Your Perfect



Part Two

"How the hell did we get here Sam?" Mikaela asked and Sam responded, "I don't know. Killer robots destroying the world, I understand but I don't know…" Mikaela looked around and thought the store wasn't bad for being somewhere in east bumble fuck… "All I remember was driving down with Bee and about to…" Sam was about to finished and Mikaela was about to asked him what…Sam had the ring in the back pocket and Mikaela thought what this could be. She walked to Sam…It's been a year since the last fight where Sam almost died and they would stronger plus it help that there was no more threats to destroy the world.

"Hold on.." Mikaela said and she ran to the back…As she ran to the back there was Needy and Jennifer trying on some outfits. "You know I think this dress looks better on you.." Needy said and Jennifer responded, "That's totally you.." Needy then paused and was listening to something. "Needs.." Jennifer said and Needy heard something there was another woman walking towards the guy at the door. She had that ravenous look about her and as Mikaela had found her dress. The woman tapped Sam on the back and Needy got in there just in time with Jennifer in tow.

Sam was about to say hi. "Sorry…He's not interested." Needy said and the woman changed eyes slapped Needy across the store. Jennifer tackled the bitch and Sam thinking it was Mikaela was going to break them up. Mikaela came to Sam then ran over to Needy who was little shaken up.

"Jennifer, what are you doing here?" Needy asked and Mikaela told her who she was. Jennifer threw the hungry bitch outside and Jennifer turned with blood on her mouth.. "What the hell just happened?" Mikaela asked…

So they walked outside as Jennifer was washing her mouth. "Where did you two come from?" Needy asked and Sam responded that there car which changes into a big robot was driving them…Sam didn't want to go into details and there was a big flash then they ended up here. "What kind of flash?" Needy asked and Mikaela responded, "Lighting…" Sam looked around and saw a newspaper there should be an opening ceremony in USA today about a museum for the transformers but it wasn't there and the date was right too… "Wait! You haven't heard of Low Shoulder." Jennifer said and Mikaela started laughing because she used to date the lead singer before he died from some fraternity ritual. Sam then ran over with the newspaper and inform Mikaela what wasn't on the front and what the date was. Bee-Bee then killed the tension with Time-wrap…