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Chapter 6: Burned By Pleasure

Anamaria's dark shock eyes fall on Jack, going over his form with a rapid blaze, trying to make out if he is really standing there in the door way or is her mind playing tricks on her. She couldn't believe Jack has found her here of all places. How could he have known she would be here? How could he have remembered this place? It has been so long since they both lived in this little house together. A house that started out as a symbol of her independence, but soon turned into a little cottage of love for her and Jack. This house, the seed of their love, their friendship, and passion was built here. If Anamaria was more truthful to herself, she knew her love for Jack burned a long time ago, back on the old island her and Jack grew up on but back then, she wasn't ready to admit that. In this house, they both whispered promises of love, both saying they would never leave the other…How could one small house hold such sweet memories, be so painful to remember?

Ana's nose begins to twitch when something familiar starts tickling her senses. She inhales deep, her eyelids hanging low over her eyes and then eventually closing, as the scent of Jack fills her nose. Ana would know his scent anywhere, a mixture of masculine musk, sea, rum, and burnt ashes with a slight touch of something sweet. She never knew what that sweet tinge is, but every time she kisses him or let her tongue lazily travel down his taut body, she could taste it and it would stay on her tongue for days, his taste filling her taste buds, leaving her mouth watering for more.

Ana exhales slowly and deeply, her ears catching the low whistling sound of her breath. Her dark eyes finally opening and landing right on Jack. With him in her sight, her eyes begin to taper and soften with yearning as they start to go over his form watching him stand in the doorway. His body leaning heavily on his left arm draping high and over the doorframe, his hand and fingers lying limply in the dry air, with his other hand resting on his hip. She lets her eyes continue slowly, traveling across his body while the heat keeps rising in her. Steadily filling her to the tips of her fingers, the top of her head, and to the end of her toes. Anamaria's eyes fall on his open tunic shirt, seeing his hard, tan, and muscular chest. His light colored mocha nipple peeking at her…taunting her with its soft stiff peak. She licks her full lips automatically, trying to conceal the ache that is building up in her body when she sees a nice coating of perspiration on his chest, making it shimmer in her gaze.

Jack gives Ana a long sensual stare, knowing what has caught her gaze. He smiles with his eyes as they start to caress her body softly, seeing how her normally loose fitting shirt is now clinging to her lean curvy form nicely, her sweat providing a nice adhesive. The delicate full shape of her breasts clearly in his view as he sees her nipples harden right before his eyes with the rest of her shirt press firmly across her flat stomach. Jack let's his gaze move up, staring at her neck. Watching how the sunlight seeping through the murky window is reflecting on her neck, making her ebony skin shine from the misty sweat that is there, giving it a glow that makes his lips and tongue tingle. His eyes following the damp dew trail, seeing one tiny droplet trickle down her brown skin until it rolls into the darkness of her shirt, disappearing between her breasts. Jack's fingers start to twitch lightly on their own, itching to be where his eyes are traveling. Dying to be familiar with the feel of her, the taste of her. The whole thought making his pants suddenly tighter. His lips slowly curling into a devilish grin, thinking to himself this might turn out better then what he thought.

As soon as Jack let that thought pass through his mind, Ana's wanting eyes turn back cold as she snaps them away from his chest and back to his eyes sensing what Jack was thinking. Ana holds his stare with a fiery glare of her own, using her anger as a shield, not trying to fall into Jack's trap. She knows too well what Jack is trying to do, seduce her so she will forget about her anger towards him and she refuse to give in. He is in the wrong, spying on her, interrupting her time with Thomas, pulling that stunt in the tavern disrespecting her and to top it all off, here he is standing in the doorway invading her space. All she wants is to get some time alone, to get her mind straight. Too much has happen today already and she's too emotional. Having Jack around is going to make it worst and cloud her judgment. Ana needs to be alone but the way Jack is looking at her, she knows he isn't going anywhere.

Her head drifts away from Jack, turning her attention back to the old wooden frame bed. Memories of them sharing that bed begin to flash in her mind, the memories slowly fading into view, right before her eyes. Hearing the faint sound of their laughter filling her ears, remembering them snuggled naked in between one lonely quilted blanket Jack would constantly tease her about. A multicolored quilt her mother made for her when she was a child that has seen better days, both of them tangled in the rainbow colored fabric as she lays quietly on top of him, with her legs lying trap in between his. Feeling his warmth as well as hearing his steady heartbeat, her nightly lullaby. Jack would always hold her hands, one in each of his rough calluses hands, while keeping their arms wrapped around each other. His hold on her would be so firm as if he feared she would leave him, not wanting her to slip away as they both stared into each other's eyes. Seeing that sparkle in his eyes that she knew only shined for her. Ana has seen that spark before, many times before they shared this house and even after, never questioning the glimmer in his eyes again. Remembering how he reacted when she did. Maybe that is the reason she made sure to hurt him the way she did, timing it just right so he would see.

She glances back at Jack, seeing him still standing in the doorway, his body straighter with his hands places inside the doorframe. He looks back at her, his face pleasant as his eyes search for what she is thinking about, not knowing all she see is the expression on his face some years ago when they were both here last. An expression of black sorrow and disappointment, before he went off not leaving a trace for her to find him, in her boat that he stole.

Jack eyes stays on her, his cheery gaze gone and now replace with a questionable worried one. He licks his lips quickly, his voice sounding a bit somber,

"Ana luv?"

Anamaria spins herself around suddenly, clearing her throat loudly during the process, trying to fight back the tears and sadness that was beginning to build in her remembering that night. She reaches up with one of her hands and starts to yank the strings from around her neck roughly, loosing her hat from her neck, pulling the hat away from her and placing it on the perfectly squared dusty and dirty wooden table.

Jack watches her in wonderment as he lets his hands slid down the doorframe. He watches as she combs her fingers through her hair before gathering her long, thick, unruly dark hair to the side of her shoulder and begins to braid it. A cough flees from Jack's lips, filling the deathly silent house. He covers his mouth with the fist of his hand, his large eyes darting around from the abrupt loudness he cause. He removes his hand from his mouth and quietly clears his throat, a tight smiles appearing on his face as his eyes travel back on Ana, seeing her fingers lace through her hair in a blaze, moving rapidly to the end of her hair. Jack starts to step into the house and calls out to her,


Ana releases her hair, letting the braid swing back to place on her back. Keeping her back to Jack, her words coming out stern with no emotion,

"Don't set a foot in here Sparrow."

Jack stops in his tracks, with the top of his boots just touching the entranceway. He stands there quietly, letting her words seep in for a moment, staring at the messy dark braid that is lying lifeless on Ana's back. Watching her stand by the table perfectly still as if she isn't breathing. A tight lip smirk forms on Jack's face, the right corner of his mouth curling up perfectly as he starts thinking to himself. She can't be serious about him not entering the house. She knows how long the trek is to get to this old house; he's tired, hungry and is desperate need for some rum. With him hiking down here alone to see how she is doing, should at least grant him entrance in. He chuckles to himself and begins to walk in again,

"Ana? Please luv. Ye can't be…"

Before he could even finish his thought, a dagger comes flying across the room and sharply lands right were Jack was about to place his foot. He quickly lifts his foot and stares down at the standing dagger in shock, watching it violently wobble back and forth from the powerful force. Jack looks back at her, seeing her back still facing him, but noticing her messy braid lightly swing across her back. Knowing she threw the dagger but turn back around quickly so he wouldn't see her. He begins to frown, his voice sounding frantic, with his hands moving wildly, not at all trying to hide his anger,

"Ana! What the bloody hell…"

Jack unconsciously moves to the left side of the door, making him now enter the house. With quickness, Ana turns, her face riddle with anger and throws two more daggers in Jack's direction. Jack releases a small yelp and jumps back away from the door, fleeing the doorway completely. Both daggers land sharply in the dirtied ground, kicking up a small dusty dirt ball in the entranceway. A quiet stillness falls upon the house once more. Ana ears searching for his movement, but only hearing the calls of creatures in the distance, the soft soothing whistle of the hot wind blowing through the trees and her own heavy breathing as her eyes carefully watch the open door. A small smile creeps on her face as she thinks to herself she has scared him away.

Then the sudden shrill of Jack's cutlass could be heard cutting through the quietness, as he removes it from its holster. He begins to sway carefully and slowly back to the doorway with cutlass in hand, and creeps his head in slowly in the doorway. His wide eyes roaming around as he peeks in, seeing Ana standing there with her arms folded across her chest with a nasty scowl on her face. Jack continues on looking back at her with caution written all over his face, but his eyes still glows with mischief as he keeps his grip on his cutlass tight,

"Luv, I have the strangest feelin' ye is tryin' to tell me, ye don't want me to come in."

Jack's cracks a little smile at Ana, trying to keep the peace between them. He knew she was upset with him and he knew she would probably do some bodily harm to him, but he didn't think Ana would try and kill him before hearing him out first. Jack keeps his eyes on her, seeing her staring back at him blankly with her scowl still remaining on her face, saying nothing. He begins to lower his cutlass, looking at her more deeply with his expression softening as he sees the sunlight from the window mirroring off of her dark eyes, turning them into a honey brown. Her golden marbles lying underneath a pool of her tears, just drowning. A gloom starts to cast over Jack as he sees one lonely tear start to roll from the corner of Ana's eye. Signaling to Jack there has to be more weighing on her mind then just the events that happen today.

Ana brings her left hand and quickly wipes the tear from her eye before it travels down her cheek. She looks away from him and starts to unfold her arms, bringing her hands up to her face and letting them run across her face. Sliding them gently up her cheeks to her forehead, giving her the time she needs to pull herself together. Ana drops her hands to her side and begins to walk over towards the door, still in silence, her hips swaying with attitude as her face becomes serious, only glancing up at Jack occasionally. Both of them stealing looks at one a another, Ana making sure her wall is up and secure, ready to fight off Jack's soulful eyes that are trying to find her weak spots.

Jack puts his cutlass back into its holster, never taking his eyes off of Ana. He lets his eyes become hypnotize by the movements of her hips, as she gets closer to him, watching her pick up her daggers along the way. The ache he has been feeling for her earlier has heighten and it's starting to go to that place where it is going to be hard for him to ignore. It has been weeks since he and Ana have been left alone together. Being away from her has just been unbearable for Jack, having to deal with this uncomfortable pain that only she can heal him from. The smell of her is just engulfing him, as she gets closer. That dangerous, spicy feminine scent only she has, mix with her coco butter cream she thinks no one knows she applies on herself daily, to keep her skin smooth from scratches and scars. The only girly habit Ana has preserve and one Jack feels she does for him, knowing how her supple skin drives him crazy and the smell makes him dizzy with want. He rubs his thumb over the inside of his fingers, moving his thumb back and forth swiftly in little circles, trying to batten down the urge to touch her. Jack needing to touch that one lonely loose strain of hair that is lying over her eye, that she keeps trying to blink away but her affords are only going in vain, his need of wanting to touch something that is of her. He watches as she gets a step closer to him, bending down with her knees, keeping her chest up and push out, in the daintiest way he has ever seen her do, reaching out for her last dagger. Jack bites on his lower lip hard, just a peek of his golden teeth showing as his brown eyes widen, trying to conceal a groan that was about to escape his lips when he see her breast push even tighter against her fully sweat soak shirt. Making her lovely stiff nipples more provident to his stare.

Ana didn't know how it happen, she didn't even see him move, him kneeling down towards her but she sees his hand on top of the dagger with the tip of his fingers gently touching the side of her hand, feeling his short ragged nails graze her skin. Jack lets his hand reach out more, grabbing a hold of her hand with gentle force, never removing his hand from the dagger. His eyes lazily move to hers, wanting to see if she felt the same rush he did. Needing to know if she misses this as much as he did. Ana eyes move up towards his, her cold stare intact meeting up with his dark bedroom eyes. He grabs onto her hand tighter, not knowing why or not knowing what this would do but he just had to hold on to her. Ana feels the warmth of his hand on top of hers, his touch making her explode and tingling all over with her drunken desire for him. She looks even deeper into his eyes, seeing that look in his eyes, that indescribable sparkle. The one that makes her heart leap in her chest and makes her wet between her thighs. That sparkle which makes her forget about everything. Her anger towards him, about Thomas, making her forget everything but him.

Jack lets his eyes blink once, not wanting to miss a thing of what he is seeing. Right before him, Ana's wall starts to break, chips of it falling away from her soul with just the warmth of her smile, her golden goodness shiny brightly into his darken pools. Letting him see what's inside of her, what she tries so hard to hide from him… her love for him. Both of them staring aimlessly at each other, Jack's smile matching hers, saying all they have to say without saying a word. Jack moves his hand a little more, his fingers now grazing her wrist. His smile begins to fade and the sparkle in his eyes starts to dim as his fingers touch something cold, smooth, and heavy, his senses telling him what he's found.

A confuse look begins to form on Ana's face as she watches Jack's expression change, his eyes looking from her to her wrist. She stares down at her wrist too, seeing him slowly take his other hand and push her shirtsleeve up, until it stops and gathers at the bend of her arm, revealing a stunning gold and black diamond bracelet to their gaze. Jack keeps his eyes on the bracelet, watching his thumb go over the smooth cuts of the diamonds, admiring it in a dead silent. The feeling of panic washes through Ana as she keeps on staring down at Jack, watching him, waiting for some type of reaction from him but all she sees is Jack staring at the bracelet blankly with his thumb going over it. Hearing the uneven click-clack sound as he continues to stroke the jewelry with his thumb. Making it spin around and around, the movements of his thumb moving more rapidly then the next as his grip remains firm on her hand.

Ana snatches her wrist out of his grasp, leaving Jack to stare up at her with his emotions so perfectly hidden, making it hard for her to read him but she knew what he was thinking. She takes her other hand, and grabs a hold of the end of her sleeve and quickly pulls it back down her arm, covering the bracelet, hiding it out of Jack's judging gaze and lets her eyes fall away from him as this feeling of shame starts to fill her insides, knowing what the bracelet implies. Giving to her from a man Jack dearly despise. A man she has known for so long now she doesn't love as nearly as much as the man that is kneeling down beside her.

Ana peers at Jack from the corners of her eyes, seeing him standing before her with her dagger still clutched in his hand, his face motionless but she could tell by the way he stand, upright and tight, not his usual relax, swayed stance that he was displease with her...very displease. She forces her eyes to look fully in his direction, turning her body forward and resting on her knees as she swallows hard, preparing herself to speak, knowing she needs to explain herself.

"I…" She squeaks out.

She slaps her hands against her thighs, rocking her body a little to calm herself as she firmly rubs her hands up and down her thighs. Ana quickly rolls her eyes in her head, before she turns them back on him with her voice overflowing with regret,

"I'm sorry Jack. He…he just put it on me. I…I swear I didn't…"

Jack lifts his hand and waves it at her, turning his face away from her pleading eyes. Silencing her on the spot,

"Darlin'. Please." He glances back at her, holding her attention with his heated gaze. His words coming out calm and flat but with enough of a sting to hurt her,

"Save it."

The house grew silent again, the sound of their voices a distance memory as the familiar sounds of the outside fills the empty space around them, filling their ears. Ana's golden honey eyes turn back to their normal dark mysterious brown when she sees Jack lift his arm in front of her, his hand standing out proud, with her dagger dangling limp from his finger tips. Holding it by the handle. Her eyes watches it sway gently back and forth before she places her stare back on Jack.

Jack raises his brows high, and lets them disappear behind his red headscarf. His face gives off this pompous look as he blankly stares back at Ana, dropping the dagger where she sits. Ana watches it fall, her dagger cuts into the dirtied ground first and then flops all about like a dead fish before it lands flat, laying sideways at her knees.

Jack's dark shadow passes across Ana face, her ears fill with the sounds of his heavy footsteps hitting the floor as a light gush of wind blows across her frame when he hastily enters the house completely now walking pass her, making the loose strains of hair fly away from her face and then landing back down again like they have never been touch. Her eyes narrow with sadness when she looks down at her dagger, seeing something that makes her heart ache with disappointment. With trembling hands she slowly and gently picks up the dagger, bringing it close to her face. The dagger lies in the bed of her hand as the fingers of her other hand gingerly goes over the pistol shape handle. Her delicate fingers continuously go over the long and deep crack that now scars her dagger. Anamaria lets a few tears fall from her eyes as her ears pick up on Jack movements in the background. Hearing him slip off his coat and lay it across the back of the chair and then hear him drop some of his effect on the table.

Tears splash across the curve water steel blade and along the white jaded handle. Her tears begin to slide and roll around the use to be shimmering red rubies and green emeralds that are now dusted with dirt and the wonderful crafted golden floral design that outlined the jewels are now chip with small stretches.

She slowly begins to stand up, her eyes never leaving her weapon, as her hands stay cradled around it. Protecting it so it won't suffer any more pain. Ana is brought out of her shocked haze when she hears Jack's movements again. Hearing him opening and closing some drawers that belong to an old dresser that she may or may not own when she was staying there. She watches him for what seems like days but really is only a few seconds. Seeing him opening up a drawer and then digging in it to see what's there and every once in a while, see him pick up a garment and line it up against himself, picturing how he might look in it.

Ana drops both of her hands and lays them on her side with her right hand still hanging on to her dagger tightly. She could feel her heart pumping, hot infuriation filling her veins when she stares back at him. Her eyes are dry of tears now, but her body is still weeping. The hurt and anger she feels towards Jack has magnified and the heated longing desire she had for him earlier is gone. If he can purposely damage something that she cherish, something he had giving her with deep care, a symbol of what she felt she meant to him, then her decision has already been made.

With her thought finalize, she could feel her stare on Jack begin to narrow as her fingers wiggles along the handle of her dagger before griping it with all her strength. Ana's mouth becomes a little dry, feeling her adrenalin rush through her, hearing Jack hum and whistle to himself as he continues to open drawers and look through them. Looking as if he didn't have a care in the world now that he got his frustrations out by destroying her favorite dagger.

Jack closes the second to the last drawer. His hand giving the drawer handle one last caress, his fingers gently stroking what he thinks is bronze under the heavy coated dirt as he makes his way to the next drawer on the top level of the dresser. Jack's forces his face to look pleasant, as if he is actually enjoying looking through these old musty drawers. Whistling a tune to a song he knows he has never heard before and the melody is starting to get on his nerves now. Distracting his self, Jack felt would be the perfect thing to do. His body was going through a lot of emotions right now. His mind still raging with the anger of seeing Thomas's gift on Ana's writs, which causes him to remember the kiss, he saw them share earlier in the common room at the Blue Dragon, and that made him not want to hear her made up excuse of why the bracelet was on her wrist and how she didn't have any feelings for Thomas. However with all of this fury building inside of him, his body still tingles and stiffens for her touch, his burning desire to want to touch her back, knowing he would be rewarded with her sweet cries of her submission of lust for him. Jack didn't know if he should yell at her or just rip her clothes off and make love to her on the dirtied ground…or maybe the wall?

Jack lets out a little chuckle as he reaches for the top drawer. His fingers barley touches the handle before he sees Anamaria's dagger sticking out of the handle he was reaching for. Again seeing it wobbling back and forth violently, the dull sparkle from the rubies and emeralds shine in his eyes for a while before he sees the bottom half of the handle shake away from the steel and then fall flat on the ground, breaking in two with the top half of the handle staying in place with the blade. He looks at it blankly, his eyes following the blade until it gets to the edge of the handle. Meeting with Anamaria's dark fiery stare that he was so used to seeing.

Ana slowly blinks once, her fiery look becoming more of a blaze as her face frowns heavily. Her voice sounding hard and unyielding to both of their ears,

"We need to talk."