many years have past since bluestar had lost her last life defending thunderclan. new kits have been born.

windclan is back in there territory, a new leader has been chosen.

you got to stop being so stupid, said a black tom cat. you're just jelous that you didnt get so close into shadow clan territory, said a black and white tom cat. anyways are we going to eat get some of the fresh kill Swiftpaw caught today? the black tom said looking over to the fresh kill. ya hold on i need to get my wound checked the black and white tom cat said walking into a small area in between to fallen trees. another wound half moon? a grey she-cat said walking towards the black and white cat. he got bit by a black cat that got mad at him,said the black cat smiling. and how are you today ravenclaw? said the she-cat. fine, how are you doing Hollyflower? ravenclaw said looking at half moon.