Chapter 1

"Do you fear death?"

Davy Jones looked down at the man kneeling before him. After a few seconds, the man nodded. Davy smirked but it dropped when he noticed another man kneeling a few feet away. He walked over and looked down at the man.

Davy turned back to his crew with a smirk, pointing with his claw to the back of the group. "To the front." He ordered before he turned back to the man on the floor. "You are neither dead nor dying. What is your purpose here?"

Will Turner looked up at the creature. "I was sent here."

"By who?"

Will stayed silent.

"I do believe I asked you a question." Davy said but Will remained silent. "Do you fear death, boy?"

Will shook his head. "No."

"Then it should be no great tragedy if you never leave this ship." Davy said, taking out his sword.


Davy froze at the interruption and he, along with the crew that surrounded him, turned to see who it was. Will looked up at the interruption to see it was the newest member of Davy Jones' crew that had caused it.

"Does Jack Sparrow have a problem with my actions?" Davy smirked as Jack was now at the front, right behind Davy as opposed to at the back, away from everything where he usually stayed. "Feeling unwell at the thought of seeing someone so young and healthy have their life ended by a sword?" Davy mocked.

Jack looked from Davy to Will, ignoring the pain that jibe had just inflicted and focusing on his shock instead.


Will looked up at him from his position kneeling on the floor and Jack was filled with dread. He didn't want Will press gagged into Davy Jones' crew. Will was young and had Elizabeth, he couldn't go the same way as Jack.

"What is your name?" Davy asked Will.

Will looked from Jack who was shaking his head slightly back to Jones. "Will Turner."

"Ah, young Mister Turner, of course." Davy Jones said but Will was looking at Jack again. "Well, this is a surprise. I thought you were aboard the Black Pearl."

Will looked from Jack to Jones. "Things have changed."

"So I see. So tell me Turner, are you willing to take a place on my crew?"

Don't say yes. Jack thought.


Good fella.

"But if you don't," Davy Jones said. "You'll be sure to die. Oh, that reminds me," Jones looked back at Jack with a smile Jack found very mocking. Jack knew what was coming. And he was terrified. "Did little Miss Buckley awaken?"

Jack's stomach clenched. He needed Will to say yes more than anything.

Will looked at Jack with a pitiful expression before looking back at Jones, his face hard. "No."

Jack's world ended. It just ended. There was no point. No point in anything. He'd given up his life and his freedom and for what? Bridget was gone. She wasn't living her life. She didn't have one. The full impact hit Jack when he had that thought.

Bridget died.

Jack was still in the world and she wasn't.

That's not right.

That's not what was supposed to happen.

Jack couldn't even describe what was going on inside him. There were no words for it.

"Such a shame." Jones said. He looked back at Jack. "Don't think this means you're free, Sparrow. Your soul still belongs me to me."

Jack didn't hear him, didn't look at him. He was too busy focusing on how every inch of him felt like it was breaking.

Jones looked at Will. "It's my ship or stay on this ship, Turner."

"So you're not giving me a choice?"

"Oh, I am but it's the Dutchman or death."

Will looked over at Jack who shook his head slightly.

Say no.

"I thought you said you'd left the Pearl." Davy said.

"I did."

"Then answer me this," He continued. "Why is it over there?"

Jack looked up quickly to see the Black Pearl camouflaged in the distance.

What's going on?

"He sees us." Pintel said frightfully.

"All too well." Davy said, appearing on the Black Pearl's deck in a second. He looked over at the Captain who was facing away from him, looking out at the other side of the ship. Barbossa turned and faced Davy.

"None of us are dying or sinking. Why are you bothering us?"

"I'm wondering why you're using Mister Turner as bait."

"We're not. We're using him as collateral."

"Collateral, is it?" Davy smirked over at the stoic Elizabeth. "And you are okay with this, Mrs. Turner?"

Elizabeth looked up at Davy, her eyes red and puffy from the tears. He noticed that a few of the crew were pointing guns at her. "I didn't have a say in the matter."

"Did Mister Turner?"

"He didn't know."

"But you did?"

"Not until after you found him."

Davy nodded. "And you have no objections?"

"I have a gun pointed at my back right now. One word spoken out of line and I'm dead without any time to make a deal in his place."

Davy looked at Barbossa. "You know how to handle women." Davy walked away from her and back over to Barbossa. "Why are you giving me the boy?"

"You and I both want the same thing."

"And what's that?"

"For Sparrow to stay trapped on your ship."

"How is giving me the boy going to accomplish that?"

"He's adamant that there's a way to save Sparrow, he's horribly heroic and I can't bloody stand it. I finally have me ship back without any problems. Take him, keep him and Sparrow and leave us be."

"You want me to take the man who's trying to free Sparrow with Sparrow? Seems like a dreadful hassle."

"Do you doubt your own abilities?" Barbossa asked.

Davy sneered. "I do not. Sparrow signed our deal. Let the boy try to free him, it won't work."

"And here I thought you would delight in separating the two lovebirds just as you delighted in separating Jack from his lass." Barbossa said.

"I did not kill the girl. I just didn't save her. Those were not the terms of Sparrow and my deal."

That made Barbossa frown. "It wasn't?"

"No. She were already dead when I arrived. Not even I have the ability to bring back the dead."

"Then why did Jack make the deal?"

"If you're interested in the terms of my deals then make one, Hector Barbossa!" Davy was clearly getting impatient.

Barbossa nodded. "Forgive me, I ain't that interested. But like I said, the boy is in love. Look at her." Barbossa pointed at Elizabeth. "Her heart is breaking right in front of you. Ain't that your favourite thing to watch?"

"It is an appealing notion…"

"And it ain't just that." Barbossa said. "That boy is William Turner, son of Bootstrap Bill Turner, a current crewmember of yours, aye?"

Davy smirked, beginning to realise what Barbossa was saying.

"How truly heart breaking would it be," He continued. "If the young Turner chose to stay with you voluntarily out of duty to his father? The poor girl's heart would shatter."

"Will would never do that!" Elizabeth yelled angrily, tears streaming down her face. "And if you take him, I will save him."

"And how do you plan to do that?" Davy asked.

"I'm sure Calypso would only be too happy to help." She threatened through gritted teeth.

"You are in league with Calypso!?" Davy looked back at Barbossa.

"Not at all. After Jack made your deal, she returned to her little shack with the express command to not call on her again if you were brought into the equation. She wants nothing to do with any of us now that you have a Pirate Lord under your command. If we cannot free her, she ain't interested. She'd obliterate us all in a matter of seconds if we attempted contact." Barbossa said. "So, will you take the boy?"

Davy thought about it. After looking at Elizabeth's tear-stained face one more time, he smirked.