Author's Note: This fanfic is extremely special because it's based off a Youtube video I recently watched and the creator was nice enough to let me write a fanfiction inspired from that video. I just added a few things to make it longer. The video is called "Under Pressure" and it's a fake trailor for SVU. Go watch it! It's intense and too amazing for words! Thanks IrreveRANT100!

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Chapter One: Revenge

Warning: This first chapter is graphic. Reader discretion is advised!

"Are you sure you don't need a ride, Liv?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Trust me. Plus you have somewhere to be so I don't want you to go out of your way."

"You know, the street lights are out because of the rain. It's dangerous."

"I'm a big girl, El. I can take care of myself."

He gave her a look of doubt.

"Fine, I'll take a cab but I'm going walk a few blocks down so I don't have to spend my life savings on the fare."

"Call me as soon as you get home or I'm going to get you an escort for the rest of your life."

The two said their goodbyes and the precinct was empty after that.

The night was exceptionally dark. It was raining and the streets were nearly empty. Olivia Benson walked down one of those empty streets from a long day at work. She was without an umbrella so turned to her hood. The hood was soaked and did no good to keep her hair dry. As she walked, she passed a near empty parking lot that rested under a tall building. She thought nothing of it until she heard a piercing scream coming from a dumpster inside the indoor garage; it was a female's scream and she was calling for help.

Olivia jumped at the cry. She opened the door to the garage and ran inside. She pulled out her transceiver and brought it to her lips and at the same time, she was reaching for her gun.

"This is Olivia Benson, Special Victims Unit. I have a screaming girl, possibly being raped. I urgently need a bus to-" Her words were cut off by her own yelp of pain. She felt something hard and thick hit her lower back. When she dropped to the ground, her radio flew out of her hand and landed far away from where she fell. She tried to ignore the pain for the time being and focus on what really happened. When she got her eyes to open fully, there was a figure standing over her. Her vision was a little blurred but she could make out some of the features.

"The screams were prerecorded just to lure you in here. Did you miss me, Detective?" His words dripped with venom that made Olivia's skin crawl; she knew that voice perfectly. She tried to reach for her gun but the tip of his shoe collided with her stomach and she curled over in pain. That's when she felt him take her gun.

She coughed numerous times and she looked up at him. He also had her handcuffs in his possession. She used all of her strength to kick him in the groin and scratch his leg. It worked and she was able to get up and begin to run. Her speed was slowed from the hits and she didn't get far until he threw something at her head and knocked her unconscious.

A few minutes later, Olivia woke up to her wrists handcuffed together and her feet tied together as well. Her head was killing her as well as her back and stomach. She could feel the warm blood run down her arm and face. Her vision cleared up a bit but it wasn't great. Her attacker kneeled close to her.

"I've come prepared this time, sweetie. You're not going to get away."

Olivia replied with a low moan and tilted her head. He grabbed her jaw and faced him. Her eyes widened and she began to come back to reality.

"You're not going to get away with what you put me through, you bitch." He whispered.

Olivia began to scream and yell. She even screamed Elliot's name a few times, forgetting that he was already half way back to Queens by now. She did her best to move and get her ankles out of the rope. The handcuffs were cutting into her skin and the rope was scratching her ankles. His strong hands pinned her shoulders to the ground.

"Scream all you want. Nobody's going to find you. Plus, we have unfinished business to complete." He growled. Olivia continued to cry for help. The dark moments of Sealview ran through her mind at that time. She struggled and fidget. Everything was a blur and moving so quickly. The attacker let out a growl of frustration and hit her in the head again with the thick and hard hit her in the head.

Everything from that point on went black.

Moments later, police sirens came closer to the empty parking lot. Fin and Munch exited one car while Elliot quickly followed. He obviously came from a formal event; his suit was getting soaked from the downpour.

"We managed to track her radio but we lost it. She was calling for a bus but then she turned it off. The tracking points led us to here." Fin said and ran into the lot with the two. They ran inside the parking lot and when they reached the dumpster, they saw a limp hand peeking out from behind. The three ventured closer.

"Shit, no! Olivia!" Was all Elliot could scream out when he found the discovery. He ran over to Olivia's unconscious and half naked body.

"Munch, call a bus! Now!" He screamed. His voice was cracking and he turned back to Olivia.

Her body was limp and cold but she was just barely breathing when he pressed his fingertips to the base of her neck. Her shirt had been ripped open along with her bra and her pants and underwear were pulled down to her ankles, which were untied but red from the tightness of the rope. Her wrists were also cut from the handcuffs that reposed next to her body. There were many cuts and bruises running along her body and she was bleeding profusely. He took off his jacket and covered her with it. Tears streaked his cheeks as he held Olivia's body close to his.

"Stay with me, Liv. Everything will be okay." He cooed. He looked around, "Where the hell is that ambulance?" He screamed. He stroked Olivia's hair and kept her close until the paramedics took over. Then he heard the other sirens in the distance. He watched the paramedics put an oxygen mask over her face and take her off on a stretcher.

"She's lost a lot of blood!"

"She needs more oxygen!"

Their instant diagnoses were all muffled and Elliot's mind was fuzzy from the event that just occurred. He then jumped when he felt Munch's hand on his shoulder.

"Fin and I will go let Cap know. You ride with Liv."

Elliot nodded and jumped into the ambulance and rode off into the midnight downpour.

Author's Note: This was a really sad chapter but I'm glad it's out of the way. C: