Just a little idea, hope you enjoy it!

Robin flew through the night skies, he knew it was terribly cliché but he enjoyed the feel of his cape fluttering behind him as he scanned the city, protecting it as best as he could. He liked these silent nights when Bruce was too busy being a business man to personally go out. That's why he had Robin; to be there when he couldn't. These quiet nights made him feel less of a child then he was when he first started. He was a teenager now after all, able to take on more than just the peons as Batman fought the real bad guys. Dick was thinking about starting out on his own in a new city, but first he felt like he had to prove to Bruce that he could do it.

A painted smile blossomed from the darkness. He had been watching for a long time now, it seemed that the Little Birdie had finally left the nest on his own. The Bat that watched over him was very protective; it was hard sometimes, to eat the appetizer before the main course. Still, he reminded himself that there was a process, a ritual that he had to go through before this could be completed. He reapplied his lipstick, time for the show.

Robin heard a clatter from a nearby alleyway. There were no cries or call for help but Robin could sense that there was something wrong. He grabbed is weapon and glided towards the alley. He landed and looked around. Shaking his head as he realized it was probably a stray cat. The city was quiet tonight and when it was quiet he got jumpy, waiting for the big thing to happen.

A form stepped out of the darkness, Robin didn't see him because he came from behind, from the opening of the alley as Robin looked at the dead end as if the bricks locking him in could tell him where he could find the villains that evening. Suddenly a slender hand came over his shoulder and wrapped around his mouth. Robin's eyes went wide and he tried to flip whoever was holding him over. His hands were stopped and held tightly behind his back as he was pressed up against the brick wall, for the moment preventing any form of escape.

Julius smiled and whispered into the birdie's ear "Shhh calm down, if a bird fights too hard against their cage their wings get broken." He gave a little laugh as he smiled and kissed the side of Robin's cheek "I'm not going to hurt you…in fact I think that you'll enjoy it; of course not right away. I wouldn't ask that much of you, but slowly…very slowly…" He licked down Robin's neck, his tongue felt Robin's pulse fluttering and it was intoxicating to feel. "Now…hold still for me Little Bird."

Robin froze when the lips touched his skin. He didn't know what this guy's game was…or even if it was a guy, he could smell perfume and see makeup out of the corner of his eye. He would usually think the joker…but this makeup was more than war paint. At least from what he could see. It wasn't a ghastly white with smeared red lips. This makeup was like a mask, perfecting the face of his attacker. He trembled when a hot tongue went down his neck and his fingers fumbled as they looked for his emergency panic button.

Julius shook his head and pressed Robin harder against the wall "No no…don't want to ruin this too fast." He kissed Robin's cheek again "I know that you're afraid…but I promise…even if you don't believe me…that I'm going to take care of you." Julius knew that his time was growing short. The birdie did have a protective bat. It was late enough that if Robin hadn't returned to the nest then Batman would come looking for his bird. Julius kissed the slender neck before him as he drew out a syringe and slid it into the young man's neck "Shhh…don't fight it." He purred, holding the syringe in until it was dry and held the bird as he went limp in his arms. "Good boy." He caressed his fingers through Robin's hair before picking up the Bird in his arms and carried him off.

Batman was looking through every camera he had, there was nothing. He had radioed Robin repeatedly and he hadn't called back. He had even gone so far as calling his personal phone when late night turned into early morning. He didn't panic, he couldn't panic, but he was concerned…worried about what had happened last night that would cause Robin to be so late. Where was he?

Hope you enjoyed this taste! More to come!