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The darkness was threatening yet again to consume her and this time she didn't have the strength to fight it off. She lulled herself into the pain hoping it would all be over soon but knowing it would never end because she would have to live with it for every day of her life. As she once again faded into the darkness she wished to die, to have the pain and humiliation end, but then just as she lost consciousness a face appeared in her mind. A woman with blond hair tied up in that oh so sexy pony tail and shining blue eyes visible behind black framed glasses. That face was, at this moment, the symbol of hope for Detective Olivia Benson.

Alex Cabot practically ran up the stairs as to the squad room and almost ran into Elliot as she handed him the sheaf of blue and white papers "That's a search warrant for everywhere the bastard's ever taken a breath." She said breathlessly as she tried to curb the ever growing cocktail of fear, pain and dread that was growing in the pit of her stomach.

Elliot had radioed Munch and Fin, who were going to meet him at the warehouse Kevin Shields father had owned but he was about to leave when he noticed the look in her eyes and he put a reassuring hand on her shoulder "Alex. I promise you with every fiber of my being that we will find her." He said and steered her to Olivia's chair "Sit." He said "I'll call you as soon as we find her."

Alex nodded as she put her head down on the desk willing her self to fall asleep but she knew that until Olivia was safe she would not sleep soundly "Alex." The voice of Capitan Cragen startled Alex out of her daze.

"Aren't you going out to the warehouse?" she asked

He nodded slowly "Would you like to come?"He asked, knowing full well what the exhausted ADA would say.

She stood up swayed slightly as the room spun around her but a hand on her back from Cragen helped her keep her balance and she knew that she would need sleep very, very soon. However for the time being her mind was occupied with the nightmares of what could be happening to her Olivia with Kevin Shields.

Moments later Cragen had guided her out of the station and into his police car which was still warm from the day's heat. Alex leaned against the seats as the sirens began to blare, sending cars to the right as they flew by. The leather was so warm, so inviting that for the first time in two days Alex actually dozed off but was awoken by the sound of Cragen blasting the horn at some moron who refused to get right. Then Elliot's voice crackled over the radio "Capitan we've got a visual on Shields but not on Olivia. Do you want us to wait for you to go in?"

Cragen paused "No. We don't know what the bastard has done to Olivia, go in."

Elliot took a breath "Local PD just arrived as back up to we are going in."

Cragen's eyes shifted from the road to the woman sitting in the passenger seat of his car. She was extremely pale and by the looks of the dark circles under her eyes hadn't slept in a few days which didn't surprise him because none of the squad had slept since Olivia had been kidnapped. Her normally flawless hair was in a frizzy and looked unkempt, all signs that pointed out how distressing Alex was finding the kidnapping of her girlfriend.


She hurt everywhere and the dried blood on the side of her face itched like mad but the fact that her hands were cuffed above her head prevented her from doing much of anything. Taking a deep breath Olivia tried to calm her self down but the combination of humiliation and pain that radiated from every bruise and the potentially broken ankle prevented that.


No, she was going crazy from lack of food and water.

There it was again…Gunshots.

Then an unfamiliar voice spoke "We need a bus! Tow gunshot wounds" there was a pause "to the chest but still conscious. Kevin Shields you are under arrest of the kidnapping of NYPD Detective Olivia Benson. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you can not afford one, one will be provided for you. Do you understand you rights as I have read them to you."

"Olivia" came the call and she recognized that voice as Elliot's but she couldn't say a word because of the cloth that was shoved in her mouth and the duck tape preventing her from spitting in out.

"Mhhm!" she spluttered trying to make them hear her but to no avail.

"Olivia! Baby Girl!" this time is was Fin's desperate call that reached her ears and tears of desperation streamed down her face as she tried to make them hear her.

"Elliot! Fin!" Munch's call was a lot closer than any of the others, had he found the false wall, ironic if he had "Help me push this side in!" he shouted and sounds of grunting from the three men could be heard.

Suddenly there was a grinding crash and the wall fell inwards revealing the outlines of her three friends, guns at the ready. Fin was the first to reach her, removing his jacket and covering her naked body with it. Tears of relief mixed with the dried blood and sweat that covered her face as Elliot worked on undoing the handcuffs and Munch was about to radio Cragen when his form appeared out of the dust.

As the gag was removed from her mouth she let out a whimper of pain as the cuffs were jerked about as Elliot cursed "Captain I cant get these cuffs undone." He said in frustration "there reinforced with something."

Cragen walked over to look at them and then looked down at Olivia "This is going to hurt." He said and fin obliged her by letting her grab his hand as Cragen lifted the cuffs off of the hook they had been hanging on. More tears streamed down her face as the cuffs cut even deeper into the skin, allowing more blood to trickle down her arms.

"It's okay. You're safe now." Fin muttered, trying to sooth her but suddenly Olivia began to panic. There were so many people in the room now: Elliot, Fin, Munch, Cragen and two EMT's. She couldn't breath and as the EMT's began to attempt to assess the damage their unfamiliar touches sent waves of panic:

"You should try and enjoy this." Shields whispered as he caressed her cheek "It's the last thing you'll ever do."

Tears of fear streamed down her face involuntarily as she heard the sound of a belt being undone and the soft whoosh as his pants fell to the ground. She closed her eyes and willed her self to pass into the abyss as he shoved himself into her again and again.

Her eyes snapped open and she realized that she had been screaming and kicking, rendering one EMT with a bloody nose. Her breathing was shallow and rapid and some sane part of her brain told her she was going into shock. As she began to gasp for air there was a sudden pressure around her mouth and nose and it instantly became easier to breath. She let the pure oxygen flood her system and she closed her eyes and finally fell into the abyss.

Alex fought her way through the sea of police officers, pedestrians and press to the ambulance where Munch, Fin, Elliot and Cragen all stood. The momentary joy of knowing that Olivia was safe was quickly replaced by a burning anger as she saw the damage Kevin Shields had caused. Every visible square inch of skin was mottled with bruises ranging from a yellow-ish hue to dark purple and brown. Not only that but her left ankle was swollen and….Alex turned away not able, not wanting, to take in any more of the damage. She leaned into Fin who was momentarily surprised by her presence but wrapped an arm around her shoulder and asked her "You want to ride to the hospital with her?"

Alex nodded jerkily trying to fight back the tears that were threatening to overflow but she accepted Fins help and sat down next to the EMT who closed the door and as the ambulance rolled out of the gravel parking lot. As they sped down to the hospital Alex looked at Olivia wished she had been able to stop all of this from happening. She put her head into her hands and let the tears fall down her face when suddenly a hand touched her knee. Her head snapped up and she saw Olivia's hand resting on her knee and a weak smile on her face as her eyes closed and she faded back into the darkness. Alex gently took her hand and held it silently repeating I love you Olivia over and over again in her mind.

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