Dylandy's Pub. Estbalished 2307

"Just give him a job Lyle."

Lyle Dylandy turned round to look at his twin brother who rested against the inside of the bar, turning away from the young boy on the other side.

"He's not eighteen yet."

Neil shrugged. "Neither is Feldt."

"That's because she only runs food and we don't need another food runner. Besides, her parents worked for ours. We can't really turn her down now they're dead."

"Put him round pot-wash then. That way, the others are free to do their own jobs on a busy shift. Tieria was really upset at having to wash up the other night. He sulked in that office with the computer for two hours afterwards. The kid clearly wants a job."

"Yeah, but-" Neil quickly glanced at the boy before them and stepped back to his brother. He spoke in a low voice. "Look, I just don't want to have any more of those weirdoes you keep employing."

His twin gave him a look of surprised confusion. "What weirdoes?"

"What weirdoes! Tieria for a start."

"So he's a little pretty."

"He's not just a little pretty. Have you even found out what he is yet?"

Neil just shrugged. "He's Tieria. I don't see that it really matters. Besides, he keeps the men and women happy."

"When he's round the front," Lyle countered. "He spends as much time round the back on that computer now as he does front-of-house."

"He does the paperwork for us, which is a double plus." A wicked grin spread across his face. "Maybe you're just jealous of his good looks."

"For the last bloody time, I am NOT jealous." Wanting to avoid the approaching teasing match, he switched back to the original conversation. "Then what about Alle?"

"What about him?" though something in his brother's tone implied that he knew what was coming.

The younger twin rested a hand on his shoulder. "Neil, the guy talks to himself."

"What's wrong with being chatty?"

"Chatty? He argues with himself. He was scaring away customers. It got so bad that we had to train him to be the chef so he'd be back-of-house, and I'm sure he's got a split personality."

"Okay, so he is a little strange, but this kid seems normal enough."

"You sure?"

The two brothers slowly turned to the waiting boy … staring at them.

"…His stare is kinda freaky…"

Neil nodded at his twin's comment. "Not as freaky as that guy who came in the other day; the one who booked the back room for a wedding reception."

"He was scary."

"So it's decided." The elder twin clamped a hand on his brother's shoulder as he walked past.

"Yeah…wait, no!" but Neil was already in front of the boy.

"You free tomorrow night?" The boy nodded. "You can have a trial shift tomorrow evening, round wash up. Seven p.m. till nine p.m. We'll see how you do then."

A trial shift. That was fine, he could deal with that.

Neil continued. "What's your name, kid?"

The boy straightened. "Setsuna F. Seiei."

Lyle came to stand beside his brother. "Whoa, I didn't know it was possible to be that serious when saying your own name."


"Neil! What the hell is going on out there?"

That man being addressed looked up from peering over Tieria's shoulder in order to see the computer screen. "It's called a pub. We exchange drinks, mostly of the alcoholic variety, for money and we also serve pub food till te-"

"I know that. I mean why is Alle working at the bar."

"We're short staffed and the only person I could get in was for the kitchen."

"What about Tieria?"

The possible man turned to glare at Lyle. "I'm working on Veda."

"Wh-" Neil could see the realisation dawning on his brother. "You NAMED our computer!"

Neil straightened, deciding it would be best to stop this now, before Lyle tried dragging the 'man' out by his feet while the employee desperately clung onto his dear computer. "Tieria is sorting out some issues on the computer, so he can't work out front yet. I'll be out in a few, but I think I may need to help Linda in the kitchen. Just go help Alle in the bar."

Lyle shot his brother a look. "You better be."

Turning, Lyle marched from the tiny office and into the pub.

You know, I could always lend a hand," said a voice from the table closest to the office. "I wouldn't mind. I could even manage for you."

Keeping his patience, barely, he turned to the owner of the voice. "I trust you as much as I'd trust an alcoholic in a brewery, Miss Sumeragi."

With that he turned away from the busty brunette, who was surrounded by men. He marched away, ignoring the woman's laughter in his ears. This was gonna be a baaaad evening, he could just feel it.

He squeezed through the crowd with a few well placed 'excuse me's. Finally reaching the bar, he walked past the cover barman, who was muttering under his breath.

"No, I can't do that."

"But he was extremely rude."

"I won't do it."

"Oh great," Dylandy muttered, "I get to share the shift with Gollum."

Neil walked out of the office and gave him a cheery wave as he went into the kitchen. Lyle just glared at him. "I'm going to kill you."


"Mr Dylandy, what are you doing?"

The last thing the little pink haired waitress expected see when she entered the staff room at the end of her shift was the eldest Dylandy hiding unsuccessfully under a pile of coats. Suffice to say, Feldt was taken aback.

"Hiding," the man offered, by way of explanation. When Feldt continued to look confused, he expanded, "From Lyle. Tonight went really badly, what with the dye prank, Alle's grouchy side coming out and..." he trailed off and shuddered. "He's 'a little' mad at me."

"Oh I see, Mr Dylandy."

Neil sighed and stood up, coats falling around him. "I've told you, it's Neil." He brushed a few remaining coats off of him.

"Oh no, I couldn't."

"Nonsense. Everyone calls me Neil…except for Tieria that is, but he's just Tieria. Try it."

"I sho-"

"Nope, that's not it. It's Ne-i-l."

Feldt looked up at him. "Neil."

The man grinned widely. "That's it. Now, make sure to say that from now on. I'd better let you get changed now."

"No, wait."

Neil turned round and raised an eyebrow. "You want me to stay and watch you change?"

The girl's eyes flew wide open and her cheeks went crimson. "No! I just…" she put down her apron on a table, next to her bag. Unzipping the main bag pocket she dug around and pulled out a small tin. Taking off the lid she turned round and held it out to the attractive employer. Her cheeks were still red. "Erm, I made some cookies for-"

The door to the staff room burst open. "Neil! You cowardly brother of mine! So this is where… Ooooh, cookies." Lyle spotted the double chocolate chip cookies in the young waitress's hands and plucked the tin away from her.

The shy girl lifted her hand, but didn't quite have the courage to snatch the biscuits back. "No – I .. they.." she tried to explain that she'd made them for the other twin but the words got stuck in her throat.

He didn't seem to hear, instead taking a large bite from one. "Mmmm, good cookies Feldt." He suddenly stopped and looked at the girl. She wasn't sure if the guilty expression had anything to do with the theft of her loving labour.

"Feldt, you know you keep your puppy in the pen in the back of the bar garden?"

The beginning of nerves rising could be felt in her gut. "Yes?"

"Well, you know he sometimes escapes."

The nerves were starting to turn to fear. "Yes?"

"Well, you know that prank earlier in the shift…."

He opened the door and picked up a small bundle. He held it out to her. It barked and she realised it was her puppy. Her eyes filled up with tears as she gazed upon her dear little dog, no longer snow white but bright orange.



Setsuna looked up at the wail, as he waited outside the team room. Alle stopped beside him, his arms full of bottles of cider; his mood was back to its 'normal' calm, kind state. Feeling for the new kid, he tried to reassure him. "It's not normally like this."

The boy turned to look at him.

"Not every shift anyway."

The boy continued staring at him.

"We occasionally have normal shifts."

The kid looked back at the door.

'At least he'd fit in with everyone here,' Alle thought, as he shook his head and walked off to restock the bar and assist Tieria.


Lyle walked out of the team room, where Feldt quietly sobbed over her puppy while Neil tried to comfort her.

"At least you'll be able to spot him more easily when you take him for walks."

Feldt just continued sobbing. Lyle was glad when the door closed behind him. Jesus, that had been awkward. He turned to find himself nearly tripping over the new boy. "Oh, good work Setsuna."

"So do I have the job?"

Lyle sighed. He couldn't turn the kid down now, not after he'd stayed for an extra hour. "I guess so. No reason to turn you down."

"Thank you."

Alle walked back through the corridor. His arms encumbered by the remaining plates. Setsuna turned and walked back towards his new co-worker.

"Hey where are you going? You've finished, you don't have to do those."

The boy turned round briefly. "I am the dishwasher."

Lyle groaned and ran a hand through his hair. "Great, just what I need to make today prefect, another weirdo working for me."


Hey guys, I hope everyone enjoyed that as this is my first Gundam 00 fanfic. Just a quick note; as I said in the summary, this was written for a friend of mine; messangercat, based on her t-shirt while we were waiting in line at Amecon. She's a great written who does great Gundam 00 fanfiction, so please go check her out (she's in my favourite author list).