This is my first fanfic, so i would appreticate it if you guys could give me some tips... I'm not the best at the talking parts, but i'm learning. Also the characters may seem a little out of character.


"Dexter!" I yelled "Can you bring me some soup?" Ugggg I hate being sick, but I guess that's what you get for having a snowball fight with your boyfriend without a jacket. I sighed out

loud right before Dexter came in. "Bon apa teet, Miss Remy MY Starr" Dexter said handing me my soup. "If I'm your star then why did you give me cold soup?" I half asked half laughed. "I

knew I forgot something" he said taking my soup. I stopped him from leaving my room, with my soup and said "It's okay I don't need soup, I'm just really cold." I shivered for dramatic

effect. "I know something that will warm you up!" Dexter exclaimed, he continued by saying "he's tall, dark, han-" "annoying, cheesy, and a klutz" I finished for him. Dexter crawled onto

my bed and hovered over me, my breath quickened as our eyes locked. He lowered his body and put his forehead against mine, breathing in my scent. He closed his eyes, he kissed my

cheek, and rolled over to the side of me. I turned my body to look at him. I got lost in his eyes. I could see the love he had for me endless, wonderful, and blissful. I knew he would love

me forever, like he said the first day we met, chemistry. I was just starting to relize that maybe just maybe love did excist, and maybe just maybe I was falling hard for someone I knew I

loved unconditionally. He kissed my forehead and put his strong arms around me. I suddenly felt warm and tired, but most of all I felt protected in his arms, not that I would ever admit

that though. I curled up into his chest and whispered I. Love. You. Dexter put his lips to my ear, making me shiver, and said with a smile dancing on his lips "I knew that before the plastic

silverware." I slapped his chest, but to my dismay it was more like a tap because I was suddenly drifting into a deep slumber.

I don't even think my dream was considered a dream it was just of pictures flying. A different one going by me each time. Before they could fly away I studied them. At first I knew who

they were it was Dexter and I, but even when a new picture came by it was the same one, just Dexter and I were getting older. His arm was still around my waist in every picture and my

head was still on his shoulder in every picture. I would have expected to be shoked, but my dream self was just smiling. I tried to keep thinking of my dream, but I knew in the morning i

would forget it, like i always do.

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