When We Were Young

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"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves" ~Edna Buchanan

Chapter Fifty


"Dude, this is going to be sweet!" James said, high-fiving Carlos, who sat in a shopping cart. Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan were in an empty school hallway. The morning announcements played over the loudspeaker, and the boys stood at the end of the main hallway of their high school. The four sixteen year olds had snuck in a shopping cart, and were going to launch Carlos down the hallway when kids were changing classes.

"Guys, we should really think this through." Logan said, tugging at the scarf around his neck. "What if Carlos crashes into someone?"

"That's why you're climbing in the cart with Carlos, James is going to be steering from behind and I'm going to be hanging on from the side to move the cart if we are going to hit any kids." Kendall explained.

The bell rang and the four quickly took their places. Students began to flood the hallways, and James ran down, pushing the cart. Kids laughed as the boys flew by, waving at kids. Several kids jumped out of the way, but laughed afterwards.

The cart crashed into a wall, and the cart tipped over. Carlos and Logan flew out, and James hit the floor, sliding along it till he stopped. Kendall ended up sprawled across the top of the cart. Kids gathered around the four best friends in a half circle, clapping. Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan stood, taking bows.

"Move out of the way! Get to class!" Vice Principal Brown yelled, pushing kids out of the wall till he reached the crashed cart and the boys. "Get to class or all of you have detention!"

Kids ran away quickly, bumping into each other in their desperate attempts to get away from Vice Principal Brown. Once the scene was clear, Brown pointed towards the main office.

"Yeah, yeah, were going." Kendall said as the four began their journey to the main office, a place that had been many times. Once in the office, Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan took their usual seats outside Principal Anderson's office.

"Same as always?" Kendall whispered.

"One brother goes down, so do the rest." James, Carlos, and Logan whispered back.

Soon enough, the four were called in Principal Anderson's office. "Sup Ted." Kendall greeted as the four take their usual seats. Principal Anderson, a man in his early forties, gave Kendall a look.

"Hello Principal Anderson." Kendall said rather loudly. James leaned back in his seat, shutting the door before leaning back forward.

"So what's the punishment this time Ted?" Kendall asked.

"No clapping erasers." James said. "Last time we did that, it ended with a trip to the hospital for Logan and Carlos."

"It was my fault that I didn't know Logan was allergic!" Carlos shouted. "And who knew that eyes have to get flushed out if you get the dust directly in your eye!"

"That's why I received a different punishment than you guys!" Logan replied. "Do you not remember me in the back of the room sharpening pencils?"

"Enough!" Principal Anderson shouted. "No punishment this time. Just a warning, because believe it or not, I actually like you boys, despite the fact that you have broken the record for students coming in here the most."

"We broke the record?" Kendall repeated. The four began to high five and cheer. Principal Anderson smiled, before gesturing for the boys to leave.

Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan collected their belongings. "Just don't be in here twice in one day." Principal Anderson warned as the four walked out the door.

"No promises!" Kendall called over his shoulder as they walked out of the office.

"Carlos, that was the worst pep talk in history." Logan said. "Luckily, I'm a genius. I'll think of something. Kendall."

"Beat box."

"Got it."

Logan walked away and slipped behind the wooden doors. Kendall, James, and Carlos took a seat. Kendall and Carlos relaxed into their seats, while James sat nervously, tapping his feet up and down.

"Don't be nervous." Carlos said. "The worst thing that could happen is that you could forget the words. Or you could fall of the stage. Or, the microphone could be broken and your voice could sound like a little girl, or even worse-"

Kendall placed hand his over Carlos's mouth, muffling his words. "I think that was the worst pep talk in history." Kendall said, removing his hand from Carlos's mouth. Just then, the door opened, and Logan walked out, scared out of his mind.

"Don't go in there." Logan said. "H-h-h-he's Satan. Satan with bug eyed sunglasses." Logan pulled his feet up into his chair, making himself into a ball. A woman popped her head outside the door, announcing the next number. James quickly removed his number and switched it with Carlos's.

"All you buddy. Go get them." James said. Carlos looked at the number, and then at Logan, who was still rocking back and forth in his chair. Carlos jumped up, placed his helmet on, pointed at his friends, and then ran into the room.

"You know that you have to go in their eventually." Kendall said to James.

"Eventually was the key word in that sentence." James replied.

"Hey guys."

Kendall and James looked up to see Holly and Brooke standing in front of them. Holly and Kendall had broken up over a year ago, but Logan and Brooke had only broken up a few weeks ago.

"You guys auditioning?" Holly asked.

"For fun." Kendall replied.

"Logan, are you okay?" Brooke asked. Logan fell off his chair after seeing it was Brooke who had addressed him. He quickly popped back up and got back into his chair, resuming his position in the ball. "Yeah, I'm fine." Logan replied, rubbing the back of his head. Brooke smiled at him gently.

"Well, we got to go." Holly said. "We're babysitting the Gomez's kids down the street."

"Bye guys!" The two girls said as they walked away.

"See you later!" The three called back as Carlos emerged from the room. "Not going to Hollywood!" Carlos exclaimed. Kendall laughed while Logan lowered his feet from the chair. The woman popped her head out again, calling James's number. James went to exchange his number with Kendall's, but Kendall stopped him.

"James, this is your dream." Kendall said. "Not mine." The two stood up, and Kendall launched into one of his world famous pep talks. "Remember, opportunities like this come once in a lifetime. Now, grab onto that dream with two hands and go…" Kendall shoved James towards to the door. "Big Time!"

James disappeared behind the door. Kendall, Carlos, and Logan stared at the door.

"We going in there?" Carlos and Logan asked.

"Hey, the same rules applying here." Kendall replied. "When one brother goes down, so do the rest. When one brother is chasing a dream, the others are there to chase it with him. So let's get in there are supported James big time!"

And the three rushed into the room, the door swinging shut behind them.