Human weapons training for idiots!

With the end of the human-covenant war, the Arbiter has discarded his title and reclaimed the rank of Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadam and now he and Lord Hood have agreed that Unngoy, Sangheili, Kig-Yar should be trained in human weapons and humans trained in covenant weapons.

Hilarity ensues.

Chapter one: Proposition.

Lord Hood stood in the command center of the super MAC gun station Texas, you might be wondering what made this a super MAC station, well, it's because it sports two MAC guns, enough weapons to wage a small war and training facilities for the elite of the human military!

And one hell of a bank buster… Lord Hood thought as he remembered the price tag this station cost. We could have had a few more SPARTANs running around with that kind of money spent. He sighed and checked his watch for the seventh time that day, then wincing when he saw it was almost time for the planned event.

"Sir! Slipspace ruptures!" an ensign said from his computer station. "We're tracking three CCS class cruisers, the Exalted Fury, Malevolent Intentions and Unyielding Faith!" the ensign recited as he looked up at Hood. "It's him sir…" he said grimly.

Lord Hood sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He's early, we're not nearly ready. He thought, turning to the command bridge staff. "To your stations! I want to be prepared to meet him head on!"

The command center burst into activity. Commands issued across the station speakers while Lord Hood turned back to the large observation window to watch the three cruisers approach, soon they hailed and were granted passage to board the station.

"I'm going, have my escort wait for me at the airlock." Hood said as he turned and began to leave the command center.

"Sir!" the ensign replied and did his orders.

Airlock-Super MAC station Texas.

Lord Hood arrived, two marines at his side, each were his bodyguards in sorts, one was middle aged man by the name of Gerold Harper, a former ODST from the Human-Covenant war with an impressive record.

The other was Monica Kingsly, relatively young in age, but a hell of a soldier as she proved when she survived two encounters with the flood and then survived the battle on the Ark.

The airlock doors hissed and opened, there in the doorway were three elites, each looking rather impressive and intimidating.

The one on the right was dressed in shining gold armor that bore various symbols across the chest armor, this was a high ranking elite if Hood remembered correctly, they commanded ships, fleets and ground troops en masse.

The one on the right was dressed in white armor, also adorned with symbols, however, this one elite was very recognizable by the two mandibles that were missing from one side of it's mouth.

That must have meant the middle was…no, it couldn't be. Lord Hood narrowed his eyes at the middle elite and examined the shining purple armor, there was also a flowing cape draped over it's shoulders and a very decorated headdress.

The elite's stance was tall, confident and wasted no movement as the three advanced on the humans,

It was him.

"Well, I'll be damned…" Lord Hood whispered before saying louder. "Greetings ambassador!" he said, holding out a hand to the middle he now knew was the Arbiter.

The Rtas and the golden elite paused and stared at the hand, however the Arbiter took it and gave a firm shake. "Fleet Admiral Terrance Hood, it has been too long."

Hood knew the voice well, it was the Arbiter. "Arbiter, good to see you again." he said.

The Arbiter shook his head. "It is simply Thel 'Vadam now, I have discarded the rank of Arbiter for my old title and name." he said, gesturing to his armor.

"And that would be?" Hood raised a brow, curious as to what rank the Arbiter now held.

"Supreme Commander." Thel replied honestly with pride. "I command the newly created Fleet of unending honor, it is a great honor to be aboard your new station and I hope our visit has not caused any inconveniences." the elite said, bowing his head a moment.

Hood shook his head. "No, just the small jump when someone yells slip space rupture." he replied with a wave of his hand. "I read your message and brought it up with the higher ups, they've given their assent, all we have to do is make sure no one dies or loses a limb during this project." he said.

Thel chuckled. "I imagine so, as such I would recommend not allowing the unngoy access to your rockets…or shotguns." he advised. Gods know them little idiots would blow their limbs off while blowing someone else's face off too…that and the thought of an unngoy using a rocket launcher scared Thel in the darkest part of his mind.

"Yes, and I would like to restrict the use of your plasma swords and hammers away from my troops…I don't need any jedi in my ranks." Lord Hood chuckled.

"Jedi?" Thel asked.

"Sorry, human joke, well…lets get started!"

Hood would regret those words in the days to follow.

End of chapter one!

Next one will be longer, this was just the opening.