welcome to the game ed, edd, eddy, bax. choose youre weapon. we chose our weapons and the game began. boom! a bomb went off. eddy has two lives left. here is what happened

ed pistol beat edd 1 eddy 0 bax 0

edd rifle beat ed 2 eddy 1 bax 1

eddy mal 22 beat edd 0 ed 0 bax 0

bax bombs beat edd 2 ed 1 eddy 2

nice game edd said when it ended lets play a different type edd said. Ok everyone said these are the stats

everyone 10 lives

prize blocks ON explaination: you will get the weapons in the boxes but till you find one your weapons are fists.

powers ON explaination: powers will be scattered around the map.

if you need to use the bathroom to make plans or use the bathroom your invinceable till you get out.

Those are the rules for the game.

the game starts in... 3 2 1 GO.