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The Chapter Where Takuya and Izumi got naked

Zoe's POV:

I stood lost in the middle of the apartment, feeling my heart constrict and break. It was gradually breaking, not suddenly torn apart like the night Takuya had died. I waited, for a creak of the stairs, for a sigh, a yawn, a cough, a sneeze or a smile, a laugh, a tear. But I was truly alone. It really did make sense. Why he was so different, why his footsteps didn't make any noise, no veins, not eating anything and most of all, the blood red eyes that freaked me out, even though I told myself he was still Takuya. It was signs that my head was giving me, telling me that I was dreaming. Now I didn't know what was real or not. The hospital? Probably made up to convince myself, I was probably asleep when it happened. The surprise cake? I went to check the fridge where I was sure I had left the remainder. There was not a crumb.

Was I going crazy?

The hallucinations so I wouldn't be lonely? I fell to the ground on my knees and bent my body over and wept harder than I had in 4 years. I had lost him again. I brought my hands together so my fingers clasped each other. And for the first time in over 10 years, I prayed.

I prayed for my sanity, for my safety, for my concealment. I prayed for my family that I hadn't seen in 4 years, for my broken heart, for my love. I prayed to see him again, and then I prayed I wouldn't. I prayed for Takuya, and then the door opened.

I glanced up from my crumpled position on the floor, tears soaking into the carpet. I heard the door slam. There were no footsteps. As I saw a shadow loom on the wall as the person came around the corner, I scrambled up and grabbed the umbrella that was sitting in its holder next to me. I held it up as if to protect me. But it didn't protect me to what came around the corner.

'Whoa, what's happened? Oh my god are you alright?'

I trembled, feeling my insides crack like an antique vase.

'What are you doing here. Your not real'

'What?' Takuya reached his hand towards me, concern written all over his face.

'STAY AWAY FROM ME' I slunk down the wall, holding my head, my blonde hair lank and sticking to my face with tears.

'Zoë?' Takuya's voice wavered and he looked completely distressed. He advanced on me and I thrashed and screamed until he backed away.

'Wh-What's going on?' He said as he sunk into the worn couch, which creaked under him. He put his head in his hands and speared his hands though his thick tufts of hair. 'I thought this was over, I thought-' He broke off and his eyes narrowed menacingly. He slowly rose from the couch, looking more angry than I'd ever seen him.

'Koichi' Was all he said before he whipped around and strode towards the front door. I leapt up and spread-eagled myself in front of his path, knowing well he couldn't actually do anything (he's a figment of my imagination, he's not real, he's not real) but I still felt worried for Koichi's welfare.

His face softened before his face crumpled for a split second and then it was back to blank indifference. I stared shocked at him. How could I make something up so real.

'Y-You died 4 years ago' My voice cracked and wobbled as I said it but I said it determined, 'You are not real. I have made you up so I wouldn't be lonely' Takuya flinched and I almost felt sorry for him. But that would be the same as feeling sorry for me… wouldn't it?

'So you think…' Takuya closed his eyes painfully and then squatted on the floor, his face buried in his knees. I looked at him for a while before turning around and going to turn on the kettle. I was followed by Takuya a minute later and he tried to talk to me but I ignored him. It escalated so much that he was shouting in my ear. I turned away, sipping the mug of coffee, trying to keep the tears from drowning me. Takuya grabbed hold of my shoulders and shook me, his voice cracking, his voice loud. He hugged me from behind and his smell and his skin and his clothes felt so feel that I had to shove him away.

I tuned in as I exited the kitchen.

I'LL FUCKING KILL HIM FOR DOING THIS TO YOU-' His voice broke and I turned around to see him standing helplessly, his arms dangling uselessly, his stature slack and his face white and pleading.

'Zoe?' He moved towards me, and this time, I didn't back away.

'Why can't I forget you?' I whispered as his arms came around me.

'How can I convince you I'm real. We can get the hospital reports, I-I…' He trailed off, his head resting on my shoulder.

'This isn't real'

'But it is Zoe, it really is'

'But Koichi-'

'Forget about goddamn Koichi. If I ever see him again, I'll murder him, I swear'


'And he'll be honestly spelling out his lies with his own blood'


'Because he's taking away the ONLY thing I have left-'


'Huh?' He looked up, surprised. I gently stroked his cheek. Takuya's eyes lightened to their crimson red. I hadn't noticed they had gone a dangerous shade of flame ignited ash. I leaned up and kissed him, my lips trembling.

'If you weren't real I couldn't touch you' I said, tracing my fingers down his arm. Takuya gulped. 'And I just remembered. Remember when you came in that day? Into Mr Junko's Department Emporium? Koichi was there. He thought you were a creep. If you weren't real…' I said slowly, still trying to believe it myself, Takuya's eyes still following my lowering hand, '…He wouldn't have seen you' I whispered, drawing in for a kiss, smiling against his lips, my hand now spread-fingered on his thigh.

'You see me' He smiled and his eyes grinned at me and I found myself crying, for a different reason this time.

I found myself telling Takuya everything that had happened that day.

'You really said that?' A grin starting to spread across his face, "You said, and I quote, 'I'm always with him Koichi. I love him. I always will. Goodbye Koichi, don't expect to see me again.'" His smile spread wider and I snuggled into his arms, feeling the warmth that had left me twice this week creep back. The covers rustled around us. The television blared in the background. The sun was just starting to set, ending the strange and long and emotional day.

'You love me?' He said seriously, tipping my chin up.

'How could you say that, I mean after-' I was cut off by Takuya's soft lips. He started laughing and kissing at the same time. We rolled over and over in bed, until I felt dizzy, clutching at Takuya. We laughed again, and I closed my eyes, nestling against him.

Suddenly he bristled, pain shooting into his features.

'What? What? Is you head hurting you? Will I call an ambulance?' I said quickly, sitting up in bed. He didn't answer, he just lay there, his face frozen, his colour whitened.

I started to speak again but cut off, because I heard it too.

'-Ashido Ulita was murdered last night in his cell, near Shibuya Station. He was murdered by another beer bottle, the same type of beer bottle as Jacque Helms was only a couple of nights ago. Daisuke Jenyra, who was murdered only 3 nights ago by what seems to be fists. Our psychologists have inspected the evidence, and it seems that this…instruments…murder…by the same person…targeting…-'

The television reception faded in and out. I felt Takuya breath heavily beneath me. I stared at the television screen fuzz and static and the reporters face warped until the television suddenly juddered and there was a sound of something popping and the screen blacked out. We watched the screen intently as if the report was still playing. I was afraid to look at Takuya. He had freaked the first time, fainted and cracked his head open. Did I dare look down and see him unconscious on the pillow, would I look down and see him sobbing. The idea was so bizarre, I glanced down at him Takuya was turned on one side and staring at a wall.

'Want to go out for dinner?' His voice cracked but it sounded as bouncy and as cheerful as usual.

'OK' I agreed quickly.

We hopped up and went into separate rooms to change. We had no problem changing in the same room, sure we had a shower together a few moments before we separated, the water pounding down on our heads, My hair lying stuck to my head, sleek and shiny, Takuya's still stubbornly sticking up even though it was wet. Water clung to my body as I leaned into Takuya, not conscious of my body.

I hadn't been conscious of my body around him since I was 16. I had jumped out of the shower, followed by a chasing Takuya who slapped me hard on my ass before skirting into the bedroom. I heard the click of the lock just as I slammed into the door. I banged on it once

'Takuya!' I screamed, 'Let me in!' I was shivering, clutching my frozen body, still dripping wet. I only had a towel on my head and nothing else. Takuya finally unlocked the door and came sauntering out, a bundle of clothes clutched in his arms, the only thing wearing was his underwear and his hair still stubbornly sticking up and soaking. He shook is head like a dog before grinning at me. I fumed and deliberated about chasing after him. But maybe chasing after him butt-naked was probably something he wanted. Instead I slammed the door.

'Takuya?' I said tearfully, my hand held out. Lying perched on the palm of my hand, a smooth round key, silver with dark dots. My hand closed around the small metal object. 'You bought a house?'

He shrugged, grinning happily. He was on the edge of his seat, jiggling his knee anxiously. We were at some nightclub. I had dark blue contacts in and clip in extensions. Takuya had his hood up, but his paler complexion and blood red eyes were enough to disguise him. Tufts worked their way out of the hood and I leaned forward and poked one. It bounced back immediately. His eyes were round with anxiousness and confusion.

'Yes!' I cried, throwing myself in his arms. I sat, perched on his still jiggling knee, my short dress coming slightly up. I was too excited to feel self-conscious. 'Takuya, this is huge!'

He just smiled again. 'Consider it making up for the last few shitty days'

I rested my head on his head, sitting there for a moment, letting the smoke waft around us in one of the only bars in the city that puffed smoke like a chimney. A man beside us lit a fag, he had a balding head with a drooping Mohawk, his eyes small and beady in his fat head. His denim jacket was stretched over his flab as he jiggled while downing his beer. As I reached down to pull down my now not just revealing position of my dress, he wolf whistled and reached over and slapped my ass. I blushed a beetroot red, my hands angrily swatting him away. The bunch of similar looking men laughed around him, their eyes trained on me. I stood up and grabbed my handbag. I furiously spun to Takuya to announce we were leaving, only to stop in my tracks at his face. Pure anger flowed through his eyes as he stood up slowly to turn to the middle-aged group of men. They were still giggling when his voice rang out clearly.

'Say sorry, or you'll regret it'

The laughing ceased as the 8-10 men swiftly glared daggers at Takuya, who came up to about their chest in size. The main man, who had slapped my ass, nonchalantly sat back.

'What if I don't want to? You going to beat me up small fry?'

'You dare me?' Takuya spat back, stepping forward, so he was almost directly under his nose. I grabbed Takuya's hand fearfully as the men as suddenly pushed back their chairs and stood up in a fluid motion, bringing silence to the bar. One of them spat in the direction of Takuya who just moved his hand slightly to avoid the saliva. The middle-aged balding, fat man with the drooping Mohawk with a too tight denim jacket, looked lethal to kill. Another broke a beer bottle, yet no one else made a move to stop them. I cowered behind Takuya, my eyes wide.

'You know what? I'm in a good mood tonight, if you give me the girl for the night, I'll consider not hanging your pelt on my door' The man said angrily, his face round with indignation, a spark of black fury in his gerbil eyes.

'Hanging a man on your door is a bit… gay' Takuya said calmly.

'You have a lot of spunk, for a dead man'

'And you have a lot of stupidity,' Takuya's eyes narrowed, 'for a dead man.'

I anxiously pulled Takuya away but he stayed as still as a rock. The man drew back for a punch, and the group of men was poised to jump on Takuya. He wasn't going to get out of this unless he was severely injured, deformed, or dead. I screamed and shut my eyes just as I heard a grunt and a smash. I peeked through an eyelash to see beer leaking on to the man, who was dazed on his smashed table.

Takuya cracked his knuckles as the group of men faltered. All at once he was jumped and I screamed but amazingly, one by one they were pushed back, yet Takuya didn't seem to be doing much.

Too soon, there was a wide circle surrounding Takuya. The men backed away snarling and Takuya took his chance to grab me and run away. In the scuffle, his hood had come down and I reached to pull it up as he ran and carried me out, but my fingers were slipping. Too quickly, the bar fight had brought me to the brink of my memories. But this time, Takuya had won. This time, Takuya could save me. This time, life would go on as normal.

Or would it?

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