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It had been six months prior to the incident that had caused Alec's blindness. While it had involved much bumping into things, much coaxing into trying new things, and much attempted redemption on Jace's part, there had been good things that had come out of the entire issue.

Jace had learned to be a little more obedient in battle. He listened to Isabelle and others now instead of goofing off. Well, goofing off less, anyway. A lot less, to be specific. And these days, when he came home to the Institute and Alec was around spending time with his family, he would spar with the retired Shadowhunter.

Isabelle had to take some time to chill out about the whole, Alec fighting blind. She made Jace promise to take it easy on him every time they went off to spar, and he agreed quickly so they could make their escape. Alec had actually gotten pretty good at it, too. These days he barely needed Jace to make noise in order to detect him. His sixth sense and instinct had been sharpened without his eyes.

The young man who had had his sight removed in battle had come the farthest out of all of them, though. He had progressed from a stumbling, nervous young man coming to terms with his sightlessness to someone who was capable of running through the Institute or Magnus' house, or walking backwards. The bathroom thing had taken a little more practice, but he had gotten it down, no problem now. Food wise, as long as Magnus told him what it was, he could make it himself. With some supervision, though.

While Alec did miss fighting for the Clave at the side of his siblings, he did quite like the easy life living with his warlock boyfriend. He couldn't be more grateful to the man who had walked him through the hardest time of his life.

Magnus, the most perfect, patient, brilliant man in the world, had taken care of him like no one else would have been able to. Maybe it would have been Alec's stubbornness to cooperate, or it might have been someone else's lack of patience. Magnus had coaxed Alec out of his stubbornness, and had possessed the patience to hold his hand through the entire thing. He'd even been able to put up with the occasional fits about how he just couldn't do this, and kill him now, he wasn't going to do this.

He had become confident, and things had become easier. The more he had becoming willing to trust Magnus, and try new things, the stronger he had become with his greatest weakness.

Magnus had promised to keep on searching. For a way to fix his eyes, that is. Magic wasn't going to work, they knew that now. Not his magic, anyway. With enough research, maybe he could find someone else's magic could do it for him, and he'd keep looking until he found it. Magnus believed his boyfriend only deserved the best, and even though Magnus would much rather spend his non-business hours sitting on the couch with a young, dark haired male in his arms, listening to the television play some Mundane show, he knew that the other would rather be back to fighting. He only wanted what was best for the other.

He couldn't be more proud of the young man in the six months that he had used to become accustomed to blindness. Their relationship had grown stronger too, with all the trust that Alec had had to stand by with Magnus. Alec had also found newer, stronger sensations in some of the things they did, now that he didn't rely on sight to understand what was going on.

Today, the two were off to see the Institute half of his family, and Alec, deciding to walk, was in the lead for the both of them.

He held Magnus' manicured hand in his as he guided them down the side walk. Magnus enjoyed a nice, refreshing walk with his exuberant love, and kept up with his tug. The warlock reflected on how Alec had been before about going outside. It had taken a few weeks for him to want to go out in public, outside. The sounds of the rushing cars and bustling people had scared him while he couldn't see what was going on. It made him paranoid that something was going to hit him and he couldn't dodge. But now, the Shadowhunter enjoyed feeling the sun on his skin, the wind through his hair. As long as Magnus had him, he wasn't worried.

"Jace'll spar with me today, so are you and Isabelle going to go shop or something?" the young man asked, since Magnus divided his time at the Institute with Isabelle and him. Alec liked his boyfriend bonding with his sister, actually. Even if the two divas had been pretty close before, now they were like besties.

He heard the man hum in thought, scuffing his heels on the side walk.

"Yeah, I think that's exactly what we'll do," he replied, sounding excited at the idea of a shopping trip. They swapped fashion tips quite often, as well as criticized each other. Sometimes they even ended up loudly criticizing others in the store, which had only gotten them kicked out once.

"What are you going to want for lunch? Or, will you be back in time for dinner only?" he asked, envisioning the progress they had made down the street to the other home. Almost there, he thought.

Throwing his head back and laughing, Magnus just shook his head. Alec had come so far, he could feel the jerking throughout the other's body to understand the movements it made.

"No, we'll be back before dinner. You're cooking, I hope?" he checked quickly. No way was he eating Isabelle's food. He'd only eaten it a few times as a pity take when she had attempted to cook to cheer Alec up in his depression phases.

Nodding, Alec gave a small chuckle. Isabelle could help, but she just couldn't touch any of the food while it was cooking. The only thing is, sometimes he didn't know if he could trust the ingredients she gave him all the time. That was why Jace insisted on sitting in the kitchen too, no matter how boring it got, to make sure she didn't tell Alec one thing and ruin a good meal.

"What are you going to be making, do you know yet?"

Shaking his head, he turned the corner for where the Institute would be sitting.

"A surprise is what it'll be. You'll like it."

Magnus stepped ahead of Alec, letting the two into the building. He did the elevator buttons for them too, even though Alec was perfectly capable of doing these things himself. Magnus had been glad when he had gotten over his sensitive period. When Magnus offered to do nice things for him because he could, Alec would get touchy and tell him not to pity him or that he could do it himself.

When the elevator rose to their stop, they were greeted by Isabelle and Jace. Alec was enveloped in dual hugs, and he returned the embrace. Before, he had panicked, and the first time, he had shrieked from the surprise.

"Alec, man! You ready for some sword play?" Jace asked loudly, slapping the other on the back.

Alec nodded enthusiastically. "I am, and I'll win again."

Jace rolled his eyes, scoffing loudly, making exaggerated noises of disbelief.

"So you've won a few times," he said, shaking his head.

This time Alec scoffed. "Actually, I've beaten you seven times." And although seven times to x-amount of times they had had their matches, it was still pretty big for Alec. Just wait until he hit that ten pointer.

"Seven, one, big difference."

Isabelle informed him that there was a six number difference between them. That was more than five, therefore it was a big difference.

"Isabelle, darling," Magnus drawled lazily, like a content cat. "Shopping spree at the mall, what do you say?" he asked, his eyes glinting mischievously.

She pretended as if she was actually considering if she wanted to do this or not. She tapped her chin with a delicate, painted nail with a hum.

"I don't know, Bane. I'm awfully busy today," she trailed off teasingly.

"My treat," he said, flashing a million dollar smile.

Her glossed lips curled into a smile. "You have yourself one fabulous shopping date, Bane. But first, I have to get dressed for such an occasion." There was a dress up time for every occasion, she claimed. Shopping was no exception. She had to look fabulous if she wanted to buy fabulous clothes, after all. Magnus wasn't complaining. He had gotten dressed up too.

"Last one to the training room is a loser!" Alec exclaimed, shoving past Jace quickly, almost clipping his shoulder on the first turn.

"Hey! Be careful, Alec!" Isabelle shouted after him, smacking Jace as he tore past her. "Jace! Be careful with him!"

Giving a quick wave of acknowledgement over his shoulder before he turned the corner, Jace shouted after Alec, throwing taunts after him.

With the boys gone, the two left looked to each other.

"Go, darling. Go get prepared. I'll be waiting here for you," Magnus promised, crossing his arms. "Oh, and we have to be back before dinner. I'll take you out for lunch, but Alec's cooking dinner." Getting her out would promise an Isabelle-free meal.

Isabelle gave a little girly giggle and bolted. Magnus took gave a content sigh and leaned against the wall. While it could easily take her fifteen minutes to half an hour to get ready, Magnus knew that on days that he was treating, she'd be ten minutes tops.

Yeah. Things were going great now, these days. Magnus couldn't be happier right now, except for Alec being able to see. But for now, they were all pretty happy with what they were dealing with. He was still looking for ways to fix that, and maybe he'd find it one day, but for now, they'd be just fine.

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