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~It had been such an ordinary day...~ Lucius thought to himself as he was following the child. He was so curious, but he did wonder if this was some trap to get him to cross over into the forest. It was too late for that anyway, so he concentrated on not tripping over anything.

"What are you doing in the forest?" He asked, not getting an answer from the worried boy who seemed a little lost.

"May?" Timothy's voice was a little shaky. "Are you around here? She was right here when I left!"

"It's okay, let's look for her." Lucius began to be a little suspicious, but it was somehow more believable for two people to be here than just one child. He squinted to enhance his vision in the darkness and looked around.

After a few minutes of searching, it seemed like they would never find the missing person. Timothy was barely holding back tears and was sniffling as he followed Lucius. A light breeze blew a few leaves into their direction. After that, they could hear something approaching. The footsteps were very irregular and a few twigs broke.

"The bear's back!" Timothy whispered, tugging on Lucius' yellow cloak. By reflex, the man motioned the boy to stand behind him. He wouldn't let the creature get to a child.

"Ouch!" A voice was heard from the darkness. "Tim-" She stopped when she saw a man in a yellow cloak.

"May?" Timothy recognized her voice and ran out from behind Lucius. He ran right into the darkness and gave her a hug. "Where were you? I was so worried!"

"Aww, I was worried about you too Timmy! I was wondering if you were going to remember where I was or not and I guess I started wandering..." She answered with a smile.

"We should be going back to the Village. It isn't safe here..." Lucius said after clearing his throat.

"Yes May, he came here to help!" Timmy jumped up as he pulled her out after him. She was limping slightly, holding her arm with another hand.

Seeing her state, Lucius approached to help. Both helped her on each side so that it would be easier to walk. Just as they started, they heard a low growl behind, which gave them a good reason to quicken the pace.

May was relieved to have someone helping them and tried to keep up with the two until everything around her seemed to fade.

"May!" was the last sound she heard as she couldn't stay awake and fainted.

Waking up, she looked all around to see where she was. Lying in some kind of bed, Timothy was snuggled right beside her. The little boy probably tried to stay awake to watch over her and fell asleep as he waited. Wherever they were, it seemed safe for now. It was still dark, so she assumed that the night didn't end yet.

"You're awake." noted someone. Standing next to the door had appeared a man. She recognized his voice from when he helped them in the forest.

"Thank you for helping us!" May whispered with a smile. She didn't want Timothy to wake up, so that he would gather some more energy. She didn't know if they would have to run anytime soon, so it would be better for the boy to be prepared just in case.

"Who are you?" Lucius asked, the question had obviously been on his mind from the beginning.

"Well, my name's May and this is Timothy." She put a hand on the little boy's forehead for a second to see if he had a normal temperature and then edged away to get up. When she was free, she reached out her hand towards Lucius. He shook it and said: "Lucius Hunt".

"Don't you have a family name?" He asked. ~It is seen as rude in this village to keep general information like that to yourself.~ he thought, but decided not to say out loud.

"That, I can't tell you." She answered with a smile. "It's a secret that me and Timothy keep for both our safety and yours."

This piqued his curiosity even more. "And what were you doing in the forest?"

"Well, I was just using it as a hide-out for a few minutes." May hoped that it wouldn't sound too suspicious, but knew that it would be hard not to question that.

"Why?" He asked as predicted.

"Look, I really can't tell you." She shrugged, hoping he would give up. "The less you know, the safer you'll be. Really."

Lucius just sighed. It was clear that she wouldn't give in and tell him anything important. But what would happen now? Almost as on cue, there were footsteps heard in the corridor outside the room. He turned back to it and an older woman peeked in.

"Lucius, why are you up at this hour-" She stopped when she saw the two newcomers in the room. "Who are they?"

"I don't know mother." He hated admitting that he didn't know and yet, let some strangers inside their home and into the guestroom. They were always taught to be hospitable to anyone living in the village, but never mentioned someone actually coming from the forest around them.

"Uh, excuse us." She said and motioned Lucius to go outside of the room to talk. She closed the door behind her to prevent any prying ears. By curiosity, May quietly walked over to the door and leaned her head against the wood to try and hear what they were saying.

"You know the rules... forest... the elders... irresponsible... monsters... died... " She didn't really understand what that woman was talking about, but all she knew was that the tone she had was condescending. She was obviously not pleased to see them there. ~I guess we'll leave sooner than I thought Timmy...~ the young woman thought as she glanced back at the boy.

After a few more minutes of the conversation, May jumped away from the door when she heard some footsteps approaching. She sat back down on the side of the bed right next to the sleeping boy.

"Hello. Sorry about that May." The older woman said apologetically. "My name is Alice Hunt and I'm Lucius' mother. You can call me Mrs. Hunt."

"Nice to meet you." May answered, noting that he already told her their names.

"You can stay here right now, but we will need you to talk to the council we have here to know what to do with you." Mrs. Hunt smiled once more and yawned. "I'm off to bed now and I suggest you to go to bed too."

After she left, Lucius was about to leave too when he heard May speak up.

"What did she mean by what they're going to do with us?" Now she was the curious one, mostly because she was worried about their safety. ~What if we stumbled upon some kind of cannibalistic village?~ she thought, but shook off that thought from being possibly too unrealistic.

"I don't know. They will talk about what to do and we'll see." He really didn't know too much himself. Well, he did know that they might either kick them back out to the forest dwellers or keep them here as a safe place.

"Arg... Poor Timmy." She frowned and pat his head as he slept.

"Is that your son or your brother?" He wondered, as he saw that they both had the same black hair. It wasn't as if all black-haired people were related. He actually had the same hair and haircut as the small boy.

"Well... What if I told you that he's your son?" She asked with a smile, seeing total shock on his face.

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