(Giroro's POV)

As I walked through the Tokyo streets, I was carrying a small group of flowers. Yes, today was the day. The day I would confess my undying love for Natsumi.
As I walked by, I was repeating those four simple words in my head.

Natsumi, I love you.

I barely noticed the newscast if the reporter hadn't said, "Aliens."
I looked at the television store in shock as I realized that the video showing on the TVs on display showed the five of us in one of our invasion meetings.

"They say that these five alien frogs are hiding in the Hinata house. It is unknown if the Hinatas already know about them or not, but we'll come back to you with more information. You may be you, but I'm Saito Riku, signing off!" the man on the screen said, before the show switching to something about politics. I didn't know. I was too busy dashing back home.
Hrm. Home. Funny word to use on the enemies' planet.

Anyway, when I got back, there were black cars parked down the street, and there were men in black suits examining everything.
I saw my tent had been reduced to a few sticks and a piece of cloth, just like it does every week, of course, but this time for a different reason.

There was a woman looking through my stuff, and she found my picture of Natsumi.
"Hey, Yamaguchi-sama! I found something!" she called.
A man came close to her.

"Yes, Shimizu-sama?"

"I think that whoever lives here has something to do with this Hinata girl. Let's get them!"

Which is when I ran in the house.