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The year ended, thankfully, on a peaceful and happy note, even if it was a bit better. Hunny and Mori had graduated, leaving the Host Club short one duo. Thalia was practically in tears. She'd had an affinity for the little blonde, and he'd come to enjoy her company, too. The two held each other and cried.

"You can come over any time! In fact, sleep over tonight and you can even have a whole cake all to yourself!" Hunny begged.

"Of course I'll come over, Hunny! I don't wanna miss you yet!"

"Hey, aren't we allowed over, too?" Tamaki cried. Hunny glared at him, confirming that the invitation was just for Thalia. Kaoru laughed at the sight. Any other guy would've gotten upset that Hunny was hogging his girlfriend, but Kaoru knew he had nothing to be jealous of. He knew that Hunny and Thalia had a friendship that was strong and unique. And Kaoru knew that nobody could take her from him. So there were no worries.

A few weeks later, it was Thalia's 16th birthday. To her actual utter surprise, Kaoru got down on one knee and proposed to her properly, presenting a stunning 3-diamond ring, plated in white 18k gold. She was crying so hard she could only nod before throwing herself onto Kaoru. He, too, had tears of joy in his eyes as he slid the ring onto her right finger (for she was a lefty), where it fit perfectly. For the rest of the day, she fidgeted with it constantly and everybody caught her gazing at it. It looked like it was made specifically for her, which she wouldn't put past Kaoru to do. In short, she loved it.

Another year passed, and it was time for Tamaki and Kyouya to graduate. This was the saddest of all, for it was with this graduation that the Host Club would be closed for good. There would not be another prince like Tamaki Suoh, and there would definitely not be another manager as...capable as Kyouya Ootori. With tears in their eyes, Hikaru, Kaoru, Haruhi, and Thalia wished their friends good luck in pursuing their dreams and saw them off. Just like with Hunny last year, Thalia and and Tamaki clung to each other and bawled. However, Tamaki threw a huge party, inviting everybody from the Host Club, including Hunny and Mori. Kaoru was sad to see the King go, he was the one that had drawn both the twins out of their shells. But seeing Thalia, he knew that he would be fine.

Fast forward one more year, and it was finally time for the remnants of the Ouran High School Host Club to graduate. It was impossible not to cry, especially when Thalia saw Hunny, Mori, Tamaki, and yes, even Kyouya applauding when she walked across the ornate stage to receive her diploma. Of course, she was valedictorian of her class, so she had to make a speech in front of the school. She was paralyzed until she found Kaoru's familiar amber eyes. Her pulse slowed, her sweating stopped, and she managed to get out her speech of hopes and dreams. At the end, there was a roar of applause, and Thalia beamed at the crowd. Once she was offstage, she was mobbed by Kaoru, and the rest of her friends followed. She was met with many congrats and handshakes, and a few awkward hugs, for Kaoru refused to let her go.

After graduation, Thalia and Kaoru packed and flew to America. There, Kaoru finally met Thalia's family and friends. Every single one of them absolutely adored Kaoru. Her parents could find no faults in him. Her friends all wanted to fly to Japan to find their own amazing man. Of course, Thalia beamed, ecstatic that it all worked out so perfectly.

There, in America, Thalia and Kaoru finally took the last step. The wedding took place in America, for it was easier for Kaoru's family and friends to fly in than Thalia's. Kaoru waited impatiently at the altar for his bride to arrive. His tuxedo was a forest green, and his tie was amber. He insisted the former, she the latter. And suddenly, there she was, the pinnacle of grace and beauty. In her lacy, flowy gown, she looked even more petite and delicate than normal. Her hair, now grown out and red, was swept up into a curly bun. Green ribbons were weaved through her hair, and her dress was white with a train that matched the color of Kaoru's tie. And his eyes. Next to him, Hikaru nudged his elbow playfully. Thalia's maid of honor grinned at him. It took far, far too long for her to be by his side. But his heart relaxed once she was there. Kaoru repeated after the minister carefully. He hadn't learned much English, but he knew enough to make her his wife. And finally, he was able to slide her ring upon her finger. It sidled up nicely next to her engagement ring. Then she slid a ring onto his, with her delicate little fingers. The minster said one last thing, and Thalia attacked his lips with her own. It was official. She was all his, and he was hers, and nobody could change that.

Fast forward another three years. After discussing it thoroughly, Kaoru and Thalia settled down in America, not far from Thalia's parents. Thalia had managed to get a job in a hospital, ironically the very one that saved her father's life. Kaoru pursued his dream of becoming a chef and owning a restaurant. It wasn't very big right now, but business seemed to be growing, which made him happy. One day, he got a call on his cell. Checking it, it was from Tally, who was home sick.

"Hello" He answered.

"Kaoru, I've got something to tell you." She started, a bit hesitant.

He had an idea where this was going. "What is it, love?"

"I'm...I'm pregnant."

He dropped the cell phone on the counter and almost broke it. It was as he expected, but the news was no less shocking. "Tally, that's...that's amazing." And it was. They had a stable home and stable jobs, now was the right time to focus on a family.

8 months later, Thalia was wheeled into an emergency room, clearly in labor. Kaoru followed behind the wheelchair, clearly distressed. What if something happened to the baby, what if something happened to Thalia? The next six hours would be the most stressful ones of his life. But finally, a nurse opened the door to the waiting room and called his name. Tentatively, he walked into Tally's room. Her hair was stringy, her face shiny with sweat, but she was still beautiful. And there, wrapped in a blanket in her arms, was their child. "It's a boy." She said to him, grinning. Kaoru stared at the child in wonder. Right there, he was his and Thalia's. He, too, was beautiful.

"We did a great job." He said, kissing the tip of her nose.

She giggled. "What's his name? I was thinking Chase Masahiro. Cause I like Chase, and I want him to keep some of his Japanese heritage."

Kaoru smiled. "I love that name."

Chase Hitachiin was quite the handful as a baby, but Thalia turned out to be a great mother, and Chase was a bright child indeed. When he was two, Thalia became pregnant again, and this time had a girl, whom they named Emiko. And when Chase was five and Emiko was three, Thalia and Kaoru had one more girl, named Karin. Kaoru and Thalia loved their family dearly.

The years flew by, and before Kaoru and Thalia could realize it, their children had all grown up and left for college and jobs. Before Kaoru and Thalia knew it, they were middle-aged, and then became seniors. Before Kaoru and Thalia knew it, they themselves had become grandparents. And even in their old age, Kaoru still loved Thalia more and more every day. She was still beautiful. Her lips still turned up into that adorable smile, her eyes still twinkled brilliantly. Kaoru and Thalia managed to live to see a few of their great-grandchildren. But the time had come. And somehow, Thalia and Kaoru died the same night, together in their sleep.

They were buried together, and their tombstone read, "Here lies two people who were the embodiment of true love."