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Julius looked up from his throne of broken toys when a familiar shadow crossed his window. He looked up and blinked slowly with his long lashes before a slow smile spread across his painted lips. "My little bird has returned to me."

Dick slipped into his master's chambers through the window that had been left open specifically for this purpose. He dropped to a kneel in front of his master as he lowered his head and said "I've done as you've wanted my master. Bruce has taken me as his lover..." He bit his lips to stop himself from speaking out of turn.

Julius smiled and stroked his satin gloved hands through Dick's hair and said "I'm so pleased with you my little bird….I was almost afraid that you would disappoint me like the others… that would be just terrible. They're not very happy now…they weren't strong like you and they broke like cheap toys."

Dick winced at his master's pained tones. He remembered when his master had spoken briefly of his past would be lovers…and what had happened to them. He was sad that his master had to live alone in disappointment for so long. However he could not regret that he had been his master's success, now to prove he would have to do everything his master wanted, give him everything his master wanted.

Julius seemed to know what Dick was thinking and tilted his head up so that he could look at him "I know my pet, I wish to join you as well…but we know we can't rush this, the Bat is very dangerous we have to make sure he is secure before we make our move."

Dick nodded "Of course master…I have to return before he realizes I am gone…but I will bring him soon."

"Very good my pet."

Bruce rubbed a rough hand over his face as he looked over on the bed and saw Dick's form tangled in the sheets. He felt pangs of guilt when he looked at the young man. At first he had excused himself, saying that after sharing their scars they had gotten carried away and in Dick's vulnerable state they had taken things farther than they should have. However now when they had been doing this for a week he knew that he was running out of reasons for his actions.

Dick could almost hear Bruce's wheels turning from this side of the bed. He gave a pleased smile before he yawned and sat up. He was happy with the ways things were going and knew that his master would be pleased with him as well. He turned and saw the wrinkle in Bruce's forehead and knew that Bruce was getting ready to deliver his daily 'we shouldn't have done that speech'. He knew he would have to introduce Bruce to his master soon before he pulled away from them for good.

They were silent in the bedroom for a moment before Bruce turned to look at Dick and for a moment was startled at how sensual Dick looked, his dark hair tousled and the crisp white sheets barely making his naked form decent. He felt the selfish impulse to let this continue but then his moral convictions reminded him there was no way this could go on. Not without boundaries being crossed, boundaries that needed to be kept in place for both of their sakes.

Down in his own bedroom Julius was becoming agitated. His pet had made his move and was obviously successful in seducing Bruce, now the only question remained if his pet would follow through and bring the prize to him. He sat up with a sigh; if the bird didn't bring the bat tonight he would go investigate it for himself. He thought for a moment and decided he would spend his day visiting his past pets at the asylum. He knew that they got lonely when he didn't visit them; after all, he had used them to perfect his training methods and was grateful to them for the sacrifices they had made to his happiness.

That night Robin joined Batman as the covered the streets looking for crime. Robin waited until it seemed it would be a quiet night and when the paused on a rooftop he edged himself closer to Bruce and said softly "I…I remember where he held me…would you come with me? I bet he's still there. He was convinced that if I ever ran away I would feel compelled to come back to him."

Bruce's chest tightened when he heard this confession but then gave a sharp nod "Lead the way." He was hoping that by facing Dick's captor they could settle his feelings and they could return to the semi normal relationship that they had before.

Robin led him to a secluded part of downtown past the low rent apartments and to an abandoned building shaped like a castle. Bruce reasoned that it had once been a toy megastore of some sort, and wondered if they were dealing with another Joker.

As they approached the building Dick felt himself having a hard time concealing his smile. After all he was so close to fulfilling the mission his master gave him. Then they would all be together and everything would be perfect. He looked at Bruce out of the corner of his eye and wondered if he had sense there was something going on yet. When Bruce's face only revealed his concentration Dick decided that his guard was up but he hadn't realized this was a trap yet. Perfect.

Julius was just finishing a cup of tea before he headed out to check on his pet when he saw a figure flash across a monitor. He smiled; his little bird was so clever. His pet didn't have any way to signal him that they were there without being obvious. But he did know where the cameras were placed and knew exactly where to lead Bruce so that Dollface could watch their location. Perfect.

When they entered the musty building Bruce was surprised to detect a faint smell of incense. So it seemed that Dollface was living here. He couldn't think of another reason why sweet incense would be clouding the air. Robin motioned for him to follow and Batman went quietly. It was odd to have Robin in the lead, but Bruce felt as this showed great development in Dick's mental health that he was able to be so confidant in the lair of his captor.

They went down a maze of darkened hallways as the sweet smell slowly became stronger and stronger. He wondered how Robin had managed to memorize all of this, but the thought didn't stay long when he saw a lit room up ahead and immediately focused on silencing their presence.

Robin had started feeling more and more nervous as they made their way closer to the room he remembered so fondly during his stay with his master. The Bedroom. He was afraid that at any minute Bruce would realize that this was a trap and the surprise would all be over. He took a calming breath before making his way into the lit room. Relaxing when he was once again surrounded by the smell of his master and the sight of their room.

There was a tense stillness in the room, the calm before the storm before Robin signaled that the room was clear and Batman followed in. As soon as he was inside of the room the door slammed shut with a loud 'click' sounding like a mouse trap snapping into place.

Dollface clapped as he stepped forward and graced Robin with a pleased smile "I'm very proud of you my pet."

For a second Bruce was too confused to think, he had entered the room when the door had snapped shut behind him and now Dollface was standing in front of them. In plain sight in a room that Robin had cleared. Then there was what Dollface had said as Robin dropped gracefully to his knees before him.

Batman tensed, ready to tackle the doll-like criminal when his movements were stopped by the slender form of Robin forcing him to step back.

Robin had seen what Batman was going to do and quickly interrupted the movement. He couldn't let his master get hurt because of a misunderstanding. He hated watching his master stitch himself back together after he got hurt and he hoped that now he and Bruce were hear his master wouldn't get hurt as often.

"Robin!" Batman barked as he stepped away, his dark eyes traveling between the two. Suddenly the words that Dollface had written to him seemed to echo in his mind 'blossoming under my care' 'training' all of it was starting to make a sickening amount of sense. "Robin…" he repeated, the single word weighted down with his understanding.

Julius stepped forward and stroked his fingers through Robin's hair as he said "Now now don't be mad at my little bird, he's only doing as he was told. Your training was too lax with him… I made him better than before, didn't I my pet?"

Robin had been obediently looking at the floor until his master spoke to him. He looked up and smiled warmly as he nuzzled the hand that was petting him "Of course master, you made me better." He looked over at Bruce and said "He wants to make you better too…he wants us all to be happy and safe…together."

Bruce was holding tightly onto his belt, wondering which weapon he could use without hurting Robin in the process. A cold calculating part of him told him that Robin was a lost cause and should now be considered an enemy. Even as that thought crossed his mind memories of their intimate time together reminded him of what he had gained so recently. He became sickened when he realized that he and Robin's closeness might be directly related to the monster standing before him.

Julius shook his head when he saw the expression on Bruce's face. "Our darling bird was much like that in the beginning too… so stubborn." He let out a little laugh before he held up a toy gun and said "Don't worry…I fixed him, and I can fix you too." He fired the gun but Batman pulled himself together enough to dodge.

He rolled to his side and looked at Robin, the young man still kneeling by the feet of Dollface "Robin!" He called "Whatever he told you, whatever he taught you it was all a lie!"

Laughter interrupted his attempt to reason with Robin as Dollface stepped between them, using the moment of distraction to fire another shot, this time it went into Batman's neck. "That's the thing with my training my darling Bat… I never hurt and I never lie… I simply help see the truth."

Bruce didn't have a chance to respond as he went limp on the floor, the last thing he saw as his vision darkened was Dollface's boots walking towards him and a curious expression on Robin's face.

Later Bruce woke and found himself bound naked to the bed. He was surprised to find that even though his clothes were gone his mask was still in place. He was confused and tried to look around seeing if he could get some bearings on this situation. He was surprised to find Dick lying next to him though the youth was completely naked.

Bruce tried to get the sleeping young man's attention but he had little ability to move with his bonds in place and he realized that his only chance would be to try to break the bonds holding him down or else wait for them to release him and then escape.

Dick could feel the bed moving and frowned when he turned and looked at Bruce whose gears were once again turning. He smiled and said "There's no reason to be quiet, we can talk all we want Master doesn't mind."

Bruce turned and saw that Dick had woken; he shook his head and whispered furiously "He is not our master, I don't know what he told you but you have to break out of this Dick! Where is your mask?" Bruce was trying to keep his voice down but his fury was making it hard to control completely.

The younger man answered with a casual shrug "I gave my identity to my master, after all a slave shouldn't have secrets from their master should they? He lets you make the choice when you want to give it to him. That's why he left your mask on; he wants you to give into him willingly."

Bruce snorted, that was never going to happen but at least now he had some idea on how the psychopath's mind worked. He was going to try once again to reason with Dick when he smelled perfume and saw Dollface approaching.

"Ah the dear has finally woken I was becoming worried about you my precious Bat." Julius stepped up to Bruce's side of the bed and gently caressed Bruce's face causing the larger man to struggle away from him. "Now now dear… there's no reason to be frightened. I already know who you are; I'm just letting you make the choice." Julius saw little reason for conversation as he lowered his lips to Bruce's and Dick was quick to join them starting to place familiar little kisses down Bruce's body as he reached forward and gently cupped Bruce's limp member as he started to play with it to firmness.

Bruce's eyes widened realizing what their intention was when Dollface began to remove his clothes, revealing his slender scarred body and obvious interest in the act they were about to perform. "Now now my Bat, Robin was scared too his first time…but we'll show you it will all get better in time.'

Julius crawled over Bruce's body until he was straddling Bruce's waist. Dick immediately began preparing his master as he ignored his own hardness. Mean while Julius pressed another kiss to Bruce's lips and said "Resist all you want…it only makes your submission sweeter in the end."

Bruce's eyes went wide before his member was encased with the tight heat of Dollface and as he felt the sharp jolt of pleasure course through him before Dick moved into kiss away his thoughts he briefly wondered if he would be able to last at all…then his thoughts vanished in a rush of pleasure and pain.

Julius smiled as his Batty and his little bird played with each other, his collection was complete.

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