cats always try to find a home to sleep in well thats not the case with this group of cats these cats had lived in the wild ever since they were kittens. little oak is a small peace full town, but not so much in the woods in the woods its kill or be killed all the cats knew this though. shut up! yelled Onyx as he went to lay down in a cave. thanks to you our dinner got away. Half Moon said following onyx in the cave.
half moon never wanted his brother onyx to go hunting with him because half moon thought onyx was bad luck cause he was an all black cat. the cave had a sick smell in it, the reason is that they are in the medical room. half moon had cut his back leg on a branch. not another wound half moon? said a sweet soft voice. it was a beautiful she cat with a wounderful grey coat. it was the medical cat in the group.
hey angel. half moon said giving angel a smile. half moon always had a crush on angel ever since they were kittens when a of tom-cat who messed with angel everyday finally half moon had enough of them picking on her he takled one to the gound scratching and biting each other. ever since then halfmoon had a crush on her, which was completly understandable even onyx liked her.
so did you catch anythink for dinner? asked angel while she licked her paw. no, we almost caught a crow but onyx scared it off. half moon said while he gave onyx a look.
you couldnt really tell onyx and half moon were brothers onyx is all black and half moon is black and white. they have different personality's onyx is soft, sweet playfull. while half moon acts so cool tough. dont blame onxy just because you cant hunt. angel said playfully onyx couldn't help but laugh. yep so funny. anyways can you treat my wound? half moon said. sure let me see it. angel said walking towards halfmoon. ok well i'm going to go see what combo is doing. onyx said walking out of the cave.