Always, the word in its self was a promise. Once it fell from the speaker's lips it changed form, twisting and transforming, binding the speaker to a promise a sort of convent. Tamaki could remember clearly his first promise and his first promise in return.

It was a hot summer day they had laid out on the grass, limbs intertwined, tumbled together where they'd fallen. In that moment, there was no family obligations, no secrets, no tests to study for; there was simply the two of them, Haruhi and Tamaki. He twisted a blade of grass between his fingers, his violet eyes illuminated by the passing clouds, his other hand intertwined with Haruhi's. Not a word had passed between them for quite a while. They'd stayed like that in comfortable silence just enjoying the other's presence.

The clouds glided lazily over the sky, their leisurely track reflecting the afternoon's mood. These moments were so rare and so precious Tamaki could cry for the beauty of it. Tamaki rolled over onto his side, leaning on his elbow, to regard Haruhi. Her eyes looked far away, her thoughts miles away from there, in a place he could only one day hope to touch. Her deep chocolate orbs had deepened to a rich mahogany, a small smile tugged at the corners of her lips. He couldn't resist the temptation and pressed a chaste kiss to the corner of those lips. He pulled away, as she turned towards him mildly.

His heart wished to capture that moment, dappled sun on his skin, his one true love wrapped up in his arms, the soft breeze, and the sweet taste of her lips against his. But as each moment does, it slipped through his fingers like an elusive vapor.

"What was that for?" she asked her head tilted to regard him, his own face reflected in those chocolate orbs.

"You were so beautiful, I couldn't resist," he cooed, cupping her chin with his hand, pressing his thumb to her cheek.

He brought her lips to his own in a lingering kiss, a kiss that translated more than words ever could. How he loved her; how he pined for her; how no woman would ever be her equal in his esteem.

He pulled away, if not a little hesitantly.

"Hm," she hummed brushing it off as she often did, but he could see the tell-tale blush that sent a rosy tint to her pale skin.

He rose higher onto both elbows before pinning her beneath his arms. Her eyes were wild for a moment like an untamed animal but she quickly schooled her expression.

"What is it, Tamaki?" she said evenly, if not a bit softer than normal.

He dipped in low, his lips brushing against her brow, "Promise me we'll always be this way; that you'll always love me."

She was quiet for a long time; he could nearly hear the gears whirling in her head. Ah, his Haruhi always guarded and honest, her words would be careful chosen.

"You know I will," she whispered.

He pressed his lips against hers once more, much more urgently. Searching out the answer in their tangled bodies, the way she melded into him. She was so blunt with her words, yet hesitant to reveal her feelings, but she opened to him without words and he could read her like a book.

"I love you always, Haruhi." He said as he pulled away hands tangled in her dark hair.

She only smiled, one of those rare genuine smiles that few had the pleasure to experience.

"Always," she confirmed.

A/N: So not my typical pairing, I know. I've been craving some romantic fluffity and I've been wanting to drabble. I started reading Enigmaticrose4's 'Alphabet' a funny little Tamaki& Haruhi a-z challenge(it's quite good you should check it out.) and I was struck by own devine inspiration. This will be entirely drabbles using prompts from a-z. I have A-J Planned out so be expecting them shortly. They'll be no plot just pure drabbles maybe a oneshot thrown in for fun. varying times lines and universes to be specified as needed. Now on with the drabbles!