It was like a knife, twisting itself around and around in her heart, that piercing pain of losing someone, something, anything. Could Joker remember what though? Of course she couldn't. In the 3rd Toutoh Empire, the excessive immigration led to an increase of violent crimes, and the government approved a law to expedite trials and alleviate the pressure on the overcrowded prisons. Now, two organizations stood above all else to keep order in the Empire. One was Tokkei. The Tokkei, composed of 47 units of 3 people, soon became known for its brutality as a group of heartless assassins, almost only hollow shells without feelings, and commonly called 'Dolls' who destroyed anyone who broke the law, or went against it in any way at all. The second, was the CIA. Having changed through the years, CIA had managed to succeed in human experiments, enhancing several vital parts of mere teenagers, who were specifically picked to deal with missions concerning the law.

Both Agencies had their rules, both had their ways of doing things, and both despised each other with a ever burning passion. Yet, neither one of the groups could engage the other due to the fact it would literally create a warzone in the empire. So yet, Tokkei continued on and ignored the current events of the CIA. Though, there were people suffering in the pits of the CIA, chained up and experimented on. Often killed for their failure.

"Joker! Watch out for Christ sake!" Ace frowned, as once more his teammate was almost struck by their target. Not only had the CIA ordered them to find the target, they said to capture him alive as well. Easier said that done. The four teens stood in a alley, faced by a man roughly in his thirties. The man's brown scraggy hair came down to his shoulders, his neck frail. Poison use? The male also wore a white coat, which implied he had been a doctor of some sort. Though it was the 'some sort' part that worried Ace the most.

"I am being careful, believe it or not!" Joker scowled, only glancing once back at Ace. Another chink came as her long sleek sword came in contact with another thrown needle. Their target was throwing them so fast, even Joker was getting caught out most of the time. It was pure luck if she managed to dodge them – due to how small they were. Small, but deadly, they were covered in a poison. Though the details of it hadn't been specified.

With swift movement, Joker shot forward. She raised the back of her sword, and attempted to jam it in the back of the targets neck. Though the man seemed to have anticipated such a move, and with one quick jab to the females stomach, Joker was soon down on the floor, coughing. Ace almost advanced to help Joker, yet was held back by the third teammate, Knightmare. The male knew that having Ace dive in to help Joker right now would not be the right thing to do.

"We need to take this guy down fast, Jokers too close, we can't help her."

The fourth, and final team member said calmly. Jack, the youngest of the squad, usually had the least sense. But now, he was right. If any of them advanced, Joker could end up seriously hurt. Though, on the other hand, none of them were going to leave her there.