The Dragon Sage Warrior

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Chapter 3: The Sage meets the Saiyan Pt. 2

Naruto and F. Trunks were heading towards the location where Goku was suppose to land while the other Z fighters were following behind them. The future half Saiyan couldn't help but be impressed yet intimidated by Naruto since he never knew that someone like him existed in this timeline.

"Hey." Naruto called out getting Trunks's attention. "How close are we to Goku's location?" The Sage asked. Trunks looked at his watch and smirked.

"Good news we're right at it." He answered and started to ascend towards the ground with Naruto following. The other warriors saw this and did the same as well. After landing, Gohan, Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien, Vegeta, and Krillin were a little on edge as they set their sights on Naruto and F. Trunks.

"You guys need to chill. We're not gonna attack you so relax." Naruto insisted and that was when Bulma walked up.

"He's right you guys need to take a chill pill. He just saved us and the planet from being destroyed for crying out loud." She stated and looked back at Naruto and smiled. "And we appreciate it that you took care of those goons too." She said eye smiling.

"No problem. Guys like frieza and his dad piss me off. They think that just because they're 'invincible' they can do anything they want. Too bad their arrogance and egos got them a one way trip to the ninth level of hell though I think I went a little overboard when I released 10% of my power." Naruto stated while rubbing the back of his head sheepishly which confused the others. "At his level I'd probably only needed to use at least 5% of my power. Oh well."

F. Trunk's eyes widened in disbelief. Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien were bug eyed, Piccolo was surprised, Gohan was dumbstruck and Vegeta looked irked. "5%? You've got to be kidding me!" Yamcha stated in disbelief and Naruto looked at the scarred man.

"I never kid when it comes to situations like the one from earlier. But if you doubt me we can have a fight to prove it." Naruto challenged with a mischievous smile on his face and cracked his knuckles for emphasis causing Yamcha to back up a little.

"NO! I mean it's cool I believe you." He said waving his hands in front of himself and laughing nervously.

"Some great warrior you are Yamcha." Bulma muttered which caused Yamcha to face fault. "So would you care to tell us your names or how you know Goku?"

"Me? I'm Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze but call me Naruto. As for Goku I haven't really met him but I heard a lot of great things about him. I mean anyone who take down a guy like Frieza while fighting on a self destructing planet and escape is alright in my book." The blonde sage replied and looked at . "By the way who are you?"

"Sorry but I can't tell you. Not yet at least." The half Saiyan from the future answered and Naruto shrugged.

"Eh that's cool. You probably have your reasons." Naruto replied while Yamcha snorted.

"This coming from someone who was named after a noodle topping." He replied and a tick mark formed on Naruto's head.

"You're one to talk Mr. I was named after a root." An annoyed Naruto retorted. "And F.Y.I. my name is written the same way Maelstrom is in Kanji." Yamcha growled and was about to retort until Bulma grabbed him by his ear and pulled.

"Shut it you! Keep running at the mouth and I'll let him kick your ass!" Bulma snapped in an annoyed tone.

"Ow! Okay I'm sorry now let go of my ear!" He begged. F. Trunks sweat dropped while Naruto snickered.

"Somebody's whipped." He said and reached into his coat to pull something out. The others once again tensed up and Naruto pulled out what appeared to be a medium sized scroll. He laid it down and once he unraveled it, a puff of smoke erupted causing the others to jump back until it faded and revealed what appeared to be about two dozen bento boxes and drinks.

"Since Goku isn't gonna be here for a while we might as well have some lunch so feel free to help yourselves." Naruto offered. They looked skeptic at first until Gohan decided to step forward.

"Wha? Hey Gohan wait a minute we don't" Krillin didn't get to finish because Bulma slapped him upside the head.

"Stop being such a wuss Krillin the guy is offering us free lunch. I swear you guys get worked up over nothing." She said and also went over to the unraveled food and beverages. They both picked up a bento box and opened it, and Bulma's had rice and steak strips inside while Gohan's had beef ramen. There were chopsticks attached to the box so they pulled them off and used the chopstick to pick up the food and took their first bite.

They both paused for a few seconds worrying the others until their eyes lit up. "Wow this tastes amazing!" Gohan said ecstatically while Bulma nodded on agreement.

"Yeah whoever made this must be a master chef. My taste buds feel like they're in heaven! " Bulma exclaimed which made Naruto chuckle.

"I'm flattered as I was the one who made them." Naruto replied which caused Bulma's eyes to widen.

"What? You can cook?" The stunned blue haired woman asked Naruto who nodded.

"Yeah why? I've spent most of my life traveling so I simply learned that. I may be a guy and a warrior but it's not that hard to learn how to cook." He stated while Bulma's eyes were now in the form of stars.

"If I may ask what exactly are you Naruto?" A curious piccolo asked the blonde who looked at the green skinned alien.

"Me? Well to put it simply… I'm a sage." He answered to the Namek. Tien on the other raised an eyebrow.

"A Sage? No offense Naruto but you don't exactly look like a sage." He stated while Naruto shrugs.

"Yeah I get that a lot but don't let my appearance fool you. I am a true master in the art as well as several others I learned in my travels. Me beating Frieza is one example." Tien couldn't help but agree with Naruto's logic. Gohan on the other hand was confused.

"What's a sage exactly?" The demi-saiyan asked the successor of the Rikudo Sennin.

"A Sage is someone who is fully in tuned with nature and is capable of gathering the nature energy around him and use it to increase his physical and spiritual powers. It's kind of similar to chi which you all use but only those who have practiced Senjutsu or the Sage can use it correctly. A True Sage can easily gather the energy that makes up the planet and life on it and use it at will." Naruto explained.

"Oh I see and you're a True Sage then?" Gohan asked Naruto who nodded.

"Yes I've been one for a long time and I can gather Nature Energy as if it was child's play." He then looks up at the sky and smirks. "Well it looks like Goku is arriving right on schedule." The others look up and their eyes widen as they saw a saiyan space pod ascend from the sky and towards the wastelands.

They all watch as the ship lands onto the ground and head towards the crash site via fight. Afterwards, they all made it to the area where Goku's ship lands and the Z warriors wait in anticipation as the pod opens up and exiting out of it was none other than Son Goku. Gohan's eyes lit up as he saw his father.

"Dad!" He shout out excitedly. Said hero of the looked and saw his son, friends, rival and the two mystery members and blinks in confusion.

"Guys? How did you all know I was heading back to earth on this day and in this spot?" He then turned his attention to Naruto and F. Trunks. "And who are those two?"

"So this is Goku? The Saiyan the Kais were talking about?" Naruto wondered while the man floated out of the crated and landed in front of everyone else. That was when Bulma spoke up.

"These two told us. The one with the blonde hair is Naruto but the other is a mystery to us." She answered as she pointed at Naruto and Trunks.

"Really? That is odd since Frieza couldn't track my ship but his was a lot faster than mine." He looked around the area to see no sign of Frieza anywhere. "Speaking of which, I don't sense him anywhere so he must have been beaten. So who was it? Piccolo? Vegeta?" Goku asked as he looked at them both.

The Namek shook his head. "No it was Naruto." Piccolo answered. "He was able to fend off all of his moves like it was child's play." Goku's eyes widened in surprise and looked back at Naruto.

"Really? Well thanks a lot Naruto you saved the Earth big time from that monster. Even my spirit bomb couldn't defeat him and I even went so far as to use the energy from other planets." Naruto smirks and simply shrugs.

"No problem though to be honest he wasn't really that tough especially if you put him in a condition where he needed prosthetic body parts." The sage replied while F. Trunks walked forward.

"Hey Naruto, Goku can I have a word with you?" He asked the two.

"Huh?" Goku asked while Naruto looked back at the Saiyan hybrid.

Trunks pointed to a clearing. "Yeah talk. Just the three of us." That right there made the others wonder why the mysterious youth wanted to talk with Goku and Naruto only.

Goku pondered on this and nodded in agreement. "Sure why not?" He simply said shocking the others. "We'll be right back guys." The three hovered over to the clearing away from the others.

"Hey why do they need to talk alone? What's up with all the damn secrets?" Yamcha complained only to be on the receiving end of a slap upside the head by Bulma.

"Hey watch your language in front of Gohan you idiot!" Bulma chastised the former desert bandit. Meanwhile Naruto, Goku, and F. Trunks landed in the clearing away from the others.

"Hey man thanks again for taking care of Frieza for me. As I said earlier my ship was 2 hour behind his." Goku stated with a frown. "Though I should've finished him off back on Namek but I assumed he would change his ways after learning some humility. Bad choice on my end."

Naruto snorted a little and folded his arms. "Guys like Frieza will never change no matter how hard of an ass kicking you give them. I know this from experience my friend."

"Yeah I'll keep that in mind in the future. Though I could've gotten here a lot faster by the time he landed." Goku Stated, getting a raised brow from Trunks and Naruto.

"Oh? And do you plan on doing that if your ship was two hours away?" Trunks asked Goku.

Said Saiyan grinned. "Oh I learned a pretty awesome technique when I was out in space and could've been here in less than a few seconds." Now Naruto was interested.

"A few seconds? I would call you nuts but personally I've seen techniques that would be considered impossible to the laws of physics or nature. So what is it called?"

"It's called instant transmission." Goku answered only for Trunks eyes to widen in disbelief.

"Instant Transmission? You mean like time travel?" the bewildered hybrid asked Goku who shook his head.

"No not time travel. Your body de materializes and travels into a mass of light. You'd be pretty amazed at how far you can get traveling 186,000 miles per second." He answered and now Naruto was really impressed.

"That is pretty fast. Your technique sounds similar to a technique I learned and mastered though mine is more of a time/space technique. It's called the Hiraishin." Naruto replied back.

"Flying Thunder God? Now that does sound pretty fast." Trunks commented. Naruto nods and pulls out what looks like a three pronged kunai with seal formulas on it. "Is that what you need for the technique to work?"

"Yes and no. At first I did need to use it because the seals on it are like a beacon to my energy source. I can home in on where the seal is and appear instantly or I can apply the seal on any part of my target without their notice. My dad was the one who created the technique but only mastered it to level two. I manage to get to the third level where I won't need the Kunai or Seal but instead manipulate the streams in time and space and convert my body into a form of bioelectricity." Naruto explained to them.

Both Goku and Trunks were gob smacked at Naruto's explanation. "Wow now that sounds pretty wicked. It must've taken you a long time to master something of that level."

"Oh it did trust me. I can't tell you how many times I've either fell from a cliff, crashed into a mountain, tree, building, or lost my lunch. It felt like my body was being pulled in different directions." He explained.

"Ouch." Goku muttered.

(Skipping the Explanation of the Androids attacking Earth and killing every Z fighter minus Trunks and Goku who died from a heart virus because it takes too long).

"So we have three years to face these androids this Dr. Gero character created to kill Goku and the medicine you gave him will cure him of his virus right?" Naruto asked the Saiyan hybrid who nodded.

"Yeah that pretty much sums it up. I would advise keeping that heart medicine close since I'm not too sure on when the virus would attack you Goku." F. Trunks advised to Goku who nodded.

"Got it though I'm still peeved that I got taken out by a virus off all things. It's kind of lame in my opinion." Goku replied while Naruto chuckles.

"What surprised me is that Bulma and Vegeta are your biological parents and personality wise, you seem to be the most level headed of those two hot heads." The Blonde joked. F Trunks smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment and Goku chuckles in amusement as well since he honestly didn't expect for Bulma and Vegeta of all people to get together.

So after wishing them luck trunks leaves the area while Naruto and Goku remain at the spot. "So we have three years before facing these androids huh?" Naruto questioned, getting a nod from Goku.

"Yeah but the tough part is how do we explain this to the others?" The Saiyan wondered before the others came.

"Daddy!" Gohan called out getting his father's attention.

"Hey Goku what did that guy have to tell you that was so important?" Krillin asked his best friend.

Said Saiyan on the other hand was getting nervous and rubbed the back of his head and grins sheepishly. "Oh well it was uh nothing important really." He replied back before Naruto sighs.

"Goku come on now they have the right to know what's gonna be happening soon." Naruto chastised and then Piccolo cut in.

"He's right Goku since from what I've heard it sounded more important than anything." The Namek replied, shocking Goku at how Piccolo knew about the Androids.

"S-So you heard everything?" Goku asked in a nervous tone getting a nod from Piccolo.

"Yes I did but don't fret some of the more… interesting parts I heard I'll keep to myself." He assured his rival.

"Hey come on now you three enough with the secrecy we want to know what's going on." Bulma complained. After wards Piccolo proceeded to explain the situation involving them facing the Androids in three years where everyone minus Gohan and Naruto were killed by Dr. Gero's creations.

"So are you sure this information is accurate or that we can trust this guy for that manner?" Yamcha questioned since he wasn't too sure about this whole android ordeal.

"Better to be safe than sorry," Naruto advised. "Even though the guy came from a different timeline, the future events in our current time could occur differently I mean our fates aren't set in stone."

Tien and Piccolo nodded in agreement at what Naruto said. "But aside from that where exactly did you come from Naruto?" Tien decided to ask the blonde sage.

"Where I came from? Well let's just say that a certain Kai asked me to help you guys face a great threat that would occur in the future." He replied back, causing Goku to go wide eyed.

"Wait King Kai sent you to help us face the Androids?" Goku asked Naruto who nodded.

"Yeah he even taught me some techniques that would help me be prepared for the fight that's gonna happen, some he didn't get the time to teach you when you were returning to earth a few years back." Naruto answered back. He decided to keep the threat about Majin Buu to himself since dealing with the androids was their first priority.

"Oh really? Wow I hope I'll get to see some of those techniques later since the only thing Kiang Kai taught me was the Kaio-ken and Spirit Bomb."

"Anyways Kakarot," Vegeta called out, getting Goku's attention "How were you able to escape from Planet Namek before it exploded?" he asked, getting the others attention.

"Yeah Goku we all thought you were a goner." Yamcha stated. They all saw Goku with a serious expression on his face and looked up at the sky.

"To be honest I didn't think I was gonna make it off that planet alive, I mean when I headed back to Frieza's ship it was damaged beyond repair and I almost gave up until I noticed one of those space pods Vegeta had when he and Nappa came to Earth so I made my way toward the ship and just pressed buttons, not knowing where I was heading to." Goku explained.

"Afterwards I ended up landing on a planet light years away from Namek called Yardrat. The civilian's there were kind enough to nurse me back to health and repair my ship. Once I was back at full strength I headed back here to earth."

"So that would explain the ridiculous outfit you're wearing." Vegeta remarked snidely. Naruto glanced back at the man and smirked deviously.

"That's a cute shirt you're wearing Vegeta." Naruto teased since the man was wearing a pink shirt that Bulma gave him, causing a tick mark to form on his head while Goku and some of the others snickered.

"Hmph whatever, so did you learn anything new while being away for the last year?" He asked/demanded.

"Yea Goku don't hold out on us, we know you didn't come all this way empty handed." Tien encouraged.

"Okay guys settle down I did learn something from the Yardrats called instant transmission, a technique used for traveling long distances instantly." Goku answered, leaving the group stunned at the technique but Vegeta didn't look impressed at all.

"Tch, wow a simple super speed technique. Doesn't seem like the type of move to use against an opponent." The Saiyan Prince remarked.

"Actually it's not based off of super speed," Naruto corrected "The technique actually teleports the user from one location to the next in an instant." The other warriors were now intrigued that the new comer knew about this technique.

"And how do you know about this move Naruto?" Krillin asked the blonde sage who smiled back.

"I have a few techniques in my belt that are similar to the instant transmission but are different."

"How so?" Gohan asked.

"They're mainly based off of me manipulating the Time-Space Continuum by creating a rift that'll allow me to 'jump' from one location to the next." The others eyes widened in disbelief when Naruto answered that.

"Y-You can move through time and space? That should be impossible!" Yamcha said and Naruto chuckled.

"Trust me it's possible but to do something of that magnitude off is extremely taxing and requires a large amount of stamina to use. I can pretty much use it in small bursts if I want to end a fight quickly but if used repeatedly can tire me out." The immortal sage replied.

Goku nodded in agreement. "Yeah it's the same for the instant transmission. In order to use it properly I have to focus on a Ki signature but the downfall is that I can't travel to places out of my reach like a different planet for example unless I move to an area that's close by." The Saiyan explained.

Vegeta on the other hand 'hmphed'. "Like I said, completely useless." The Saiyan Prince remarked and got a glare from most the Z warriors. Naruto on the other decides to pull a Kakashi and glances back at Vegeta's smug expression with a lay expression on his face.

"Hm? Did you say something Princess?" Naruto asked in a bored tone getting a couple of reactions. Yamcha, Krillin, Chaotzu, Bulma, Puar and Gohan laugh out loud, Piccolo and Tien had a smirk form on his face, and Goku snickered at the jab. Vegeta's face turned red in embarrassment and anger as he was insulted by the Sage.

"What did you call me?" Vegeta snarls, slowly raising his Ki around his form but Piccolo to intervene.

"Don't do it Vegeta. He manage to kill Frieza and his father without breaking a sweat and in your current state he'd rip you apart." Piccolo warned. Vegeta sent him a glare but begrudgingly dropped his power level and settled for glaring at the blonde.

Bulma stopped laughing for a moment before realizing something. "Say guys I was wondering… why don't we use the Dragonballs and summon Shenron to give us the location of Dr. Gero and ends this thing here and now?" She suggested.

"Out of the Question," Vegeta snapped at the blue haired woman, "I will not allow you to use those trinkets in such a manner just because you have wet feet woman!" Bulma on the other hand wasn't gonna let him intimidate her and stood her ground.

"Look here jackass this isn't some game! The whole world is at stake and I'm gonna lose my life just because you want inflate your ego into that pea brained head of yours!" she remarked before appearing before Goku with her hands gripping his sleeves. "You agree with me don't you Goku?"

Goku simply stared into her eyes that sent him a pleading look that begged him to agree with her. "Well…" He pondered on it again and rubs the back of his head "…technically Dr. Gero hasn't created the androids yet and it wouldn't be right to kill him since he hasn't done anything wrong." Bulma face faulted in disbelief when she heard the man she knew since he was a kid agree with Vegeta of all people.

Naruto nodded "I agree with the Princess," Vegeta growled at the comment "Even though it would save us a lot of heartache it would be better if we prepared to face him in the future. Besides if we used the dragon balls to find this man we'd have to wait a whole year to summon Shenron again and it would be best if we saved that wish for an emergency." The other contemplate his logic and agree especially Piccolo who was glad to see someone actually use their brain for once. "That and I need some action in my life after spending about a thousand years isolated on my old planet which I saved from destruction and I don't want my skills to rust away."

Everyone caught on to what he said and their eyes widened in surprise when he mentioned his age. "Dude you're a thousand years old?!" Krillin questioned "But you don't look a day over 20!"

"Yeah, I'm immortal and I've been blessed with eternal youth, no big deal." He responded as if he was talking about the weather, leaving the others stunned beyond belief.

"I guess that makes you an old man then huh gramps?" Yamcha snidely remarked. A tick mark formed on Naruto's head as he was called an old man and glared at the man.

"No it doesn't make me an old man junior since I don't age at all." Naruto shot back.

"…Well as interesting as this is we need to prepare to face these androids within the next three years." Piccolo stated.

"Tch, please once I become a Super Saiyan those Androids will be nothing more than scrap metal and then Kakarot, you and I will settle who truly is the strongest saiyan in the universe." Vegeta declared as he glared at his rival.

Naruto however ignored the Saiyan Prince's little speech and glances at Goku. "The Princess really loves to hear himself talk doesn't he?" Bulma giggled at the jibe at Vegeta's manhood while said Saiyan prince gives him a heated glare.

"Shut up!" Vegeta roared as a vein throbbed from his temple and looked ready to beat Naruto down for his insult and vowed to deal with this buffoon once he beat Kakarot.

"Stop talking to yourself and I'll consider laying off the verbal assaults My Lady." Vegeta didn't want to here anymore and instead took off back to Capsule Corp. so he could start his training while some of the others laughed at the verbal assault Naruto laid on Vegeta.

"Oh man that was priceless." Krillin laughed and gave Naruto a heartily pat on the shoulder with Yamcha nodding in agreement.

"Yeah I've never seen Vegeta so red before. I thought his head was gonna explode." The former desert bandits said as he wiped a tear from his eye.

"So it would appear that we won't be seeing each other for a while then huh?" Tien asked.

"Seems that way." Yamcha replied and then says his goodbye to the other and takes off with Bulma and Puar. Krillin does the same and suggest that they get together every once in a while to Goku and Gohan at Roshi's home before leaving. Naruto, Piccolo, Gohan, and Goku remain in the area for a while. "Ready to head home son? I'm pretty sure Chichi is dying to see me again." Gohan nodded his head happily and a turns to Piccolo and Naruto.

"Would you like to stay with us Mr. Naruto?" Gohan asked politely. Naruto on the other chuckles at the suffix.

"Sure but just call me Naruto gaki, you coming as well Piccolo-san?" The stoic Namek wordlessly nodded.

"Great, I could use some sparring partners and help Gohan get stronger though I am curious to see how strong you are Naruto especially if you beat Frieza with little difficulty."

Naruto eye smiled at Goku's enthusiasm and he too wanted to see if Goku lived up to his abilities as King Kai informed him. "Same here my friend." With that, the four took off into the air and headed to Goku's house in order to prepare for the fight that will come in the future.

And Cut! For all my fans I want to apologize deeply for the lack of updates but with work, school, and taking care of my nephew my time for writing has been cut down greatly but don't fret I'm getting my muse back and working on them as fast as I can. Now then in terms of Naruto's strength level, right now I am having him hold back a vast amount of his power simply because one like Goku and Vegeta he loves a challenge and spending the last millennium on a planet where he ended the violence and bloodshed on a mountaintop and being immortal tends to get boring. Now then for pairings it'll be West Supreme Kai, Android 18, Zangya, and an OC female Saiyan.

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