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The Chapter Where Everything Begins But Not Really…

Zoë's POV:

Blood pounded through my head, my lungs gasping, my stomach free wheeling. My emerald eyes searched frantically around corners, my blonde long hair blocking my view and catching tears. The tears swivelled along the strands before flying behind me. My legs pumping, despite the trail of blood falling out of my frayed jeans, arms swinging painfully, my face white with terror. I edged around a corner, slightly running, slightly being dragged. My pale hand was clenched around another hand, tanned and strong. My eyes looked towards his face. He was handsome, thick bangs shading his huge dark frightened eyes, his breath coming rapidly.

He was fit and athletic, so even though I was fast, I was being pulled along as well. Rearing around a final abandoned street corner, we came to a dead end. I let out a moan/whimper as I trembled and turned towards the way we came. Takuya whipped around as well, his hand tightened around mine before letting it go and standing completely in front of me. He spread his hands in front of me bravely, even though I saw him shaking and gulping in the cold clean crisp air.

The brick wall behind us was stained with water stains and graffiti. The ground was littered with rubbish, syringes, empty soaked cardboard boxes and… other things. The night was well into the early hours of the morning, no street lights donned the area so the street was plunged into darkness each night around nine. I clutched Takuya's waist, feeling his skinny warm stomach breathe in with unsteady breathes.

'I love you Zoe, don't forget that. I'm so sorry I got you into this'

'Stop' I sobbed, increasing the pressure around his waist, 'We were jumped coming out of JP's house, down the road. We couldn't go back.'

'I'm not going to let them do anything to you' Takuya whispered angrily, before turning around and kissing me passionately. I pulled back dizzily, just as a large gang of older men rounded the corner drunkenly. Takuya turned to mine, his usual face of cheeky optimistic happiness was vanished. He looked younger than his 16 years. I'm sure I did too. The gang jeered and laughed as they staggered closer.

Takuya pressed me against the wall, so I was almost invisible. I squeezed his hand in gratitude. I was still heavily sobbing, tears coursing down my cheeks, so any chance that they mightn't have seen me, was in vain. There was about 7 men in their late 20's, pissed out of their minds, all angry. They were all quite similar in height. Takuya was sporty and fit but was small and short for his age, me being even smaller.

They towered over us.

'I like the pretty little girly blonde one.' Slurred one. Another whistled and patted his knee and the others roared with laughter.

'The boys handsome too. Perfect couple. You won't mind if I borrow your girly just for the night. I might drop her back in the morning. I might not. We'll see how good she is' One man lurched forward, his hand outstretched. Takuya hit it away angrily.

'Fuck off and leave us alone.' He shouted. I started screaming for help and one man vibrated angrily.

'Shut the fuck up you slut. Save the screaming for later.'

'No, NO!' I screamed, my eyes clenched tightly into Takuya's t-shirt. I inhaled the warm toasty smell desperately.

'Move aside you little shit and give us the bitch. I promise I'll be real gentle. We'll all have a go.'

'Please, just go away' There was a small tone of terror in Takuya's voice as he held me closer. One of the men pulled a knife and I screamed. Two others smashed their bottles and advanced towards Takuya.

'Give us the girl, we'll have our fun, and then we'll give her back. Simple. No one gets hurt. She'll enjoy it.' One smiled revealing yellow broken teeth. Takuya shook his head fiercely and stepped forward. I tried to pull him back but then sank down the wall and hid my head in my hair.

'Fine, we'll kill you and then get the girl anyway.'

I screamed, my head still hidden. I peaked through my eyelashes just to see one with the knife push Takuya roughly down and they all dived on him. Takuya groaned and shouted and then suddenly screamed a piercing scream as I watched blood seep around their feet.

The blood dripped its way towards me as my screams echoed off his. Blood seeped into gaps in the pavement, stained my shoes, coloured the grey ground, dripped down drains. The group of men were like dangerous rabid dogs, moving and diving, cutting and clipping. I was right there, I could stop this.

I had a cell phone in my pocket but my fingers were frozen, my eyes shut tight, my fate sealed.

Takuya's scream died as they stepped back to look at their handy work. I refused to look. I knew Takuya wouldn't look like what he used to. Hardly recognisable. I heard no ragged breathing, no blood filled coughs, no desperate heart thumping.

I sat up screaming, my eyes wheeling, my heart thumping. I'd had that dream every night for 4 years, no break. My hands scrabbled at the covers, cold sweat dripping down my face. My green eyes flashing wildly around my new apartment of 6 months, I started to cry like every night. It was then a warm tanned hand closed around mine. I gasped and sobbed, leaning into his chest, inhaling the warm toasty smell yet tainted with something sickly sweet underneath. I let my tears drip down his muscled tanned chest. Looking up into his crimson eyes, he smiled.

'S'OK Zoe, everything's OK now' He said sadly, his eyes searching me.

It was times like these I missed his dark chestnut/auburn eyes. I missed every fleck of humanity, kindness and courage in them. But at least I had him back.

'I had the dream again' I sobbed into his chest, feeling every bit of me starting to even out.

'The one where I died?'

There was a pause.

'Yeah… that one' I sniffled. I found courage deep within me as I forced it to the surface. I was always curious about death, yet nervous to ask him. He's the same Takuya, I told myself everyday… but different. I plucked up the courage out of no where to ask him the question I'd yearned for the answer.

'D-does it hurt?…To die?'

There was another long awkward pause as I pressed two fingers to my mouth and hid my face from his. I was wondering if he was angry.

'Yeah…' Eventually he answered, 'When I did, it hurt.'

I moved my pale slender hand to his muscled tanned back and moved my hand teasingly down. He shuddered under my touch. I smiled and took my hand away.

'Good-night Taki' I nuzzled close to his face, my head still counting my blessings


Zoe's POV:

Waking up to the sun streaming in the window, the warmth making me almost moan with pleasure and Takuya lying beside me, breathing heavily with sleep, makes me thank my lucky stars. It was around then when the alarm started blaring. 6:00, it told me, in large green luminous numbers. I turned over to the annoying machine and smashed my palm down angrily. I groaned and sat up, only to have black swirls invade my vision and I slumped back down again. I felt a stirring beside me, and I felt Takuya roll on top of me, squishing me.

'Get off me you lump' I swatted at him as he started to fall asleep on me.

'Nah, I'm pretty comfy here, thanks' Takuya gave me his million watt grin and I couldn't help but sigh back.

I heaved out of bed after hoisting Takuya off me, ('Aww c'mon! Its 6 in the fucking morning!) and walked to the kitchen. It was a tiny room, hardly enough room to turn around in. I switched on the gas and threw in some gone-off batter for pancakes. Turning, with the pan in my hand, I almost crashed into Takuya who had appeared silently behind me. His footsteps were quiet, completely not like the old Takuya who stumbled over nothing more often than not.

'OH MY GOD!' I gasped, clutching my heart, feeling blood pumping in my throat with shock.

'Scare you?' He whispered, before slinking an arm around my waist. I leaned up and pecked him on the check but then tried to escape his grasp.

'C'mon baby, I have to get breakfast ready'

'I'd prefer to stay like this' He longingly unhooked his arm and watched me forlornly whiz around the kitchen.

'Want any?' I asked like every morning

'…No' He said, like every morning.

I was still hoping that he'd say yes. Takuya's gluttony wasn't something I exactly missed, but I missed the eagerness he'd get when there was food involved.


'No' Takuya announced, 'I'm not going'

'Takuya , please!' I pouted, knowing well my puppy face could win me over most things, like his puppy face with me.

'No-No-No' He shook his head fiercely laughing, 'No fucking way am I going to the Prom!'


'But it's so lame!'

'But I want to go!'

'But I don't!'

I cracked my knuckles, glaring at him, sending a look that clearly said 'Try me…'

'Fine' I sighed, letting the tears shine in my eyes, maybe let one fall overboard. He stared in shock as I sniffled and turned away. He grabbed my retreating figure and held me close, my back to his stomach.

He buried his face in my long silky blonde hair. He sighed.

'…OOOOK' He mumbled. I shrieked and whipped around, pressing his mouth against mine. He eagerly leaned in and when I broke away he looked dazed.

'Don't worry… it's all you can eat you know' Staring into his wheeling eyes, my hand clutching the back of his hair, a tuft of dark brown hair twining out of my fist.

He nodded happily, is eyes taking on a new light.

'Pick me up round 7?' I suggested cheekily as I ran away. When I saw around the corner I pressed my ear against the wall.

'7...? What huh? OH SHIT!' I giggled as I heard his trainers squeak around another corner.

'The strength of hormones' I smiled to myself as I danced away, my feet barely touching the ground.

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