Gold. Time. Wolf.

She can't breathe, he breathes too much, and the world spins. He nearly loses her, but he doesn't, because she is a goddess, and he must save her.

Gold turns to dust.

He loses sense of himself, but that's okay, because he's enchanted by her, and she's all he needs.

She brings him back, and she helps him, just as he does her.

He is blind to everything but her. And all is well.

Touching her, he discovers who he is.

Happy. Lucky. Rude, and not ginger! Oncoming Storm. Lover. Fighter. Owner of the best love in the universe. The Doctor. The Stuff of Legend. Whole, because she is here. King of the Abnormal Domestics.

(They still live in a time-and-space machine, after all.)

Silver bullets don't kill the Wolf.

But Time is cruel, and so are Universes.

It's funny, how she's only just realised how he really feels. It's tragic, how it's too late.

But she knows.

She knows now.



Time stops, starts, rewinds, fastforwards, but of course it doesn't, because although he is the Lord of Time, he cannot control it. The Time Lord runs out of Time, and three hearts are broken that day.

And he is broken.


No Shiver.

No Lewis.

No beaming smile.

But wait.


Could he? Could he do it? Will he?

Of course.

She is Rose.

She always returns.

Uncertain; whispers; fragments; Time rewrites.

It's funny, how he's made it all better again, when it seemed so impossible before.

He always has loved impossible.

He tells others hands off the blonde, and this Time, he has a right to. He has a right to hold a claim over her. Because she is his, and he is hers.

Love. Still there. Fantastic! And she's here! With him! Brilliant!

He hugs her close, and they have blissful memories.

But then she does go. She leaves, because she must. Because she is human, and she must die, some day, and he watches and he cries

and she no longer breathes

and he breathes far too much

because he's still here, will always be here and and and...

without her, is it worth it? He thinks not.

But he goes on, his hearts in tatters, his eyes full of tears, because he remembers. Oh, does he remember. And his memories are magnificent.

And –

Never say never ever

- she was fantastic. And that's what she'll always be. Forever.

One half of the Stuff of Legends. Never mind the girl who waited, she's the girl who came back, time, and time, and Time again.

And look...

Hang on.

Bad Wolf lives on.

And his future brightens.