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A car was speeding down the road. It halted to a stop next to a big sign saying 'Walker Wildlife Preserve'. Two people jumped out from inside the car and into the last remaining sunlight. One was a young woman with black hair and the other was a young boy with a similar hair color. They both hid in the shadows and started heading towards the wildlife preserve.

"Come on, hurry!" The young woman whispered as they carefully approached the tall wall. The sun had finally set and it helped them remain hidden from the patrol officers. Luckily, she had seen one of the workers put a ladder into a shed, which he conveniently forgot to lock. Taking it out and leaning it up against the wall, she motioned over to the boy so that he would come over.

As he started climbing up, they heard cars screeching from far away. He hurried his pace and was then waiting for the young woman to join him on top of the wall. She didn't waste any time in doing that task, quickly pushing down the ladder so that it would lie on the ground next to the shed. Hopefully, no one would guess that two people were going to hide inside for a few hours.

The patrol cars left in the direction of the approaching cars. From the top of the wall, the two people could see the workers discussing something with those from the car and all of them headed back towards the wildlife preserve.

"Uh-oh..." Looking down, the young woman wondered how they would be able to descend this wall. She was looking for any kind of tree that would be close. Fortunately, there was a tree with thick branches nearby. "There!"

She let the boy grab onto the branch first, sliding down onto the ground by holding onto the same branch. When it was her turn to slide down, the branch she was holding onto broke off. Falling down with a thud, she almost went unconscious for a moment.

"Are you alright May?" She heard a voice ask from the darkness. She knew that voice. Sitting up from the dirty ground, she looked around to see where was the young boy.

"Yes, I've just sprained an ankle." May stood up, feeling slightly dizzy. "Don't worry about it Timmy. I'll be just fine."

Timothy smiled a little, but it disappeared once they heard cars stopping next to the wall on the other side. Both decided to make a run for it, hoping that no one would find them. It was very difficult for May because of her ankle, but she didn't let it show. Her survival instincts helped her run as fast as the boy and not think of the sharp pain.

Finally, they stopped after running for almost half an hour. May felt very lost, but she decided not to scare the little boy. ~We can always find something to eat in the forest right?~

"Umm... May?" The young boy asked, poking her in the side.

"Yes? What is it?" She stopped and held on to a tree stump to take some pressure off of her ankle.

"Is it normal to hear growling?"

"No... Well, yes, but wait..." May paused, trying to listen to any sounds coming from nearby. There seemed to be a low growl coming from somewhere in the darkness. She put a hand on the boy's shoulder, slowly directing him away from the sound. "Just remain calm and let's walk away."

"What could that be? Should I stay quiet?" Timothy asked, still as curious as ever.

"Well, if it's a bear, we should show it that we mean no harm. We should keep talking and making calm noises to show it that we're going away." She hoped that it was one of those bears or animals that let people live when they don't surprise them and just retreat slowly. It was all she could think of for now.

"It's following us!" He whispered, looking back for a moment.

They quickened their pace, fighting against the urge of running away. A predator loved it when their prey would run, as it made them seem scared and vulnerable. A tree branch broke and a few birds flew up from something scaring them. At that, the boy couldn't control himself and sprinted. May didn't have a choice but to run after him, not wanting him to be hurt. She'd protect him as best as she could.

Behind them, something heavy ran too. It was catching up to them and fast. Now, in the dense woods, the moon and the stars didn't seem to light up the surroundings. Both May and Timothy were running in the darkness, trying not to hit a tree. When they were finally slowing down, something tried grabbing the young woman's arm. Fortunately, it's grip wasn't firm, so she could keep running. Her arm felt weird, but she didn't pay attention to it as they ran towards a part of the forest that seemed less dense.

After that hour of nerve-racking jogging, May was at the end of her wits. She didn't have any energy left to continue. ~I must continue... I must protect Timmy...~

"May?" The young boy asked, gasping when he saw that her arm had a deep scratch.

"Don't mind it Timmy..." She answered, trying to keep him calm and herself too. "We must keep going."

"I was going to say that I see lights up ahead!"

"Lights? In the middle of the wildlife preserve?"


May thought that he was just seeing things, but no. When she looked where he pointed, she could see them too. ~Two people can't see the same mirage, can they?~ She asked herself.

They started heading that way when May just lost her balance. She couldn't seem to gather enough strength to continue, even though they weren't too far off from the lights. There seemed to be people walking on the border between the forest and some houses. Timothy seemed lost, not sure how he can help her.

"It's okay Timmy, I'll be okay. You go see if they can help us."

"But what if that animal comes back?"

"I'll be safe. I promise." She answered, not believing her own words. Luckily, he did and left running to see those people.

She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep right away.

Lucius Hunt was one of the people who were patrolling that night. He was always intrigued on what was outside the village. He had never seen the creatures that lived just outside the village yet. In all truth, he felt like they could come to some better agreement than the one that they had at the moment. The elders never listened to him and-

He was startled when he saw movement from inside the forest. He turned to face whatever was approaching, the light from the fire making his yellow cloak seem brighter. Squinting to enhance his sight in the darkness, a boy jumped out of the shadows and into the moonlight.

~A child?~ He wondered as the little one ran closer and closer to him.

Finally, Timothy stopped in front of him, trying to catch his breath. Lucious saw two frightened eyes looking up at him from under black hair that resembled his own.

"Come help me!" The young boy asked, tugging at his arm. "She's hurt!"

"Who's hurt?" Lucius was surprised when one child was in the forest, but someone else was there too?

"Her name's May! Come on!" Timothy urged, looking back at where he came from. "We have to hurry!"

"I'm not allowed to go into the forest." He wanted to go in right away, but he didn't want to betray the village's agreement with the creatures.

"Why not?"

"Our village has an agreement with the forest dwellers."

"Well, fine!" Timothy was tired of wasting his time on someone stubborn. "Her death will be on your conscience."

"Wait. I'll help." Lucius decided that it would be okay to cross the border just this one time.

Both jogged off into the darkness.

Author's Note: I am keeping lots of suspense for now on who's May and Timothy. Though I don't really know if I should keep writing it or not, so tell me if you think I should continue. :)