Marauder's Era

ME 1 The Threat of War

The Sorting Hat – 1

Emma Dill was and always had been considered a very bright, pretty, and strange young girl. Now as she gazed up at the smoke billowing from a large red steam engine called the Hogwarts express she couldn't help but hope they were right.

Emma's parents where both muggles, so they couldn't cross the barrier at platform 9 ¾; and since they'd taken so long with their goodbyes, she was now almost late.

Emma half ran to the train, her long amber hair trailing behind her, her hazel eyes dazed in panic, she was able to lift her trunk onto the train with no difficulty, her magic coming through. Emma began looking for a compartment as the train pulled away from the station. After about ten minutes she found a compartment with only two occupants, two boys, both with black hair, only one had blue eyes, the other hazel and round rimmed glasses.

"May I sit with you?" she asked unsure.

The hazel eyed boy nodded and both helped her put away her trunk.

"James Potter," The hazel eyed boy said holding out his hand once they where done.

"Emma Dill."

"Sirius Black," The blue eyed boy said also offering his hand.

Once they had shaken hands James asked, "So… got a preferred house?"

Emma smiled, Dumbledore had mentioned the houses, "Not really, my parents are both muggles; I didn't even know I was a witch until I got my letter… why what house do you want to be in?"

"You're a mudblood?" Sirius asked.

"A what?" Emma asked at the same time James cried, "How dare you!"

Sirius looked confused.

"Mudblood is a really bad name mate; they're muggle-borns, not mudbloods!" James cried looking aghast.

Sirius paled, "I'm sorry!" he said sincerely, "I didn't know, that's what my parents call them! Then again I should have known, what with it coming from them…"

"Don't worry about it," Emma waved it off, "So about the houses…"

"Gryffindor!" James smiled, "My dad was there."

"Anything but Slytherin," Sirius said with a shake, "I refuse to follow in my family's foot steps."

Sirius had just finished when the compartment door opened once more to reveal a sick looking boy with blondy-brown hair and golden eyes, "Do you mind if I sit here?" he asked.

"Not at all," Emma answered helping him with his trunk, "I'm Emma; this is James, and Sirius."

"'Low, name's Remus."

"Got a preferred house Rem?" James asked.

Remus shrugged, "Not really, although I don't really want to be in Slytherin."

"What are the house properties?" Emma asked feeling left out and wondering why Slytherin was so bad.

"Gryffindor is for the brave, Ravenclaw the smart, Hufflpuff the loyal, and Slytherin the…"

"Douche-bags," Sirius said cutting James off.

"Ambitious," Remus smiled.

"There hasn't been a bad witch or wizard that wasn't in Slytherin, and even then, Slytherin's are out for themselves and blood purity, just look at my family," Sirius said.

They sat in silence for a moment then, and Emma looked out the window thinking of what they had said, of what Dumbledore had said…

You're not just a witch Miss. Dill, you're a Wandless, a being that is able to perform magic without a wand… although I dare say you will find a wand handy. Most of the wizarding community are afraid of Wandless… they have a tendency to loose control of their magic and kill people, although magical people also fear Hagrid for being a half giant and I dare say he wouldn't hurt a soul…

Your feelings can govern your magic, if you loose control; get extremely angry for instance, you have the magical capacity for unintentionally dropping a magical A-bomb. While at Hogwarts you must promise to control your emotions, as well as to attend private lessons with myself about your magic… and remember Miss. Dill, telling others of your condition would not be wise…

"Emma… Emma…"

"Mhm?" Emma murmured.

"Want anything off the trolley," Remus asked.

Emma shook her head.

Sirius raised a brow, "You sure?"

"I don't really have any wizarding money on me," Emma said, "I didn't realize I'd need it."

Sirius smiled and walked past her, something that Emma found hard to understand until he and James came back five minutes later, their arms filled with sweets Emma had never heard of.

"Ok," Sirius started smiling, "I owe you one for the mudblood comment…"

"Sirius I told you already that I didn't care; besides you didn't even realize it was offensive…"

"Regardless, this is going to be fun." He smiled warmly and held up two small packaged cakes, "This is a cauldron cake, and this is a pumpkin pasty."

Emma examined the two cakes; the pumpkin pasty was distinctly orange

"This is a liquorice wand, and these are berty botts every flavour beans, be careful with them though, they mean every flavour, I swear I got a vomit flavoured one once."

"They're like jellybeans," Remus added.

"These are chocolate frogs," Sirius continued giving Remus a look that said 'this is my fun,' "and before you ask no they are not real frogs, it's a spell. Inside will be a famous witch or wizard card, open it up see who you got."

Emma smiled and unwrapped the little box, taking the frog and looking at it horrified as it squirmed in her hand. "I dono if I can eat this thing," she whispered.

Sirius and James burst out laughing, and even Remus had a hard time suppressing a chuckle.

"You can't hurt it," Sirius assured her still laughing as he reached over and broke one of its legs off for himself.

Emma observed that the frog really didn't mind missing a leg and so she tentatively broke off an arm and nibbled it with a worried expression.

This action only made the other three laugh harder and even Emma had to smile – she felt like an idiot, and yet she still wasn't up for it. "Here," she said passing the rest of her frog to Sirius, "It's good, but it makes me feel a bit squeamish, got to say."

Sirius laughed and taking the frog made a point of biting the head off, causing the frog to fake die over and over.

They spent the next few hours laughing and talking; James even brought out a pack of exploding snap which he was all too eager to explain at the look of confusion on Emma's face.

When the train started to slow down they all stood and brought their trunks into the hall. Holding hands so as not to be separated; they made their way onto the platform.

"This way!" James called leading them over to a huge man standing off to the side, as Emma looked up she realized that this had to be Hagrid the half giant. He had beady black eyes with long black scraggly hair and beard. He was at least 7ft tall and towered over them.

"Hey Hagrid!" James called up to the man.

"James!" the booming voice of Hagrid echoed back, the owner smiling, "How're yeh?"

"Good!" James answered, "Hagrid this is Sirius Black, Emma Dill and Remus Lupin!"

Hagrid's eyes widened as he gazed at them.

"Sir." Emma said embarrassed offering her hand, she knew that Hagrid knew she was a Wandless… the look of shock on his face confirmed that.

"Emma," he smiled sweetly at her, "Good ter meet yeh, I bin he'rn lots about yeh, and yeh Remus; o'er the summer. I'm amazed at yeh Black, hangin' out with a muggle-born."

Sirius's face was defiant, "A good person." He stated looping his arm around Emma's shoulder.

Hagrid looked shocked, but then he smiled "Yeh, an' yeh may tern out to be one as well."

He winked at the four of them before calling out, "FIRST YEARS! FIRST YEARS O'ER 'ERE PLEASE! FIRST YEARS O'ER E'RE!"

Once a sizable group of students surrounded them Hagrid shouted out, "FOLLOW ME!"

Emma followed the other noticing the crease between Sirius's brows.

"Hey," she said nudging him.

He turned to her surprised.

"I have faith that you'll show everyone the true you Sirius, and you are a good person, don't doubt it."

He smiled and mouthed a thanks.

When the reached the beach Hagrid yelled, "No more then four to a boat," while pointing at the small fleet of boats on the shore.

The others where climbing into a boat when Emma noticed a small plump boy stumble on the beach.

"You okay?" she asked helping him up.

"Yeah," he murmured his blue watery eyes looking up at her.

"Good," she smiled just as Sirius yelled out.

"Emma come on!"

Turning she ran to the boat jumping elegantly over the side and landing in her seat next to Sirius.

The other three stared at her.

"Sorry," she coughed, "Sometimes my magic runs away with me… So…"

But she was spared by Hagrid who chose that moment to yell, "FORWARD!" causing all the little boats to begin sailing smoothly across the water.

"Wouldn't it be great if we all wound up in the same house, I mean, I dono about you guys but… well I kinda like you…" James said.

Sirius nodded, "Not being in the same house would be a bummer."

Emma and Remus agreed, "How are we sorted?" Emma asked.

James shrugged, "Dad wouldn't tell," Sirius and Remus nodded in agreement.

"Dad said it was a surprise," Remus stated quietly.

They sailed into a clearing and Emma felt her eyes begin to tear at the sight of the castle shining under the half moon.

"You okay?" Remus asked watching her.

She nodded, "It's just so pretty… thought I'd be a complete freak forever…" she muttered embarrassed as she whipped her eyes. She smiled, she'd always be a freak – even in this world, but at least here people would know what she was talking about.

Remus reached over to give her shoulder a squeeze, "No worries, you'll make lots of friends," he said, then smiled, "You already have a few."

Emma laughed, "I can't believe I'm crying, I swear I never cry, you must think I'm such a baby!"

"Yeah keep it up and you'll have to make new friends all over again," Sirius smiled, rolling his eyes.

Emma laughed all traces of tears gone, "My apologies Mr Black."

They laughed together and slowly got out of the boat once they had docked under the castle.

They waited in a small room huddled together nervously.

"You little snot face!"

"Miss your mommy?"

Emma turned only to find two boys cat calling at the little boy with the watery eyes she had seen earlier.

"Leave him alone!" she snapped walking up behind the boy and pulling him up from where he had fallen on the stone floor.

"Or what?" One of the boys asked smirking.

"Or I'll beat the crap out of you," Sirius stated darkly placing a protective hand on Emma's shoulder.

"There are two of us, and only one of you, Black," the other boy snarled.

"Three actually," Remus said matter of factly as he and James walked up.

"Four, you think that just because I'm a girl I couldn't beat you senseless?" Emma asked her temper rising.

"What do you…" but the boy trailed off, there was something about this girl suddenly that screamed, "DANGER!"

Both boys stepped back slowly and Emma took a deep breath, she could not lose control… inhale, exhale… think of Remus, James and Sirius… wouldn't want to hurt them.

She sighed and turning guided the small boy with her away from the bullies.

"What's your name?" she asked him.

"Peter Pettigrew," the boy mumbled.

"I'm Emma, Peter, and you shouldn't let those numbskulls bother you."

"Second that, they're idiots, James Potter by the way," James said holding out a hand.

"Sirius Black"

"Remus Lupin"

Peter smiled feeling safer, just then the doors opened and a stern looking woman entered.

"Listen … Quite!... Come, it is time for you to be sorted."

They filed out nervously following the woman up into a room filled with students sitting at four long tables. Emma looked up to find that the ceiling mirrored the night sky and she smiled looking down into the eyes of the headmaster Albus Dumbledore… she was home.

They went to the head of the hall in front of the teacher's table; the entire school seemed to be looking at what appeared to be a ripped hat sitting on a stool. Just as Emma was about to ask what was going on the hat began to speak…

"Generally I am most known for my tunes of lyric, but listen to my advice for once I pray thee. What is the difference, I ask, between the Granny Smith apple and the Macintosh? The Werewolf and the Wizard, the Wizard and the Wandless, the Wandless and the Witch, the Witch and the Vampire, the Vampire and the Muggle? Nothing and everything, neither is good nor evil, all is simply as it is. A few ruff edges all may have, but a heart of gold all also may keep. Do not judge a book by its cover; instead judge it by the pages it keeps locked away. Remember this students and teachers, take my advice; whether you be the brave Gryffindor wherein the lion dwells, a soaring and bright eagle of Ravenclaw, or the good and loyal badger of Hufflepuff… and maybe, just maybe, even the slithering snake of Slytherin could put differences aside for just a small while… we all know that war is lurking around the corner, stand tall and strong, keep those with extra talents near, or we will crumble from within."

There were staggered applause before the strict looking woman opened a roll of parchment and called the first name.

Emma watched as the Hat was placed upon the students head and the hat called out Hufflepuff.

The hat would sort them, she smiled.

"Weird advice huh?" James murmured to her and the others.

Emma shrugged, "It makes sense, but what war?..." she began but stopped as Black Sirius was called to the stool.

It took almost a full minute before the hat yelled out Gryffindor. Emma smiled and began to clap with James and Remus.

The rest of the hall was silent… stunned.

After a second the Gryffindor table roared with approval calling Sirius over and making room for him, Emma smiled, and Sirius turned giving them the thumbs up.

When 'Dill, Emma' was called Emma almost feinted with fear.

She shakily walked towards the stool, seemingly taking forever. She sat and felt the hat fall over her head, but before it obscured her vision she saw the strict woman offer her a small smile.

James watched as every teacher along the high table straightened and watched, even Dumbledore looked exceptionally interested.

"I have been waiting for you young Wandless," Emma heard the disembodied voice of the hat.

"How do you know I'm a Wandless?" she asked.

"I see it here in your head. I wonder… did you like my speech?"

"Very much… I do wonder are there Vampires and Werewolves here as well?"

The hat chuckled, "Perhaps… but lets get to it shall we… where should I put you?"

Emma thought about everything, about how much she wanted to be with Sirius, James, and Remus… just as she was about to make her decision another memory filled her mind, the two boys, her anger, almost loosing control…

She wouldn't put her friends in danger, she wouldn't put anyone in danger, it would hurt her, seven years as an out cast… but she could do it, now where to go…

Not Gryffindor… no she was sure her friends would go there… and not Slytherin, she would make enemies there… anger… she could loose control, harm someone… maybe Hufflepuff… but they where loyal, and friendly… that wouldn't due after all she was skipping off Gryffindor to avoid friends… that left Ravenclaw, they were bookie, mark orientated… she wasn't, it could work… Ravenclaw, she would go to Ravenclaw.

She heard a chuckle in her mind, "You are forgetting, I see, that this is not solely your decision."

"Can't you see the logic?" she asked.

"I can, I can indeed… but hear me out. Slytherin… I agree with you, you wouldn't fit in; I see only enemies and hurt. And although you are partially correct about Ravenclaw you would be surprised at how well your eager mind would fit in. In Hufflepuff you would make great friends, but I think your little monologue has proven you brave, brave and self-sacrificing."

"NO!" Emma argued, "I could hurt them!"

"Do you remember what you said to Sirius after you had seen Hagrid? Do not forget that I have also looked in his mind, you gave him more courage then you can know… do not doubt yourself."

James checked his watch, it had been three minutes already and everyone was looking uneasy, well except for Dumbledore, he looked happy as always. So suddenly that it made him jump the Hat cried out,


Emma was still unsure about the Hat's judgment as she walked to the Gryffindor table, but her uneasiness disappeared as Sirius made room for her saying, "Did it take you long enough? For a moment there I thought I'd never get to see you again."

She smiled, the Hat was right she belonged here with her friends. She looked up at the high table and Dumbledore gave her a wink.

A girl sharing Emma's red hair by the name of Lily Evans came to their table next, but she sat as far from Sirius as possible

"Should I ask?" Emma gave him a look.

Sirius shrugged, "She came into our compartment with a greasy friend of hers," he pointed to what Emma had to admit did look like a rather greasy boy. "Snape I think? Anyways James and him got into an argument then I called him Snivellus and they left."

Emma rolled her eyes, "Sirius Black, name calling is simply not acceptable."

He lifted his eyebrows, "Yes Mum."

They both sniggered.

Remus came to their table after a few other girls and a rather long talk with the Sorting Hat.

"Good to see you Rem," Emma said moving for him to sit with her.

He smiled.

Sirius pretended to check his watch and said, "Still didn't take as long as you."

Emma kicked him under the table.

Peter came to their table next and sat on Remus's other side looking nervous.

James practically skipped to the stool causing both Emma and Sirius to laugh, but what made them laugh harder was the look of relief that spread over James face as the Hat called out, "GRIFFINDOR!"

"I swear it barely touched his head," Sirius said as James sat next to him.

"Did you see him skip?" Emma laughed.

"I preferred his comical look or relief," Remus mused.

"Hahaha guys laugh it up," James said rolling his eyes, "At least I didn't have a five minute conversation with a hat which I believe all of you did."

"I didn't," Peter muttered.

James smiled, "I wasn't counting you; you're a good friend who doesn't make fun of me."

Sirius snorted into his cup at that.

Suddenly silence filled the hall as Dumbledore stood.

"Welcome to a new school year! Before the feast begins I have a few announcements, first off a new tree has been planted on the grounds, the Whomping Willow… it is named quite appropriately and I would advise that all students stay away from it, second the Forbidden Forest is well, forbidden to all students. Now I would like you all to welcome Mr Masen, our new DADA teacher and an ex-auror." Everyone clapped and Emma took the opportunity to observe a rather pale Remus, he had looked strained since the mention of the Whomping Willow, and she couldn't help but wonder if she wasn't the only one with secrets. "Now, let the feast begin."

With that the table filled with food and Emma gasped in surprise.

Sirius smiled, "Welcome to our world."

"Who did you get in that chocolate frog card anyways Em?" James asked his mouth half full.

"Oh… Ummm," Emma dug in her pocket for the abandoned and only half opened chocolate frog box, after a moment she found it and dug out the card. "Myra Banks, first muggle-born Wandless, says here that she invented apparation – whatever that is."

"Wandless are pretty cool," James said going back to his food.

"But dangerous… I mean I wouldn't want to meet one…" Peter jittered looking suddenly nervous.

Emma's heart fell.

"People are just people," Remus said no longer eating, "It doesn't matter what they are, they didn't ask to be different."

"Too right," Sirius agreed accenting his words by swinging around his steak laden fork, "Besides, I bet the five of us could take on a Wandless, no prob."

Emma smiled, even though her heart was still heavy.

"Muggle-born Wandless are really rare," James continued, "Only been like two in the whole of wizard history."

"And only about 50 Wandless in general," Sirius added.

"Probably misunderstood," Remus muttered.

"Probably," James agreed still eating, "but they have their moments… then again we all do… You okay Em?" he asked.


"Well then eat!" Sirius exclaimed motioning towards her empty plate and taking it upon himself to start pushing food on her, of course James thought this was an excellent idea and began to help him.

They were led up to their dormitories by a very stern looking fifth year after the feast, and although Emma tried to keep track of where they were going she really had no clue.

By the time they entered the common room (behind a portrait entitled 'the Fat Lady' password mudwamp) Emma was exhausted.

"We'll meet you down here in the morning, okay?" James asked as they headed up to their dormitories.

Emma smiled, "See you then, Good Night."

"Good Night!" they replied in unison.

Emma was the last one up the stairs to the girl's dormitory, but she was happy to see that she got the bed by the window.

"So you're friends with Sirius Black?" a girl with curly brown hair asked coming up to Emma, "Well you best back off 'cause he's mine!"

"Huh?" was Emma's intelligent reply.

"You heard me, he is mine."

Emma laughed, "Nice to know he has a keeper."

"Let her be Marlene," Lily said coming up behind them, "She probably doesn't like him like that anyways."

"Sorry," Lily said once Marlene had left, "She's in love with him, wouldn't shut up about him at the feast, I'm Lily by the way."


"So you're friends with Black and Potter?"

Emma nodded, "They're very nice," she said a bit defensively.

"And mean," Lily scolded.

"Immature I believe is the better word, but yes, and they're my friends."

"I meant no offence."

"Then none taken, but I won't here a word against them."

"Understandable… Are you excited?"

"And scared, my parents where muggles," Emma answered smiling.

Lily sighed, "Thank god, mine too, I thought I was the only one."

"What are you looking most forward too?" Emma asked.

"Charms, you?"

"Not sure, although charms does sound good…"

"Hey Lily!" a girl with short black hair and a round face said.

"Alice," Lily smiled at her, "Emma this is Alice, Alice – Emma"

"Nice to meet you," Emma smiled.

"And you, so Lily…" Emma let them talk and instead left to change, feeling as if whether or not she liked the idea, Lily and her would be good friends.

When she got back from the bathroom she found she was right, Lily had the bed next to her and they spent a good few hours talking before bed.

When Emma walked down to the common room the next morning she was extremely early, and so it didn't surprise her that no one else was down yet.

Sitting in an armchair she waited twirling her wand in her right hand. She still remembered the day she'd bought it from Mr Ollivander…

Emma picked up the wand that the man gave her and gave it a 'swish' as instructed, to her utmost horror the wand exploded in her hand.

"Interesting." The wand maker muttered taking the destroyed wand from her, "I wonder, are you sure you're just a witch Miss Dill?"

"I… well… I-I'm a Wandless…" Emma stuttered out terrified

To her immense surprise Mr Ollivander smiled, "That explains it then," he turned and strode to the back of the store once again. "Did you know that a Wandless requires a duel core wand? A single core simply can't handle the magical intensity… now try this, Oak 12 inches sturdy, unicorn and thestral hair."

Emma waved the wand and Mr Olivander snatched it from her, "Nope, try this, only other one I have I'm afraid, just finished it last night, bit of a doozy, weeping willow 11 ½ inches, phoenix feather, dragon heart string, mermaid hair, sea serpent's heart string, hippogriff and unicorn hair, thestral hair and a centaur hair, give it a wave."

Emma took the wand and shuddered as a shock ran through her. It was like being given her missing right hand. She waved it and the shop brightened

"Excellent!" Mr Olivander exclaimed with a clap, "Perfect match… uniting the four elements … a very powerful wand, for what I believe will be quite the powerful Wandless."

"Did you wait long?" Remus asked as they came down the stairs.

"Nope," Emma said rising; and together they went down for breakfast.

"So we're the only boys in our dormitory," James said, "Who are you rooming with?"

"Lily Evans, Alice Brandon, Marlene McKinnon, Joyce Walters, and Mary McDonald."

"How are they?" Peter asked.

Emma shrugged, "I think Lily and I will get along fine, she seems really nice, and Alice seems fine… Marlene may be a pain – she's in love with you by the way Sirius; I didn't talk to the others."

"Well of course she loves me, just look at me," Sirius smiled.

Emma stopped turning to look at him, "I don't see it."

"Because you're blind," Sirius said tapping her nose.

Emma huffed and rolled her eyes, "How was your night?"

"Good…" Remus said through a yawn.

"Bit contradictory that," Emma smiled.

"Shut up," Remus muttered.

"Guys where exactly is the great hall?" Peter asked.

Emma shrugged, "Not sure, just keep going down until we hit ground level, then we can look for it."

"Good strategy," approved James.

They entered the great hall five minutes later in deep discussion.

"Can't wait till the Quiditch season," James said sitting down.

"Me either, going to try out next year?" Sirius asked.

James nodded, "'Course."

"What's Quidditch?" Emma asked confused.

"Sport played on broom sticks, there are three goal hoops on either side and…" Sirius started.

"Wait, we really fly on brooms?" Emma asked stunned.

"Yes, as Sirius was saying there are three goal hoops on either side of the pitch, the Chasers have to get the red ball called the Quaffle through the hoops, three chasers on each team, one Quaffle in the game. Now each side has a Keeper, they guard the hoops. Each goal is worth 10 points," Remus said.

"Beaters hit Bludgers, mean little balls that fly around trying to knock people of their brooms, 2 Bludgers in the game and two Beaters per team," Sirius added.

"Then there's the Seeker, their job is to catch the Snitch, a little gold ball with wings, catch the Snitch and the game ends, the Seeker that catches it earns their team 150 points. There's only 1 Seeker per team," James finished.

"Wow," Emma muttered, "Can you guys fly?"

James smiled, "Yeah, my dad taught me ages ago!"

Sirius nodded, "My mom was really ticked when I took the broom out, but yeah."

Remus shook his head, "Dad says I have enough problems without opening my skull on the pavement."

Peter nodded, "My mum said that too, they won't even let me near a broom."

Emma smiled, this just kept getting better. Suddenly she heard an owl screech

"Mail's here," James said making room.

Emma watched as hundreds of owls soared overhead, she smiled as she spotted Archimedes, her brown barn owl. She'd left him at home so that her mom could write her, but she had his cage here.

He landed in front of her and she took off not one but two letters from around his leg.

"Thanks buddy," she said giving his head a pat and offering him a piece of toast which he happily took as he left.


Emma looked up to see Sirius looking terrified at a red envelope that was smoking at the edges.

"Just open it mate, get it over with," James advised.

"It'll only blow up if you don't Sirius!" Remus warned.

Emma watched as Sirius tentatively opened the red envelope…


Emma watched horrified as the letter shredded itself up.

"Love you too Mum," Sirius snarled at it.

"That, was your mother?" James asked horrified.

Sirius nodded.

Remus clapped him on the back, "It's okay mate."

"Yeah… that uh… don't worry about that… Dumbledore wouldn't put you in Slytherin… and yeah," Emma whispered realizing that she wasn't helping at all.

They finished breakfast in silence, and when the strict looking woman handed them their time tables they left quietly for the dungeons and potions.

They stood on the left hand side of the hallway in single file while they waited for Professor Slughorn.

"Emma, I want you to meet Severus," Lily said coming up to Emma from the back of the queue, dragging the greasy haired boy Sirius had called Snape with her.

"Nice to meet you," Emma said extending her hand.

"And you," The boy said; his voice sounded dark.

"I saw that you got mail this morning, who was it from?" Lily asked.

"Oh!" Emma said blushing, "Crap, I didn't even look at the letters, although the one I know was from my parents, I got errrrr… distracted…"

Lily grimaced, "Yes I heard."

"Serves Black right, the evil git," Severus muttered.

Before anyone could move Emma had her wand at his throat, "You and Sirius may not get along, but so help me, if you insult any of my friends in front of me again you'll be sorry," her voice was deathly quiet and Snape put his hands up in surrender.

"I did warn you," Lily told him before turning back to Emma, "Enough of that." She said thrusting Emma's wand down, "What do you think we'll learn?"

"No idea, muggle-born remember," Emma smiled still eyeing Snape.

Lily laughed, "Yes, I'm not dim, but do you have a guess?"

"How to sing that song from Macbeth I'd wager, double trouble boil and bubble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!" Emma cackled.

Lily laughed, "Most defiantly!"

"I don't get it," Snape said eyeing them warily.

"It's a muggle thing," Lily said giving his shoulder a reassuring pat, her eyes still sparkling with mirth.

"Emma!" James called waving her over.

"Coming!" Emma called back, "Got to go, see you later Lily, Severus."

She turned and walked back to where her friends where standing, Sirius still looked horrible.

"I got an invitation to join Hagrid for tea this Friday afternoon; he said to invite all of you, you in?" James asked.

"Yeah!" Emma said smiling, "Cheer up Sirius, we'll learn to make a potion that turns your hair green and send it to your mum."

"She'd know it was me."

"Well what if we sent her a cheering charm?" Remus asked.

Sirius smiled, "That would be the day," he said giving off a bark like laugh.

Emma and Remus high-fived behind his back.

"Good morning class!" a portly teacher said opening the classroom door then, "Well come in, come in!"

They all filed past Slughorn and into the dungeon.

Emma sat with Sirius; James Remus and Peter sat behind them.

"I am professor Slughorn, and today we will begin not only your first ever potions lesson, but also your first lesson." He beamed at them all, "Now as some of you may know I have a rather prestigious club for only the brightest students, the Slug Club, they call it. Some of you may join me this year, some won't, but either way I wish you all good luck!"

Emma exchanged a look with Sirius, was this guy for real?

"So first for the role call!

Black Sirius!... ahh, yes I know of your family, very promising student, too bad you were not in Slytherin, my own house you know…"

Emma felt her knuckles whiten where she was gripping the desk; Sirius did not need this right now…

"Brandon Alice… yes…

Dill Emma…"

Emma raised her hand and Slughorn looked up at her, a single drop of perspiration forming on his face, "Good, yes…" Slughorn offered her a small smile, gulped and moved on to Evans Lily.

Emma smiled, served him right.

Slughorn paused again with some trepidation at Remus's name, and Emma made a mental note of it. Like Sirius, James was also considered a 'promising student' along with Marlene and a few others.

"Excellent, excellent, for today we'll just take some notes, shall we? Everyone turn to page 3 and…"

Emma smiled as the bell rang some minutes later and she began to pack her things.

"Black, McKinnon, Dill, Potter, Nott, a moment please!" Slughorn called.

Emma sighed, What did the old fart want now?

After packing her things and assuring both Remus and Peter that she'd meet them in Transfiguration, Emma, Sirius and James made their way to the front of the room.

"Ah, so glad you could join me, now I happen to know your families… great things… and I was wondering if you would join me for dinner, a Slug Club get together if you would?"

"Dill's a muggle-born, how do you know her family?" Marlene asked.

"Ah, yes well… heard good things none the less, so I'll see you all in my office for dinner on Saturday yes? Excellent, now run along… Ah, Miss Dill a moment?"

"Go, I'll catch up," Emma said waving off Sirius and James.

Once everyone had left Slughorn asked, "How are things?"

"I'm under control if that's what you mean," Emma responded stiffly.

"Yes… well… your kind have a long history of greatness… you being the first to be properly educated, will, I'm sure, bring great things to this world."

"Or bring great things down with my anger… yeah," Emma was loosing patients; she had classes to go to and wasn't interested in this man's games.

"Course… well I'm always here if things come to that… to talk to… calming droughts… I could make some up for you to carry with you… for emergencies," Slughorn offered.

Emma was speechless, "I… thank you sir."

Slughorn smiled, "Not a problem, I'll have them ready for you after that little get together on Saturday; off you go."

Emma had to run to make it to transfiguration on time, she didn't get lost, and it wasn't until she arrived that she realized that she had just done magic again in her panic.

McGonagall turned out to be the strict looking woman that had given them their time tables, she also taught transfiguration.

Emma walked in and took a seat beside Peter; James and Sirius sat in front of them and Remus one row in front of them with Marlene.

"Shall we do the role call then?" McGonagall asked.

"Black Sirius

Brandon Alice

Dill Emma

Evans Lily…"

Emma smiled; she didn't even pause at her name…

After double transfiguration they went to lunch, it was only now that Emma got a chance to open her letters.

Dear Emma,

Hoping your first day went well, everything's fine here, we miss you already, be sure to write back telling us all about your new friends and classes. Learned any magic yet? Oh, it's just all so exciting, we want you to know how proud we are of you, always.

Lots of Love,

Mom and Dad.

Emma Smiled, she missed her parents too… but this was home now. Slowly she opened the next letter…

Miss Dill,

I hope that this letter finds you in good hands, and that you have managed to make friends. I would like to start our lessons this Friday after dinner; I hope that this time is acceptable for you.

My office is on the seventh floor between the two gargoyles, password is Chocolate Frogs.

Best of Luck,

A. Dumbledore.

Emma's smile disappeared as she looked along the high table to see Dumbledore watching her; she gave him a pointed nod before turning to grab herself some lunch.

"Good news?" Remus asked.

Emma shrugged, "Parents just checking up on me."

"They each had to write their own letter?" Sirius asked.

Emma shrugged and continued her meal, taking the excuse, from the corner of her eye she saw Remus looking unconvinced.

After lunch they had charms with professor Flitwick; a short little man that only came up to Emma's shoulders. He didn't pause as her name for which she was extremely grateful.

After Charms (Emma had sat with Lily) she made her way back to James and the others for double DADA.

Emma and Remus took a seat in the fourth row, the others sat in front of them.

"Good day class," Mr Masen said entering the room. He had black hair and eyes the colour of pitch. He wore black robes and had skin whiter then winter's snow. "Let's do the Register, shall we?"

"Abbott Hubert

Black Sirius

Brandon Alice

Dill Emma," Here he smiled and looked up, his eyes resting on the girl before him, "Tell me Miss Dill, what is it like to be Slughorn's new favourite?"

Emma blushed, "I don't know what you mean sir."

"Well he won't stop talking about how wonderful you are… apparently you're quite well versed for a muggle-born."

Emma's blush deepened as she remembered the answers she'd been able to give the professor, not that other students hadn't been able to answer questions…

"Perhaps you could answer a few questions for me in a few moments, hum?" he smiled.

"Evans Lily…

Masen didn't pause again until he hit Remus's name at which point he gave the boy a sweet smile before continuing on. At the end of the role he turned back to Emma,

"So Miss Dill, tell me, what is the most dangerous creature in the magical world?"

Emma froze, "Sir?"

"Come on, out with it girl!"

"I don't know sir."

"Don't you?" he smiled before writing in capital letters across the chalk board,


"Now, who can tell me why Wandless are so dangerous? Mr Potter?"

"Because they have the tendency to loose control of their magic, sir," James answered.

"Ending in…" Masen asked.

"Disaster, sir."

"Excellent, 10 points to Gryffindor," he smiled wickedly, "Now remember, that you should never trust a Wandless, their horrid and tricky, they have no real emotion, only the potential to kill… you can pick out a Wandless by their tendency to avoid emotional situations. Miss Evans"

"Sir, I was wondering, surely a Wandless can't be all bad, I mean they're just wizards that don't require a wand."

"I'll have you know Miss Evans that as an auror I witnessed several Wandless 'accidents', trust me when I say they are dangerous. Now how many of you fear Wandless… go on raise your hands don't be shy…"

Emma watched in horror as everyone excluding herself and Remus raised their hand.

"I noticed Mr Lupin that you are not afraid of Wandless, care to share why?"

"They're just people, they didn't ask to be Wandless, and I find it very hard to believe that they are innately bad," Remus answered.

Masen's lip curled, "The second most evil creature you will ever be faced with is the Werewolf." He continued as if he had not heard Remus, "You can pick them out by their golden eyes and sickness during the full moon, although they are always on the runty side," he smiled.

Emma closed her eyes in horror. Most people where hanging off the mans every word, James and Sirius where playing tic tac toe with Peter, for which she was grateful but still… and now she knew, Remus was a Werewolf, his terrified golden eyes proved that; not that anyone else had noticed.

"Never trust a Werewolf their as bad as Wandless, and will rip you apart at their first chance, wouldn't you agree Miss Dill?"

Emma saw red.

"Wouldn't you agree?" he asked again.

Emma lost it, "NO I DAMN WELL WOULD NOT AGREE!" she screamed only barely keeping her shaking form from doing some serious magic.

"Temper, temper…" he warned her smiling, he turned away, "Now…"

Emma sat down no longer listening, Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you… think of Remus you're sitting right beside him, Fuck you.

Emma was gripping the desk so hard her knuckles were white, as she looked up her mouth dropped in horror, she had done wandless magic…

The word wandless on the black board was replaced with

Fuck You!

Even as she realized how unhilarious the situation was she felt her lips twitch.

"Mr Masen, I don't feel so well, could I go to the hospital wing?" Remus asked his hand in the air.

"Yes, fine, fine," Masen waved him off.

Remus kicked Emma under the table.

"Could I take him sir? He doesn't look well," Emma asked taking the hint.

Masen shot them both a glare before waving them off, he hadn't noticed the board behind him, and neither had most of the class.

They grabbed their things and ran from the class room and down the hall.

They didn't stop running until they where a floor up at which point Emma panted, "I hope you know where the infirmary is, because I don't have a clue."

Remus smiled wheezing, "Doesn't matter, I'm not that sick."

Emma straightened, "A private spot then?"

Remus nodded and they walked into a deserted class room, Emma closing the door behind them.

Once they had sat down Emma spoke, "A Werewolf?"

Remus paled and nodded, looking nervous.

"That's a shit kicker," Emma said.

"No running and screaming?" Remus asked surprised.

Emma shrugged, "You're just Remus to me."

"You can't tell anyone!" Remus said sitting strait.

"I won't," Emma promised, "I'm sorry you have to go through that."

Remus nodded, "You're a Wandless."

Emma nodded.

Remus smiled, "You did really good back there."

"Wasn't perfect," Emma muttered rubbing her forehead, "I owe you one."

Remus smiled, "And I you, for standing up for me."

They smiled at each other.

"So, what's your spell?" Remus asked.

Emma sighed, every Wandless had a spell that was unique to him or her, they would be the only ones who could use it, but unlike normal spells it would take energy, "Don't know, Dumbledore assured me it would come in time."

"It'll be cool to see when you do," Remus said.

"Yeah, oh Rem, this stays between us, right?"

"Course, I won't tell a soul, that includes Sirius, James and Peter."

Emma nodded, "Same for you."

They shook hands on it.

They both smiled relieved, they had someone to share their secret, someone who didn't fear them.

They walked down to dinner a few hours later, still content with the turn of events.

"How're you feeling Rem?" Sirius asked as they sat down at the Gryffindor table.

"Okay, better now anyways," Remus answered him taking the lie in stride.

"You won't believe what happened in class!" James said enthusiastically, "Someone managed to make the black board read 'Fuck You!' after you two left."

Emma avoided Remus's gaze, "What did Masen say?"

"Nothing much, he was extremely mad though; I'm amazed he didn't blow a blood vessel right there," James answered still overjoyed.

"He doesn't know who did it?" Remus asked.

James shook his head, "No idea."

"Probably an older student, no first year could have pulled that one off," Sirius said, "But whoever did it, I owe them one, Masen is a real wretch."

"I'm amazed he's not a Slytherin," James agreed

"Isn't he?" Emma asked.

Peter shook his head, "Ravenclaw."

"Interesting," Emma said remembering her conversation with the Sorting Hat.

Emma and Remus exchanged a relieved look as their friends went back to their dinner; they had noticed nothing.

Once dinner was over they went back to the common room and played a few games of exploding snap before bed; it had been a long day.