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Remy watched Rogue stalk out of the danger room; her hips swaying angrily as she all but ran out of the room when Logan had ended the session for the day. He smirked to himself the whole time, enjoying the effect he had on her. It was far too easy to wind her up and get her angry. He knew he shouldn't enjoy it so much but dieu she was beautiful when she got angry. He noticed Logan glaring at him from across the room, and not wanted to get another lecture from the over protective father-figure, he decided a sharp exit might be in order.

Quietly he made his way back to his room, pausing only briefly to give his most charming smile and a flirtatious wink to a few of the x-girls he passed on his way. Sure he wasn't genuinely interested in the girls, most of whom he wasn't even sure if they were of legal age, but they were pretty and he had his reputation to uphold. Besides he felt it was important to make sure every girl felt pretty and worthy of attention. He hated hearing about young girls who made themselves sick because of the stereotyped 'beauty perfection'. All women were beautiful in his mind, not matter their shapes or size. That didn't mean he was going to sleep with them all, he had his 'type' but he felt they all deserved some attention now and then.

He stepped into his room and locked the door behind him, sure one could argue it was pointless having a lock in a house full of mutants but it made him feel better none the less. He pulled his combat shirt over his head and tossed it into his wash basket. He walked across his room stopping in front the dresser to empty his pockets of playing cards and other trinkets he used in battle situations. He hadn't needed them today but he liked to be prepared for every eventuality, especially as Logan liked to spring surprise battle plans on them when he thought they weren't expecting it.

As he laid the last packet of cards down his eyes drifted to the lonely card he had wedged in the edge of the mirror frame a few weeks ago, his lucky lady. He gazed at it for a few moments seeing Rogues face staring back at him. He leant forward on the dresser with both hands supporting his weight. His thoughts drifted back to the danger room session they'd just had; remembering the feeling of her body struggling under his. He let out his breath he didn't even realise he'd been holding. If only she knew how much she affected him.

Time for a cold shower he decided.

He ducked his head under the cool water letting it run down his tensed back. He let his mind drift as he relished in the sensation of the water drumming against his skin.

Her body slammed into the mat with a gratifying thud, he quickly slide over her pinning her to the ground. Their bodies touched almost intimately, his legs straddled hers while his body was arched over her so he could hold her wrists down above her head. Their faces were mere inches apart and he could feel her ragged breath dancing across his lips, she was breathing heavily having exerted herself trying to outmatch him. She should have known that was impossible but he was pleased to see her chest bobbing up and down in a delightfully seductive manner.

'Ready t' admit defeat chere?'


Glaring up at him menacingly she lifted her leg over his and slid her foot up to his knee unknowingly causing a shiver to run through his spine. With her leg as leverage, she then lifted her torso up using the momentum to try and throw Remy off balance so she could reverse their position and roll on top of him. He felt her body pressed flush across his own, her petit hips meeting his and her ample breasts pushed firmly against his chest. Their gazes locked, his breath caught in his throat at the feeling of her body against his and for a moment Remy's world stopped.

Then with startling clarity the world sped back up and he found himself falling to the side as she used the shift in weight to roll on top of him, ready to pin him to the floor. He used her own momentum against her and continued the roll till he was once again on top of her but this time he found his hips nested between her beautiful long legs.

Merde, he had to stop thinking about her or he would lose it. He pulled his head back so that the water flowed down his chest; the cold water was doing nothing to douse his want of her. Frustrated, he shut off the shower and roughly dried himself as he made his way out of the small en-suite before unceremoniously dropping his body down onto his bed. As he lay there and looked up at the ceiling his thoughts once again drifted back to Rogue; Rogue and her luscious legs. He could have taken her then and there without any regrets, the fact that the others were there watching be damned, he wanted her. He needed to bury himself in her and make her moan his name in the most sinful way possible.

The way his body reacted to even the mere thought of her surprised him. It was like he was a horny teenager all over again and he was becoming painfully aware of the hot throbbing sensation, begging for release, that was growing more intense with every naughty thought of her. It was then that he realised that he had unconsciously begun stroking himself, something he hasn't done in years. What had she done to him? He closed his eyes and imagined it was her delicate hand stroking him instead. Her hand, encase in soft leather, wrapped around him creating the most amazing sensations to spark within his body. He quickly opened a drawer in the bedside table next to him and put on his own soft leather gloves before continuing his ministrations.

His breathing became rapid and his heart doubled its normal pace. He imagined her sitting over him smiling down at him hungrily as she continued stroking him expertly; her other hand running over his toned abs causing him to growl in satisfaction. His actions quickly became frantic as he drew close to his end, he could feel it building inside himself and he couldn't wait for the ecstasy that would come with his release. He changed his strokes so that his thumb grazed that glorious spot only he seemed able to find and after a few caresses he found his body convulsing in pleasure. He lay back riding the final waves of bliss that coursed through his body.

As he lay there, enjoying the last few moments of his release, a smile spread across his face. He, Remy Etienne LeBeau, infamous ladies' man extraordinaire, reduced to touching himself in a desperate attempt to relieve some sexual tension. He laughed at himself. All because of some spunky teenage girl who hadn't even as much as had her first kiss. She was violent towards him, she swore at him and she avoided him. She told him that she hated him and yet here he lay, all his thoughts plagued, almost haunted, by her presence and she hadn't the slightest clue of the affect she had on him. Some might call him a masochistic but mon dieu, he thought to himself, the girl was amazing.

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