Black polished wood glimmered in the flickering candlelight. Bright ivory keys tinkled their notes clear and true as capable hands caressed them lovingly. Each sound hung in the air reverberating with its intoxicating melody. He was the music, it lived within him. A freeform song formed in his mind finding its way to his fingertips, notes careful chosen, sweet melody and perfect Harmony.

The song told of love and longing, of passion and balance. This song bubbled up from deep within him unheeded, and un-tapered. Like his emotions, he played music freely and from the heart. These melodies these harmonies, everything was for Haruhi. True, he could express how he felt through words but some things didn't need words, some things merely needed actions.

Large brown eyes observed his hands as they skimmed over the keys, tracking skill and focus that were hard to deny. Sitting beside him perfectly poised, she saw him get lost in the music. Eyes closed as if he felt the music through every inch of himself, a sweet smile curled his lips and hers as well. The joy he exuded he was at a piano was catching. There was an unhindered brightness that seemed to emanate from somewhere deep inside him.

Tamaki opened his eyes, locking them onto Haruhi. The silent message they shared was as plain as if it been spoken

"I love you, and only you, forever."

Haruhi leaned in despite her usual reserve, resting her head against his shoulder, the sweet Harmony of Tamaki's music reverberating through her.

There was a balance between the two of them, one words could never express. They were in perfect harmony, he too rash, she too reserved. They completed one another like the beautiful symphony that Tamaki created with his hands across the keys. Apart they were nothing but together, together if was music, it was passion it was love.

As the music faded away, leaving only the impression of their beauty lingering on the air and the candles extinguished themselves at the end of their wicks, a hand slipped around her waist and her head titled back.

Brown swirled with violet and they shared a contented sigh: "We are in perfect harmony."