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Title: What Gets Me Through the War
Author: AnimeGirl 144
Chapter Thirty-One: Aftermath

No P.O.V.

The medical ward of the Moonbase was relatively silent except for the sounds of the medical equipment. Above the renovated medical ward was a sky view walkway, protected by glass covering and spanning over the many rooms below. It was made so that the Kids Next Door doctors could view their multiple occupants quickly. It was currently being occupied by Dexter, who was standing behind a particular glass, staring down with thoughtful eyes.

Laying in a medical bed was a sleeping Alice, surrounded by sterile white. Neatly folded on the chair sat her clothing that had repaired itself. It perplexed Dexter greatly, and his scientific mind wanted to find out what the item was made out of due to its regenerative properties, but out of respect for its fallen owner, he reined in his curiosity. Sitting on a table pad was Alice's NanoCom, which lay upon a small pad, still recharging.

Alice looked better than she had a week ago. The scars, cuts, and bruises on her body had been healed and bandaged accordingly. A few doctors, even adults, had gone to the Moonbase to fix up Alice. Talk of having the healing Nanos heal Alice had been thrown out when they found that the NanoCom's energy was low, making it hard for them to call out the Nanos or to have the Nanos come out on their own.

The sliding doors opened with a quiet hiss, making Dexter look over towards it. Numbuh One was heading towards the scientist with Mojo, Ben, and Double-D following close behind. As the Guides of the War, the Moonbase allowed them to have some privilege in seeing the healing patient. All stood silently against the railings, peaking into the room as the patient rested, safely out of danger.

"Numbuh 90210 says that she should awake sometime today," Numbuh One stated to the group.

Dexter nodded, keeping his eyes on the patient, "Have her friends been alerted?"

"Yes. I've already discussed it with Numbuh 362 and they've been cleared for visit for as long as she is in our care," Numbuh One said.

Dexter nodded again, not saying a word this time.

"It's really incredible that she suriveved," Ben commented. "Even I don't think I could survive falling through the atmosphere."

"It is a wonder how she was able to do such a thing," Double-D added, looking in concern at his neighborhood friend. "But she almost didn't make it."

"Stupid sock-wearing boy!" Mojo barked to the weakling teen. "Do not dwell on the past. The girl has survived, Earth is safe, and I, Mojo Jojo, can work harder to rule it. For this is what I plan to do!"

"After we clean it up," Ben stated, ignoring Mojo's statement.

None of them really took the threat seriously. Worst fates had befallen the Earth than Mojo attempting to take over the world…again. They watched at the medical bay doors opened and allowed in Alice's friends and comrades that she had made over her journey. They assembled into the room she was residing in with Numbuh 90210 leading them in, checking the machines she was hooked up to. Without needing to say a word, the five Guides headed out of the sky view and towards Alice's room.

Alice's P.O.V.

"Alice. You need to wake up."


"Yes Alice. It is time to wake up. Your friends are worried."


I was surrounded in darkness, I knew that much, before it disappeared. I was back in my subconscious, where I first met and learned of Arthena. I landed on the grass and immediately looked around, finding Arthena standing somewhere just behind me.

"Am I dead?" I asked.

"If you were, we wouldn't be talking now," Arthena responded.

"Oh," I responded. "So I'm alive? How?"

"You are stronger than you think," Arthena responded. "And your friends are not willing to let you die."

"I don't understand," I said, blinking at Arthena. "I thought I was dead."

"No. You were at the brink of death, but your friends wouldn't allow it. They were able to bring you back, and now you are alive, but you must wake up for them," Arthena said. "It is time to return to them."

"Alright," I whispered, closing my eyes and forcing myself to wake up.

I could hear the sounds of a machine beeping and soft talking. I could tell, without needing to open my eyes, that I was in a medical room. I forced my eyes opened, but quickly shut them due to a blinding light. I should have known better, since my mother used to work in a hospital and I had spent much of my time there. Blinking, I readjusted my eyes and focused it away from the light that was shining on me and instead focused on the people gathered in the room. I was surprised to see so many people.

"Alice, you're awake!" Mallory exclaimed in a soft tone.

"We were so worried," Brent said with a relieved sigh.

"We're glad you're okay," Trent added.

"How are you feeling Miss Spacebyte?" the operative doctor asked, standing the closest to my bed.

"I feel fine," I answered, surprised at my hoarse voice.

The doctor grinned, as if knowing that would happen, and handed me a glass of water. I moved myself to sit up and thanked him, drinking from the cup of water. I was grateful for the water, and felt it work against my rough throat.

"How about now?" the doctor asked, taking back the empty cup.

"My throat feels better," I answered with a smile. "What happened?"

"You don't remember?" Holden questioned.

"Yeah, it was incredible! You just came out of the sky like a rocket!" Ace continued.

I just blinked at them, trying to recall what they were saying. Nothing was coming up, and it was both troubling and scary.

"I believe I can fill you in," Dexter's voice broke through as the owner of the voice moved more into the room and into my line of sight. "After you successfully destroyed Planet Fusion, you were picked up by the Earth's gravitational pull and brought into the Earth's atmosphere. You crash landed in the Darklands and were brought immediately to the Moonbase. You have been here for a week, asleep."

"I have?" I asked in surprise.

"Yeah," Ben said with a nod. "The fight took more out of you than we anticipated."

"Going two rounds with Fuse will do that to ya boys," Mallory remarked dryly. "Anyways, you stopped Fuse and ended the war! You're a hero Alice! Well, heroine, but you know, same thing."

I blinked and it must have confused them.

"Didn't you hear Alice?" Viper asked.

"Yeah. You're a hero," Ace said.

I just blinked because I didn't understand. How was I a hero(ine)? I just did what I did because I had to. I spoke my thoughts out loud, wanting to correct them. A collective silence filled the room before the group began to laugh. I was confused but smiled lightly, hearing them saw something about "Alice being modest." How was I being modest?

Isn't it the truth?

After spending another three days in the Moonbase's medical ward, I was released from their care and brought back to Peach Creek Commons. My home looked as normal as ever with a small banner hanging off the top of my front porch that read: "Welcome back Alice!" I smiled lightly at my friend's care for me. It was still a shock to know that the war was over. I wouldn't be fighting Monsters, or Fusions, or gaining new Nanos. It was going to take some getting use to.

You will be fine my dear, Arthena said, materialized behind me.

I turned and smiled at her before turning to look upon my house once more.

"I know I will," I said, knowing it must look weird to speak to myself. "It's just... It's going to take some for me to adjust."

You're a smart girl. You'll adjust just fine.

I gasped in shock when I heard the new voice, one that didn't belong to either Aku or Arthena, and turned to find a young-looking woman and a young-looking man standing beside Arthena. Both wore elegant outfits and had blue hair. Where they...?

Hello, my dear Alyssca, the woman said. We have been looking over you since your journey began.

I gasped again; Arthena had mentioned that was my name.

"M-mom?" I questioned. "D-dad?"

The woman - my mother - nodded as the man - my father then - wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

We're very proud of you dear, my father said.

"B-but... H-how...?"

Let's just say, Death has taken pity on us.

I recognized that voice immediately, and turning around, I found my mother - my Earth mother - standing there with a smile on her face.

"Mom," I said, knowing full well my voice was breaking as tears began to form.

I'm proud of what a strong young woman you've become, Alice, my mother said with a warm smile. All three of us are.

And we'll keep a watch over you, my birth mother said, making me turn to look back at her.

We just wanted to let you know that we love you, my father said, stepping up to me and kissing me on the forehead.

I shouldn't have felt it, but I did, causing me to gasp again. How was it that I was able to feel it when they should be dead? Through the kiss, he gave me images of when I was just a baby, and the few precious moments I had with my family before that was all taken away from me. The images brought more tears to my eyes, but I hadn't released a single one just yet.

Both of my mothers stepped forward and pulled me into a hug, sending as much love to me as the gesture would allow. Then they pulled back, smiled at me one last time, and disappeared from my line of vision. I smiled as tears began to fall down my face. Arthena came to stand beside me, and placed a hand on my shoulder. I smiled up at her, silently conveying that I was okay.

I know it's clichéd, but love had gotten me through the war. The love from my friends, my deceased family, my Nanos, and even acquaintances, helped me get through it. They believed in me and had faith that I would pull through and win the war. Without them, I would have died early in the war.

Smiling to myself, I finally allowed myself to relax and welcome the fact that the war was over.

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