Author's Notes: This story is a story I written two years ago, I'm now actually making a sequel so I think posting the story itself is important. The story is split into 4 different stories, different periods of the story (aka years), and now I'm working on the sequel so the prologue to the sequel will be published after all the original stories have been posted. I don't plan to edit the story to make it any better than it is with these olds ones, but the new one, any constructive criticism is highly wanted. The story is mostly Sins of a Solar Empire but has a slight mix with Freelancer during the second story. It's mainly based off of Sins but the characters, nations, ect. Were of my creation (if someone used a Earth Republic for a nation for Sins of a Solar Empire, I'm sorry that we both thought of the same name). Enjoy the story!

Vorok's Gullet:


A war has taken place between two groups, one evil, one democratic. In a diabolical move, the evil group called the Ast Elanges bombed the Earth Republic's inner systems of Sol, Hano, Jaio, and Gia. In a desperate act to survive the onslaught, the military of the Republic doubled in size and strength, using the vast money at their disposal, they fought back and pushed the Elanges back out of Republic Space and into the Bellerphon Sector. Then, to finally destroy the Ast Elanges once and for all, a man named Admiral Gol is jumping to Bellerphon to end the war, but things are not as it seems, sometimes bad things happen in a world of wars and piracy...

Chapter 1: The Desert World

As my battle fleet neared the sector of Bellerphon, my morale soared, finally the war will end against the Ast Elanges, for three years, the Ast Elanges have invaded Earth Republic Space, now, it is time to end it.

"How much longer till we reach Bellerphon?" I asked my co-pilot.

"We are three hours away from it," he responded. I looked out of the view-screen, Bellerphon is a small sector with about seven gravity wells in it, it was a legendary place, because of several wars that were fought there.

"General Hok, prepare all fighters for launch, we will be coming out of Phase Space in about three hours, we need them ready," I said into my comm link.

"Of course, Admiral Gol," he responded. I turn to my co-pilot.

"Call me on the comm when we reach Bellerphon, I'm going to my quarters," I call to him. He nodded and I walked through the doorway.

"General Hok, are the fighters ready?" I call through the comm.

"Yes, sir."

"Good, tell them we'll be coming out of Phase Space in two hours," I respond and continue walking through the hallways of the battleship.

"Sir, we're being attacked! We came out of Phase Space in the wrong part of Bellerphon, we're at a major pirate base, hundreds of pirate ships are inbound, we need you on the bridge ASAP!" my co-pilot called over the intercom.

"I'm coming up, tell General Hok to launch all fighters," I replied.

"Yes, sir." I turned around and ran back to the elevator, the elevator was a gravity push model, one of the newest models ever created, it is an invisible force field that pushes you up or down the shaft, the shaft is made out of unbreakable glass. I came up into the bridge, officers were running and people were everywhere. A explosion rocked the entire ship, nearly knocking everyone over.

"Admiral, we just lost the back half of the ship!" my co-pilot yelled. Then another explosion happened, this time, it was closer to the bridge.

"Come on, we need to escape in the escape pods!" I yelled, we ran to the elevator and went down to the escape pod level. An explosion on the upper deck clearly stated that the bridge is gone. We crawl into the nearest escape pod and launched, just then, the battleship exploded in a fiery flame.

"What are we going to do, Admiral?" my co-pilot asked. I looked out the front veiw-screen, at the battle that continued to rage.

"I don't know," I looked at him, "what is your name?"

"Sergeant Hal, but my nickname Halo," he says.


"Yeah, my friend's idea."

"What area is within our trajectory?" I asked.

"Hmm, neutral territory, pirates, smugglers, scum, only some decent people live in this area, siegers in this place will be killed or run out of it by the pirates," he responded.

"Sounds like you've been here before."

"When I was a kid, my parents lived on a desert planet in this sector, the sector is called Vorok's Gullet. Try to be careful here, the people can be a little rough."


"Especially to the lawful," he said.

"They hate empires and republics?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah, I remember a time when a empire tried to lay claim to my desert world, the pirates and the inhabitants practically killed them with a pinky finger."

"What was the name of your planet?" I asked.

"Haselus." A flashback happened in my mind, savage people in dirty brown robes killing military men with nothing but their bare hands, the military never stood a chance.

"Has... Haselus!" I stuttered.

"You OK, Admiral?" he asked.

"I was there, it was madness, I was the only one to escape that day, found a unmanned fighter and took off to meet the fleet in space," I said.

"I thought they killed every single one of them," he said with surprise and shock in his voice.

"I was a ensign then," I said, I turned towards the veiw-screen. "Look, we're coming up to a planet." Halo looks out the window.

"That's Haselus."

"OK, prepare for landing," I said. The planet began to grow bigger as we approached it. We began to go through the planet's atmosphere. I aimed the ship's trajectory at a small, smooth piece land in the middle of a canyon, on the other side of the canyon looked like a major city. I began to slow the escape pod down and activated the parachute on it. We touched down on the ground a few minutes later.

"OK we're down," I said. He nodded and opens the door to the outside. I got out and observed my surroundings. I was correct, the place we landed was right in the middle of a canyon.

"Did you know that city that we saw coming in?" I asked. He nodded and said.

"Yea, it's called Mos Galia, it is the second biggest city on Haselus."

"Get the emergency speeder out of the back of the pod," I said.

"OK, Admiral." Once we got the speeder out and ready, we shot off toward a outcropping in the canyon which led up to the surface.

Once we made it to the city, we ditched the speeder and then bought some clothes at a vendor and ditched our military clothes, I kept my badge so when I get back to Earth Republic Space, I can identify myself. We rented two rooms at a small tavern called Dasji's Bar and Tavern, after I walked through the sand-made door, I walked up to the owner, he was a chubby, well-round man, with a smile that can sell a expensive ship in a heartbeat.

"Can I help you?" he asked, his voice sounded greasy, but with a slight salesmen accent.

"Yeah, we want to rent a few rooms," I said in my best pirate voice.

"Sure, it will cost you one hundred credits per week, my name is Dasji, you probably know that don't ya? Your rooms will be 26 and 27," he said through a smile.

"OK, lets go," I said to Halo. We walked into a slightly darkened hallway, I had to avoid looking at the pirates and criminals that seemed to stare right through us. When we got to our rooms, then we came up with a battle plan.

"So what are we going to do?" I asked.

"First of all, we need a ship, most likely a freighter. Then we jump to the nearest Earth Republic Outpost. This may take months to do though, until then we need to make credits to buy a ship and pay these rooms." Halo said. I nodded, we didn't carry much credits with us on strike force missions. We only had a thousand credits to our name, that would allow us to stay here for about ten weeks.

"OK, first, the jobs," Halo said.

"We could run as Bounty Hunters, easy way for money," I suggested.

"That could be good for now," he comments. We ran to a local bounty hunter tavern across town. When we walked in, practically everyone looked at us, the music stopped, and the bar was silent. Then the music came back on and everyone was drinking and socializing again. We walk up to the bounty hunter recruiter, he was a Vasarian, an alien which civilization nearly fell silent thousands of years ago. He looked battle-hardened, with a huge scar coming from his forehead to the bottom of his neck. He turned to us as we came up to him, his eyes seemed to scan us.

"oka uia hiua? (What you want?)" he said in Vasarian.

"We want to be Bounty Hunters," I said with my pirate voice again.

"You be Bounty Hunters, bah!" he said in a thick Vasarian English, "you don't have the guts to do so, I can tell."

"Trust me, we can kill, we've done a little bounty hunting back on Talus." I lied, Talus is a pirate world in this sector.

"Then you'll need to prove yourself to me then, I have a Adventian that won't leave me alone, she has killed many of my men, if you can kill her, then you have job," he said. We walked out of the bar.

Chapter 2: The Reunion

We found ourselves some speeders for a few hundred credits and head to the coordinates given to us from the Vasarian. When we reached the coordinates, we saw a woman in white clothes "That's her," I said as I checked the picture the Vasarian gave us. We circled her and got out some laser rifles.

"Freeze!" I yelled at the woman, I was then pushed off my speeder by some kind of 'wind', her PciTech most likely. We shot at her but she evaded the lasers. She shot us with a plasma gun, but we moved half a second before it could hit us. I shot her in the leg, then she fell down.

"Oh, no!" she called. Then we jumped off our speeders, guns raised and walked toward the down Adventian, "Wha... What do you want?" she asked.

"A Vasarian hired us to kill you," I said.

"Gien..." she said angrily.

"So we going to kill her?" Halo asked.

"Wait, I want some information first," I said and turn to the Adventian.

"What did you do to Gien which would want him to tell us to kill you instead of taking you alive?" I asked.

"I destroyed his base with my PciTech, he was pissed after that," I looked at Halo, I gave him our shooting signal. He shot her in the head, the Adventian fell down to the ground.

"Take a picture of the corpse," I said in my military voice.

"Yes, Admiral." He takes out a camera and takes the picture. We get on our speeders and head back to Mos Galia. We returned to the tavern and talked to Gien.

"We killed her, here is her corpse," we showed him the photo of the Adventian.

"Good, you got the job, when someone needs someone captured or dead, I'll call you," he said. He gave us a few thousand credits. After we left and were in one of our rooms at Dasji's Bar and Tavern, I said to Halo.

"How much would a freighter cost?"

"About a hundred thousand credits out here, these people are very cheap." I rolled my eyes, we then left the tavern and started walking on the street, then some guy in blue shirt and pants came up to me.

"Hey, you don't look like your from around here," the guy said, his voice sounded vaguely familiar for some reason.

"What makes you say that?" I asked.

"You look too lawful to be from around here, follow me," we followed him into a small, claustrophobic alley, in the distance, I could make out people coming out of very small apartment-type buildings, most likely we're here because no one was in our part of the alley, he turned toward us, suddenly serious, he whispered "listen, I can tell you are from either the Ast Elanges or the Earth Republic, if your trying to blend in, your not doing it."

"How do you know about this stuff?" I asked.

"I used to live in Earth Republic Space before the war between my great republic and the Ast Elanges's empire broke out. I adapted to this world and this sector, ever since then I've been wondering if the Earth Republic has survived against the Ast Elanges Armada. Are you from the Earth Republic, cause if you not, I would think you'd probably kill me, huh?" he asked.

"Yeah, we're Republic Military, we were going to end the war at the Bellerphon Sector, but we exited Phase Space in the wrong area, a pirate base, that's how we wound up here," I said, I looked at Halo and he was staring at me, I could tell what he was thinking, 'Do not tell him anything, Admiral, he might be a spy'.

"It's good to know that the Republic has survived," then he got a good look at me, recognition in his eyes, "Ensign Gol? Is that you?" he said, I could hear the shock and relief in his voice.

"Do I know you?" I asked.

"Yes, we worked together during the invasion of this planet, remember? I was your Admiral back when you were an ensign. It's great to see ya," then I knew who it was, Admiral Kolo.

"Kolo?" I said. He nodded. "Hey man, it's great to see ya! I rose through the ranks to Admiral," I said and I gave him a military handshake.

"Nice to see you again, Gol," he said through a smile. "Who's he?" he asked.

"He was my co-pilot on my battleship, we are the only survivors of the battle, his name is Halo," I said.

"Surviving another death-match I see!" he laughs, I nodded and smiled, then I got between the two.

"Halo, Kolo, Kolo, Halo," I introduced them.

"Nice to meet you, sir," Halo said politely, even though Kolo isn't part of the Military anymore, he still was a legendary man.

"You too," then he turns to me, "Follow me," He began to walk down the alley, to the right was a metal passway, covered with a passcoded door, Kolo pressed a keycode sequence, he walked in, we followed him into what looked like a military outpost. Several men were inside, they had Earth Republic uniforms. I turned to Kolo.

"What is this?"

"A Earth Republic Outpost," he answered.

"How long has it been here?" I asked.

"Since the invasion, it was abandoned when we landed here, we took it over once we found it, and once the war between the Ast Elanges and Earth Rupublic war is over, we'll contact the Republic to send a fleet here to pick us up."

"We need a freighter to get out of here, we can't wait till then, they need us at Bellerphon," I said. He nodded and said.

"If you need a freighter, I can get you one, but you need to help us first."

"What you need help with?" I asked, he came into it straight-foward, it seemed like he was ready to answer this question.

"As you may know, pirates common this planet, we've been searched many times this week, we found a way to hide the consoles and compartments in this outpost lately, we hide them all in the walls. But we need to take out the pirates on this world forever. Maybe then we can finally claim this planet for the Earth Republic." I listened to him intently, I nodded and said.

"OK, we'll help you, but we'll need to be able to blend in and have some good firepower." He nods and presses a button on the wall, a room appeared with many kinds of weapons, from plasma to lasers, they had all kinds of weapons from many different kinds of alien species. He hit another button and opened a closet full of pirate uniforms and pirate eye targeters.

"Would this do?" he asked. I nodded with surprise and a huge grin began to itch up my face, we took what we could, I walked to the closet and took the pirate garments, Kolo examined us.

"Perfect, now you guys look just like pirates, maybe you can infiltrate their base. It is in Mos Jalio, about a hundred miles away from here," he explained. I nodded.

"We have some speeders we can use to get there," I said.

"Those won't get you that far, we have some air-speeders, they're faster," he said, he pointed to a door clearly labeled 'Air-Speeder Hanger'.

"OK, we'll do it, but it's too late today, we'll come back tomorrow," I said.

"OK, and good luck, come back here tomorrow for the air-speeders," he said and walked toward a console. We walked out into the alley and walked back the way we came, after that, we went to our motel rooms.

"We're getting too involved here, Admiral," Halo said. I turned to him.

"I know, but we need to fight for a good cause, not bounting,." He nodded, we both didn't want to kill that Adventian. "We need to leave this tavern for good, maybe we can stay at the outpost," I continue. Then a pirate busted through the door.

"Your under arrest!" He yelled. I grabbed a plasma pistol and shot him in the head, the expression on his face was pure shock. I turned to Halo, he understood completely, 'the room is bugged, we gotta leave now'. We ran out of the room, four more pirates were out there, waiting for us, I shot one of them in the heart, he fell down, the others looked at his slumped form, shock in their eyes, they turned and attacked. We moved just before the laser blasts hit us. I shot one of the remaining ones in the stomach area, he screamed bloody murder. Halo killed the other two. We ran out of the tavern, once outside, we ran to our speeders, we climbed onto them and sped off towards the outpost. We caught Kolo on his way out.

"What's the matter?" he yelled over the sound of the speeders.

"Pirates have attacked us, they bugged our room at a tavern," I gasped as we shut off the speeders.

"You can stay at the base if you want."

"That's what we wanted to do." We went inside and took our stuff to a couple of empty rooms towards the back of the complex, we set the stuff down and returned to the command center.

"We got to attack their base now, Halo," I turned to Kolo, "Kolo, we need some backup for the attack."

"We can get our best men to come. I can come too if you want." I nodded. We entered the air-speeder hanger and flew towards Mos Jalio.

Chapter 3: Pirates Love the Smell of Rockets

We approached Mos Jalio, landed our air-speeders near the pirate base, then snuck into it, then I saw it, a small pirate freighter, Kolo then standed next to me, and followed my gaze.

"It's yours once we kill the pirates." I nodded and we snuck down the small dark hallways. The hallways were grayish in color, with modern steel and technical pipes and consoles on them. I walked silently, with a laser pistol in one hand and a small laser sword in the other, I was dressed in what looked like a smuggler's suit, black shirt with a brown leather jacket over it, filled with weapons, and black pants with pockets of small knifes and swords, and body armor underneath the shirt, it would protect me from a laser blast. We were all practically dressed like this, except Jose, he was put in pirate clothes, but he did have body armor on though. A pirate guard approached, to my surprise, he hadn't seen us, I snuck up behind him and kicked him in the back of the head, he fell to the floor, as if paralyzed.

"Tie him up, Jose." He does. We throw him into a equipment room and lock the door. We continue up the hall until we came up to a bar, we sent Jose in, since we weren't allowed in. My technical geek, Jola, is supposed to help us get around without being detected. The lights came off all of a sudden, the pirate were screaming like little girls. We ran silently passed the bar and continued across into the hallway on the other side. The lights came back on then, Jose walked across without anyone noticing him, they were too busy drinking Vorjk Dejario, a new illegal drink that is making it's way into Earth Space. We continued towards the command center.

"Jola, is our bomb ready?" I asked quietly into my arm communicator.

"Yes, do you see the laundry chute to your right?" I turned, there it was, a small metal chute that looked thousands of years old.

"It will come down that chute in five... four... three... two... one!" I saw it come down, a small package. I silently move toward it and picked it up.

"Got it," I said to Kolo. He nodded. We ran silently to a small door, this place used to be a military base too, I could tell because there's no way that pirates will put 'Command Center of Intelligence', I knew this was the main command center. I snuck in behind Jose, I came out from behind them, gun in hand.

"Freeze!" Practically every pirate had his hands up, the rest of the crew came in, guns out. I look at Kolo. "Kill them."

"O.K." They surrounded the pirates while I set the mini nuclear bomb up, it's explosion will destroy the base only, that way, innocent lives weren't killed. After it was set up, we told Jola to shut every light in the base out, and then I commanded the men to put on Night-Vision Goggles. The pirates are dead in the command center, so we ran out towards the hanger.

"Now let's see is this piece of junk can fly," I said. I ignited the engine and blasted off, we flew back to Mos Galia. We felt and heard the blast from even this far away.

"I guess this is the time to go our separate ways huh, Admiral?" I asked sadly.

"We'll come with you, it's a tough choice, but it's better than staying here and rot."

"O.K." I said, then turned to Halo, "plot a course to Karankou, it s the nearest Earth Planet, set the signatures of the ship as friendly, once we get there, hail the nearest military unit."

"Understood, Admiral." We then exited the planet, heading toward the edge of the gravity well. I listened to the Phase Drives activate and charge up, I set a course on the map to Karankou. We entered Phase Space a few minutes later. I reached for the interstellar comm.

"This is Admiral Gol of the Earth Military, I am calling out to any Earth Military Units in the area," I set the frequency to the special Earth Republic Military Signal, a few seconds later, we got a reply.

"This is General Hok, nice to see that you survived the pirate attack. We are at Planet Ralu, where have you been?"

"Vorok's Gullet, Planet Haselus, we ran into a small clan of Earth Republic forces there, Admiral Kolo is one of them, he had a small team there monitoring the pirates. We hooked up with them and destroyed the pirate base on the planet, the planet is ripe for the taking, a outpost near Bellerphon," I replied.

"I can't believe you survived in pirate territory, Admiral, and these others too, you and them are legends. What are you flying?"

"Before the base was destroyed, we stole a small pirate freighter, we set our signatures to Earth Republic Friendly, but we need you to intercept us, or else the Military might kill us."

"Understood, we'll see you there," he said. I turned to Kolo.

"You got a plan?"

"Yeah, there is a wormhole nearby that leads right next to Karankou, set a course to the sector." he pointed to a inhabitable gravity well. I told Halo to head there. We came out at the wormhole, I moved the ship toward it. I felt the ship being sucked into it. We were instantly beamed to the wormhole next to Karankou. We then phased jumped to Karankou, a battleship then showed up.

"Nice to see you, Admiral," Hok's voice came in.

"Allow us to land on the battleship," I said.

"The hangers are open now." I settled the ship down inside, Halo and I left the ship first, followed by Kolo and the rest. I walked to Hok, we shook hands.

"Nice to see ya," then he noticed my clothes, "and I see you dressed like them too, you did keep your badge right?" I took the badge out of the hidden pocket on my jacket. He nodded with approval. We walked away, with Vorok's Gullet out of the way, maybe we can finish this war.


Halo became a General after his bravery at several battles, he became famous for his survival in Vorok's Gullet, Gol and the group continued to Bellerphon and destroyed the Ast Elanges base there.