Chapter LV — Epilogue

Two years later …

Harry walked into Potter Manor after a hard day of Quidditch practice. Ed had kept the team back doing drills repeatedly for hours longer then normal. He was determined to get the team into the championship once again. P ride of Portree had been doing amazing ever since Ron and Harry had joined the team. They had been in the championship both years, but had yet to win it. Ed was determined that it would be this year. Harry had been so overworked that he had even asked Ron if Ed knew Oliver Wood. Oliver had been the Gryffindor Quidditch keeper and coach before Ron had joined the team and he had been almost insane towards his last year when it came to winning. Fred and George still liked to joke about it whenever they seen him.

Harry glanced down at his watch as he headed upstairs into his and Ginny's bedroom. She would still be teaching at the school so he figured that he would have enough time to shower before he surprised her. He wanted to take her out some place wonderful since she hadn't been feeling well lately. She seemed to have some sort of flu or something. He shrugged off his worries as he stripped out of his dirty clothes and hopped into the shower. Harry usually showered in the locker rooms, but Ed had kept the team so long that as soon as he had allowed them to go, everyone had grabbed their gear and went home as fast as they possibly could. He lathered the shampoo in his hands and scrubbed his head clean. It had been the worst day for practice too. It had been raining all day, and the pitch was mud. He was filthy.

As he washed himself, he thought of his plans for his wife for the evening. Even though their second year anniversary was coming up, Harry still couldn't believe that they were married. Tonight he planned to take her out for a nice romantic dinner and then he was going to take her out dancing. He knew how much Ginny enjoyed dancing and thought that it was the perfect way to cheer her up. He sighed as he shut off the water and dried himself off before slipping into some clean clothes. She had been really ill lately, and he wanted to make sure that she was better soon. He hated to see her in any kind of pain. He and Ginny were really close and he loved it. His team mates teased him all the time, said that he had been whipped into shape. Harry didn't mind, he loved everything Ginny did and he didn't mind in the least when she fussed over him. He enjoyed it actually.

At twenty years old, he was for the first time in his life, perfectly happy. Ginny was nineteen now and she had been teaching at the primary school since it opened. She loved every minute of her job. Harry grinned to himself and headed downstairs to find Dobby. He had to remind the elf that they wouldn't be needing their services for the evening. As he hurried down the stairs, he almost ran right into Ginny who had a huge grin on her face and was trembling.

"Ginny? What are you doing home so early?" Harry asked, taking her hand and pulling her back up into the bedroom. He pushed her down into their favourite leather armchair and then knelt down in front of her. "Honey, you're trembling, what's wrong?"

Ginny continued to tremble as she smiled at Harry. She shook her head no and slid her hands through Harry's dark locks. "Oh Harry."

"What? I'm right here, Gin, what's wrong? Are you still sick?" Harry asked. He didn't understand why she was trembling but grinning at him.

Ginny laughed and brought his hand to her lips to kiss it. "No baby, nothing is wrong. And I'm not sick. But I do have some wonderful news."

Harry arched his head under her hands. He loved it when she had her hands in his hair. "What kind of news?"

Ginny smiled warmly at him and took his hands and placed them on her stomach. "Harry, we're going to have babies."

Harry gave his wife a lopsided grin. "Babies? Don't you mean baby?" He asked as he looked down at the hand that she had placed on her flat stomach.

Ginny shook her head, no, grinning. "No babies. I went to St. Mungo's today since I still wasn't feeling so well. And they examined me. You know how in the magical world they can tell more about the baby then they can in the muggle world. Well, they looked me over to see if I was sick and well … I'm pregnant with twins."

"Twins?" Harry exclaimed. "Seriously?"

Ginny nodded as she watched the light of joy dance in his gorgeous emerald green eyes. "Yes."

Harry continued to stare at her stomach. "There's two in there?"

Ginny laughed and leaned down to kiss him softly. "Two boys."

Harry paled. "Oh no, Fred and George junior!"

Ginny laughed and giggled when he picked her up into his arms and swung her in a circle around the room. "They will hopefully be better behaved. We don't need you to get grey hairs early."

Harry kissed her softly. "I love you. I'm going to be a dad!"

Ginny nodded. "You're going to be a wonderful dad." Then she pulled his mouth back down to hers and grinned when he pushed her down onto their bed. She smiled up at him and arched to meet his lips, grinning. "I love you, Harry."

Harry smiled as he leaned down to nuzzle her neck. "I love you, too."

Seven months later …

Harry held Ginny's hand, or she was breaking his hand, as he sat on the bed next to her in the maternity ward of St. Mungo's. Even with magic and healers around, labour was still very intense for a woman and Harry wished that he could stop the pain for her. She had been like this for over four hours and he just wanted to scoop her up into his arms and take all of the pain away. As he tried not to wince from the pain in his own hand he heard the healer speak.

"I see a head, Lady Potter, just keep pushing."

Ginny nodded as she bit down on her bottom lip and squeezed Harry's hand even harder. She moaned as she pushed, willing the baby to come out. "I can't push any more. It hurts." Ginny whispered.

Harry brought their joined hands to his lips and kissed them softly. "Of course you can, baby."

"Don't baby me Harry James Potter; you're the prat that got me into this damn situation in the first place!"

Healer Davis just smiled at Harry. "Don't worry about her. Most women seem to need to curse their husbands. Just be thankful that she doesn't have her wand with her."

Ginny glared at the healer and then before she could speak she sighed in relief as she felt the first infant slip from her body. "Is he alright? Is he beautiful?"

Healer Davis nodded. "It's a boy and he's perfect. Now keep pushing, Lady Potter, we need to get his brother out of there."

Harry looked over at the tiny infant with wonder in his eyes as he watched the nurse clean him up. He couldn't see much but he did see a head of messy black hair that made him smile. He looked down at his wife and watched as she struggled to bring their second son into the world. Her beautiful red hair was pulled back into a pony tail and sweat was dripping down her face and down her neck. Her face was red from pushing and from her heavy breathing. S he had no makeup on and wore a hospital gown, but Harry thought that she was the most amazingly beautiful woman that he had ever laid eyes on and he was so thankful that she was with him. He kissed their joined hands again just as Healer Davis spoke.

"Another beautiful boy." He handed the baby to the nurse and placed the first baby boy into Ginny's outstretched arms. "Your other son will be here in a moment."

Ginny smiled up at Harry. "Harry, we have two sons."

Harry nodded as he stared down at the beautiful baby in his wife's arms. His skin was pink and he looked kind of scrunched up the way Daniel had when he had first been born. He had jet black hair and when he had opened his eyes for a moment, Harry saw that they were his eyes staring back at him . "He looks like me."

"Well, of course, he is just as handsome as his father." She kissed the top of his head and grinned when the nurse placed their second son into Harry's arms. He also had jet black messy hair. But when he opened his eyes, they were chocolate brown, like his mum's. "And this one has my eyes."

"Beautiful eyes." Harry whispered, before he leaned over and kissed her softly. "They are both so beautiful, thank you. You were incredible."

Ginny smiled up at him. "No thank you." She kissed him again and then looked back down at her sons. "What should we name them?"

Harry grinned. "I thought we had already decided that they would be Keegan and Rory?"

Ginny shook her head no. "I changed my mind. Our next sons can be Keegan and Rory."

Harry shrugged. "Sure love, then what do you want to name them?"

Ginny smiled and looked down at the sweet green-eyed baby boy that she held in her arms. "I think this one should be James Albus Potter, and his twin here can be Sirius Rubeous Potter. After the four most important men in your life. I also think that we should name our next son after Remus. What do you think?"

Harry looked down at his wife with tears in his eyes. "That would be … thank you."

Ginny reached up to kiss him softly. "Well James, well Sirius, are you two ready to meet the rest of your family?" When the two boys yawned she smiled. "Harry, why don't you let the family in now?"

Harry nodded and just before he opened the door to let the Weasleys, Remus and Tonks in, he turned and looked over at his own family. At that moment he thanked the world for everything that he had in his life and for everything that was to come.

Harry and Ginny's family continued to grow. Within the next twelve years, Ginny had given birth to nine more children. Together, she and Harry had wanted a huge family to raise, and both of them couldn't be happier with their many children. Two years after James and Sirius were born, they had another son Remus Arthur Potter. One year after that another Potter male arrived, Brigham Ronald Potter. Two years later their first red-headed child was born, another boy named Keegan William Potter. Their first daughter also had red hair when she arrived one year later, Lily Molly Potter. Two years later a beautiful black haired daughter arrived, Morgana Minerva Potter, breaking the Weasley tradition of it being uncommon for girls to be born in the family. Two years after Morgana, Harry and Ginny were rewarded with twin girls, Gwendolynn Hermione Potter and Rhiannon Nymphadora Potter, both with Ginny's bright red hair. And one year later, Ginny had another set of twins a boy, Rory Andrew Potter, and a girl, Aubrey Amelia Potter.

Ron always teased Harry about their being no possible way that their children weren't theirs. James, Sirius, Brig, Rory, Morgana, and Aubrey all had their father's jet black hair. James, Keegan, Morgana, Rhiannon, Rory and Aubrey all had their father's emerald green eyes. Keegan, Lily, Gwendolynn, and Rhiannon all had their mother's gorgeous bright red hair. Sirius, Brig, and Lily all had Ginny's chocolate brown eyes. Remus and Gwendolynn, however both had hazel eyes. Each one of their children were treasured immensely by both Harry and Ginny. James and Sirius had naturally become trouble makers similar to Fred and George, though Remus also said they were very similar to the original marauders themselves. Ron and Hermione had also finally gotten married. The wedding had happened when James and Sirius were two months old, instead of the summer after Harry and Ginny married like they had originally planned on.

Hermione had been extremely involved in the school and was determined to kick off her career before she married Ron and settled down. They were both deliriously happy, though they did still bicker on a regular basis. Harry and Ginny figured that it kept their marriage more alive that way. The two of them had six children and were extremely happy. Their oldest was a boy and the same age as Harry and Ginny's Remus, Patrick Weasley. They then had five more boys: Granger, Harper, Toby, Thomas, and Kevin. Neither one of them planned to have any more children and Hermione seemed to be okay with not having any daughters, after all it was rare in the Weasley line.

Remus and Tonks had also continued to have children. The couple were extremely happy and Remus had even been working with a researcher on a possible cure for his lycanthropy. He even tried that experiment that he had been thinking about before Harry and Ginny's wedding, which did work, but he was forced to take a lot of potions. Remus didn't mind though, as it did prevent him from changing. After Daniel, they had two more boys: Adam and Aidan. They also had one daughter, Katarina. Harry had played seeker for Pride of Portree for ten years before he took over the post of the Defence against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Ron retired from keeper the same year as Harry, but he went on to coach Quidditch professionally. Ginny and Hermione both worked as teachers in the primary school as well as raised their own children.

Seamus married Lavender when they were in their early twenties and also had a house full of kids. Once Seamus had retired, he took over his family's pub in Ireland and Lavender continued to teach at the primary school as well. They had four children, two boys, Flynn and Carrick, and two girls, Deirdre and Cordelia.

Neville took over the post as Herbology teacher at Hogwarts so that Professor Sprout could retire and spend some more time with her grandchildren. He married Luna, who became the editor for The Quibbler once her dad was done. They had two children, a boy, Frank, and a girl Ava. All of the Weasley boys eventually settled down as well.

Fred married Angelina the year after Ron and Hermione married. They had eight boys: Andrew, Blake, Christopher, the twins Dylan and Eric, Holden, Ian, and Jesse. Angelina had wanted a daughter but had given up after she had Jesse.

George ended up marrying Katie Bell, who was working as a teacher at the primary school. The two of them also had eight sons: Jameson, Tyler, Matthew, Nathaniel, the twins Lance and Logan, Mario, and Mitchell. Weasleys Wizard Wheezes continued to be a great success and Fred and George had ended up opening up not only one in Hogsmeade but also one in Paris. The success was astounding and there was even talk of bringing one to America.

Percy and Penelope became part of the family once again after that Christmas Day. Percy still worked at the Ministry of Magic but he deeply respected his father and everything that he had done, something that he regretted not seeing before. After baby Peter, they had three more boys, Preston, Scott, and Travis.

Charlie finally moved back to England and married Nikki Page, who worked in the Department of Mysteries. Charlie was working with dragons still, but he was writing articles on them and he working with the tamed ones in England. Charlie and Nikki had seven boys: Robert, Kalan, Timothy, Michael, Kyle, Jason, and Justin.

Bill and Fleur were still happily married and crazy in love. They had ten children and were incredibly happy. They had nine boys, Henry, Philippe, Louis, William, Jean-Paul, Kendrick, Bryan, Tristian, and Shane and surprisingly one daughter who was the youngest of course, Anastasia.

Harry and Ginny even stayed in contact with the Dursleys whenever they could. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon had finally accepted the fact that Harry was a wizard and when they came to visit, they spoiled their great nieces and nephews, constantly bringing them gifts and stories. Dudley even married. He had taken over his father's job at Grunnings and married his secretary, Janice Cane. They had once son named Dustin Dursley. Dudley seemed to be much better off and a lot kinder to everyone, though he did avoid Harry as much as he possibly could.

Everyone tried to get together often and Harry and Ginny made sure to throw a huge barbeque out in the back of Potter Manor at least once a year so that everyone could see each other. Trouble continued to spring up in the magical world, but all of the Death Eaters were gone and the world once again lived in peace. The world was quiet and calm once more.