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Little Hinata chapter 2


"We will find a solution for this" assured Tsunade looking at them "but for now we have to take good care of her"

After a few minutes of waiting Hiashi barged through the door, he had a worried face, they had told him to come to the hokage's tower.

Hiashi was extremely nervous; he was drinking tea quietly on Hinata's garden and suddenly a servant came to him telling that he was requested at the Hokage tower, that Hinata had suffered an accident, immediately Hiashi went running to the hokage's office.

"Daddy" screamed Hinata and hugged Hiashi by the knees.

'Daddy' looked down, hugging him by the knees he saw a little adorable girl with big silver eyes with a lavender tint on them and short dark blue hair, looking up at him with a cute smile that made even Hiashi melt in a puddle of happiness and did the most unbelievable thing, HE SMILED!

Finally he seemed to react and picked up Hinata "What happened to her?" he asked on a worried tone.

Tsunade glanced at Kiba and Shino telling them to explain.

Kiba took a step forwards and explained "well, we were heading back towards Konoha only one more day of travel, but we were already tired so we camped, and the next morning she woke up like that"

"How?" asked Hinata tilting her head to the side "I am different?"

"No Hinata" answered Hiashi "you are fine"

"Okay" she said smiling, and then she pouted "Daddy I'm tired and hungry"

"Well, since we don't know what to do go home and rest" Tsunade said "Hinata-chan" she added smiling sweetly "come to visit me other day, kay?"

"Mhm" agreed Hinata nodding and smiling.

"She's so cute" thought everybody with little dazzled stars in their eyes.

They all bowed (Hiashi only nodded because he's carrying Hinata) and left the office.

"Hina-chan, want to go to the park" asked Kiba

"Um…" started Hinata but was interrupted by her father.

"No Kiba, Hinata is tired and hungry I will take her home"

"But" interrupted Hinata with big pleading eyes "can we go tomorrow?".

"Of course Hina-chan" answered Kiba

"I guess so" agreed Hiashi a bit hesitant.

"I'll go to, I will protect her" said Neji

"I shall go also and accompany the youthful Hinata-chan" exclaimed Lee with tears in his eyes.

"I shall also go" announced Shino.

"I'll be there" added Ten Ten.

"We'll pick her up at her house at twelve, okay?" said Kiba

"Okay" responded all of them and turned to leave waving, leaving only Hinata, Hiashi and Neji.

"We should get home, Hinata is hungry" stated Hiashi

"Umm… uncle" started Neji "Hinata-sama doesn't have any clothes, undergarments or shoes, I think we should buy her some"

Hiashi looked at Neji and then at Hinata and scowled at the outfit she was wearing.

"Tomorrow I'll give you money so that you and your friends buy her clothes" he started saying "she looks tired and she said she's hungry and I think she needs a bath"

"Daddy I want to go home" said Hinata rubbing her eyes.

"Kawaii" both Neji and Hiashi thought "Yes we are heading there"

They started walking towards the house and in a short moment they were at the Hyuuga compound's gates.

"Hiashi-sama" the guards greeted and bowed

"Hn" he said with a curt nod.

"Hi" greeted Hinata with a small wave and smiling.

"Hia" both said with little dreamy stars and hearts in their eyes.

When they passed they both looked at each other.

"Wait, was that Hinata-sama?" asked guard #1 and #2 nodded

"She is so kawaii" both said.

Entering the house, they headed towards the kitchen to eat something.

"What do you want to eat Hinata" asked Hiashi

"I want…" she pondered for a moment "cinnamon rolls!" she answered.

"Okay" and looked through the cabinets searching for the food, when he found them he put two rolls on a plate and grabbed a glass of milk and gave it to Hinata.

"Here Hinata, eat this"

Hinata nodded happily and started eating while Neji and Hiashi stared at her, when she finished she had some crumbles and sugar on her mouth that Hiashi cleaned and she gave them a big smile.

"I'm full" she said smiling and swinging her little feet on the chair.

"Okay, now let's get you cleaned, Neji go and find a maid to help her bathing"

Neji got up and was about to leave when Hinata stopped him by grabbing his sleeve.

"But I want Neji-nii and daddy to help me bath" she said pouting.

Hiashi sighed and started "I… guess we can help her" and looked at Neji.

"Yea…" and sighed.

They both headed towards the biggest bathroom in the compound, when they arrived Neji filled the Bathtub with warm water adding some bubbles and lavender scent, when the bathtub was filled they stripped Hinata and sat her at the tub.

Hiashi scrubbed Hinata's body with a soft sponge wile Neji washed her hair, Hinata was giggling and playing with bubbles, throwing them at Neji and Hiashi, but they couldn't get mad at her, she looked so cute!

After a tiring bath for Neji and Hiashi and fun one to Hinata, they pulled her out of the tub and enveloped her on a white fluffy towel and dried her and putting her some cream, Neji went to his room and grabbed the smallest t-shirt he found and putted it on Hinata and exited the bathroom.

After the bath Hiashi and Neji entertained Hinata in the gardens with Hanabi who arrived a little bit later, Hanabi seemed dazzled with her little sister, she thought she was the most adorable girl she had ever seen.

Now it was almost nighttime and the sky was dark, it seemed It was about to fall a storm and it looked like a big one.

"Good night Hinata" said Hiashi

"Night Hinata-chan" said Hanabi

"Have nice dreams Hinata-sama" said Neji

They turned and left the room where Hinata was sleeping peacefully with a sweet smile in her face.

Hinata woke up scared a few hours later, it has started to rain with powerful thunders and Hinata didn't like storms, getting out of bed she went to Neji's room that is just besides her own, opening the door, she saw Neji in his bed holding a Kunai and scowling at her, when he realized it was her he dropped the kunai and went over to her, and kneeled by her side.

"Hinata-sama, what's wrong'" he asked in a concerned tone.

"I´m scared" she said with big eyes sparking with tears "can I sleep with you Neji-nii?"

"Yes Hinata-sama" he said picking her up and carried her to the bed setting her besides him.

"Good night Neji-nii" murmured Hinata snuggling at his chest.

"Night Hinata-sama" he answered.

"Don't… call… me…" muttered Hinata half asleep "…sama"

Neji smiled softly as his eyes closed and he drifted to a peaceful sleep.

Hinata woke up with the light of the sun shining in her eyes, she stretched and rubbed her eyes, and she turned to her side to see her niisan and poked him in the cheek.

"Nii-san, Neji-niisan" she said while poking him, she saw him open his eyes and she smiled brightly at him, "Nii-san, it's time to go to the park"

"No Hinata-sama, we are going to go later" he said while trying to sleep again.

"Okay, but I want breakfast" she said pouting.

"Okay let's go" he said getting up and grabbing her.

They arrived at the kitchen and ate breakfast with Hanabi and Hiashi.

"Hiashi-sama, with what should I dress Hinata to go buy her clothes?" asked Neji

"I didn't think of that" mumbled Hiashi with a little frown on his face.

"Umm… father?" Hanabi started "the other day I was exploring the basement and I found a box with clothes for a little girl"

"Really? Can you bring it to me?" Hiashi said.

"Yea sure" Hanabi said and stood up and left the room, after 15 minutes wait in which Hinata talked to her father and Neji about bunnies, flowers and butterflies Hanabi arrived with what old looking box and gave it to her father.

Hiashi opened the box and found a lavender t-shirt, a white ruffled skirt, a black short, and a small pair of black ninja sandals, looking up he said "that's weird, who's clothes is this?" Neji and Hanabi shrugged.

"Daddy I want to go to the park now" said Hinata pouting.

"Hanabi, can you please help Hinata change clothes?" asked Hiashi

"Of course, come with me Hinata-chan" she said picking her up and carrying her with one arm towards a room with the clothes on the other hand.

"Okay let's put these clothes on you" she said smiling at her once she closed the room, she stripped Hinata and accidentally tickled her making her giggle "she's so adorable, my sister is so cute!" thought Hanabi as she dressed her "too bad I have to go to that mission for two days, TWO DAYS! Without my cute sister, wahh!" she thought while crying anime tears.

"Okay you are ready, let's go" she took her by the hand and exited the room, arriving at the kitchen she saw the looks of the cooks, Neji and Hiashi, yes Hinata looked ADORABLE.

"Neji-niisan, can we go now?" asked Hinata

"Yes Hinata-sama, let's go" he said getting up and grabbing her hand.

"Here Neji" said Hiashi hanging him the money "buy her clothes and whatever she needs"

"Hai, Hiashi-sama" He answered bowing and grabbing Hinata's hand.

"Bye bye" waved Hinata on the door while Neji put on her and his shoes.

"Take care Hinata-chan" said Hanabi.

"Bye Hinata-chan, be careful" said Hiashi "too bad I can't go with them"

"LEE-KUN" Hinata screamed when she saw them at the Hyuuga's compound gates, sha waved at him from the back of Neji, yep, Neji was giving her a piggy-back ride.

"HINATA-CHAN" he greeted running towards them "THE FLAMES OF YOUTH BURN THROUGH YOUR SOUL…"

"Shut it Lee let's go" Neji said and looked around "where's Ten Ten?"

"Our youthful teammate said she couldn't come"

"Hinata-chan!" someone shouted.

They turned around to see Kiba and Shino heading towards them with Akamaru behind them.

"Kiba-niisan, Shino-niisan, Akamaru!" exclaimed Hinata happily.

"Ready to go Hinata-chan?" asked Kiba

"Hai" she answered

"Before we go to the park we have to buy her some clothes for her to use" said Neji

"Okay" said Kiba already thinking in dressing her like him.

"I shall find her the most youthful outfit to wear" said Lee with sparkling eyes and… you guessed it thinking of dressing her like him.

They started walking towards the village center to find a store, after searching trough the town they found one that looked nice, they entered the store and started looking around.

"Neji-niisan" Hinata called him

"Yes Hinata-sama?" he answered

"I want that" she said pointing to a little one piece lavender with white bunny pajamas with ears coming out of the hood and a little fluffy tail from the bottoms.

"Really Hinata-sama" she nodded "Okay" he said and grabbed the pajamas "let's try it" he said and guided towards the changing rooms, one there he put the pajamas on, they fitted perfect, she looked so kawaii!

"Hey guys" he called "come here"

The Kiba, Shino and Lee entered the changing room and giggled like little girls when they saw Hinata.

"That's perfect, she looks so cute!" exclaimed Kiba

"The fire of youth is in her with that cute outfit!" said Lee with anime tears.

Shino just giggled, yes people she looked THAT cute.

After hours of trying her clothes they finally left the store, they bought her some skirts, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, etc.

After dressing Hinata and putting her underwear they left the store and walked down the street looking around.

"Where are we going now?" Hinata asked

"To the park Hinata-sama" answered Neji.

"Neji-niisan I want one" Hinata said looking at a dango post above a little restaurant.

"Okay Hinata-sama" he agreed "hey guys Hinata-sama wants some dango"

"I would also like some" stated Shino.

"Fine with me, I also like it a lot" said Kiba and Akamaru barked

"Dango is a very youthful food!" exclaimed Lee

They entered the restaurant and sat down on a booth (Akamaru stayed outside).

"What can I get you?" asked a smiling waitress.

"We will like five dango sticks and five cups of green tea" said Neji.

The waitress nodded and smiled, she turned and walked away, Lee and Kiba turned to Hinata and started to tell jokes and stuff like that to her.

"Hey you maggots" said a voice behind them, looking around they saw Anko looking at them with a smirk on her face "You look like a bunch of sissies, are you here to chat about boyfriends? Can I join? " and started laughing very loud.

"Neji-niisan, what's a sissy?" asked Hinata with big innocent eyes, Anko who just saw the girl looked at her with curious eyes.

"Heh? Who's the cutie maggots?" asked Anko smiling and Hinata blushed at the compliment.

"It's Hinata-sama" said Neji.

"She's cute" Anko said "she's soooo cute" she whispered with a dreamy look on her face.

Neji looked at Anko with suspicious eyes, that crazy woman was planning something.

"I KNOW!" exclaimed Anko while grabbing Hinata into a hug, rubbing her cheek in Hinata's head "I'm going to eat with you, so I can spend time with cute little Hinata-chan here!".

"…" they all blinked "Hell no" the four said all at the same time.

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