Natsumi sat with her head in her hands all through school. Mostly everyone ignored her. When she went into the hallway, everyone parted in front of her. The teachers were mean to her. They called her on every question about frogs, just to humiliate her.

At lunch, Natsumi looked at Saburo, who had come to school every day since Kururu was captured. There was nothing better to do, she supposed, at home.

"And the worst part," Natsumi sobbed, "was that I think I loved him..."

He looked at her, waiting for more.

"I-I c-c-can't b-believe it! People fall in love every day...and I get-get-get a frog!"

His expression was something of anger.

"People fall in love every day, you say?" he asked.

Natsumi nodded.

"Well, excuse me, Natsumi-san, but you're wrong!" His expression was beyond anger. It was furious.

"People don't fall in love with someone every day! Do you know how happy you were with him? Some people won't be that happy in their whole lives! Iwon't ever be that happy! Don't you see? You had something with him. Something that most people don't get in their whole lives!"

Natsumi looked at him. Saburo smiled at her. "Go back to him."

Natsumi nodded her head. "I-I can't. Mama has talked to almost every government leader in all of Japan. No one can even get in to see them."

He gave Natsumi a sly smile. "Desk's dad can."

She looked in stunned silence. And then she smiled.

With the effects of the Do-Your-Life-Over-Again gun, which was the only thing the government scientists didn't find, Fuyuki, Momoka, Saburo, Koyuki and Natsumi were all the equivalent of 30-year-olds.

Desk's dad was a kindly man, who was extremely guilty when they told him who they were. He said, yes, he'll help them.

They were all in white lab coats, and they walked into the government lab. There was a soldier with a gun standing next to the door.

"These are the scientists from America who have come to study the specimens, sir."

The soldier nodded, and let them pass. "Good timing, too," he muttered. "They're going to dissect them in an hour. Feel free to study until then." Natsumi tried to ignore that. They won't die. They'll live.

When Natsumi saw the small figures that were in the cell, as soon as Desk's dad opened the cell, she ran at the one she loved so much. "GIRORO!" she yelled, and she pressed her lips against his.

Natsumi could see that the Keronians were hooked up to heart monitors, and Giroro's heartbeat went to about 1 beat a second to about 10.

When they pulled away, the platoon were looking at them, smiling. "Oh, shut up," Natsumi said.

Fuyuki looked at the platoon, and said, "Here's the plan to get you out of here..."

The soldier heard them screaming. He saw Natsumi, her brother, Momoka, Koyuki, and Desk's dad holding a body covered in cloth.

"It was horrible! We were taking notes, when, suddenly, they started shooting red lasers out of their eyes! Mr. Patterson, here, was melted!" I screamed, using Saburo's alias. I could feel the small chuckles from the one under the blanket.

The soldier, who looked panicked, attempted to enter the room, when Fuyuki said, "No, way, man! Do you want to die? They'll melt your face off!"

"I-I'll call the Americas!" the soldier yelled.

"The Americas? Are you insane? Do you want to cause a worldwide panic?" Momoka yelled.

"N-No! What do I do?" he asked.

"Run for your life!" Koyuki screamed.

And he did just that.

We ran into the car Desk's father took us in, and threw the cloth-covered body in there. It started squirming until five colored aliens came out, and we sped away.

It was a few minutes later, when the IYCDYLOA gun wore off, and I realized that there were army cars following us. We were found out.

"Step on it!" I yelled, and Desk's father did step on it, all right!

We were able to make it until we went into a dark alley.

That was when Desk's father said, "I'll stall them. You kids leave."

They nodded their thanks and ran.

Desk's father stood in front of the car, thinking it would stop to pick him up and arrest him. But, as it got closer and closer, he could see it was not going to stop any time soon, so he had to roll out of the way...into a sewer.

"Oh, what a week I'm having!" he yelled from the storm drain which he fell into.

"Guys, how are you able to leave here?" Natsumi asked the frogs.

Kururu smiled. "There's an ancient Keron vessel at the bottom of this pier. If we can just get to the bottom...Kukukukuku! We're home free!"

"Good luck with that! They're gonna get us any second!" Natsumi yelled.

Giroro looked at the beautiful face. He knew he would never see her again. He made up his mind. This was the time.

"Natsumi, s-since we're never going to see each other again...I wanted to say..." Giroro started. Then he sighed. He's a SOLDIER for God's sake! He was able to take down an entire Viper vessel single-handedly! He's been the best sharpshooter in all of Keron in a century! And he can't tell the girl he loves most how he feels? Disgusting!

That perked Giroro up. "I love you!" he finished. She looked at him in shock, and knelt down to press her soft lips against his own. He gently touched her warm cheeks. He knew he would never have this sensation again, and he wanted it to last as long as possible.

Kururu said, "You know, they can come with us."

"What?" Natsumi asked, once they pulled away.

Kururu pointed to a gun he had strapped to his back when they raided for their stolen weapons.

"It's the We Can All Live Together gun. In case you don't remember, it can change any species into any other! Kukuku! But the catch is, if it's used to make anything other than Pekoponian, it's permanent! Kukukukuku!"

In the end, they realized that there was too much of a difference between their two worlds for the Pekopnians to go.

The platoon jumped into the water, and the last glance Giroro saw of that beautiful face was with tears running down her cheeks, screaming "LEAVE THEM ALONE!"

As they swam, Giroro herd splashes in the water. He realized that Pekopon scuba divers were going towards them.

There was way too many to take on alone, so Giroro closed his eyes, and accepted his fate as a zoo attraction for the rest of his life.

But Giroro felt tapping on his shoulder. He opened his eyes to see Natsumi, and she smiled, and went to the divers. She kicked one in the gut and ripped off his oxygen tube, which she inserted into her own mouth.

They all followed her lead, and soon enough, there were no divers at the bottom of Tokyo pier.

They dived until we got to the old Keron vessel. She gave Giroro one last kiss, and drifted above.

As Natsumi surfaced, she realized everyone was in there, holding their ground. Koyuki was doing Ninja Arts to hold them back, and Fuyuki yelled, "Why aren't you with Gunso?"

Natsumi said, "It's too different."

Without stopping beating the soldiers to a pulp, Koyuki looked at Natsumi, and smiled. "Your mouth says one thing, but your heart says another. Go back to them."

Natsumi smiled. She gave her little brother a hug and kiss on the cheek, and dove into the cold water a second time.

Natsumi kicked, not giving up, until she found the old ship, about to leave. She quickly slipped into the airlock without anyone knowing. She didn't even wait for all the water to drain before opening the door.

Natsumi fell out, and was face to face with Kururu. He chuckled. "Kukukuku! I think you might be needing this!" He handed her the We Can All Live Together gun. She gave him a smile, and he simple laughed.

When they were finally out of Pekopon's atmosphere, Giroro wiped the tears from his eyes. "Good bye...Natsumi..." he whispered.

Giroro then felt a pair of arms wrap around his shoulders, and a melodic voice say, "I didn't know I left!"

Giroro whipped around, and saw a pink Keronian girl with a sun as her symbol, and her cap was in the shape of Natsumi's pigtails.

Giroro looked at her in shock, and said, "Natsumi..."

She said, "That's me." And then she pressed her lips against Giroro's. He placed one hand on the back of her head, and they kissed.

They gently pulled away, and she said, "I need to go do something. I love you."

She left the room, and Giroro was left alone. It almost felt a relief, being alone. But all of a sudden, he wanted her again.

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