1930, New York City streets

It's cold, but not horribly numbing. This year, was when New York didn't have its nickname "The city that never sleeps" yet so it was rather calm, but ominous with the level of hostility in the air. At the moment, a girl with shoulder length brown wavy hair barely noticed.

Alice Carter rubbed her hands together while breathing slowly letting out the 'steam' out of her mouth as she looked around, but not too long so that she won't look like a foreigner nor suspicious. She knew she absolutely can't be caught on this mission. It would cost her life.

She is an American who was sold into the black market by her unloving mother then was bought by her Uncle Izaya Orihara after she was sold so she would live with him, or more bluntly work for him to become his spy. (Her mother was Japanese and Izaya's older sister she as cruel as he is so she sold Alice into the black market when she thought she had no use for her.)

She eventually learned everything about the Ikebukuro in a couple of years and told her uncle every detail she learned so he could run it all by himself in just a couple of years. Even though he's in control, he still has his niece go and collect information while he's supposed to be somewhere, and needs an alibi so the suspicion of him being a gangster would be lifted. It worked; so dear uncle has the city in his hands, along with his American ninja. (She's not really, I'm just being funny).

Being as good as a spy as she was, she was on another mission this one much tougher, no stranger than any other than she ever had. It involves Celty. No, it's not weird to Alice because of Celty; she was used to her and all of her headless glory. No, she's weirded out because Celty took her to the past for the mission Izaya Orihara gave her. Alice was shocked that Celty could even do that, but apparently she can only go back in time in a specific date, making Celty go back in time to find her missing head impossible. "Poor Celty, I hope she can find her head one day..." Alice thought when she learned this. She felt bad for the headless horsewoman.

This mission was also very different because of the science of it; she's going to have to stay in New York until 2003 with Celty to meet up with her uncle at exactly 9:35 A.M. August 7th 2003. Why? Well Celty's time travel isn't exactly perfect so you have to wait during the time you're gone in the past and meet up with yourself on the exact time you went back to the past. It's troublesome, but it's literally the only way to time travel at all. 70 years of waiting. The thought made Alice cringe. During the time she's here she won't age at all so that's going to be even more trouble. She can't be familiar with anyone just in case they recognize her. While she's here she's going to have to go over dozens of identities and change her appearance countless times and move all over the city just to make sure no one recognizes us. "Too bad I'm a 17 year old teenager. If I were at least 20 I could stay the same for at least five years and I won't have to be so careful. Darn you youth!" Alice mentally cursed. Celty went on to her own to find the apartment so people won't find them together, concluding that they're together. It's rather suspicious for two young women to be living alone in this time, Alice knew. Before the mission she read hundreds of books on the 1930's to fit in, use their language, master the accent, and to know everything the average 1930's New Yorker knows. It should pay off, and actually living here should sharpen her near-mastered knowledge of New York. And added to that, she had to find her apartment that she never saw before, but she had a long way to go.

Alice's feet hurt. Celty had the both of them transported in a deserted field so no one would see them transported. It was about 2 hours away from New York, by car. It's safe to say that Alice was fairly pissed off at this point, and her feet hurt BAD. And another thing; Celty had her friggin' motorcycle so she was probably thirty minutes away from the city right now.

Alice didn't know what set her off; the fact she's going to wait 70 years, the fact that she's going to have to be on guard the whole time, or that she's an hour and a half away from her destination by vehicle or that her partner had a friggin' motorcycle to get there while she suffered walking on unpaved road for more than an hour. It was one of them (Or more likely all of them) that made adrenaline run through her veins like she was trained to do so for many years and made her sprint so fast, that the rest of the world became a multi colored mess while she speed up and up using her frustrations to fuel her rage to fuel her legs that were making foot-sized craters in the ground with small dust devils following her air current that that she produced; the fact is that Alice is going fast.

In five or so minutes she was slouched over with her hands on her bent thighs at the city limits of New York City panting heavily as her lungs beated like her heart, and her heart like a humming bird's wing flap and the dust storm that caught up to her didn't help with the breathing trouble. Exhausted didn't come close to describe the worn out feeling she had. Her shoes were worn down to a thin layer of rubber that was barely attached to the rest of her shoes, or should I was ribbons of fabric what was a shoe? Her hair was very straight now, being presses against so much air resistance. Her 1930's dress she wore just for this mission were slightly ripped at the seams but looked stretched and tattered but not old. She looked like she got her butt kicked was what she looked like. Alice took a good look at her and groaned in mental agony. "How could I of been so damn careless? Everyone's going to notice me now!" Alice thought furious at herself. "I over did it…" Alice said out loud while slumping on her back to close her eyes at the pitch black night.

2003, Ikebukuro, Tokyo Japan

Izaya was reading a history folktale of the 1930's America to check if the girls made it to New York by checking if Celty was in it when suddenly the page he was reading changed to "The mystery of the flying foot". Izaya's eyes narrowed as he read; even to this day nobody is sure if this historic event even happened. Many small child sized foot steps are cratered into the state of New York. The tracks suddenly start from Illfork ranch all the way to the city limits of New York. By the distance and deepness of the tracks scientists have concluded that whatever made those tracks was going at a minimum of 300 miles per hour. This speed was never accomplished during the time it was carbon dated to; may be the biggest mystery of New York because it actually happened. Some scientists have concluded that something heavy may have been dragged across there, but the theory doesn't explain why the tracks look like human foot prints. There were no witnesses to the actual event-

That's all Izaya needed to know. He pressed his eye brows together. "That was careless of you Alice… what were you thinking. Looks like I'll have to find out then." Izaya mused to himself, smiling as he closed the book and put it on his desk for later observations. "You'll tell me soon enough, Alice Carter or should I say Harukichi Akira?"

Calmly, a girl with dark mid-neck length hair and innocent ocean blue eyes stood before a time travel portal with a girl of the same height with shoulder length blonde hair with dark eyes fidgeting and glancing around nervously. "Are you sure this is alright, they're already on a mission, grandma Harukichi!" The nervous girl said. Harukichi responded back cheerfully "No way! Alice is totally nice; she would appreciate us visiting her!" She exclaimed with a happy look in her eyes but her mouth in a calm smile, containing her excitement. "I don't even know her…" the girl responded quietly with doubt in her voice. The short haired girl smiled widely with her bright teeth showing before replying "shut up Lily." She said rudely with a cheerful tone as soon she said that Lily made a face, offended that she was told to shut up, before her great, great, great grandmother grabbed Lily's hand and jumped into the dark portal with a field that had a sign in the front; Illfork Ranch in the center. As the two family members jumped through the time portal, the more responsible and sensible girl with the time-watch in her hand couldn't but to think "What have we done?" as they landed on the other side.