Rose POV

"When do you want to start the training," Iris asked playing with a Twizzler.

"Well I was thinking we should start this weekend," I answered tapping my finger softly. It wasn't the fact that I didn't like her, because I did, but it was the fact that she didn't seem interested in helping train the girls. That's what pissed me off about her. A few days ago she was all for training the girls but as of late it seemed as if she could give two fuck less about it.

"And do you think I should train them in," she asked looking away from the twizzler. "I'm not skilled in archery or swordplay and I'm sure that would lead to accidents if I even try to teach them either or."

"My family and I have lived a very long time and have done just about everything there is to do just to pass the time. I'm sure that we can handle the fighting training. Hell maybe you should join as well."

"What's the point." She placed the twizzler down and sighed heavily. "There is no real danger in today's world. I mean aside from Hades but he hasn't made a move against anyone in decades. Even his children are well behaved. So what is the point in the teaching them to fight?"

"Anything could happen," I grounded out through clenched teeth. "They need to be prepared for anything."

"Give Angela a bow and I can promise you that within thirty seconds she will be able to use that sword in ways that no one have ever dreamed of using! That girl doesn't really need training. So-"

"WHAT ABOUT BELLA," I shouted cutting her off quickly. "What about Bella? She is supposed to bring people together through love but what if someone goes after her? She's just supposed to get kidnapped or worst?"

"All she has to do is look them in the eye and tell them to leave her alone. So I ask again what's the point in this senseless fight training?"

"It because some people won't be effected by their powers. Because some people are to fucking stubborn to leave theses girls alone. It's because I'm not always going to be able to protect her!"

She looked at me with a cold stare that would have made a human flinch back but for me it was only pissing me off even more. She grabbed a pen out of her pocket and placed it on the kitchen table. "If there's something after them that isn't affected by their powers fighting it will only get them hurt because if it's not affected by their powers its not going to be affected by their attacks either."

"That shouldn't mean that they shouldn't still have the skill to do so."

"No it means that we better hope that no titan or someone with titan blood in take an interest in them."

Resisting the urge to roll my eyes I crossed my arms over my chest. Why did she never include herself with Angela and Bella when they came into topic. Did she think that she was better then them? "What about you?" She frowned deeply as she thought the question over. "Aren't you part goddess too? Doesn't that mean that you should train as well?"

"I'm over a hundred years old and I have spent damn near all of those years playing servant to Isabella's grandmother because I have the love of her life blood in me. I have spent all those years doing as I was told and being promised a great life once I'm freed. One with a mate that will love me with all of their heart and never having to be forced to do things that I didn't want to do." She bite into the twizzler chewing it as if she was pissed at the twizzler. "But instead I have no mate still and I'm being forced to train these girls because their blood is too lazy to do it themselves. I don't really mind training them but what I do mind is being promised a mate and still not getting one." Finishing the twizzler off she looked at the pen that she placed on the table. "If you train them to fight it might be in vain."

"But there is a chance that it will save them something dangerous."

"Once again the chance of that being the case is low but I will not stop you if that is that you really wish to do with the girls. I will even join to make sure that my training is still helping them."

"Good because I like to prove you wrong."

"You won't," she chuckled darkly. "Because if or when a titan is after them they are going to need more then just a bow and sword. I don't know if you heard or not but the titans hate our guts and they will do anything to get a hand on us."

"But there hasn't been a war with the titans in how long?"

She smirked before shrugging her shoulder lightly. "I'm not sure how long it been I've been busy scrubbing floors and changing bedding. But you know what they say about history having a nasty tendency of repeating itself." She took one more look at the pen before heading towards the back door. "I will be here at five in the morning Saturday and then we can figure out what type of training we want to do."

"Alright sounds good."

She nodded her head before walking out and closing the door behind her. Sighing heavily I looked at the pen that she pay a decent amount of attention to before leaving. Was it true that titans were still around and they still wanted to kill all of the Gods and Goddesses? I had to call Angela and see what she knew about them because I refuse to be left in the dark about this.

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