I stared out the window and up at the gray sky that cried heavy tears of rain. i knew how the sky felt. I sat on my porch step and waited for something to happen. When suddenly a Dark green colored Hummer pulled up to our sidewalk. That's odd I thought to myself. This was a relatively small town and I knew basically everbody in this town and their cars.

A beefy man gets out. He looks mid 30's, he's bald and has a menacing look on his face. "Hey kid, you know where I can find Quentin?"

He asks in a heavily New York accent.

"That'd be me, pal" I sneer back.

I'm not in the mood for this kind of junk. he laughs in a obnoxious way and says to his pal

"Get 'em Freddy."

Before I can even move an inch the guy apparently named freddy nails me straight in the face.

I lose my step and fall back a bit.

My nose is bleeding and crazy hurts but I don't let it show.

Freddy gets a rope and ties my hand behind my back and pulls me into the Hummer.

My face is sore and i don't have a clue where I'm going.

All I know is I'm in the back seat of an unknown car with some jerks who randomly kidnapped me. Maybe I should have lied and said I wasn't Quentin. Ha my neighbors would have eventually told these punks anyhow so what's the difference? The car stops abruptly and the guy gets out of the car.

"Hey Macho man, ready to move?" The beefy guy asks.

Freddy sniggers.

"Listen, who are YOU?" I ask.

"Not the right question kid" he hollers and punches my face in an abrupt blow.

"WHERE. IS. THE. GIRL?" he yells.

Now he's smack in my face. Spit flows out of his mouth like a waterfall.

"Who?" I ask playing dumb.

"You know who punk" he screeches.

And with that he cuts off a bit of his shirt and pulls it around my eyes.