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A/N: Important: it's from Shindou's point of view [so that you won't get confused in the beginning] . A small drabble that's been in a long forgotten folder in my computer. UruxShindou implied.

Pocketful of sunshine.

Because really, Uru is sunshine and rainbows and strawberry ice-cream, pink with white frosting and colorful sprinkles on top. She's innocent and kind and childish and so unbelievable oblivious that sometimes you're afraid that will be the death of her. She's the type of person that would accept sweets from strangers and then thank them prettily and sweetly with a big, big, big smile and pink cheeks and sparkling eyes and then she would accept to get in a painfully obvious dangerous car. You're afraid that if she'll do just that, then your heart will either burst or stop, but either way it will clench really, really, really painfully.

She's the type of person that would come at your doorstep in the middle of the night [and you have no idea why she was outside at that late hour to begin with] drenched and holding in her arms an equally wet furry thing that you assume is a puppy. She'll look at you with big, big, big and sparkling eyes and pink cheeks and will ask you, beg you, plead you to give the puppy a home because he's alone and lost and so, so, so sad, and he reminded me of you, so won't you take him in, Shindou-san? You'll look at her and then at the puppy and then at her again, because somehow, your eyes always seem to be glued to her and then you'll just nod dumbly, because really, you don't seem to find the difference between her and the puppy, so you just start to feel sorry for her. She smiles really big at you [you wonder how can anyone smile that big], pushes the wet puppy in your arms and tells you she'll come visit, because heh, you literally live next door to each other. You start to worry you won't get rid of her after this, but strangely, you don't mind. You don't mind at all and start to wonder if there's something wrong with you. She thanks you prettily and says she's soaked and in need of a hot bubble bath so she smiles one last time at you [your heart beats faster and you don't know why], bids you goodnight Shindou-san and leaves you alone on the empty hallway, listening to the rhythmic pitter-patter the rain is making. She's strange, that girl, you conclusion. You are too, you admit to yourself, for accepting to take care of that dog, but you blame this on her and on your lack of sleep. You look at the shivering lump of fur in your arms, curled against you and seeking for warmth and you smile softly. The puppy looks like her, you make a little mental note, childlike and tiny and somewhat oblivious to the things surrounding him. You shake your head, take a step backwards and close the door, intending to go to sleep, because you know that in the morning she'll come, bright and smiling and probably with an enormous sack of dog food with her.

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