The warm winds of Rannoch swept softly over the tall Savanna grass on the side of a burnt orange hillside. The grass made sweet harmonious rustles and swaying that almost made the grass appear to be delicate dancers moving to the sound of a soft played orchestra. The glittering white stone house of quarian design rested softly on the top of the hill.

Commander Shepard, savior of the galaxy and a renowned hero among every faction and star gazer alike slept softly in his bed, the window open, brining in the warm morning air. The delicate fabrics of the curtains swayed in the breeze, bending the light slightly from the orange sun that shone brilliantly in the sky. Beside the human laid the delicate form of his wife, his happily-ever-after, a quarian that had actually demonstrated the bravery and the will of the quarian people at the same time showing the delicate emotions that the quarians had hidden behind their visors.

It had been almost four years since the largest and most gruesome battle the galaxy had ever seen had struck. With the renewed peace and a stronger sense of unity, the terminus systems had finally sat down and began listening to the alien Council as they showed the same courtesy. Tali'Zorah had been given the opportunity to become the leading ambassador for the quarian people at the citadel, even offered a seat with the council, but she had refused and had gone to live her retirement with the best and most loving person she had ever met.

The soft breeze managed to flare the light blankets on the bed brining it up to her noise, tickling it softly. Her eyes slowly rose as the light from Rannoch caused her to shield her eyes and smile; she enjoyed the warmth of the morning air on her face and hands. She had grown accustomed to the feelings that most quarians could have dreamed of longer than the rest of the quarians who had found different ways of making themselves relax with soothing skincare products created from the plants and animals that roamed the planet.

Tali looked around the room with sleepy, squinty eyes, scanning the art and the flow of the curves. Her eyes finally made it to Shepard, whose back slowly rose as he slept through the glare of the morning sun. She almost laughed from seeing his shirtless body sprawled across the bed. He had kicked the blankets from the bed and only the blue and green striped boxers were keeping him protected.

She slid her hand across his back, tracing the scars and feeling the thickness of calloused holes. He had been through so much. She eventually made her hands up to his shoulder where a series of cuts and gashes led to shining pieces of stone and crystal that had embedded itself into his skin. The doctors could have removed it, but he had refused any treatment for the scars. He claimed it was for memories and Tali understood.

Shepard finally began to stir from the gentle touches of his wife's hand caressing his back. He turned his head slowly to her, opening one eye just enough to see her face. He chuckled slightly, the smile stretching across his face as he saw her sitting on her knees, leaning towards him. He jolted his body just enough to flop him onto his back so it was his chest facing to the ceiling.

She looked at the scars that had extended from his back up to his chest along with only the few that had managed to stay on his chest. She crawled forwards placing both her hands on either side of him, sliding her face along his cheek before she connected her lips to his. Her eyes softly opened from the feeling that never got old to her. A sudden thud, followed by a series of small impacts, brought Shepard's attention to the door where he saw the small delicate frame of his daughter run into the room. She leaped onto the bed, her arms outstretched and her cheeks glittering with the rosy red of excitement.

The twinkle in her eye from the morning sun was almost enough to drive the bright glow out from her eyes, but she continued to shine. Tali wrapped her arms around the child and rolled around in a playful frenzy. Nadja'Zorah Shepard sat on her mouth's chest laughing with glee and happiness. She had grown to the age of seven and she had impressed everyone with her quick recovery rate and her amazing immune system that even Shepard challenged as a joke.

Shepard rolled onto his side and ran his hand through the soft purple hair of his daughter. They had kept it cut short to keep the tradition of the quarian hair intact though some had already began to let it grow out into long flowing waves.

Shala had become head of the quarian home colony that had finally grown into an actual city instead of a mass campsite. The Conclave had also stayed in tact, keeping the quarian government going strong. The Admiralty board had almost been completely shattered from the fighting and had been replaced by a new body of government that Tali and Shepard had been asked to be a part of which they accepted under the condition of simply being advisors and not actual officials. Shala understood their reasoning and happily accepted their change in her plan, knowing they just wanted to rest and enjoy their lives.

Giggling had filled the house that sat on the hill as Tali's hands slid across the soft stomach of her daughter causing squeals of glee and laughter to erupt. Shepard had slid to the bottom of the bed, attacking her feet with his many fingers. Nadja thrashed with laughter, trying hopelessly to escape the grip of her parents. They let her go and she jumped from the bed, flushed in the face, her hair a mess. She stared at them with wild eyes before she ran out of the room and back to her room.

Tali and John held each other close as they marveled at their creation. They had fought so hard and so long for this and now it was real and there was nothing except for a few rogue pirates left in the galaxy. Tali looked into Shepard's eyes again. They slowly closed as they began to kiss again, the feelings of excitement and happiness, again, flooding her body.

"EWWW!" echoed a disturbingly exaggerated voice from the hall. "Mom and Dad are kissing again! That's sick!"

"You'll understand someday!" Shepard yelled, not breaking his gaze from the sight in front of him. Tali played with his hands, trying to contain the laughter that had cracked a smile on her face causing her to bite her lip defensively.

"Ya Right! I will never understand that!" Nadja mocked.

Shepard and Tali could only laugh as they began kissing again. More sickening noise came from the hallway before they heard the feet runaway again.

"I still can't believe we made it this far…" Tali whispered into Shepard's lips where hers hovered close to.

"It was all because of you…" Shepard whispered back.

"I'm glad that we can have this new beginning… a better life…"

"Dawn of a new beginning…" Shepard whispered as he looked out the window at the soft light of dawn breaking through the small wispy cloud cover. The warmth of his wife warmed him as much as the sense of home warmed his soul. He truly felt he was home and in the right time of place this time. He had deserved it.