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It was getting late and Rogue was exhausted but after three long hours in the danger room with the others she was in desperate need of a shower. As much as she loved hand-to-hand combat training, being paired with Gambit had left her feeling a little more than just flustered. Slowly she made her way back to her room, hoping to head straight for the bathroom once she got there.

- Kid your exhausted; a shower can wait till morning. Get some sleep. –

-Eww Logan that's, like, totally disgusting! She was working her ass off in there, she must stink! She can't sleep like that. Rogue, have a shower. –

She had felt the psyches' presence growing stronger for the last half an hour. They always seemed to be able to slip past her control when she was tired and right now she was bushed. Choosing to ignore the bickering as best she could, she let her body work on autopilot as it took her up to her room.

- I agree with Kitty, it will loosen her up before she sleeps, she'll be stiff as a board in the morning if she waits. –

- Yah, Storm is right Rogue. A hot shower is good for vorking out tension. –

- You call that a workout? Ha, I've never seen anything quite so pathetic. She was too busy flirting with that Cajun to do any real training.–

At this Rogue's cheeks began to burn. She hated the fact that she had a constant audience to her life and thoughts but the mention of her previous actions with Gambit brought back all the feelings she had felt during their 'workout' together. She could still feel every single place on her body that his hands had touched; her skin tingling in delight at the memory of the contact. He had been all over her at every chance he got. Most of the time Rogue ended up pinned to the floor. She'd throw him off just for him to somehow manage to pin her down again and claim it to be "a better angle" causing her cheeks to flush scarlet. At the time she'd thrown a few punches and shouted at him, but he just gave her that cocky smirk that made her knees weak and murmured something in french that, judging by his seductive tone, was anything but an apology. She dragged her hands through her hair and groaned in frustration as her stomach knotted up and warmth began to pool between her legs again.

- Better, like, make that a cold shower, eh Rogue?-

- Jeez get a room will ya.-

-Stripes do me a favour; think about something else, ANYTHING else.-

- Leave the girl Logan. We are, after all, in her mind. It's not like she is deliberately forcing this on us.-

- You know there is a way of dealing with that feeling yourself, Rogue. –

- OMG, Tabby you did not just suggest that! Ew. –

- Hell no that is NOT something I want to see. She can do whatever she likes when she gets some control again but not while we're here to witness everything!-

- Well Claws, there's a simple answer to that; DON'T LOOK, PERVERT! Hahahaa. –

- Actually I think it might be healthy for her, given her unfortunate circumstances. It might be good to work out that tension herself as it would prove ... problematic for her to explore these feelings as a normal teenage might –

- Wow Storm, way to be diplomatic. –

- Storm I, like, seriously can't believe you just like totally said that! –

'Can ya'll stop talkin' like Ah'm not even here' Rogue silently seethed to herself but the psyche's paid no attention to her whatsoever. The voices grew louder and louder until she understood very little of what they were actually saying; her friends were busy arguing about what she should do about her 'feelings' for Remy and the other less sociable inmates of her mind were just trying to annoy her while they had the chance. There was one voice missing though and considering he was currently the topic of conversation Rogue was surprise he was not at the forefront of her mind. Usually he was keen to know what she was thinking whenever her thoughts turned towards 'the real' Remy. Also he was the last person she had absorbed (Remy had pushed his luck too far yesterday when he tried to give Rogue a quick kiss on the cheek and had conveniently ended up unconscious face down in her lap) so she would have thought his voice would be louder than usual but he had yet to make an appearance at all. Confused, she focused on the voices to see if she just hadn't heard him over the others' incessant ramblings.

- Looking for m' chérie? Remy's flattered. – She felt him at the back of her mind, sitting quietly behind the others.

"Don't get ya hopes up Cajun. Ah was just curious as to why ya hadn't made some crude comment yet." She quietly said out loud knowing no-one in the real world would hear her now that she was in the safety of her own room. "Ya normally straight in there with a line the second Ah so much as think about having a shower, never mind thinking 'bout ..."

- How t' relieve sexual tension? -

"Yeah ... that." Rogue felt her cheeks flood despite the fact that no-one was there to see.

- Never got m' anywhere before did it? Besides yo'r dead on yo'r feet, t'ought you'd appreciate being left alone for once. –

She didn't know what to say in response, it wasn't uncommon for Remy to be considerate of her feelings but it always took her by surprise when he was. It was partly why she liked him; he always knew what she needed and secretly she loved it. She felt him smile as he heard what she was thinking.

- Yo'r welcome, petite. –

"Wish the others were as nice." She said as she rubbed her temples already feeling the effects of the others arguing in her mind. Then suddenly it was quiet. As if someone had flicked the 'off' switch. All the voices were silent at once, but not just silent; they were gone. She could not feel their presence in her mind at all. They were back where she normally kept them locked up when she had full control of her mind; leaving only one lonely Cajun left for her to deal with.

- Dat better chérie? -

"How'd ya do that?"

- Dats not important, what's important is y've got some peace now, non? –

"Thank ya sugah, that's real sweet of ya."

- Mon pleasure.-

Smiling to herself, Rogue walked into her small bathroom and turned the shower on to let the water temperature build up. Sweet as psyche-Remy's actions may have been, he was still not getting a peek of her body through her eyes so she carefully avoided the mirror as she stripped off each piece of clothing. Making her way back to the shower she tested the water before slowly stepping under it; letting its warmth sooth her aching muscles. Rolling her shoulders and stretching her arm out under the warm water felt amazing but it did nothing to help ease the 'tension' sitting low in her belly. She. Wanted. Remy. It was simple really, yet there was nothing she could do about it. He deliberately wound her up, constantly trying to get under her skin and make her angry. He'd do anything to get a reaction from her and she was left frustrated and completely unsatisfied. She swore, one day she would snap, forget the damn consequences and just jump him in front of everyone. After all, she would surely go mad if these feelings weren't dealt with soon.

- Dat's why he does it. –

"What?" She'd almost completely forgotten that psyche-Remy was still listening in to everything she was thinking. Despite the hot temperature of the shower, she felt her cheeks flush once more at being caught thinking about him in such a manner.

- Remy, he's deliberately winding y' up so dat y' give into him. He knows how he makes y' feel, he's just waitin' fo' y' t' admit it. Oh and petite, y' can t'ink o' Remy anyway y' like. – She could feel rather than see the cocky smirk her gave her as he spoke the last part.

"Why are ya telling meh this? He is you after all." To be honest, she wasn't surprised by Remy's actions. It was typical of him to pull this kind of stunt but she was angry with herself for playing right into his hands so easily. It was too late to turn his plan back on him now, she was too far gone. Rogue was so frustrated she couldn't think about anything else; she needed some sort of relief and as far as she could see Remy was the only one who could give it to her.

- Dat ain't necessarily true, y' could as Tabby put it 'take care of it yo'rself'. –

"Ah don't think Ah'm entirely comfortable with that, especially with you watching. Besides Ah wouldn't even know where t' begin" It was true, she had never done that before. In fact, since her powers had manifested, she had believed that she would spend the rest of her days without experiencing any form of sexual activities full stop. She sighed to herself and dipped her head under the water; letting it run over her entire body, calming her aches and enveloping her with its gentle warmth.

- I might be able t' help y' with dat. –

"How'd ya mean?"

- Close y' eyes.

Obediently Rogue closed her eyes, curious as to what the Cajun-psyche was up to.

- Now relax, just let everyt'ing go. –

Once again Rogue obeyed, letting her mind go blank just as Logan had shown her in meditation training. Her arms dropped to her sides and her surroundings disappeared as she drew herself into her mind, completely relaxing her body. She felt Remy's psyche getting closer the more she relaxed, until it was as though he was standing right behind her rather than being in her mind. She gasped but kept her eyes closed not wanting to ruin the sensation. She could almost imagine his breath tickling her neck, causing a shiver to run down her spine.

- Dat's it, chérie, just relax. – he softly whispered in her ear. – Now let m' guild yo'r hands, don't t'ink. Just let dem move. –

He placed his hands onto her own and brought them to her naked hips. Her breathing stepped up a gear, causing her chest to rise and fall rapidly. She didn't stop to think how this was possible; instead just let the feelings he was creating rip through her like wildfire. He moved her hands up her body slowly, caressing every inch of subtle skin as they went until they found her breasts, slick from the shower water still cascading down her sensitive body. Her hands explored the perfectly shaped mounds expertly; massaging them tenderly, occasionally flicking and pinching her hardened nipples just enough to make her gasp in delight.

After a few moments, one hand slowly made its way back down her body; gliding across her stomach and over her hip to find the crease between her leg and her most intimate area. He slowly let a single finger run the length of her folds making Rogue shudder and gasp once more at the sensation he was able to create through the simplest touch. Gently parting her lips he made a soft circular motion against her nub causing her body to jerk suddenly of its own accord; pleasure shot through her like electricity. He pressed against her again, this time continuing his attack on her hypersensitive bud. Rogue let a moan escape as she was unable to contain the incredible feeling any longer. Her knees gave out and she let her body sink to the bottom of the shower cubical. Another wave of mind-blowing pleasure coursed through her as Remy inserted a finger deep into her heated core; her walls clenched down on it begging for more. He added another finger and slowly began pumping in and out, his pace picking up rapidly.

Rogue's head dropped back, resting against the tiles, as another moan slipped past her parted lips. She no longer cared if anyone heard; she was fast losing all coherent thought, only wanting this feeling to never end but knowing that it wasn't enough. Something was building up inside of her, growing more and more intense with each movement Remy made. Her breathing was erratic, her skin on fire and every nerve ending ablaze. Remy brought a second hand down to rub against her nub once more. Rogue's world ended in an explosion of pure astonishing pleasure. Spectacular lights danced across her vision and for a moment she couldn't breathe.

After a few moments of dazed bliss, she realise that she was in a heap at the bottom of the shower and the water was still running. She picked herself up, washed quickly and dried. She walked into her bedroom still wrapped in a small white towel and studied herself in the mirror. The girl looking back at her looked completely relaxed with rosy cheeks and eyes that seemed to sparkle. For the first time in months Rogue felt happy and best of all satisfied.

- Tu es très belle. It's nice t' see y' smiling again, y' should er... 'take care' o' yo'rself more often.-

"Ah'm not if that counted as 'taking care of it myself'" She said to herself in the mirror but smiled happily none the less.

- I'm not sure if it did either but it sure was fun – he replied sounding thoroughly pleased with himself.

"Yeah, it sure was." She smirked to herself, finally feeling able to play the 'real' Remy at his own games.

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