No Sympathy

In light of their recent engagement, Hermione began preparations for dinner with her new fiancé. Using a Crushing Hex on a bowl of fresh garden tomatoes, she stirred a pot of boiling liquid with her wand-free hand. The skills she had acquired over the last few years were a direct result of spending considerable time with Mrs. Weasley, her ex-boyfriend's mother.

She smiled as a hand wrapped around her waist and his lips nuzzled her neck. Over the course of the last few months, she'd learned that he was a hopeless romantic, despite his dry and crude exterior.

"How can I help?" said Draco, resting his head on her shoulder. He had gone through many changes since the end of the war; his personality was hardly recognisable. Hermione had shrugged off his change as coincidence, that her increased intimacy with him had changed her opinions of him.

"Onions," Hermione replied softly, leaning back against him. Her smile was wider than ever. Only a year before, she would never have imagined that she could enjoy herself so thoroughly with the likes of Draco Malfoy. Today, however, she found that she was quite happy to be at his side. "Could you cut some onions for me?"

Draco turned and took one of the red vegetables in his hand. He turned it over a few times, set it neatly on the counter before him and slipped his wand out from within his robes. He had never made his own meal, nor helped in its preparation before today. Everything about it was new to him; the only thing he could remember was a charm he'd learned several years before.

"Diffindo," he muttered. At once the once round onion turned into a pile of crisp, sliced red onions. As he made to cast the Severing Charm again, his eyes began to water and within seconds, a stream of tears ran down his cheeks. He hadn't been aware of the power a little vegetable had.

"Now, now, Draco," she laughed, patting him lovingly on the back, "there's no need to cry over onions." He wiped the tears from his eyes, trying desperately to look more manly than he did at the moment. He was a former Death Eater – he was not about to be defeated by a vegetable.

"Diffindo," he repeated and as soon as he did he sniffled. The onion was beginning a fully-fledged assault on his nasal passages. He growled in frustration and stepped away. Hermione was laughing. "What?" he huffed, "No sympathy?"

"No sympathy," Hermione nodded and smirked. "But I'll give you this," she stood on the tips of her her toes to kiss him, gently wiping away his tears with the back of her hand. The kiss was wet and salty, but it was sweet. He loved it and he was blissfully aware that he loved her, too and he couldn't be happier that she loved him back.

Author's Note: I've had this plot bunny, short and senseless though it may be, for a couple years now. It was about time it got written. Tell me what you think.