Disclaimer: I do not own Inu Yasha or any of the character. The only one I own is Kisuragie. She was one I made up just for this story.

Summary: Sesshomaru found a human woman to be his lover and this is their story of how their love grew and how they became mate's. their first born daughter and son welcomed to the world and how they became Lord and Lady of the West.

Sesshomaru was sitting on the couch being as stealthy as he was his woman didn't hear him at all. Early in the morning he saw her jump onto the computer with nothing but her panties and his shirt on. It was her day off and he was suppose to go to work but seeing her there so intensely watching the screen made him just want to sit there and see what she would do. She had gotten up twice in the six hours to use the restroom and once to get something to eat. Every time she did he would sit there leaning in the couch and she never really saw him.

He could smell her through the entire time waiting for her and found she was beyond aroused. He had trouble just to keep his baser nature inside him. Through the whole time she would fidget and move while reading what was on the screen. He would look at it later to see how something could get her so hot and bothered. He waited and soon his pleasuring her would come and he would please his woman again.


\POV Kisuragie/


I was finishing up my story and to my horror it really turned me on. The world where I lived in didn't know that the story Inu Yasha was in fact somewhat real. Well except that Kagome didn't really love Inu Yasha and that Inu Yasha moved on sense five hundred years ago. His older brother did sometimes look like he was expressionless but in truth he just never showed them to strangers. I was the one among few that knew his true feelings and I found myself on the side of him loving me. In more ways than one. The other characters like Miroku and Sango were really close friends to the writer and Shippo was fully grown. Though he didn't like Inu Yasha he knew he was going to stick with him till he was old enough to take care of himself.

I finished the last sentence in a fan fiction of Inu Yasha and wanted to sigh and go to my bed and lay down for a little while. It was a Sesshomaru and Kagome but easily placed my name instead of Kagome. I shut down the window and stretched my arms above my head pushing my chest forward as I bent backwards. What I didn't expect was hands falling down my arms. I looked up and saw Sesshomaru. I looked confused when he picked me up and I squeaked. I looked to him and was lost.

"When did you get here?" I asked and he smiled.

"I live here. I have been here sense morning." He said and I blushed deeply. He was in the house the whole time I was aroused. There was a reason why I read stories like that without him there. So that he wouldn't take me into our bedroom and fuck me for the rest of the night. Once he actually made us go all night and I got fired for sleeping in for two whole days.

"Why didn't you tell me you were going to stay here today?" I pouted when I felt him kiss my cheek and I moved in his arms uncomfortable. I was still deeply aroused and on top of all that I was totally soaked between my legs. I didn't think he was going to be there.

"I was going to get ready to leave when I saw you sitting in front of the screen. You were then to into the story to see I was watching you the whole time." He said and I pouted. 'So now it's my fault.' I thought to myself. He kissed my cheek once more before I was placed on our bed. The veil was already pulled back and the silk sheets on my back almost felt like a promise. What that promise entailed I didn't know. He then pulled me up into a kiss and I moaned instantly not caring anymore. I wanted him badly in all the ways the fan fiction story had depicted. I felt his tongue lick me and I opened my lips to grant him what he wanted.

Our tongues played around when I felt his clawed hand move down my side and I arched my back up and moved into his chest. Moaning for him to stop going slow and to pick up the speed. He was going to slow for how bothered and hot I am. My hands went to his hair and I threaded my fingers through. He growled and I whimpered. I wanted to touch him but his beast liked it when I didn't move when he took me. He liked it when I only screamed his name.

"Sesshomaru!" I gasped when his shirt on me was removed and he started to play around with my breasts. I then felt his wicked tongue wrap around a nipple and I arched my back moaning out his name again. I saw the rims of his eyes go red because his beast wanted out. His beast came out frequently because if he tried to hold him back. He would just take over once and I would wake up with deep bruises and cuts.

My panties were removed hard and I was panting hard. I wiggled on the bed trying to calm my body down. Nothing seemed to work when I felt his hands pull apart my legs. I whimpered and heard him growl deep in his chest. I felt the vibrations down through his finger tips. His fingers then moved up my thighs and they moved slowly. I looked down to him and saw his eyes were burning but also fighting his beast. I stared at him when a finger graced my pearl and I through my head back moaning his name. His eyes darkened and I could tell without looking.

"Kisuragie, watch, don't shut your eyes." He said and I tried to look down at him. In the end he had to pick me up and place me against the head board on the pillows and he smirked at me. I could barley breath and he quickly went back down between my legs. I shook a little but when his tongue played with my pearl I couldn't help but nearly scream his name. I fisted my hands into the sheets and pillows. His tongue slipped past my lips and I arched my body. Moaning again but never shutting my eyes. I know very well that every time he saw my eyes close he would stop and wait for me to open them then continue. The first time he did this to teach me he got so angry with me that I couldn't control my body at all. It took us three hours to finally get to the sex part that day.

"Oh Gods, Sesshomaru!" I nearly yelled and felt my body start to shake. My first orgasm was reaching me fast. He would rub his nose over my pearl every once and a while as his tongue played around with my lips and deeper. My fingers were dying to go into his hair but I knew better.

As my first hard orgasm hit me I tried to pull away from him to make it stop but he held me down and I grabbed his hands. I thrashed on the bed till he finally pulled away licking his lips. My body was still tingling and I couldn't help but my eyes shut as I caught my breath. I heard him growl and I whimpered. I didn't know how much more I could take with my body this way. I slowly opened my eyes to find him starring at me with his eyes almost completely red. I ran a single finger on his magenta strip on his left cheek and he growled.

"Beg for me." It was his demon though there was a part of him still fighting him. I dropped my arms to the side of my head and whimpered.

"Fuck me hard, Sesshomaru; fuck me so much that I won't wake up till tomorrow." I begged and that was the last straw for his demon. He thrusted into me hard and I arched my back off from the pillows and nearly screamed his name. My body shook but he didn't stop. I grabbed onto the sheets harder and suddenly he thrusted into me without a care how fast he was going. I screamed his name and whimpered and panted every time he thrusted into me and I couldn't hold back the orgasm that rocked through me with his aggression.

When I thought he was about to pick up the speed I felt him pull fully out and I was suddenly on my knees and he pushed my head down into the pillows. The ultimate sign of dominance and I couldn't help it. I grabbed onto the pillow and turned my head a little so he could still hear my screams. Sure he always had a little headache afterwards but that couldn't be helped when he pounded into me. I could tell he was going faster than his human body would allow. His demon strength helping him move so fast into me I thought he would fuck me in half. I could barley breath as his harder then rock dick fucked my tight pussy.

Another orgasm rocked through my body and I tightened around him. Sesshomaru tightened his grip on my hips and fucked me faster. Soon he growled out and sighed my name. I came once more to the feeling of him cumming inside of me. The hot feeling I felt made it almost unbearable. When he came back to his normal self I felt him pull out and I fell onto my side. He looked down to the little cuts on my hips that bleed a little because of his grip. I felt him licking my skin and I sighed.

"Next time you read a story like that. Just ask for me." He said and I slowly drifted off to sleep. He got up, went to the bathroom, and came out with a wet cloth to clean me up. When he finished he grabbed a pair of loose silk pants and went to the computer. Turning the internet back on he went and read what story could have made me so horny.

When I woke up the next day I felt warm and content. I looked and found Sesshomaru was holding me and it felt really relaxing. I moved back into him and took a deep breath. He smelt really good and I smiled into his chest. I then felt his arms wrap around me tighter and smiled more.

"Good morning." He said and I looked up to him.

"You're kidding me. I missed yesterday evening?" I said and he smiled down to me. The one smile that could melt glaciers.

"You were extremely tired. I couldn't wake you once you were out." He said and I blushed deeply.

"You know I wasn't being literal when I said fuck me till I wouldn't wake up till today." I said and he laughed.

"Yes I know but you over worked yourself when you were reading the story. So you just tired yourself out after. I should say though I wouldn't mind taking a vacation away from work. Where would you want to go?" He asked and I looked up to him.

"I wouldn't care. As long as I get to be with you through the whole thing."I said and he laughed. He seemed to be thinking about it for a second when he smiled evilly down to me.

"Would you like to see my family?" He asked and I looked up to him.

"Your family as in?" I started when he pulled me up into a deep kiss. I turned to mush in his arms and he laughed at that.

"As in my brother, mother and father." He said and I blushed at that.

"So I would be meeting the family. That's kind of big." I said and blushed deeply.

"How is it big?" He asked and I had to remember that he may have lived in this time frame but he didn't grow up in it. I smiled to him and sat up to explain.

"To bring home your loved one to see the parents is like saying; "welcome to the family" and well we have never really talked about it. I mean yes I love you and I know you love me. Though I don't think I have ever heard you say it. It's kind of like the next step in a relationship. One more step closer to marriage." I said and looked down at my lap the whole time. I felt his finger pull my chin up and I looked into his molting golden eyes. I saw that he looked confused and worried at the same time. He pulled me into a kiss and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Do you wish to see my parents and sibling?" He said and I smiled and nodded. "Then go and get ready. We will be leaving in the afternoon to the demon realm." He said and I sat there with my mouth open. He stood up and walked out of the room. But before he fully left he turned to look over his shoulder. "And you do know I love you." He said and left.

I starred at the door for what seemed like entirety when a smile played on my lips and I couldn't help the feelings that flowed through me. I giggled and went about the room to gather my cloths. I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower washing myself down the best I could so I didn't smell like him totally. The even balance between me and him would make him proud and happy at the same time. Putting my favorite scented shampoo into my hair I smiled.

Something about strawberries made him go wild and I loved to tease him when ever and where ever. I myself love to eat strawberries. Chocolate covered or not. And whenever we traveled he would always have champagne and strawberries waiting for us. But then it dawned on me that we might not be going by plane. I sighed and finished my shower.

When I left the bathroom I saw him laying on the newly freshened bed and I looked to him tilting my head to one side. He kept starring at the ceiling and I was wondering what was going through his mind. I walked over to the bed and climbed onto it. Crawling my way over to him I saw he looked down to me for a second. I tilted my head again and he smiled sweetly to me.

"Are you ready?" He asked.

"Mostly." I stated and laid down on his chest and listened to his heart beat. It was soothing and if I didn't know better I would say he was fine. I rubbed my right hand onto his chest and I felt him growl an approval. "What's bothering your mind?" I asked and he laughed.

"You're getting to good at reading me." He said and I kissed his chest. "I'm just thinking on how my mother will take to you. She doesn't hate humans but she doesn't care for them either. There was the thing with my brother's mother but that pretty much is dealt with. What she will be more threatened of is you taking over her title. She will test you to see if you are worthy of becoming Lady of the West." He said.

"And now you're making me worry." I said looking up to him. I kissed his nose and got up. "Well I will just have to be a good girl and do what I normally do. Because I'm not going to put on a show to make her think of me otherwise." I said and finished packing up my bag. As I sat on my knees on the floor shutting the last suitcase I was pulled up into strong arms. I looked back after squeaking and saw his eyes held such happiness and proud-ness in them that all I could do is stair. He pulled me into a kiss which I quickly kissed back and found his tongue asking for entrance.

I told him once he would never have to ask because he would never have to force me to kiss him. He simply laughed at that and smiled to me. He stated that to ask you shows how much respect he had for me. I nodded in understanding but not fully understanding it completely.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself to him more. His arms went around my waist and pulled me up off the floor. I squeaked again and giggled into the kiss. He pulled away for me to gather my breath and started to kiss my neck and cheek and everything else he could at the moment.

"Come on. We have a couple hours before we have to go anywhere." He growled out and I knew what he meant by that.

"As long as I don't pass out for a day." I said and found myself on my back once again. It was going to be a long day.