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Chapter Nine: Planning

Wanda groaned, staring out of the window and over the battered, dead garden. If only fairies were stronger, then she might have been able to force open the windows. But, unfortunately, fairies relied far too much on magic to bother with strength, and all the humans were busy pouring over a dusty tome that Amelius had got out. Jorgen had either decided not to do anything, or just hadn't realised that there was anything he could do. She sighed, this Amelius guy seemed nice and she assumed that, being Cosmo's father she should trust him. Unfortunately, she didn't. It seemed like, ever since he and that bird turned up, the world had gone insane. Didn't they remember that Amelius was a wanted criminal? An enemy of society. She shrugged, miserable. Maybe she just wasn't trusting enough. But still, even her baby son wanted to spend time with this guy, and he didn't even know who Amelius was. A hand fell onto her shoulder. She turned to see a white haired fairy, looking down at her in concern.

"You don't trust him either?" Wanda said. Jorgen nodded. How could he, this man had almost killed him once. It had been a long time ago, back before anyone had ever heard of an Anti-Fairy. But Jorgen just couldn't let it go. It meant to much to him.

Jorgen sighed and sat down next to the fairy and putting an arm around her. She tried to shrug him off but he was far too strong for her.

"We need to work together on this." Jorgen smiled in what he thought was sympathy, but actually looked far more like blood-lust, "I will use my mighty biceps to crush his..."

"No." Wanda muttered, "We can't just go in all guns blazing like that."

"Why not. It's fun."

"No. We need to be careful. We don't know what this Amelius can do. He might create more Anti-Fairies if we help him."

"You're right. Imagine having to fight hundreds of puny ineffective Anti-Fairies," Jorgen threw up his arms in mock horror, "It's not like I'd enjoy punching in their faces." Wanda rolled her eyes.

"Look, if we want to find out what he's really up to we'll have to work together. I thought we could rely on Andy, because Cosmo's father kidnapped him. But looks like their on the same side."


"So that means are best bet is Timmy and Tommy. They don't really know what's going on though, so I doubt they'd actually want to help us that much. Poof, the older one, might help, but I don't think we can count that much on him."

"Yes. He obviously doesn't care too much about Da Rulez. What kind of idiots bought that up?" Jorgen laughed at his own joke, before catching Wanda's irate expression and shutting up. He got up and walked away, only to be instantly replaced by Amelius Cosma. The man smiled down at Wanda and she glared back.

"Why are you lying to us?"


"About being innocent. You know, no one outside this room is going to believe you."

"Ha." Amelius laughed mirthlessly, "I don't expect you to believe it. Not you at any rate, Wanda. No, you're too cynical and I'm to untrustworthy for us to be on the same side. Seriously, it would take some sort of massive disaster to put us on the same team." Wanda didn't speak, "Look, kid, I don't expect you to like me and I don't expect you to trust me. But I would like you to work with me. We're going to need all the help we can get. So, think it over OK." He turned, slouching back towards his son, and left Wanda to her musings.


"AW! WHY DO I HAVE TO?" Capulet screeched as she was dragged down the corridor. "I DON' WANNA! DAAADDY!" Vato grimaced. He hated kids. All this shouting and screeching. Thinking they were so much bigger than they actually were. So much cooler. Who had ever heard of Capulet Claus anyway? Vato sighed. Just showed what was wrong with the council these days. He was head of Internal Affairs. One of the five most important people in the whole of Fairy World. And what did he get for it? Nothing. He was on babysitting duty, again. Who had actually ever heard of him anyway? Well, obviously, most fairies knew he existed. But most kids had never even heard of Vato Voltaire, much less seen his face. Most kids probably thought that Jorgen Vonstrangle was in control of Fairy World. Yeah, good luck with that.


"Zhut up you leetle eediot!" Vato complained, "You're giving me an 'eadache." He moaned, rubbing his temples. Why did it have to be him?

"YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO YOU- YOU- YOU HALFBREED!" Capulet spat. Vato fumed at her, how could that little freak call him that? He was Vato Voltaire, Head councilor.

"Vhat!" Vato roared at her, "You vink you can bozz me around? You vink I don't pull my veight? You vink, maybe, zat thiz place runz itzelv. You vink zat Varies can juzt vly (fly) villy nilly to Earth, granting vishes venever zey veel like it? No! NO! Zomeone needz to control zem. Zomeone needz to help. Wivout me, Varies are idiotz! Varies are uzelezz! Variez are mere children!" Capulet glared at the man. He was a real jerk. What was his problem anyway, all this stuff about how great he was. Well, she wasn't going to stay to listen to it. She took out her training wand and, holding it lightly in her fingers, just like daddy had showed her, span on her feet, and threw the pointy magical item into the spiky haired half-sprites stomach. He fell to his knees, gasping in pain and his eyes rolled back in his head.

"Vhy you leetle..." he groaned.

"Ha. Take that you," She pulled a face, "'Ztupid Zprite'!" She laughed, turning and rushing down the corridor. Away from the creature. Voltaire growled, lifting himself to up with his wings, and began flapping down the corridor, erratic, uncontrolled. But fast. Faster than Capulet would have thought possible. Capulet groaned, turning the corner, she ducked low, into one of the thinner passageways. But somehow, despite his massive wingspan, the man managed to keep behind her.

"You leetle brat!" Vato roared, "They 'ought to lock you up!"

Capulet would have normally made some snide remark, but right now didn't really seem the best time. She whipped round another corner, then another, hair whipping in her eyes and her hair band flicking from her hair and landing on the ground. She groaned. That stupid, stupid, sprite. Didn't he know that she could have his guts for this. Vato span round another corner and flew towards her. Hands stretched forwards and she gave a squeak, darting around the next corner. She pulled herself back up and began to run, darting through a door and out of a cupboard somewhere on the first floor. She gave a brief laugh, running straight forwards and turning the corner. Straight into a spiky hooded figure.

"Vatch vhere you're going child." Vato Voltaire groaned, standing over her and tutting, "Vhat are you doing up 'ere child? Aren't you zuppozed to be in bed." Capulet shivered, backing away from the tall, vibrant yellow figure.

"Vhat?" Vato groaned, "'Ave I got zomething ztuck to my teev." He looked down at the girl, taking a step forwards as she backed up against the door, whimpering pathetically.

"DADDY!" She screamed, breathing heavily, tears rolling down her face. Vato reached out to her and she gave a squeak, her back pushing up against something thick. Thick and wooden. A door! Capulet jumped up to it, tears pouring down her face now as she screamed her father's name. Vato stared at her, she was trying to open a door. He hurried forwards, the girl was obviously quite hysterical. He grabbed for her, just as she pulled the door open. She was going to hurt herself. Vato just knew it. And who did you think was going to get the blame? He grabbed her jacket, pulling on it as she teetered on the edge of a vast drop. He glared at the screaming girl, who clawed his hands and tried to pull away from him.

"Vhat do you vink you're doing?" He growled, catching sight of something yellow out of the corner of his eye. Probably one of his workers. That was his solution, this man could take her to her room. Then he could get on with his actual job. He turned towards the yellow cloak. "You could 'ave been..." His words died in his throat as he saw the man he was talking to and his blood ran cold. Well, actually it stayed about the same. That was the problem with being cold blooded. You couldn't have an important dramatic reaction. he stepped back, dropping Capulet down the chute. An impulse reaction to danger. Save the girl who gets you that big fat Christmas bonus. He grinned as casually as he could, stepping towards his doppelganger. The other Vato Voltaire grinned.

"'Allo, 'allo, 'allo, vhat do ve 'ave 'ere zen." the other Vato grinned one of his two eyes glowing red. The other eye rolled uselessly back and forth and a dark wand-shaped scar began to form on his face. "I tried to be nice." Harmonious laughed, his lip piercings shaking violently, "Tried to be civil. Tried to get it done painlessly. But it didn't work. Wand to the stomach. Thanks. Real great." He stepped towards Vato, who sparked with energy and reached for his wand.

"Oh, come off it." Harmonious grinned, "You can't use much magic in here. Which means you ain't got no advantage over me." He grabbed Vato's face in one hand, "An' I'm quite a bit bigger than you."

Capulet groaned, lifting herself up onto her knees and looking around. She was in a wide open space, a circular stone floor covered in mats and papers. She was looking out over a beautiful sunset wreathed in clouds and broken by the occasional solid stone pillar around the side covered in moss and adorned with flags and swords. This 'room' was Scorpio Capricorn's head office, the center of Fairy World justice. The room was now completely devoid of life, sans a few cute fluffy animals and birds. Capulet giggled slightly, that was an odd occurrence for her. Normally she would just kick a few of them and be done with it. But escaping Vato always cheered her up, and this was a truly beautiful place. She walked into the middle of the room, and suddenly, she heard it. Counting.

"1203, 1204, 1205." She looked around her, staring down from the table like flooring and out over the ground below. A boy was standing out on a balcony, not far away from her, stammering out numbers. He was about the same age as she was, short, wiry haired and fragile. He turned, shaking his square wings, and stared into her eyes. One eye blinked rapidly, yet the other stared straight forwards, wide open. The boy twitched, frowned and disappeared.

"1206" the voice came from behind her, "H-hello, 1207, p-p-p-pretty girl, 1208, M-my name, 1208, is, 1209, Piiii S-Seeek." Capulet flinched and backed away from him. He took a step forwards and she turned, turned and ran. She didn't get far though. The boy shot forwards, falling towards her, tumbling downwards like a soldier who had just been shot, and clasped her by the ankle. "P-p-pleease, 1210, d-do n-n-, 1211, -not, 1212, g-go." Pi Seek shivered, his eyes bulging as, with a ping, his wand appeared. He twitched and pressed one of the points against her neck. "W-we, 1213, neeeed, 1214, y-y-you, 1215, to, 1216, c-come w-with, 1217, m-m-m-, 1218, meee. Please."


"What do you mean you can't help?" Amelius roared, pacing the floor infront of two large glass screens. "Can't you guys see that we need you out there?"

On one of the screens, Creevey Clarion arched an eyebrow at him.

"Help you." he stated, "Haven't left my house for years. You took my son. They took my wife. How can I leave?"

"But you need to help me!"

"Help you? No. Never. You killed my son. Pitched him over the edge of Fairy World like a rag doll." Amelius gasped.

"What? No! I ne... that is to say I... He's still..." Creevey reached forwards, turning off the screen and Amelius gave a sigh, before turning to Hassian, who was displayed on the other screen. "How about you, eh? Ready for fame and fortune."

Hassian grinned at him, forcing all the charisma in his body up through his throat and into that smile. "I'm always ready for fame and fortune, Ammy. You know that as well as anyone else. But..."

"Not you too."

"'Fraid so. Y'see thing about going up against a revolutionary group wanting to overthrow Fairy World is, there's too much to lose. Sure, Creev's off in his mansion, away from all that, but right now we're looking at a massive prison break in Abracatraz along with some ongoing peace talks with Anti-Fairy World. Now, from what I hear, these revolutionary guys are led by some guy called Clark. Got military backing and everything. Started down here a couple of hours ago and, from what I know, Councilor Vato's already been captured."

"But surely you can..."

"Look Ammy, if you wanna go and make yourself even less popular, by all means play the hero. Run off someplace with your human friends and get shot. Just count me out of it." Hassian turned off his monitor, with a click of his fingers. Amelius sighed again, turning to Tommy, who stood directly behind him.

"They're not working with us," he confessed, "Looks like we're gonna need to get help, from other sources."


"Unbelievable!" The Tooth Fairy glowered, marching up and down the room, "Just unbelievable! I leave him alone for three minutes. THREE MINUTES! And he goes missing! Gone to Earth after some 'Threat to Society'! And just when I think that things can't get any worse... THIS!" She indicated around her, at the masked men, and the Wand-zookas and the cell in which she was now pacing. Horrors chuckled and, next to him, a man in an eleven mask gave a nervous laugh.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!" the woman roared. "WHY, WHEN MY HUSBAND GETS HERE HE'S GOING TO..." a third man pulled a switch, soundproofing the room with a heavy clank.

"Yes. Well." Hassian Orion smiled, "I think that went rather well."

"Well?" A man in a four mask and a green cloak groaned, "You just refused help from your best friend. How did things possibly go well?"

"Ah, isn't it obvious?" Hassian laughed, as he rummaged inside a cardboard box on the floor, "We're supposed to be top secret. We can't just go prancing around the streets of Fairy World saving citizen's. Besides, we have more important things to do."

"Sh-shouldn't the Chosen One be doing this?" Eleven mask, or Ferdinand-Sidney Loather as he was really called, whimpered, holding his mask several inches from his face for fear of it eating his face.

"You think the whole world's about the Chosen One?" Hassian glowered at Loather, who took a couple of steps away from him, "You think the Chosen One even remembers us? You think he'd even care?" He retrieved a mask with a one on it from the box and turned to the screens on the wall.

"Hate to tell you this F-S," a man with a ten mask and incredibly large teeth growled, "but this is the real world. And I ain't gonna wait for some designated hero to come an' save us."

Hassian groaned and addressed some of the figures on the screens.

"Five. Seven." On their screens the two female members of the group nodded, "Take this access key. Go to the Tooth Fairies main office and activate protocol three. It'll send a message to every kid in the world that we're under attack. Get their fairies to come and help. Three," the man on this screen glared daggers at him, "Stay close to the that Clark guy. Do whatever you can to bring him down."

"As you wish, sir." Three screens went dead and Hassian turned to yet more. In one, a fat man in a two mask was reading a book. The other, a tall blue haired man in a twelve mask was rearranging toy soldiers into intricate patterns. Spirals, words, flowers. But mostly palindromes.

"Twelve. I want you to try and contact Six and Eight. They should be on Earth or something. Remember, we can't do this without them." Twelve shuddered a few times, picked up a toy soldier and turned off the monitor. Hassian turned away from the last screen, and towards the remaining four masked men. Four, Nine, Ten and Eleven, all except one of whom were wearing their masks.

"Listen men," Hassian began, "You've all been chosen, given a higher calling in life. You've been chosen for certain skills you possess, as have all of us. Some of you are clever, some are strong, some are tacticians and some are good with files. But, most importantly, you are insane. Every last one of you is completely and utterly barmy. We are an egomaniac, a recluse, a spectraphobe, a pantophobe, a numephobic, an obsessive compulsive, a psychopath, an idiot, three people with photographic memories and a sociopath. We are the twelve. A secret society tasked with protecting king and country, even when that king is long dead. You have been chosen, regardless of skill, because you are all physically incapable of living normal lives. You are therefore, the last people who would ever be expected of being members of a secret society. Spies are supposed to be well-trained, normal, unassuming people. We are not and, for years, we have kept our secrets. And now, it is time to attack."

The man on the final screen clapped, leaning closer.

"So," he smiled, "What's the plan?"

"We need to protect the councilors. Get them to a safe location..."

"Kidnap them, in other words?"

"Well, so to speak, I suppose..."

"Yes." the man in the two mask chuckled and Hassian stared grim faced at him. He reached up, fastening the numbered mask to his face, and throwing a brown cloak over himself.

"Remember, Creev', if I die out there, use my body as a shield OK. It's real important that we succeed."