usually the first one to wake up"

"You don't think she's sick right?"

Shino stayed quiet it was weird that Hinata hadn't waked up, so he was a bit worried.

"We should go check up on her" said Shino.

"Nodding they both stood up and walked towards her tent with Akamaru behind them.

"Hinata-chan, Hinata-chan" called Kiba outside the tent "are you awake?"

"Uh?" was the only think they heard, but the voice sounded squeakier, than Hinata's

Opening the tent they saw a cute little girl with short dark blue hair with big silver eyes with a lavender tint in them sitting on the tent's floor, she looked like a three year-old, she was naked but was covering with a sheet.

"Hi…Hi… HINATA-CHAN!" asked Kiba really surprised, Shino was frozen.

"Kiba-niisan?" asked Hinata with big teary eyes,

Akamaru took a step forwards, sniffed her a little and barked and started licking her face and Hinata giggled.

"It looks like it is Hinata" said Shino in a strangled voice

"She is adorable!" said Kiba with what sounded like a squeak having little stars in his eyes, he grabbed her and hugging her while rubbing his check on the top of her head.

"I know" said Shino with dazzled eyes that he couldn't see "but we should get her dressed, he observed.

"That's right" said Kiba putting her on the floor "Do you have any extra clothes?"

"No, it's really dirty, an you?"

"Same here" Kiba answered "Why don't we check her bag?"

Shino nodded and looked for it, he spotted it on the back of the tent, he opened it and found three dirty sweatshirts, some pants, underwear that he tried to avoid, two mesh shirts, and a lavender tank top, pulling that one out he took it to Kiba.

"It's the smallest thing I found" Shino said.

Kiba nodded and took it, he kneeled i n front of Hinata and put it to her, it reached a little up her knees, the upper part covered her chest, but the upper part kept falling of her shoulders.

"Well, it could be worse, but the supporters keep falling" commented Kiba "Here" he took out a piece of bandage "Turn around Hinata-chan"

"Hai" she answered and turned around.

Kiba took both straps of each side and pulled them together tying them with the bandage "that's it" he said turning Hinata around and carrying her "this will prevent the shirt from falling" he said.

"So Shino I think we should pack thinks up so we can arrive to Konoha quickly so Tsunade-sama can check her" Kiba said.

"You are right, we don't know what happened to her so we should hurry so Tsunade-sama can tell un"

"What happened to me?" asked Hinata quirking her head to her side "I'm I sick? I'm going to die?" she asked with tears forming in her eyes

"No, no Hinata-chan it's to see if she can give you candy" Kiba said shaking his head while Shino nodded.

"Really?" asked Hinata with pleading eyes

"Of course!" assured Kiba "Okay so, Hinata-chan we are going to pack these things you will wait with Akamaru under that tree, okay?"

"Yes Kiba-niisan" answered Hinata with a big smile that made Kiba and Shino squeak he putted her with Akamaru and Shino and Kiba hurried to pack everything.

After packing everything they started their way towards Konoha, they were running through the trees, Shino was on the head and Kiba was behind on top of Akamaru with Hinata in front of him.

They traveled fast only stopping to eat and drink some water, after four hours of traveling they finally arrived, Hinata was asleep in Kiba's arms, she was cold so he covered her with a blanket.

Passing through the gates they were greeted by Izumo and Kotetsu.

"Hey guys" Izumo and Kotetsu greeted while running to them, then they looked around.

"Where's Hinata-chan" asked Izumo and looked at the little bundle Kiba was carrying "What's that?"

"Umm… well… something happened and Hinata-chan is…" he said

Kotetsu and Izumo looked at him with horror filled faces "She's dead?" asked Izumo with a low voice while Kotetsu looked at him with fear and sadness in his eyes.

"No she is not" answered Shino "she's…"

But he was interrupted by a little yawn and a ruffle of Hinata who just woke up rubbing her eyes, then looking at Izumo and Kotetsu.

"Izumo-kun, Kotetsu-kun" she greeted with a big smile and extending her arms to hug them.

Both of them stared at the little girl in Kiba's arms.

"Hinata-chan?" both asked, Shino nodded, they looked at the little girl in Kiba's arms and then…

"KAWAII" Both of them screamed and let out a squeak, Kotetsu reached out for her and hugged her while rubbing his cheek on the top of her head and Izumo staring at her with hearts in his eyes.

Hinata giggled and returned his hug.

"But, what happened to her?" asked Izumo.

"We don't know, today we just woke up and she was looking like this, that's why we want to see the Hokage so she can tell us what's wrong" answered Shino.

"Okay" he then turned to Kotetsu "oi, Kotetsu" he called him but he was busy hugging Hinata.

"KOTETSU!" he yelled, both Kotetsu and Hinata looked at him with curious eyes.

"What's wrong Izumo-kun?" asked Hinata with her head tilted to the side.

Izumo had to use all is strength to not squeak and hug her.

"Nothing Hinata-chan" he answered sweetly "I's just that Kibe, Shino and you already have to leave"

"Okay" she said, Kiba extended his arms to carry her and she shook her head "can I walk please?"

"Yes" he said, Kotetsu put her on the floor and Kiba took her left hand.

"Bye, bye" waved Hinata when they started walking.

"Bye Hina-chan" said Izumo "visit soon" said Kotetsu.

"Hai" said Hinata.

Hinata, Shino, Kiba and Akamaru walked towards the hokage building, while passing all the women stared at Hinata and squeaked or others screamed "kawaii!" and the men smiled at her, she was just so cute.

Arriving at the hokage building they went to Tsunade's office and knocked, after hearing a muffled "come in" they entered and found Tsunade with team Gai.

At the sight of Neji, Kiba felt he was going to get mad.

When they entered and saw the cute little girl clutching to Kiba's hand and peeking at them curiously, everybody went silent.

"Hi… Hi… Hinata-sama?" asked Neji with wide eyes.

"Neji-niisan!" exclaimed Hinata and launched to him to hug him by the knees.

"KAWAII!" screamed Ten Ten clasping her hands together with stars in her eyes.

"She's so youthful" exclaimed Lee and Gai with tears in their eyes.

"She's cute" said Tsunade smiling warmly at her.

Neji couldn't resist and picked her up and hugged her, she nuzzled at his neck and sighed happily.

"I missed you Neji-niisan" Hinata said

"Me too Hinata-sama"

"But" said Tsunade "how thi this happened?" she asked

"We don't know, today she just woke up like this" said Shino "also here is the scroll"

"Well done" said Tsunade taking it "but we must hurry and see what we can do to return her age"

"SHIZUNE!" screamed Tsunade.

"Yes Tsunade-sama" she said entering the room

"Call Hyuuga Hiashi to my office" ordered Tsunade.

"Hai Tsunade-sama" answered Shizune and left.

"We will find a solution for this" assured Tsunade looking at them "but for now we have to take good care of her"

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