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Soulmates; Chapter One: Along Came a Wave.

"I miss him already." Sari said, depressed. "We all do, Sari. But Prowl wouldn't want us to be sad." Optimus said, trying to comfort the teen. The Autobots and Sari were in on of the rooms in the Autobot High-Council, where Prowl and All-Spark were being held.

Prowl's body was in the middle of the room his entire body was grey; his servos were crossed and his optics were closed. Sari nodded at the young Prime. Her eyes went back to Prowl's offline body; her face soften and her eyes swelled up with tears. "Hey, don't cry," Bumblebee said to her. "I'm not crying." Sari sniffled. She quickly wiped away the tears, unfourtnely for her, they kept on coming. She bit her bottum lip, to keep from crying. But that didn't work either.

Sari began to sob. Bumblebee's face soften. He picked up the techno-orgainc and brought her up to his face plate. "It's alright, Sari." He soothed her. The speed-bot gave her a reasureing smile. "Prowl woulda want us to be happy." He added. Sari's sobs turned into sinffles. She looked up at Bumblebee and gave a weak smile. "Thanks, Bee." Sari said. Bumblebee nodded and put her back on the ground. But there was no need, because she used her jet-pack to hover beside him. Bulkhead turned his helm to Optimus. "So, what do we do now?" He asked the Prime.

Optimus looked at Bulked then Prowl, then he sighed. "Honestly, Bulkhead, I don't know." Optimus admitted.

Bulkhead nodded and looked at Prowl. "It's my fault," Jazz said stepping forward. "I let him do it! I could have stopped him." Jazz said. "No, Jazz, it wasn't your fault. Prowl did what he thought was right." Optimus said to the black and white bot. Jazz bowed his head. Sari flew over to Jazz's side and put a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, I don't really know you, but you shouldn't beat yourself over this." Sari comforted Jazz.

Jazz looked up at the techno-organic and smiled. "Thanks, lil' lady." He said. Sari beamed.

Arcee looked at Prowl's body and prused her lips toegether. Ratchet looked over at Arcee and took her wrist gentle. "Hey, are you alright, Arcee?" The medic asked. Arcee looked at him and their optics met.

Arcee looked down at her feet. "I'm fine." She stated.

Ratchet nodded and removed his hand from her wrist-only to get a shock. Ratchet grunted in surpirse and looked at his servo, confused. Arcee looked just as confused as he did. A sly smirk apeared on Bumblebee's face plate.

Hmmmm Ratchet and Arcee... Bumblebee thought. But his thoughts were interrupted by yelling.

"YOU GLITCH HEAD!" A femme voice yelled.


Everyone froze.

"What's goin' on out there?" Bulkhead asked. "I don't know." Optimus said. Everyone looked out the door, where the yells were coming from. And saw a femme yelling at Sentinel. The femme was blue and orange; she had heelless blue boots that went to knees, gray skin, a blue and orange bikini bottum that looked like Arcee's, an orange chassies that looked like a hoodie that showed her tank-it kind of looks like Elita-1's chassies but it went to her elbows-orange fingerless gloves, her helm was blue that looked like pigtails and turquoise optics.

The femme growled at Sentinel. "YES! YOU ARE THE GLITCH HEAD!" She retorted. Her optics where blazing. Before Sentinel could say anything else, she interrupted. "My family is missing and all you can think about is your jackaft job!" She hissed.

Sentinel opened his mouth to speak but Optimus stepped in. "Hey, hey, hey. What's this all about?" The young Prime asked. Sentinel and the femme whipped their helms around to face him.

"Stay out of this, Optimus!" Sentinel hissed.

But the femme's face soften and a smile appeared on her face. Talk about a split personality. Bumblebee thought. "Hey," The femme greeted. She turned her whole body around. She put a hand on waist. "I'm Wave." She introduced herself.

The femme named Wave extened her free servo. Optimus shook it. "I'm Optimus." He said while taking his servo back. "And this my team; Bumblebee, Ratchet, Bulkhead, Sari, Arcee and Jazz." He said, gestering to each bot. Wave waved at them. "Saayyyyyyy, aren't you the bots who kicked Megatron's aft all the way back to Cybertron?" Wave said. Bumblebee beamed. "Slag yeah!" He boosted.

Wave looked over Sari and smiled. "And you must be the techno-organic." She said. Sari grinned. "Yep!" She said.

Wave nodded. "So, what is this about?" Optimus repeated.

Wave frowned at that. "This, smart aft over here, thinks she filed a report for her so called; 'missing family'. " Sentinel said. Wave whipped her helm around. "I don't need to file a stupid report!" She shouted at the Prime, her optics blazing again. "Ultra Magnus knows my family is missing!" She barked. "Hey! Wait a minute!" Sari shouted.

All optics went to her.

"What do mean your family's missing?" The red head asked. Wave sighed and lowered her optics. She looked back up at them. "During the Great War, my father was Battle-Bot..."


"WAVE! RUN!" A dark blue and green mech ordered her. "But, daddy-!" "No buts! Wave! Just RUN!" He repeated. Tears filled her optics. "What about you?" She asked. Wave was a little sparkling then. Her father knelt down on one knee and put his hands on her small shoulders. "I'm not asking as a Battle-Bot, I'm not asking you as your instructor, I'm asking you as you daddy." He said to his daughter.

Her father embraced his daughter in a hug. "I love you, Wave. Don't you ever forget that." He said to her softly.

Wave returned the hug. "I won't, daddy. I love you too." She said. "Thats my girl," He said proudly.


Wave screamed out in terror and pulled her father closer. "Don't leave me!" She sobbed. Her father shook his helm and gave her a gentle smile. "I won't, Wave, I won't." The let go of each other and ger father looked at her, derictly in the optics "I want you to run and never look back. I want you to find mommy and your brothers and your sisters. Okay? Promsie me you'll do that!" Wave nodded.

"-Sergeant Data, are you in pursutie of the Decepticon?-" Ultra Magnus came over the com-link. Data nodded. "I'm on my way!" He said back into the com-link.

Data looked at his daughter and smiled. "You look so much lke your mother..." He said, but a loud BOOM interruped him. Wave screamed again. "RUN!" Data yelled and pushed his daughter out of the way. "DADDY!" She yelled. Wave scrambled to her stablizing-servos and began to run as fast as she could.

Don't look back. Don't look back. Don't look back! Wave thought over and over again.

Her spark was pounding-in ways she never heard it pound before-and her optics were wide with fear. "AHHHHH!" A familler scream rang out. Wave tried not to look back back but she couldn't help herself. And when she truned around she saw her father, out cold, in the servos of a Decepticon. "No!" She shouted. Thankfully, the Decepticon didn't hear her. He flew off with her father, never to be seen again.

"Find mommy and your brother's and sisters!" His words echoed in her processer. Wave's tears returned. Wave began to sob. She wipped them away quickly and continued to run. She had to find her family.

"Wrench! Hammerhead! StarGazer! Luna! DG! Mommy! Where are you guys!" Wave shouted out her family's names. Wave knew they were around here somewhere, she just didn't know where. Suddenly a energon curdling scream filled the air. Wave stopped in her tracks when she heard it. It sounded so familler...

"StarGazer!" Wave shouted when she realized who it belonged to. Another scream rang out. Wave turned her helm an abanded building. "StarGazer!" Wave shouted again. Where there was StarGazer, the rest of her family was there. Wave made a B-line to the building. She darted inside, screaming their names. Then she saw older her brother, Hammerhead, crash into the near by wall.

"HAMMERHEAD!" Wave screamed.

She ran over to her brother's side. "HAMMERHEAD!" She repeated, over and over. "Hammerhead! Please wake up! Please!" She begged the green and orange mech. Hammerhead had the body of Lugnut; but his helm looked a little like Bulkhead's-without the jaw-his face, optics, claws and stabilizing-servos were green, his body was orange and his skin was silver. Hammerhead opened his dark green optics into a squint. "Me-Meg-Mega-Megatron." He rasped. He moaned and closed his optics into stasis-lock. "Hammerhead." Wave said queitly. Wait Did he say Megatron?



Wave gasped as she saw StarGazer-out cold-being thrown around like a rag doll by-


The yellow and purple femme-StarGazer-had boots like Starscream; the front and heel's was purple, the rest yellow, she had a helm like Elita-1, a yellow bottum that resembled a mini skirt, a purple chassies that looked like a tank-top, gray skin, purple fingerless gloves and a yellow visor. Wave's second older sister was trown into the arms of another Decepticon, Shock Wave. Wrench, the youngest, was also in Shock Wave's arms. Luna, Waves twin, was hideing behind her mothers leg. DG, the oldest of the litter, charged at Megatron. "DG! Get back here!" Her mother, Rave, shouted at the oldest. Luna screamed. DG was a black and dark blue mech; he had a blue visor, a dark blue helm that looked like a side ways base-ball cap, black head-phones, gray skin, dark blue boots that looked like Bumblebee's, a black bottum and shoulder plateing that looked like Ratchet's, a chassies that looked like a dark blue t-shirt and black fingerless gloves.

DG swung his fist while shouting. "Leave my family alone!"

Megatron grabbed DG's fist and threw him to the other side of the room. "DG!" Rave yelled. Luna screamed. DG crashed into wall. He groaned in pain and rubbed his helm. Shock Wave grabbed DG and slamed him into the wall, sucessfully knocking him out.

Wrench sqwrimed in Shock Wave's servo's. He yelled something in sparkling talk. Wrench was a dark orange and blue mech; he had a helm that looked like Optimus', dark orange gloves, a blue chassies that looked like a t-shirt, blue heelless boots, dark orange knee pads, gray skin and blue bottums that looked like Bumblebee's. Shock Wave looked at sparkling and and used a stasis ray on him, thus knocking him out cold.

Luna screamed again and hugged her mother's leg "MOMMY!" Luna screamed. Rave picked up her daughter and held her close to her chest plate. Rave looked like Wave; except she had heeled boot's and light turquoise optics. Luna was a leaf green and white femme; her helm took the shape of a ponytail, she had pink optics, a leaf green chassies that looked like a hoddie that showed her tank, a leaf green bikini bottum that looked like Wave's, white skin, leaf green heelless boot's and fingerless leaf green gloves.

Rave looked at Megatron. "Let go of my childeren, NOW!" She ordered. Megatron smirked. "Never." He said. Megatron looked at Lugnut. "Go fetch the orange one." He ordered the gaint. Lugnut nodded. "As you wish, lord Megatron." He said.

Lugnut marched over to the door-way. Wave ducked her helm back in and looked around, trying to find a hideing place. No luck. Wave pressed herself against the wall. Luckily for her, Lugnut wasn't the smartest con on Cybertron. He walked right past her! Lugnut grabbed the unconscious Hammerhead by the right servo and swung him over his shoulder. Lugnut marched by in the room, still not noticeing Wave.

After he was back in the room, Wave peered inside again. Rave put Luna behind her. "Hold it RIGHT THERE!" Rave thundered. "If you guys think I'm going to stand by and watch you take my childeren away, you are sadly mistaken!" Rave pulled out two energon swords out of her back compartment from her back plate. She put one sword on her fore helm, the other pointing at the cons. The Decepticons just laughed. "Take them away." Megatron ordered simpely. Shock Wave and Lugnut nodded. Lugnut picked up a screaming and thrashing Luna but used a stasis ray to knock her out. Rave swung her swords blindly.

Megatron grabbed Rave's swords and threw them to the ground and grabbed Rave by the waist and used the stasis ray to put her in stasis lock.

Suddenly an all black mech holding Data flew down-there was no roof-and landed on the ground. "Is thsi all, lord Megatron?" Shock Wave asked his master. Megatron looked at all the unconscious bots. "Mmmmmmm. Not quite..." Megatron said.

The all black con blinked a Megatron. "But we have the Battle-Bot and his Sparkmate! And their childeren! What more could be left?" He said. Megatron didn't looked bothered by the sudden out brust by his hench-men. "The femme that looks like Rave." He said. Megatron's optics went to the door-way and smirked. Wave ducked her helm back-she had been seen! Megatron walked over to the door-way.

MegatronE smirked when he saw Wave's panic striken face. "There you are..." He said.

Megatron reached down to grab her. Wave screamed and bolted to the exist. Megatron stood up and frowned. He turned to his hench-men. "Get her." He said coldly. They nodded and took off. Wave ran faster. "Now, now. There's no need to be diffacult!" Shock Wave said, grunted the last part because he reached down for her but missed.

Shock Wave stopped and looked up the black mech. "Black Star! Blast the exist!" He ordered. Black Star nodded and did what he was told. The rock's tumbled down. But that only encourged Wave to run even faster. Then she-

Made it!

She was out! Wave stopped and lturned around to see the rock's tumble down and block the door-way. Wave smiled and began to cheer. But stopped when she realized her family was in there. Wave's smile disappered and she began to cry. She heard and angery yells coming from inside. Suddenly the Decepticon's took to the skies. Wave ran behind a boulder. After they left, Wave walked out of her hideing spot.

And dropped to her knees tears filled her optics. She threw he head up and screamed. "MOMMY! DADDY!" She started to cry again. Wave dug her fingers into the ground. "No..." She whispered.

Her entire famliy, was gone.

End of flashback

Wave hugged herself, optics closed. Optimus' face soften. "I'm sorry." Optimus said. Wave opened her optics, looked up at him and gave him a weak smile. "Thanks," Wave said. Sari took one of her digit's. "Thats so sad." Sari said. Wave simled at the teen. Sentinel just grunted. Wave ignored him.

"Yeah, but, thats not all." Wave said.

Ratchet ridged an optic. "What do you mean?" The old medic asked. Wave looked up at him. Wave sighed and looked every bot-and Sari-in the optic/eye before continueing.

"After the crying was over, I decided to tell somebody..."


Young Wave brust through the doors of the Autobot High Council. Hot, wet, tears poured down her face as she ran. Alot of Autobots tried to stop her, but there was no stopping that femme. Some bots jumped out of the way in surpirse to see the sparkling there, she just kept on running.

Finally, Wave reached her destination: the court room. (A/N/ I didn't know what else to call it, sorry! XP) Where Ultra Magnus was. She brust through the doors and ran up to the middle of the room. Wave stopped to to catch her breath. All optics when to the young femme. "What is the meaning of this?" Ultra Magnus boomed. Wave stairghtened up and looked at the Magnus in the optics.

"My family! It's my family, sir! Decepticons took them! I manged to get away but they have my family! You have help me!" Wave said in a ramble. Ultra Magnus looked down a the sparkling. "Who are you?" He asked. Wave looked at him. "I'm Data's daughter, sir! And, like I said, he's been kidnapped!" Wave said in yet another rush.

Ultra Magnus nodded. "I see." He said. Wave was getting impaicent; why wasn't he helping her? "Right. I need your help! We have to find them!" Wave said. Ultra Magnus sighed. He put his servos behind his back plate.

"Your father and mother were great warriors, they fought well, but I'm afraid that there is nothing we can do." He said.

Wave's spark nearly stopped.

"Wait." She said. "So, your saying that we should do nothing? And let Megatron get away with this?" Wave couldn't believe this! "I'm sorry," he said, "but, like I said, there is nothing we can do. Their in Decepticon servos now." Wave's tears were slowly returning. "I-I I don't understand." Wave stammered. "We can't get them back. I'm sorry." He said. Wave's mouth fell open. "But you don't understand! They have my whole family! My brother's and my sister's and-" Wave said in a rush but Ultra banged is hammer down.

"Thats enough!" He thundered.

Wave bit her lip. She wasn't afraid, she was startled by the bang. "We have nothing more to disscuse." He hissed. Ultra nodde his head to two Elite graudsmen. "Take her away." Ultra Magnus said.

Wave blinked. "What?" She said.

"C'mon kid, lets go." One of the graudsmen said.

One graudsmen took her right elbow, the other took her left elbow. Wave screamed and trashed at the but they didn't even flinch. Wave's eyes were blazing with anger and it was all directed at Ultra Magnus. "YOU DON'T DESERVE THAT HAMMER!" Wave screamed at him. "YOUR NO MAGNUS! I BET YOU HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN A DECEPTICON!" Wave screamed. Wave was still screaming at the Magnus when the graudsmen put down, no, threw her outside.

The gruadsmen were laughing and talking about her as the went back inside. After they left, Wave began to panic. Where will she go? What will she eat? "What am I gonna do?" Wave asked herself, over and over again.

Suddenly she felt a hand rest on her shoulder. "Huh?" Wave rasped and looked up to see a mech that Cybertron knew as, Yoketron. "I could help you." He said to her with a kind smile. Wave smiled back. "I'm Wave."

"I am Yoketron." He said to her.

End of flashback.

Everyone gasped. "Ultra Magnus wouldn't help you?" Optimus asked, shocked. Wave nodded. "Sad, but true." She said. Wave looked at the shocked bots. She glanced up at Sari; Sari was just as shocked as the Autobots. Sentinel, on the other servo, didn't belive her, not one bit. Wave sighed. "Okay, look; I don't care if you guys belive me or not, but it's the truth." Wave said.

Ratchet looked Wave up and down, then his optics widened in shock. Then the returned to normal. "She's telling the truth." Ratchet said. Arcee looked up at him. "Ratchet, are you sure?" Arcee asked him.

The medic nodded. "Yeah, I'm sure." He said. He looked at Wave in the optics. "In fact, I was there. And, plus," Ratchet said mostly to Wave, "I knew your father." Wave blinked twice. "Then why didn't you help me?" Wave asked queitly. Ratchet shoulder plates dropped. "I wanted to help, but Ultra Magnus said 'no'." He said. Jazz looked at Wave. "Wait a nano click, you knew Yoketron?" He asked. Wave nodded. "After I lost my family, Yoketron was like a second father to me; he took me in, he would try to help me find my family, train me and keep a roof over my helm." Wave explained with a small smile.

Sentinel grunted. "Yeah but looking for you 'family' was a total waste of a life cycle. They weren't even that importent anyway." Sentinel said coldly. (A/N/: This where you guys go oohhhhh.) Wave froze up for a cycle, did she hear right?

With gritted dental plate's, Wave slowly truned around, her optics glowing orange, "What did you say?" Wave said through her dental plate's, trying to keep her cool. No luck. "DID YOU JUST SAY MY FAMILY IS NOT IMPORTANT? THAT IT WAS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME?" Wave yelled out in rage. Sentinel's cold face turned pale his optics shrunk. Sentinel winced. "I-I-I-I-" Sentinel stammered, totally afraid of this femme.


Wave took out two energon orange blade swords-that look like kentenas-out of the pouche compartment's in her side plates. Wave put one sword on her fore helm, the other pointing at Sentinel. Sentinel screamed in terror. Wave swung one of them at Sentinel's side, thus causing him to fall to the ground. He scrambled to get on his feet but Wave stabbed him in the leg. He screamed out in pain, clutching it in agony. "Oh please," Wave said rolling her optics. "I didn't stab you that far." She said. Sentinel grumbled a curse word and looked up at her. "You've got some nerve femme!" he barked at her. Wave smiled sweetly and pulled out the sword; it was covered in energon. Sentinel's optics widened, his face plate paled and he-


Wave looked at the mech, threw her helm up and laughed. "What a whimp!" She said through chuckle's. Sari flew over to her side. "Oh yeah! Girl power!" Sari cheered and put up a hand up for a high-five. Wave smiled and high-five her. Bumblebee smiled. "You've got guts there Wave!"He admired. Wave grinned at him. "The bot had it comin' to 'em!" Bulkhead said. Jazz gave her a thumbs up. "Nice job, kool kat!" He said.

But with Optimus, it was a diferent story. "Y'know when he wakes up, your going to get court-marsheled." He said. Wave smirked at him. "Got that covered, Optimus." She reasured him. She walked over to the limp body and knelt down; she hovered a servo over his fore helm-where his porcesser was-and closed her optics. "What is she doing?" Bumblebee whispered to Optimus. "I'm not sure." He whispered back. Suddenly Wave's optics opened and she smiled. "There," she said, "the son of a glitch won't remember a thing!" Sari blinked. "How?." She asked.

Wave frowned. "Ummmm. Moving on." She said, changing the sudject. Sari shurgged. "I heard about your friend," Wave said."I'm real sorry." Optimus nodded. "Thanks." He said to her. Wave walked past the young Prime and into the room where Prowl and the All-Spark were.

Everyone followed. Wave walked over to Prowl's body. "How did he get offline?" She asked, not taking her optics off the mech. "He gave up his spark, to save us and an organic planet." Optimus explian. Wave nodded. Wave hovered her hands over Prowl's spark chamber.(Que the daramatic music!) She closed her optics and opened them again to find them glowing orange. Suddenly his spark chamber opened and as did the All-Spark-it was beside Prowl-then a beam of blue light shot into the sky. Sari hid behind Bumblebee, afraid of what might happen. Then the beam came down and landed in Prowl's empty spark chamber. At first it was a little orb, then it turned into a huge pulseing spark. Wave removed her hands when his spark chamber closed, as did the All-Spark. Prowl's black and gold colours returned. He opened his blue optics. "Prowl!" Sari said exzititedly, coming out of her hiding spot. Prowl sat up. "Wher-where am I?" He asked.

"Your welcome!" Wave said sarcisticly.

Prowl looked up Wave, confused. "Whose this?" Prowl asked. Optimus sighed. "Its a long story..."

"So, let me get this stairght," Prowl said, "You lost your whole family to Decepticon's," Wave nodded. "Uh-huh." She said. "And when you told the Autobot High Council, Ultra Magnus wouldn't help you?" Prowl said, shocked.

Wave nodded again. "Yeporony." She said. "Fasinating." Prowl breathed.

Arcee took Wave's hand. "I'm very sorry about your family." She said kindly. Wave gave her a small smile. "Its okay." Wave said to Arcee. Wave looked down at her chest plate; there, resting on her chest plate, was a gold heart shaped pendent with the enichel W in fancy silver writing. Wave took hold of it and gave it a squezee. "Whats that?" Bulkhead asked. Wave looked up at the gait mech then back at the pendent.

She closed her optics, then opened them again. "This was a gift," Wave said, taking the pendent in palm, not taking her optics off it. She smiled, "from my mother." She closed her optics and gave it another squezee. Bulkhead frowned. "I'm sorry." "It's OK." Wave said quickly. "Whats in it?" Sari asked couriosly. Wave looked at her, then back at the pendent. Wave opened the pendent and there was a picture of her mother and father. Her dad had broud box shaped shoulder plates that, blue gloves, a green chassies, a blue bottum that looked like Ratchet's, gray skin, green, blue heelless boot's, a helm that looked like Bumblebee's bt with bigger horns and shappire blue optics.

Data had a servo around Rave's waist, with his free servo up in a wave motion. Rave's servo's were around Data's neck. She had her optics closed; Rave was kissing Data's cheek. In the other picture, it was a family photo of the whole family; StarGazer, DG, Hammerhead were standing on the right end, Luna, Wave, Wrench, Rave and Data were on the other end. Wave was holding Wrench.

When Wave opened the pendent, it sang soft music. "That's beautiful." Sari said softly. Wave smiled. "Thanks," she said, "thats my mom singing." Wave said, pointing to the pendent. Sari smiled. "She sounds beautiful." Sari said.

Wave blinked back tears. Bumblebee took a step forward. "That's your family, huh?" He said pointing to the pictures. "Yep." Wave answered.

Prowl stood and looked at the photo's. He looked at Luna. "Whose that?" He asked. Wave followed his gaze and smiled. "That's my twin sister, Luna." Wave said. Prowl nodded. There was something about that femme, he couldn't quite place it, but there was this tugging in his spark...

On the other servo, Bulkhead couldn't take his optics off StarGazer. "Who is that?" He asked dreamily. Wave followed his gaze and giggled. "That's StarGazer, the second oldest." She said. Wave remembered how every mech would litterily fall over themself's to meet her. And now Bulkhead. Wave thought. "And that's DG, Hammerhead and Wrench." Wave said, guetering to each bot.

"Well, we can aasure you, Wave, that we'll do everything in our power to fimd your family." Optimus said. Wave optics light up. "Yo-u-yo-you will?" Wave stammered. Optimus smiled. "Yes, we will." He said. Wave smiled. "Well, Optimus, you just made my day." She said.

"First things first, we'll have to ask the person who took your family in the first place," Ratchet said. "Megatron."

Aaannnd cliffy! XD Yeah, I gave my OC a sad past. But anyway, allow me to take the time to tell you guys the order and the human age of Wave's family: Data (30), Rave (27), DG (16), StarGazer (14), Hammerhead (10), Luna & Wave (7) and Wrench (nine mounths)

And yeah I made Ultra Magnus the bad guy. Who knew I could be so...evil. *Grins evilly* How well. I explain why Megatron wanted Wave's family and why they don't all have blue optics in later chappies.

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