I would say that i should possibly finish my other stories before going into a new one but hey, i have way too many ideas for stories to focus on one so might as well get this one out of the way.

This will be my first attempt at a Naussica fanfic so forgive me if there's ALOT of OOC in here.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naussica. It belongs to Hayo Miyazaki


Earth: Year 2016 May 16:

Cryo sleep technology had finally been perfected on June 5th 2015.

Hideki Kazuma, age 25, was able to sucessfully stop the ageing process that stopped Cryo Sleep from becoming a reality.

After three years of experiments, had used a small animal that would grow to be larger in three months. He placed it into the machine, it freezed it's growth process and lowered it's pulse to a death state for three years.

When he opened the machine, he discovered that instead of rabidly growing, it grew like it would normally would. It even didnt seem to register that three years have passed.

Hideki's partner from America, Elijah Hawkins was the foremost swordsman in the world, he trained with several swordmasters from around the world.

Both of them were present at the science awards June 16 2017.

Hideki Kazuma won in every aspect, Elijah stood in the crowd arms crossed.

Elijah left and found a massive cave before he came to the awards, he found a massive egg twice the size of the empire state building, the heartbeat from it sounded like an explosion and it looked like it was almost done growing.

Elijah told Hideki about it after the fact and they went to see it. and after several moths they were able to build a facility around it. The Location is Top Secret

Neither knew that awakening this beast would awaken several others, or that the earth would be desroyed in the span of seven days.

November 15, 2018,

That week will become known as the Seven Days of Fire.

Millions will Die.

And 1,000 years later, a young Girl will come across a strange capsule and a Conpierisy will be revealed.

A Repeat of the Seven Days of Fire is imainate.

And a chosen three will stop it from happening.