AD Calendar

2023 – One year since the United States of America won the three sided World War Three, the US intelligence service discovers that Russia was responsible for the Forgotten Army and the chain link of events that lead to WW3, but they also found that someone had been manipulating events that caused otherwise sensible leaders to do non-sensible things. An investigation is launched under orders from the President of the United States of America.

2028 AD

June – US Secret Intelligence 3rd Echelon after nearly five years of hard work, finds that nearly all European and by proxy nearly the all the world's arm manufacturers are controlled by an unidentified secret group of small size, but considerable political, economical, and military power.

August – The President of the United States orders that the military concentrate on manufacturing their own arms and equipment at completely military facilities, this slows down rearmament, but results in slightly superior equipment as slight modifications are made.

September – The United States of America secretly completes the Freedom Star Station and begins secret construction of a larger station, Space Base Liberty.

October – USSI 3rd Echelon conducts Operation BREAKWATER and assassinates with a crippling strike all of the unknown organizations top lieutenants and pawns in the United States of America and the Republic of Mexico, while British Military Intelligence Zero does the same in both the New Commonwealth and Canada.

November – Western Arms Company, a relative new comer to weapons manufacturing successfully lobbies the military to produce the All Terrain Tactical Combat System for both rough terrain and urban combat codename 'SPRING CLEANING.'

12.13 – With the near destruction of the various countries who's political, economic, and military leaderships were under the control of the as yet identified secret organization, Operation THUNDER CLAP is initiated by MI0 in several countries causing a new round of global instability.

12.19 – Third Echelon is successful in finding the name of the organization during follow on Operation FALLBROOK, the Order of the Library, a as of yet fully identified secret order or cult that is believed to be some thousand or so years old and responsible for more than several dozen of the world's most recent tragedies and extending its activities nearly 300 years back.

2031 – Third Echelon is countered in Operation BROOKLYN, but never the less, BROOKLYN was successful in drawing out the combat forces of the Order of the Library, MI0 bombs a meeting of high level leadership of remnants of the Islamic Republic of Iran as part of Operation THUNDER CLAP, causing further disruption in the remains of the Middle East, and Iran of course blames the USA.


After a two year long and open investigation, the USA is held responsible for the bombing in Iran, but of the USA government starts its own investigation.


The USA conclusively proves its innocence after pointing to conjuncture and lack of evidence while launching a joint investigation with several ally states and involving its former foes of the European and Russian Federations.


Global Powers and Organizations turn to the issue of world wide famine.


China founds its equivalent of the USA Joint Strike Force (JSF), EF Enforcers Corps (EFEC), and Russian Spetsnaz Guard Brigades (SGB), the Chinese People's Guard Divisions (PGD).


The Famine Issue is barely blocked from becoming a Global Disaster thanks to MI0 and Third Echelon blocking Librarian attempts to make otherwise fertile ground barren for their own gains.


The Order of the Library begins counter operations against the New Commonwealth and the USA, but both powers launch Operation TYPHOON in response and secret clashes between both sides Intelligence groups and Covert forces ends in a stalemate three years later.


China's People's Guard Brigade put down a pro-democracy revolution brutally and violently in its first action.


USA and the Forgotten Army begin fighting in earnest against one another, the SLAMS nearly fails when the Forgotten Army purposely detonates several nuclear missiles in space, disrupting the defensive system, but ultimately fails in its ICBM attack on the USA.


The USA is triumphant over the Forgotten Army in South America, Africa, and Asia, over a dozen collapsed states are reborn as the USA begins to share its Hydrogen Power Cell technology in order to bring about World Stability.


The Library begins to enact a new plan to change the world yet as they envision it and counter the growing USA influence, the New Commonwealth and the USA respond with Operation DAM BUSTER, which contrary to the name is a defensive action.


6.12 – The People's Republic of China begins a march towards Asia Minor, the US declares that if Chinese Forces do not return to China proper, abandoning Tibet in the process, the United States of America will declare war.

6.30 – New Commonwealth MI6 confirms Order of the Library involvement with the People's Republic of China.

7.1 – Operation SQUALL is ordered to conduct secret warfare operations against identified Librarian targets and assets, this operation will not conclude until 2061.

7.12 – Representatives of threatened and invaded countries call for UN support and sanctions.

7.13 – The United States of America, SEATO member states, and the European Federation collectively move for China's dismissal from the United Nations Security Council.

7.24 – The UN officially expels China after eleven days of consideration and voting from the Security Council and Guinea is elected to hold over the currently empty seat until the next elections.

9.14 – The Flying Tigers Squadrons or American Volunteer Group is resurrected to fight for the afflicted nations, something that causes no small amount of unrest between China and the USA.

10.22 – New Commonwealth Intelligence brings to light several illegal Chemical Weapons, seized from terrorists of the Forgotten Army, all baring markings belonging to China.

10.23 – The Russian Federation also produces Chemical Weapons seized from separatists that are of the same make as the New Commonwealth ones and also baring Chinese markings.

10.24 – The UNSC orders a full investigation, China is also ordered to produce a full report on its weapons and bases, and China naturally refuses.

11.23 – After the execution of several Flying Tigers for fighting against the People's Republic of China, the United States threatens war against the rouge Chinese nation.

11.30 – The UNSC confirms evidence brought to them about Chinese Chemical Weapons Development and orders China to stop or be expelled from the UN, in effect voiding all trade treaties the nation has.

12.12 – The Enforcers Corps of the Euro Federation managed to stop a terrorist Chemical Weapons attack on Madrid, Spain.

12.14 – The EF Intelligence Service confirms Chinese PGD involvement with the Forgotten Army.

12.15 – The EF Spaced Based Laser System is used to attack three Chinese bases believed to be manufacturing the Chemical Weapons.

12.17 – China attempts a large ICBM attack on the EF in response, but the attack is thwarted by both the SLAMS and space based US Fighters at Freedom Star 6.

12.21 – The US, officially, announces that it does have space fighters, the SF-1 Armstrong and thus renders ICBM attacks on the USA and her allies impossible.

2053 AD

2.15 – The United Nations Building in New York is attacked by unknown Special Forces unit, but the attack is repelled by an alerted US military.

2.21 – International intelligences organizations confirm a Democratic People's Republic of Korea assaulted the UN Building at the behest of the People's Republic of China.

3.30 – Third Echelon confirms Librarian involvement and the DPRK's attack was a ruse by the Library, only MI6's intelligence saved the situation from becoming severe.

4.18 – Third Echelon intercepts and listens into a high level Librarian internal communications about the failed attack and how it had gone wrong and learns that the Order of the Library has made plans to replace the United Nations.

5.15 – MI0 and MI6 both confirm a new Librarian plan of attack in the wake of their previous failures to undermine the current world powers and also locate a large Librarian base in the Pacific.

9.20 – US Joint Strike Force launches Operation CRUSHER and captures the identified Librarian base in the Pacific on an unnamed island, which the JSF names Storm Island and the chain it belongs to as Mitchell Island Chain after the JSF commander of WW3.

11.14 – New Commonwealth Forces deploy to Afghanistan and contain a minor Chinese force inside the nation and push it out inflicting heavy losses on the Chinese Afghanistan Expeditionary Force's lead elements.

11.15 – Chinese Forces begin earnest attempt to invade Afghanistan.

12.12 – China's AEF is defeated in battle and forcibly ejected from Afghanistan after nearly a month of campaign fighting.

12.28 – The Russian Federation complains to the UN of Chinese PGD encroachment on Russian Allies and declares that if China does not stop its actions, the Russian Federation will declare war.

12.29 – Surviving ASEAN nations and Australia with neighboring countries rush reinforcements to Cambodia, saving it from sudden invasion, but its surrounding neighbors are not so fortunate and fall to the People's Guard Brigade forces rapidly, except Vietnam which is hosting the newly created US 11th Fleet and three JSF Battalions and successfully repels the Chinese 2nd, 4th, and 5th People's Guard Divisions along with the 6th Chinese Fleet.

12.30 - The Chinese march is called off while the Chinese Army has swept aside Indian and Pakistani resistance and occupied the northern regions of Pakistan and both the Northern and half the central regions of India as well as invading and annexing Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos and the Secretary General of the United Nations orders China to withdraw as does the President of the USA or 'face the consequences,' as the President put it.

12.31 - China though does not withdraw nor disarms and the President orders Kinetic Strikes on several Chinese bases in China, inflicting heavy losses on the Chinese Military and disrupting its Command and Control.

2054 AD

1.1 - China declares war and invades the US allies of the Republics of Vietnam and South Korea and the states of Japan and Taiwan as well as absorbing the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the US 11th Fleet in Vietnam is successful in evacuating more than 60 percent of the nation's population, but loses half its fighting strength and two carriers are damage beyond repair.

1.2 – The United Nations condemns Chinese expansion and approves sanctions and the raising of the UN Army, but international mobilization is slow, the United States alone mobilizes its forces overnight.

2.12 – Chinese Forces invade the US state of Alaska after a failed large scale ICBM attack on the USA.

2.14 – US Forces unveil their Armored Tactical Combatant Model One or ATC-M1 codename Havoc at the Battle of the Aleutians.

2.15 – Chinese Forces invade Western Canada despite demands and pressure not to, the state of Canada declares war and the New Commonwealth follows suit.

2.23 – China attempts a full invasion of the US state of Alaska, fighting is heavy and Chinese troops suffers heavily from the daunting environment of Alaska and suffers heavy losses in armored combat against both Allied tanks and US Havoc Forces.

3.11 – Chinese Forces in Alaska surrender unconditionally to American and Canadian Forces.

3.23 – The One Week Battle begins over control of the Marianas Island Chain.

3.26 – Battle of Guam starts; US Forces are heavily outnumbered and are forced to surrender after three days of heavy fighting, but inflict nearly 15 times their number in causalities on the invading Chinese and utterly destroy the 4th Chinese Fleet and severely weaken the 6th Chinese Fleet with nearly all Chinese air and armored assets committed to the battle destroyed, though JSF General Jonathan Badguirel and several intact Havocs are captured by Chinese Forces.

3.30 – After committing heavily in the One Week Battle, the Chinese Forces achieve a Pyrrhic victory as Hokkaido is freed by US and Canadian Forces on the 31st of March.

4.3 – US and Canadian Forces invade occupied Honshu, pushing back all resistance due to having air superiority and Havoc forces.

4.12 – The One Month Battle begins with US plans to retake Guam.

4.15 – Reports from frontline units pour into Allied Command on the mass use of Chemical Weapons by Chinese Forces.

4.17 – The First UN Army is ready and is immediately deployed to Afghanistan, but is stopped by short range Chemical Missiles before it could attack Chinese Forces.

4.19 – The twin Federations of Europe declare Neutrality along with several other independent countries, instead they begin to combat Forgotten Army remnants in other parts of the world.

4.23 – The USA unveils its Thoroughbred-class of Airships, the first military airships since the 1930s and raising morale as the Thoroughbred is the first purpose built ship to carry the Havoc.

4.30 – The New Commonwealth roll out their new Starfire Mk. I aerospace fighters, effectively negating ICBM attacks against their territories as well as putting them on equal footing the USA, EF, and RF in global power.

5.14 – After a month of heavy fighting, the Chinese forces are pushed back out of the Pacific, losing over half their total naval might and nearly all of their carriers and what is left from the battle is need of desperate repair and the island of Guam, among others are recaptured and liberated from the Chinese and the remaining Chinese Forces in the liberated areas surrender unconditionally.

6.17 – The European Federation successfully negotiates between the combatants the Antarctica Treaty, banning Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, and Kinetic weapons.

6.30 – Southeast Asia is liberated by UN forces with the conclusion of the First Battle of Tibet, though in order to prevent a rogue nuclear attack on victorious UN forces, the USA breaks the newly signed Antarctica Treaty to launch a Kinetic Strike, successfully stopping the nuclear attack, much to the relief of the world.

7.1 – Leading a mass breakout of POWs and political dissidents, General Badgiurel returns to the United States a war hero and is immediately placed in command of all US forces in the Mitchell Islands Chain with orders to launch an attack as part of Operation ODESSA.

8.3 – China rolls out their new Type 00 Yinlong ATC and invade Mongolia in preparation to invade Alaska again.

8.4 – Allied Forces in Alaska launch a counter invasion of Mongolia and begin the Battle of Mongolia in which the Havoc proves superior to the Yinlong both in technology and pilot training.

8.16 – The New Commonwealth rolls out their new Squire Mk. I ATC.

8.17 – Allied Forces bring to bear enough forces to actually invade Northern China and win the Battle of Mongolia, though during the battle, untapped Natural Resources are found abundant after reports bring US Geological Services to investigate for them and thus Mongolia receives the nickname 'The Saudi of the North.'

8.18 – Operation ODESSA is launched from the Mitchell Islands Chain and all Chinese Forces in the path of the juggernaut are crushed and Chinese Naval Forces are virtually destroyed and the Chinese Air Force suffers near annihilation in battle.

8.20 – Chinese Forces win the Second Battle of Tibet and once again secure the country and press southward, throwing the UN 1st and 2nd Armies into rout and capturing the UN 4th Army while UN 3rd Army mounts a desperate counteroffensive that carries into China itself and flanks the advancing Chinese Forces and forcing them to stop.

9.1 – UN forces begin to rebuild their strength, the EF renounces its Neutrality when it is learned that the Chinese People's Guard used not only Chemical Weapons, but Nuclear Weapons, and 1st Enforcer Army is formed and dispatched with in a week to reinforce the front.

9.17 – The Third Battle of Tibet is fought and the Chinese managed to win it, but it is a Pyrrhic victory as the 1st Enforcer Army performs a forced march and invades a heavily populated area of Southeastern China, effectively forcing the Chinese to withdraw from Tibet even as Mongolian based Allied Forces advance southward, deeper into Northern China.

9.30 – JSF General Marcus Mitchell, son of JSF General and hero Scott Mitchell, successfully leads American Forces to liberate the Korean Peninsula from Chinese control by landing troops at Inchon and exploiting a swift blitz that leaves the second line and resting veteran troops stunned.

10.4 – A skirmish between two patrols of fighters quickly evolves into a major week long battle called Big Week by the UN/Allied Forces and the Week of the Dying Crane by the Chinese as the Chinese People's Air Force is virtually swept out of the sky leaving the UN/Allied Forces with complete and total Air Supremacy.

11.5 – Chinese Forces launch Operation CHI-BI and attempt a desperate all out counter offensive against the UN/Allied Forces.

11.29 – Operation CHI-BI is a total success as it pushed back all UN and Allied Forces out of China, but the victory comes at a staggering cost to the Chinese as their Navy is utterly destroyed and all but two undermanned PGD units are destroyed as the Chinese People's Army is depleted in all its manpower.

12.3 – All UN and Allied Forces are consolidated under a single command, the United Nations Security Command.

12.14 – UNSC Forces launch Operation STAR ONE and the operation lasts until the nation of China agrees to an armistice.

12.31 – A cease fire is ordered.


– The United Republics of China and the United Nations Security Command signs an armistice signaling the end of the war, though militants on both sides want to restart the fighting, these are mostly warmongers and industrialists on the UNSC side and various hardline Chinese groups.

1.6 – The United States Congress officially ratifies the Treaty of Croatia and the One Year War between China and the USA is now over.

1.21 – The last combative power ratifies the Treaty of Croatia and thus the One Year War is now officially over and the world is at peace.


Operation SQUALL is completed with heavy damage inflicted upon the Order of the Library.


International movement is formed to outlaw Armored Tactical Combatants by international law.


The Anti-ATC Law is signed by 84 nations around the world, but major powers such as the USA, NC, China, EF, and Russia do not sign, but at the same time show no moves to replace the existing Havoc in USA service, Yinlong in Chinese, Squire Mk.I in NC, GT-1 'Armadillo' in Russian, and the Liger 1 in EF service.


The Forgotten Army reveals itself to still be active and deploys its Savage ATC into combat with a global campaign against the world.


The Gryps Conflict as the war with the Forgotten Army became known is concluded with the Forgotten Army obliterated in the final battle at the Battle of the Gate of Zedan.


The Neo Forgotten Army arises in an attempt to launch a massive CBRN attack on a global level, but is defeated with in six months and the attacks are thwarted by the USA's Space Station Liberty and its large complement of the new SF-6 Kennedy Space Fighters and Orbital Drop Shock Troops, a up to then secret elite Marine force.


United Nations Security Command is finally disbanded after the last NFA force is destroyed.


US Third Echelon confirms locations of reorganized Librarian Forces, Operation STILLWATERS is launched.


Operation STILLWATERS concludes in titanic battle along Franco-Spanish border between USA/NC forces and the Librarian Remnants, the Order of the Library is left with no power or military units, it disappears.

The end of the Order of the Library only heralds a Pyrrhic Victory as the world…

2117 – 2211 AD

As petroleum resources run out, and environmental pollution worsens, a worldwide economic collapse ensues. The world's nations form economic blocs, and the planet becomes divided into a handful of major powers.

Ethnic and religious strife leads to a global conflict known as the Reconstruction War, while the Type S influenza virus spreads throughout the world. Disease and war produce massive casualties.

All ATCs vanish from inventories as the situation worsens and become forgotten.

During this time, LOGOS is founded, though the Order of the Library is not connected to this group and remains missing, but not presumed destroyed.

C.E. -16 (2212 AD)

4.1 – George Glenn is born.

C.E. 1 (2228 AD)

Nuclear weapons are employed on the frontlines of central Asia, in the Kashmir region.

C.E. 4 (2232 AD)

George Glenn is nominated for a Nobel Prize.

C.E. 5 (2237 AD)

George Glenn enlists in the military.

C.E. 9 (2241 AD)

The Reconstruction War ends. The previous national order has been radically changed, and new powers like the United Federal States of the Atlantic, the Unified Federal Republics of Eurasia, and Constitutional Republic of East Asia have emerged.

Other powers are the United Union of South Africa, the United States of South America, the United Emirates of Orb, the Union of the Equatorial States, and the Holy Commune of North Africa.

The United Nations formally adopts the Cosmic Era calendar and announces a new space development program. Construction of the space station Yggdrasil, which had been interrupted by the global war, resumes at Lagrange point 1.

C.E. 10 (2242 AD)

The space colony plan begins in earnest, and a space industry arises to exploit the new frontier. Construction of the lunar city Copernicus begins with Van Braun to follow with in a few years.

George Glenn becomes an employee of the Atlantic Federation's Federal Aeronautics and Space Administration (FASA).

The Atlantic Federation establishes the Federal Space Force (FSF) to replace the defunct United States Space Command and the New Commonwealth Royal Star Force as well as reactives all former USSC and former NCRSF stations and facilities as well as recreating the Marine's ODST Battalions. The Eurasian Federation and the Republic of East Asia follow suit not wanting to be left behind this time.

C.E. 11 (2243 AD)

The space station Yggdrasil is completed.

C.E. 12 (2244 AD)

The lunar city Copernicus is completed.

FASA launches a Jupiter exploration project and announces the development of the exploration ship Tsiolkovsky. George Glenn is to be the ship's chief designer, and the space station Yggdrasil will serve as the construction site.

Formation of the United Nations Colonial/Space Command is discussed by prominent leaders from the world's nations, but no attempt is made to actually create such a body or bodies.

C.E. 15 (2247 AD)

The exploration ship Tsiolkovsky is completed.

George Glenn's Confession. As George Glenn departs for Jupiter aboard the Tsiolkovsky, he reveals the existence of Coordinators, and releases the necessary genetic engineering techniques onto the worldwide network. The world is thrown into chaos by these events.

In the name of environmental protection, the pressure group Blue Cosmos declares itself adamantly opposed to Coordinator technology.

Consideration for the reactivation of the United Nations Security Command is considered as a measure to ensure world peace and stability.

C.E. 16 (2248 AD)

An international conference is held to discuss the Coordinator controversy. A protocol on genetic modification is adopted, totally prohibiting the manipulation of human genes. Nonetheless, some wealthy individuals secretly have their children turned into Coordinators.

C.E. 17 (2249 AD)

A hospital in Chicago which has secretly been creating Coordinators is set ablaze. Blue Cosmos is rumored to be involved.

Construction of the Porta Panama mass driver begins in Central America.

C.E. 21 (2253 AD)

Construction of the Habilis mass driver begins on the shore of Lake Victoria.

C.E. 22 (2254 AD)

The Tsiolkovsky reaches Jupiter and discovers the fossil known as Evidence 01. The world is again thrown into chaos, and FASA orders the Tsiolkovsky to bring back the fossil.

Siegel Clyne, a Coordinator, is secretly born in the Kingdom of Scandinavia.

C.E. 23 (2255 AD)

Patrick Zala, a Coordinator, is secretly born in the Atlantic Federation.

C.E. 29 (2261 AD)

George Glenn returns from Jupiter with Evidence 01. The fossil is taken to the Zodiac research colony at Lagrange point 5 for detailed examination.

C.E. 30 (2262 AD)

The world's religious authorities gather at the Palestine Conference, but are unable to reach any conclusions, and their influence begins to wane. Tolerance for Coordinators spreads throughout the world, and the first Coordinator boom begins.

The space industry heats up, and construction of numerous space colonies begins at Lagrange point 4.

The Orb Union begins construction of the Kaguya mass driver and the resource satellite Heliopolis.

Formation of the United Nations Colonial Agency and United Nations Star Command is made and is part of the first wave of colonial migrants to Mars to begin terraforming.

C.E. 31 (2263 AD)

The restrictions on George Glenn are lifted after heavy public and scientific pressure, and he begins examining Evidence 01 at Zodiac. The colony's extraterrestrial research organization expands into a huge research facility.

CE 32 (2264 AD)

Atlantic Federal Army secretly commissions Project E-EN or Evolved Enhanced Naturals for evolutionary studies in preparation for a theoretical war between Naturals and Coordinators, though there is a peace related aspect such as the further understanding of Coordinator Genetics already underway by various branches, but none like Project E-EN (pronounced Ian and written down as such from there after.).

C.E. 35 (2267 AD)

The Atlantic Federation establishes a lunar base in the Ptolemaeus Crater, drawing international condemnation, though still well with in its rights, and unveils its first series of mobile armors to replace its SF-14 Spacecat. Earth's major powers begin a renewed space arms race, and the Eurasian Federation begins the construction of Artemis.

C.E. 38 (2270 AD)

The Zodiac research colony is further expanded. George Glenn announces his concept for a new type of space colony, and construction of these new colonies begins. This project is funded mainly by the Atlantic Federation, the Eurasian Federation, and the Republic of East Asia, and the new L5 colony cluster is to be managed by representatives of these sponsor nations.

C.E. 40 (2272 AD)

The first generation of Coordinators, born in secrecy, begin to reach maturity and begin to excel in every scientific, artistic, and athletic field. The differences between Coordinators and Naturals thus become very clear, and critical voices emerge.

C.E. 41 (2273 AD)

Marriages among First Generation Coordinators produce a purebred second generation, who soon prove to have inherited their parents' abilities, though arguments begin over whether or not these Second Generation Coordinators are really Coordinators as there is no artificial involvement in any form with the children.

Muruta Azrael is born in the Atlantic Federation.

CE 42 (2274 AD)

The Coordinator Equality Union is founded to formally to ensure and protect Coordinator Civil Liberties and is largely successful initially.

Communications with Mars is lost, attempts to reestablish contact are made, several groups of ships will be launched over the following years, but no contact is established and the vessels fail to report back in or return, save one…

C.E. 43 (2275 AD)

Patrick Zala and Siegel Clyne, participating in the construction of new colonies at Lagrange point 5, meet for the first time.

C.E. 44 (2276 AD)

The first ten space colonies (later known as Aprilius City) of the new L5 cluster are completed. These colonies, dubbed PLANTs, are intended to serve as large-scale production sites. The one thing they don't make is food, which the PLANTs are strictly prohibited from producing and which must be imported entirely from Earth.

Several dozen military officers of various ranks and states resign their commissions over this fact as they believe it is asking for a war.

A dozen members of minority groups also resign and several parties call for immediate re-elections to readdress this potential powder keg. Blue Cosmos violently begins to puts this movement down, but is caught in clashes with the EF Enforcer Brigades and AF JSF, fouling relations between the two sides from now on.

C.E. 45 (2277 AD)

The estimated Coordinator population now exceeds ten million.

Anti-Coordinator organizations begin carrying out acts of terrorism against the PLANTs. Since they have no political autonomy and are thoroughly demilitarized, the PLANTs are unable to defend themselves, and the Coordinators working in the PLANTs become increasingly dissatisfied.

AFSF mobilizes several squadron of ships and four regiments of Space Marines to ensure peace and stability in the PLANTs never the less, but the mobilization is slow and troops are caught up in red tape.

C.E. 46 (2278 AD)

Al Da Flaga visits the Mendel colony at Lagrange point 4. He commissions Dr. Ulen Hibiki, the chief researcher of GARM R&D, to create a clone of himself. Rau La Flaga is born later this year.

Project REN, the next step in Project E-EN is started with in an accelerated schedule in response to growing Blue Cosmos threat and the discovery of Dr. Hibiki's work.

CE 47 (2279 AD)

The Atlantic Federation Army revives project HOUND after discovery of abandoned Havoc Sniper Prototype and also continues Project REN, now known as REN-12, though issues crop up as expected numbers do not occur and earlier sabotage is suspected. REN-12 instead has 134 female offspring of the E-ENs and no males, two of the mothers also pass away and their daughters test below the desired mark. The decision is therefore made to adopt out the lower performing girls and form four more teams and simply work with what is on hand and 'shoot from the hip' as one project officer says.

Not long after the Project is put into standby and the E-ENs and RENs are put into a Cryogenic state to avoid discovery as all assets are painstakingly hidden.

C.E. 50 (2282 AD)

In order to obtain autonomy and trading independence for the PLANTs, Siegel Clyne and Patrick Zala form the political organization known as the Zodiac Alliance. They begin working to abolish food production restrictions and secure self-defense rights for the PLANTs, but their efforts are suppressed by the sponsor nations, and the Zodiac Alliance goes underground.

A dozen more military officers resign and another Pro-PLANT movement organized, but again clashes between Blue Cosmos and demonstrators bring out elite special forces to counter the terrorist threat.

The Coordinator Equality Union is also attacked during a rally and all the leaders killed, the traumatized survivors of the CEU found the Coordinator Liberation Army not long after.

C.E. 53 (2285 AD)

George Glenn is assassinated. It's rumored that Blue Cosmos is behind this incident.

A PLANT Supreme Council is formed, made up of representatives from each of the PLANT cities.

The CLA declares war on Blue Cosmos and begins an offensive to take revenge and silence the group, but as the fighting goes on between the two, the CLA begins to follow suit and becomes a terrorist group like Blue Cosmos.

C.E. 54 (2286 AD)

The Type S influenza mutates, rendering existing vaccines useless, and a Type S2 influenza outbreak begins. Rumors spread that Coordinators created this virus to exterminate the Naturals and avenge George Glenn, but both medical and military authorities confirm otherwise. Still, Blue Cosmos uses the rumors as an advantage, but so does the CLA to gain in a smear and recruitment campaign.

Joint JSF and EB commanders call for a war on Blue Cosmos to end their 'Black Hand' Campaign to start a war between Naturals and Coordinators. This call falls on deaf ears and public concern now exists about possible Blue Cosmos infiltration into government and military sectors.

Canard Pars is born at Mendel, but vanishes not long after being deemed unsuitable by Dr. Hibiki.

C.E. 55 (2287 AD)

Religious authorities claim that the Type S2 outbreak is a divine punishment, and public opinion again turns against genetic modification. The Torino Protocol is adopted, and genetic modification is once again prohibited anywhere on Earth. Anti-Coordinator sentiments increase among the Naturals.

As the damage caused by the Type S2 outbreak mounts, riots break out. The GARM R&D research facility at the Mendel colony is attacked by an armed group which claims to be Blue Cosmos. Dr. Hibiki's wife entrusts her children Kira and Cagalli to the care of her sister and brother-in-law, Caridad and Haruma Yamato.

A Type S2 influenza vaccine is successfully developed in the PLANTs, and delivery of the vaccine to Earth's surface begins. Nonetheless, anti-Coordinator sentiments remain strong, and Coordinators remaining on Earth begin leaving for space.

Coordinator Liberation Army becomes a confirmed terrorist organization and begins a war against both moderates and Naturals.

The One for the Road drifts back to Earth and is recovered by a Patrol Squadron of EFSF, the vessel is found to be abandoned and in bad shape, concerns grow over the state of battle damage to the ship, and no records past the third month of the vessel's journey to Mars can be found.

Projects E-EN and REN are restarted with great secrecy as well as urgency and Project HOUND is also dusted off to begin again.

Both of Project REN's lowering performing girls have been adopted out to a family in Orb and an UFSA politician and his wife.

C.E. 57 (2289 AD)

The space forces of the Atlantic Federation, the Eurasian Federation, and the Republic of East Asia establish a military presence in the PLANTs' airspace. This combined force is the predecessor to the later Earth Alliance Forces.

The Yamato Family, among other First Gen Coordinator families, vanish under suspicious conditions and all countries organize a search to find out why.

C.E. 58 (2290 AD)

Siegel Clyne and Patrick Zala are elected to the PLANT Supreme Council. Meanwhile, their Zodiac Alliance remains active and continues to attract more sympathizers.

Uzumi Nara Athha becomes chief representative of the Orb Union.

The Orb Union begins construction of the orbital elevator Ame-no-Mihashira.

C.E. 59 (2291 AD)

JSF finds and destroys CLA indoctrination base, liberating many hostages and 'recruits' which Kira Yamato is found among, both his parents are severely injured by CLA during their two year long captivity. The families are moved back to their native countries, but move for variety of reasons, though a comatose Haruna Yamato, among others, are held onto by medical authorities in Orb and the government begins to pay for treatment for victims of terrorist related actions.

C.E. 60 (2292 AD) ~

The PLANTs become major sources of Earth's energy and manufactured goods. The sponsor nations continue to reap ever greater benefits, and impose ever heavier quotas on the PLANTs. Meanwhile, other nations grow increasingly resentful of the sponsor nations' monopoly profits.

JSF officer releases a book on the inevitable war between Naturals and Coordinators and the dangers of both sides using Weapons of Mass Destruction; it is a huge success and enhances the JSF's prestige and that of the Enforcer Brigades.

Enforcer Brigades burn terrorist training camp and liberates many prisoners from 'recruits' to live targets, the majority of whom are dissidents, moderates, and Coordinators.

C.E. 61 (2293 AD)

After surviving a terror attack by an anti-Coordinator organization within the PLANTs, Patrick Zala sends his son Athrun to attend a preparatory school at the lunar city Copernicus. Here, Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala meet for the first time.

AFSF Communications Relay base in the L3 Area picks up distant Battle Chatter believed to be from Mars, the One for the Road is mentioned in the frantic communiqué leading to the belief that the message is old.

C.E. 63 (2294 AD)

The PLANTs' energy production department is destroyed by Blue Cosmos terrorism. The PLANT Supreme Council proposes a temporary suspension of exports, but the sponsor nations reject the suggestion, sending the PLANTs into a severe energy crisis. When the PLANTs' engineers carry out a coordinated sabotage campaign, the sponsor nations respond by threatening the PLANTs with their fleet of mobile armors.

Within the PLANTs, calls for autonomy grow louder. Siegel Clyne and Patrick Zala become leaders of a Supreme Council faction which seeks independence from the sponsor nations. Research into the military applications of mobile suits begins.

C.E. 65 (2296 AD)

The 'first prototype' mobile suit is secretly rolled out. The Zodiac Alliance steps up its activities and attracts more sympathizers, changing its name to the Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty (ZAFT).

Nations who have rediscovered their ATCs redesignate them as mobile suits.

The UFSA Army and UFRE Army begin rolling out their Mobile Suits in secrecy and begin a build up project to have two to one ratios with each other and four to one each on ZAFT.

East Asian villagers in an isolated region of the former country of China discover and report to their government an abandoned base from the One Year War and inadvertently leads to the discovery of the Yinlong Mobile Suit by East Asian Forces.

Joint AF-EF mission kills several top Blue Cosmos Lieutenants in Asia and captures another in Siberia when a research facility is sacked by the Enforcer Brigades.

C.E. 67 (2298 AD)

The ZGMF-1017 GINN, the first (modern) mobile suit, is completed. A section of Maius City is secretly converted and begins production of mobile suits.

JSF succeeds in blowing up Blue Cosmos munitions dump in North America and seizes several warships, all Frontier-class Sloops of War, from a hidden CLA anchorage in the Debris Belt.

EFSF Artemis Base picks up renewed Battle Chatter, believed to be more recent, from Mars and indicates a rebellion on going on Mars, but the information is classified by Blue Cosmos contacts.

C.E. 68 (2298 AD)

Siegel Clyne is elected chairman of the PLANT Supreme Council. The PLANT Supreme Council, now dominated by ZAFT members, votes to make autonomy and trading independence its highest priorities. The sponsor nations respond with a show of armed force, but the PLANTs carry out a military expansion of their own, and a standoff ensues.

Blue Cosmos grows in strength. Its ranks expand to the hundreds of thousands, and persecution of Coordinators living on Earth intensifies. As a result, almost all Coordinators emigrate to the PLANTs.

Chairman Clyne makes secret arrangements to exchange imports of food and exports of manufactured goods with the United States of South America and the Oceania Union. Learning of these arrangements, the sponsor nations demand the dismissal of Chairman Clyne, the dissolution of the PLANT Supreme Council, and the complete renunciation of autonomy for the PLANTs. These demands are rejected by the PLANTs.

In response to the Mandelbrot Incident, ZAFT is reorganized under Patrick Zala's leadership, and combined with the PLANTs' domestic security operations to become a military organization equipped with mobile suits.

A biohazard breaks out inside the Mendel colony at Lagrange point 4. Numerous casualties ensue, and the colony is abandoned, and then sterilized with a massive bombardment of X-rays. The involvement of Blue Cosmos is rumored.

Patrick Zala calls Athrun back from Copernicus. Due to the deteriorating situation, Kira Yamato and his mother also leave Copernicus and relocates to the resource satellite Heliopolis of their home country, the Orb Union.

CLA launches new manifesto that details their plans and begins to infiltrate ZAFT.

C.E. 69 (2299 AD)

Chairman Clyne orders PLANTs seven through ten of Junius City remodeled for agricultural production. The sponsor nations, determined to prevent the PLANTs from producing their own food, begin intimidation maneuvers. At this point ZAFT and its mobile suit forces make their combat debut, overwhelming Earth's mobile armors and driving the forces of the sponsor nations out of the PLANTs' airspace.

Captain Lewis Halberton of the Atlantic Federation's 4th Fleet (which will later become the 8th Fleet of the Earth Alliance) recognizes the mobile suit's effectiveness in space combat, and proposes the development of the "G series." Halberton's proposal is rejected by his superiors, but some of them provide assistance so that the project can proceed in secrecy, others use the project to bring up to date all ATA mobile suits.

Chairman Clyne issues demands for complete autonomy and trade equality to the sponsor nations. The PLANTs promise to halt resource exports to Earth should no response arrive by January 1 of the following year.

CLA advocates and sympathizers clash with PLANT security forces, ZAFT responds and breaks up the rioters.

C.E. 70 (2300 AD)

1.1 - As they meet with representatives of the sponsor nations, PLANT Supreme Council members are targeted by a terror attack, and one council member is slain. Blue Cosmos claims responsibility, but when it becomes clear that the sponsor nations were behind the attack, the PLANTs halt all resource exports. The sponsor nations, which have become dependent on the PLANTs for all such production, are rendered destitute.

1.14 – JSF and EB units are ordered to go on terror hunt as intelligence groups begin operations against dissidents with in their governments and all operations will conclude on the Fourth of February.

2.3 – Intelligence operations conclude 24 hours early, but the situation is still mixed.

2.4 – JSF and EB are very successful and both go to stand by, but an emergency transmission from Mars results in the emergency redeployment of all of Special Command space assets and conversion of others to go to Mars to investigate the signal.

2.5 - The Tragedy of Copernicus. At the urging of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, negotiations take place at the lunar city Copernicus. A terrorist bombing claims the lives of the sponsor nations' representatives, the Secretary-General, and the rest of the United Nations leadership. The PLANT representative, Chairman Clyne, is delayed by a shuttle malfunction and escapes the bombing.

2.7 - The Alaska Declaration. The Atlantic Federation announces the establishment of the Earth Alliance, though a multi-national force, national forces are also kept and organized into the National Federal Allied Forces or simply called the Federation Forces.

2.8 - Representative Athha announces that the Orb Union will remain neutral and independent.

2.10 – Mithril Command confirms a probable invasion force on its way to Earth from Mars, converts remaining assets and recruits new personnel and dispatches the bulk of its remaining forces to do combat. Remaining Personnel include Canard Pars and his parent unit, plus limited forces to continue anti-terror campaigns.

2.11 - The Earth Alliance declares war against the PLANTs, and an invasion force sets out from the Ptolemaeus lunar base. Meanwhile, Blue Cosmos loyalists in the military secretly load several nuclear missiles aboard the mobile armor carrier OES Theodore Roosevelt.

2.14 - The Bloody Valentine. ZAFT mobile suit forces repel the Earth Alliance attack. However, the agricultural colony Junius Seven is hit by one of the nuclear missiles, and 243,721 people lose their lives in this tragedy. Patrick Zala's wife Lenore is among the casualties. The other nuclear missiles are intercepted and the hijacked OES Theodore Roosevelt is recaptured by a response force that had been assembled when the nukes were discovered missing and had given chase to the invasion force to retrieve them.

During the battle, 23 mobile armor pilots are killed attempting to stop the nuclear missile attacks. The nuclear attack on Junius Seven also throws out debris that inflicts heavier losses on the attacking forces, moderates force an order through condemning the attack and holding responsible parties at fault for 'higher causalities caused by an ill advised attack' and are also charged according to the old Antarctica Treaty for war crimes. These elements are secretly relocated by their Blue Cosmos masters.

2.18 - At a national memorial for the Bloody Valentine victims, Chairman Clyne swears to resist the Earth Alliance to the very end, and offers to give trading preference to nations which decline to join the Alliance. The Oceania Union and the United States of South America accept Clyne's offer.

2.19 - Earth Alliance forces launch an armed invasion of the United States of South America. The Panama spaceport is seized by force, and the Atlantic Federation annexes the South American continent.

2.20 - Condemning the Earth Alliance's invasion of Central and South America, the Oceania Union declares its support for the PLANTs, while ignoring that nearly half of Central America had long belonged to the Atlantic Federation and that border disputes between the two were long in the blood covered tooth. The Alliance responds by declaring war against the Oceania Union as well, clashes begin at once between sub forces of both sides.

2.21 - Athrun Zala and Yzak Joule join ZAFT.

2.22 - A battle begins over the space station Yggdrasil. The Earth Alliance commits its 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Space Fleets to this fierce battle, while the PLANTs deploy their N-Jammers for the first time. Both sides' forces are evenly matched, and ZAFT suffers heavy losses. Yggdrasil itself ultimately collapses, its ruins becoming part of the Debris Belt, and Rau Le Creuset is awarded the Order of the Nebula for his accomplishments in this battle and is named the 'White Knight.'

3.8 - The first Battle of Victoria. ZAFT forces begin an invasion of Earth, with the Victoria spaceport as their first target. However, the operation ends in failure.

Havocs enter into their first real battle alongside Havoc Squires and Yinlong Armadillos in more than a hundred years.

The United Republic of Eurasia founds the Order of the Zodiac, or OZ, an elite Special Forces unit more commonly known as the Specials. This unit is largely made up of soldiers from royal and aristocratic families. The unit quickly gains a disdain among regular troops for their unit's highborn bluebloods.

3.15 - Assessing the failures of the Victoria attack, the PLANT Supreme Council decides on an equatorial campaign dubbed Operation UROBOROS.

4.1 - The April Fool Crisis. ZAFT launches Operation UROBOROS by scattering N-Jammers across Earth's surface, plunging the nations of the Earth Alliance into a severe energy crisis.

4.2 - The Battle of Carpentaria. ZAFT drops the disassembled components of a military base from orbit to the Gulf of Carpentaria. Within 48 hours, the foundations of the Carpentaria Base have been laid. The Earth Alliance's Combined Pacific Fleet engages the ZAFT forces, but is defeated after a long and bloody battle.

4.17 - The First Battle of Jachin Due. The Earth Alliance's 5th and 6th Space Fleets set off from the Ptolemaeus lunar base to attack the PLANT homeland, and are intercepted by ZAFT forces in the vicinity of the resource satellite Jachin Due and suffer heavy losses.

During battle, the SF-14 Spacecat is redeployed and proves to be a harder target for ZAFT's Mobile Suits.

5.3 - ZAFT begins an offensive whose ultimate target is the Ptolemaeus lunar base. A ZAFT base is established in the Lorentz Crater, and the moon is divided along what becomes known as the Grimaldi Front.

5.8 – Federation Forces and ZAFT Forces meet in battle for the first time in space at the Federal Forces' base of Granada in the first battle of the Grimaldi Front and Space Havocs are deployed for the first time and on the lunar surface hold a great advantage over ZAFT's mainline GINN and the newer GINN HM. Also it is noted that the recently refitted Manhattan-class Battleship, exclusive till then to the AFSF, is more superior than ZAFT's Luarasia-class and can also carry up to 10 mobile suits thanks to space saving techniques and improvements over ZAFT's own ship borne Mobile Suit operations.

5.19 – The new Faithful-class Destroyer enters service, though the first units are given only to the AFSF Space Fleet, its quick construction and equal firepower to the Intel reported ZAFT Destroyer-N, soon sees it mass produced for both Federation Forces and OMNI Enforcer Fleets, replacing the now redesignated Drake-class Corvettes as the primary battle escort. The Faithful-class can carry either a strong wing of fighters or up to 8 mobile suits.

5.20 - The Carpentaria Base is completed, and ZAFT deploys the aerial mobile suit DINN.

5.22 - ZAFT's campaign to capture terrestrial bases begins in earnest. Using the Carpentaria Base as a staging area, ZAFT launches an invasion of the Mediterranean region.

5.25 - The First Casablanca Sea Battle. The Earth Alliance's Mediterranean fleet engages ZAFT's submarine carrier fleet in a naval battle near Casablanca. The victorious ZAFT forces then enter the Mediterranean and begin advancing southward into Africa. Meanwhile, construction of the Gibraltar base begins as well as the invasion of western Eurasia.

5.30 – The First Battle of Suez. ZAFT ground forces defeat a massive Earth Alliance tank corps at El Alamein, and Andrew Waltfeld earns the nickname "Desert Tiger" for his exploits in this battle. The ZAFT forces begin heading south, expanding their territory into Africa, but is checked by Federation Forces.

6.2 - The final battle of the Grimaldi Front takes place at an Earth Alliance resource base in the Endymion Crater. The Alliance loses most of its 3rd Lunar Fleet, but is able to use a Cyclops System to wipe out the ZAFT forces. Many Alliance forces are also sacrificed in the process and several officers are found guilty in a court martial over the incident.

6.3 – Riding the tide of recent events, the Federation Forces launch Operation ENDURANCE and attack the Sinai Front from the Caucuses in Southern Eurasia. ZAFT Forces in the area turn out to be frail and are quickly pushed back, scattering before the advancing Federal soldiers.

6.8 – ZAFT unveils its Gideon-class Light Cruiser and Babylon-class Carrier for its space forces. Despite their new appearances, the Gideon-class can only carry 8 mobile suits and the Babylon-class can only carry 14 mobile suits. Offensive firepower is increased, but they lack heavy AA defenses like the preceding Luarasia-class.

Also the Second Battle of Suez commences with a victorious Federal Forces pushing ZAFT back and introducing the Aqua Squire into battle and turning ZAFT's flank.

6.10 – The First Battle of Cairo commences and a growing legend named Akira Yamashiro is given the title of 'Blade of the Warrior' for his victorious duel over ZAFT's Desert Tiger, though the duel ends with him wounded, he still fights in the following Battle of Alexandria, but is pulled from military service due to injuries.

6.14 - At Lagrange point 4, fighting begins around the resource satellite Nova, which is controlled by the Republic of East Asia. Skirmishes continue for almost a month, with neither side carrying out a decisive strike, and many of the space colonies of the L4 cluster are damaged during the fighting.

The Earth Forces deploy their new TS-MA04 Wildcat Mobile Armor into battle and it proves to be an ideal replacement for the older and aged Moebius.

SF-15 Space Eagle is also deployed as well and proves to be a good replacement for the aged SF-14 Spacecat.

6.20 – ZAFT forces mount a counter attack in North Africa and recapture Alexandria by naval invasion, but by then it is clear that the Federation has fallen back due to heavy losses in Western Europe and the beginning of the Battle of Britain, the new F-9A Thunderchief is introduced into limited service, but is deployed to Britain to replace F-7D Tinfish losses.

6.22 – ZAFT Forces meet a combined OMNI and Federal Force at Suez and begin battle.

6.23 – Losses begin to mount in Second Battle of Suez, Suez falls the next day and combined force fall back to Gaza and lick their wounds in their entrenchments.

7.1 The OMNI Enforcer and the Federation Forces jointly introduce the Ball Mobile Pod for fire support missions, while given the monikers that put it into a negative light, it is cheap and mass production friendly and proves to be a huge success with engineering units and pilots do like its greater maneuverability over the GINN as well as longer range.

7.12 - The Earth Alliance abandons Nova after heavy losses prove to be too hard to replace, and the fighting comes to an end. Both sides cease major military operations, and although small skirmishes continue on Earth and in space, the overall war enters a stalemate with only the Battle of Britain ongoing.

The mobile suit development project proposed by Commodore Halberton, commander of the Alliance's 8th Lunar Fleet, is reexamined as a means of breaking this deadlock. With the assistance of Morgenroete, development of the G series and the mobile suit carrier Archangel begins in earnest at Heliopolis.

9.20 - Athrun Zala graduates from ZAFT's military academy. He is assigned to the Le Creuset team along with Yzak Joule, Dearka Elsman, and Nicol Amalfi.

10.22 - Secret discussions are arranged between Chairman Clyne and Earth Alliance Secretary-General Olbani, using the Reverend Malchio as an intermediary. Their goal is to break the stalemate, alleviate famine conditions, and find middle ground for a compromise to end the war. However, these negotiations fail to bear fruit.

12.14 – Battle of Britain concludes with victory by the Federal and OMNI forces there and ZAFT is pushed back to the Iberian Peninsula.

Reviews of the Thunderchief are not good, the fighter has many faults, but the F-9C corrects many of these, but a newer fighter that departs from the current design plan is called for.

C.E. 71 (2301 AD)

1.15 - Activity in the Pacific theater increases. ZAFT attacks the Republic of East Asia's Kaohsiung spaceport.

1.20 - Five GAT-X series mobile suits, and the warship Archangel, are secretly rolled out at Heliopolis.

1.23 - The Kaohsiung spaceport falls.

1.24 - The Le Creuset team investigates reports of a new Earth Alliance military satellite under construction at Lagrange point 3. However, the information proves faulty and no fighting ensues. On their way back, they obtain intelligence on the Alliance's mobile suits from a spy who has infiltrated Heliopolis.

1.25 – Now…